Likee - Let You Shine Reviews

Likee - Let You Shine Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Likee is a free original short video maker and sharing platform worldwide with
excellent live streams. Likee brings short videos, video effects and live stream
into one easy-to-use application. With the powerful personalized feed and video
effects, you can easily find viral videos, captu...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Likee - Let You Shine Reviews

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    Children are being stalked and exploited!! PARENTS BEWARE!!

    I downloaded this app for my daughter because she loves editing and making funny videos. I regret it so much. I have been monitoring it and have noticed sooooo many pedofiles and stalkers on here that are taking little girls videos and sharing them and creating false profiles to trick them. When you visit their profiles it’s ALL little girls and boys videos they are stealing and sharing and doing god knows what with them. I have tried to block people that follow my daughter and comment inappropriate things on her videos. But blocking option only blocks them from sending private messages and these perverts are still able to view and comment on her videos. It makes me want to throw up seeing some of the comments. Please change the privacy setting options on your app!!!! Children are being exploited and used for perverts pleasure. My daughter loves this app and i hate to make her delete it but after seeing there is barely any privacy options to protect her, I’m going to have to. I HOPE ANY PARENT READING THIS KEEPS AN EYE ON THEIR CHILDS PROFILE AND REALIZES WHATS GOING ON. No protection whatsoever. I’ve reported dozens and dozens of creeps and perverts and i still see them on there. So sad...and scary...i wish we could stay on like but until changes are made we may have to say goodbye. PARENTS BEWARE.

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    Likee is an amazing app

    Likee is an amazing app. It often has a lot of interesting activity topics, on which I can often find a lot of interesting content, but also a lot of meaningful videos, which benefit me a lot. I‘ve had this app for a while now and I am still not tired of it.I love posting videos to see how much likes I get and I like giving likes to good videos that inspire me. Likee has really changed my life in a good way. I can't help checking likee from time to time. It brought me much fun and entertainment when I feel down or bored. I can find different kinds of videos and posters there. I probably will be using it for a very long time. I have met a guy who loves slime just as I do on Likee. He commented on one of my videos about my slime and we are very good friends now. We share about our slimes and how do we mix them to create new color and texture, which also give me more ideas for my video creating. I really hope I can make more friends with my videos on Likee. Recently I find out that if I post videos with hot topics, I may get more likes! I also take part in some hot tests and challenges. It brings me amazing guys who are interested in the same tests! I think it's not only a short video community, but also a very good social platform as well!

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    This app is awesome. Your new designs are nice and are really useful. And I know that you guys do your very best on making this app successful for the people who enjoy it. I just have one little problem though. From your app Like, you had levels that when you reached them, you can have special privileges. One that I found out that stood up to me was the one where if you reached level 25, you can remove the watermark on your videos. So I have been trying so hard to earn my way up to level 25 by making videos and giving out gifts on other people’s live-streams. When I was close on reaching level 25 which I am on level 23, you guys came up with the brand new update Likee. I first thought, “Oh cool! I can’t wait to see what new stuff they had added.” But when I went to go check on the level and special privileges section, I saw that the remove watermark special privilege was gone 😔. I’m not forcing you guys to do anything. But I just want to let you guys know that I worked so hard to get to level 25 and I would really appreciate it if you were to bring it back so my work wouldn’t have to go to waste. But either than that. Marvelous job, and keep making new discoveries and ideas to show the world. Thank you for your time.

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    This is why I have the rating 2/5 stars. Let’s get through the good stuff first. For one this is a really fun app, it’s just like Tik Tok ( a lip sync app ) but has cool features and nice songs and it’s pretty enjoyable and easy to use. The bad things are pedophiles. Yes, on a kids app it’s hard to avoid pedophiles because that’s where they’ll be. But unlike tik tok or Instagram etc, there is way too many pedophiles. And even though the app says 17+ there are not just tweens or teens, there’s literally under 10 year olds on the app. Some of them don’t even be sexual but the comments are old men saying “ she would be fun “ “ you’re so hot “ when the girls are literally doing kid stuff! My recommendation feed is all girls acting like kids but the thumbnails are them in compromising positions or certain clothing. Which is really sad since a lot of these girls don’t know better. And the app is really fun too. And the report feature isn’t helpful in all this. Even when you report someone or have people in the comments saying they’d report that person, there account is still up. The block feature is also useless since it just stops them from messaging you. But you can still download their videos, comment on their page etc. all in all, this is a really fun app. Cool effects easy to use. But it’s really dangerous. I recommend the app for older teens that can handle themselves

