WebComics - Daily Manga Reviews

WebComics - Daily Manga Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Fantastic comic world in your pocket! WebComics app is one of the most popular
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Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

WebComics - Daily Manga Reviews

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    It’s a really great app for people who love reading comics of all genres. However, I do have to say besides all the great comics, artwork and authors, it’s how many coins you earn everyday for going onto the app. For example, it used to be 100 coins on some days and on other days you earn 150. Now it’s 80 coins on some days and 100 coins on other days. I’m not saying that this is a huge problem, I’m just saying that it’s quite troublesome considering the fact that some comics cost 30 coins. Furthermore, not only that but the amount of coins you get for being on the app has also lowered. If you were on the app for 5 minutes, you would earn 10 coins, but now if your on the app for 5 minutes you would earn 5 coins. I still think that 10 coins is worth waiting 5 minutes. So my suggestion is that maybe you can raise the 80 a bit higher just so we have a chance to read more comics and chapters that cost coins. Also maybe you can raise the 5 coins to 10 coins again. Other than that this app is amazing, couldn’t have come up with something like this, and you earned 5 stars from me.

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    I absolutely love this app! Though, I’m not a fan of the coin thing, I would still recommend this app to people who don’t mind it. For those of you who don’t know what coins are..For each chapter I believe you have to use coins. Coins do not cost real life money. For example, every 5 minutes you get 5 coins and each day you get coins. To read a chapter ( when I say chapter I mean like an episode of a show) you have to use 20 coins which I don’t think is very smart. Dear creators I sincerely love this app but I think you’ll get more love and better ratings if you just take away the coin feature. So not only us readers will be happy but you will too (ratings) I would’ve given this app a 5/5 if the coin feature wasn’t there. Overall, I enjoy using this app, but the coin feature. If you don’t mind waiting to read for more coins, I suggest this app for you! REMEMBER COINS DO NOT COST REAL LIFE MONEY!!! In conclusion, I think this app would be EVEN BETTER if the coin feature wasn’t there. I hope you consider removing the coin feature for us readers to enjoy reading and not having to wait and to have better ratings which will cause more people to join Webcomics! Comparing this to Webtoons I enjoy Webtoons more because of the coin feature. Thanks for reading and please respond!

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    Get the app! ❤️❤️❤️

    This app is the best app ever! I would use this app 24/7 if I were something else (why dose that matter) you should get the app it has so many different choices of comics, chit-chat, calendar with wallpapers it’s great! 🤩🤩🤩 But for some comics you have to pay for with the coins they give you. You get coins everyday when you check in (100 or 120 coins) also when your on the app for five minutes, you get 10 coins! Isn’t that great? You get “paid” to read. No ads! BUT only if your in need of coins you can watch ads for 30 coins. Most comics cost 30 coins or less. They also have something called the “PLUS Center” were you can pay $6.77 a month for free comics and a avatar frame. I recommend this app 110% so if you’re reading my review stop drop and roll. Just kidding 🤣😂 stop and download this app. You won’t regret. Bye~ I didn’t realize how much I wrote...wow I need to show my ELA teacher.

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    Love it!! But(;¬_¬)...

    Okay so this is my FiRsT time writing a review. I love the app it is indeed amazing and awesome I will list the Pros&Cons......... Pros: Its has amazing comic's and it always have your type; It also have ways to earn money and you don't have to buy coins with real $$$; It also have animation of the comic's so you can watch them( con of this:only the popular comic's not all of them)and can read the original comic. My opinion you can disagree with my review... Cons: you have to pay coins ( fake coins) to get a chapter and it isn't always the same price, it depends on the comic weather its popular or not, the app also post free comic's every day on the free chart but it's only temporary and it's always a different comic's.; You have to watch ads to get the page of a comic for free if you don't or just don't want to use you coins(☞゚∀゚)☞ That's a lot to read I know but if possible ( probably not) can you tell me the purpose of paying coins? And same if possible ( probably not) can you remove the coins, but if you have to do it can you do it for something else but if you can't it fine it's just that I want to read the comics and I'm am 11 yrs old so this sounds cheesy(¬‿¬)

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    Some suggestions and ratings Nickname :IRemember

    Over all I think the app is great but I’m not really a fan of the coin thing maybe you can actually change the special part more frequently. Also I think that for five min we can get rewarded more than 10 coins so like 20 or 30 might be my favorite number that you can change to. Also something that is quite stressful is that can you make the app a wireless because when I want to use the app it allows wouldn’t let me use it. So far I have used the app for about 4 days the Second that I downloaded it it was the best decision that I have ever made it free and also pretty fun. Ps. I really recommend this app just because you will never regret the decision it not like other apps where they need money to actually read comics webcomic is absolutely free it so amazing and it waiting for you too discover.

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    Everything was great, until it wasn’t

    I originally wanted to give this app five stars because not only was it free, it was also reasonable and reliable. I could count on my next chapter being there when it’s supposed to be updated. Hell, I could read what I wanted for free and all I had to do was wait for the next chapter, or let them build up so I could binge read. But that was before all of the updates for the app. Now update dates for the chapters in the app keep changing, I’m paying for unreliable authors and authors who call their 5 panels an up-spree. Did your standards change with every update? And the coin and gem system is so botched! Why don’t half of them work? (Despite all the bad feedback I read, I made an account so I could get freaking coins!) Why are they so few coins to be offered? What about readers like me who wait until the chapters build up? Those little coins won’t mean a thing then. Sure, I understand that the authors want to get paid for their content. And there are some that really desert it because you see the effort they put into it, but why am I paying for someone who barely uploaded any content?

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    I wrote a review on this like a year ago or so when the manga were still ALL free. I mean I had a feeling they were gonna add the locking ch later on which they did and I think it’s annoying, BUT still! It’s so worth it at the same time. I love how they have a little section for a few manga that’s free for like 2 days or they give discounts when using coins. Better yet everyday you log in you get daily coins 100+. Every 5 min on app, you can get 10 coins and every 15 min I think you can watch an ad for 30 coins. If you don’t have coins, you can always watch an ad to unlock instead as well which is nice too. One last thing I want to add, the authors tend to do an up-spree and that’s always great which is also a reason why I don’t mind spending coins or watching ads to read. This app is just amazing and I’m always opening it daily. xD

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    It WAS great

    I suggest having a section of books that are free and a section for books that you have to pay for. I truly loved this app until they started the coin thing. I usually like to let the chapters build up so i could read a bunch at once but with this coin thing i can’t read my favorite stories. Although it’s possible to get free coins i can’t seem to get enough to read all of the stories that i love to read and it really upsets me because i love reading these stories it’s like an escape for me and the ones that i started off reading i can no longer read because there isn’t enough coins because when i click to read it make me pay to read an episode that i hade already read thus making me run out of coins quicker. All of the books in my library are pay to read. That is why this app is no longer great to me now it is just good. I wish the could go back to where ALL the comics were free to read and the coins were just for gift exchanges.

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    Wonderful comics!

    Webcomics has lots of good comics , webcomics opens up to a lot of genres too so if romance is not your thing you can totally read sci-fi or action comics . All the quality and plots are absolutely wonderful it’s also very high quality . Another good thing is that it updates you on time I’ve had issues with episodes not loading and not being notified ,but webcomics absolutely excels at this . Also their customer service is absolutely running without a glitch any concern that you have they reply to you instantly. Another thing that’s good about webcomics is their comics there is some comics that you can’t find on any other platform also the quality of the comic improves a lot once you compare it to how it looks on other platforms. If you’re a comic lover I absolutely guarantee you’ll love webcomics ! 😍😍

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    This is a great app with a lot of really good comics but what really irritates me is that whenever I exit a comic, it doesn’t save my progress. The library system is a little buggy, with comics I’ve never read popping up at random, but other than that it’s very entertaining. Some of the stories have major plot holes and the translations are of poor quality. The episodes themselves have weird cutoffs and some stories don’t seem to have a proper ending. The art is decent, and it’s an app that I use every once and awhile, but if you fixed the bookmarking issue I would defiantly use it more. It makes it difficult to read when you keep loosing your place all the time. If you read this, thank you for your time and please fix the bookmarking issue.

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    Poor Quality Comics and Toxic Relationships

    I’ve noticed a trend that almost every story I’ve read is poorly translated, has odd art, and has a very badly written plot. I find myself rolling my eyes at almost every romance comic. So many of them are the same toxic relationship—with an arrogant and jerk-of-a-CEO who takes advantage of a stupid female protagonist who ends up falling in love with him for some reason. Or the woman is raped and she falls in love with her rapist. It’s disgusting. Not to mention the love is so shallow and happens so unreasonably quickly, it’s honestly more annoying than enjoyable to read. The WEBTOONs app has incredible stories that make me actually want to pay money to support the amazing artists. The stories are unique, written well, and with amazing quality art and direction. The Webcomics app is the complete opposite of that. The only reason I keep it is because I really like only one comic on it that feels it should be on the WEBTOONs app instead: “Cereus” by Zushi is an amazing read. If not for that one comic, I would have deleted it a long time ago.

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    Rip off

    I used to think the app was great. The authors were reliable, as were the updates of the chapters. Now I have definitely changed my mind. The app rips you off. You must pay fake coins to unlock chapters, and there are many occasions where chapters that have already been unlocked, must be paid for again because the reader had not read the comic for a specified amount of time. If something is paid for, then it should not have to be paid for again. I understand that authors want to be paid, but some of them don’t deserve the payment. Authors think that a five panel chapter is worth paying 30 coins or an extra 30 if it needs to be unlocked again, but they’re not. Not only that, but readers are not notified when a comic is no longer available for updating. You have to go on the chapters list and find out weeks later that the chapters are ongoing but no one knows when they will update again. It was such a great app but they sincerely messed everything up by cheating out the readers.

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    I Don't Know And Don't Care!

    Ok first of all I want to say is that this app is AWESOME like not kidding it is AWESOME first it has high quality which I look forward to, second the drawings look AMAZING and third they have so many genres and awesome stories for readers like Romance for girls and then Fighting for boys which of course I love Romance and is a girl but I also like Martial Arts where they go from weak to strong you know and they have so many plots and yeah It's just amazing and I look forward to more new comics and 5 Romance Comics I recommend is (1.Empress' Game: Make-Up Master 2.Vampire Adonis 3.Pharaoh's Concubine 4.President's Sweet Trap 5.Holding onto him) and that is all 5 of them so you better make sure to read them!(Part 2) Actually there has been this thing going on that needs to be fixed its like when I read it says "Losing Contact" when I have wifi and three bars man!

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    Lots of variety!

    I’ve used this app for about a year now, and I must say it is my favorite app to kill time when I’m bored. The only problem I have with this is that there are lots of repeated/blank/untranslated text bubbles and the translation quality is not as good as when I first used started using this app. I hope that they proof read and fix the translation errors over time and that there will be a author label that you could click on to see all of their works in one go. I also hope they start to show exactly all the panels without censoring them out anymore just like the original version because I don’t like the extreme censorship they have on the panels and comment section. Other than that I think this is a great app there’s so many genres to choose from and a lot of great romance comics to read.

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    Fabulous App!

    Total five stars! The coin system was a little off, but take this as the real review, THEY ACTUALLY TAKE AND READ TOUR REVEIWS ON THE APP!!! I filled out u form just for free coins because I was running quite low, in that review for the detail thing I said “more coins” a week later everything doubled! The max amount of coins you could get from inviting friends went from 10,000 to 20,000. Not just that, the online time span for 5 min went from 5 coins to 10! And even better 👌👌👌👌😍 The other online timespan turned from 30 to 60 coins! Of course the ad coins didn’t change but I’m fine with that! I am just really pleased that they actually took our opinions and interests into consideration. Please download this app, it is very well designed and fabulous.

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Yes. WebComics - Daily Manga is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,970 WebComics - Daily Manga User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WebComics - Daily Manga Is 30.1/100.

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WebComics - Daily Manga works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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