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    Your app is horrible

    Seriously Likee is the first app that I can say is absolutely disgusting. I like dumb apps like Tik Tok and Vine but Likee has absolutely no sense of moderation. You let anyone post videos and the comments are terribly sexual. You can report nudity and offensive text but you have no option to report sexual content and you can’t report comments either. Lots of kids are posting sexual content and it seems completely fine with you. I swear I spent like an hour reporting videos and profiles from adults that repost other kids videos. How is that ok with you? And on top of that how do you report those kind of violations? Back to the even let profiles have terribly sexual user names. You don’t even have to dig to find terrible content. You can literally click on one of the first videos in the feed it gives you and you can find just horrible comments and sexual content. I know your app is rated for adults but you let kids make profiles ....that’s dumb you know. Aside from the kids posting content there are adults posting child modeling videos. It’s interesting cause I reported a profile that had a host of all these videos and then I waited a few days....The content was erased but was being reuploaded. They keep coming back with the same profile names. You have no sense of moderation and I hope your app gets reported and thrown on CNN or the New York Times so your app can be banned.

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    Likee brings me a lot of fun

    Likee is one of my favorite apps. Here are my reasons: 1. It brings me so much fun. There are a lot of fantastic vids to see and share. 2. You get to learn trendy songs and new dances. There are many kinds of stickers, all of which are very beautiful. New stickers and activities will be added in time for different festivals. The special effects are also very good. 3. You can have friends on there and follow people they are following, catching up what's new. you can like their vids and you can get likes too. 4. You can duet with videos you think are funny and interesting. I've noticed that Likee is actually recommending good videos from normal users besides their crowned creators. Actually I didn't have many followers before, but one day I took a funny video of me and my brother and we were fighting on that video. The video suddenly get over 10 thousand likes and I got more than 1 thousand new followers and I was in the top 10 list that day. This encauraged me to create more funny vids. because of this, I learn to cut videos and make soecial effect scenes, which makes me master more technical skills. I just love Likee and have recommend it to my besties and families.

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    This app is good

    I really love this app. I like the page design of likee very much, the module partition of different functions is obvious, which is very easy for a novice to get started. I like to use it to record my life and share it with others. When I first joined I was kind of nervous, and not sure if I'm gonna just use it once then leave it somewhere on my phone. But it is super interesting has suprisingly made me feel so confident. I feel the community is very supportive for all the users. It will not only recommend funny videos for me, but support me when I receive hating comments. When there are comments from haters, other users will come and help. I guess Likee also take care of such comments after people reporting them(cuz sometimes I saw hating comments removed). And people there like to send nice words. I remembered that one time there was a has a hating comment under my post, many people sent private messages to me and told me not to care about that. After a while, that hating comment was removed. How warm they are!! I love watching all of the creative and talented people on Likee and I can see the joy and happiness it brings to everyone.

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    This app is great for posting videos and all but, the pervert situation is going on real badly. These perverts are taking over likee and talking sexually to young girls, I get spammed by pedos liking my videos and looking through my videos being a stalker... it’s uncomfortable and I would always read their profiles and it would say “girls dm me for a good time” and it makes me so upset of how so many underaged girls really send inappropriate pictures to these pedos! They also catfish and send you inappropriate links, likee you really need to stop this! Blocking won’t help! It just disabled them commenting/chatting and that’s not enough! Pedos could still look through your videos! I also heard about this “jiggle” challenge created by a pedo. And there’s millions of underaged kids doing it and it makes me sick that there parents aren’t managing their phones! Pedos can safe your videos even if you disable the “other save videos” button. That could lead to perverts saving the video then sending it to other pedos and it’s going to spread but.. LIKEE GET RID OF THESE PEVERTS RIGHT NOW! THEAE PERVERTS ARE RAIDING LIKEE!

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    This app is full of thieves and pedos

    I’m a cosplayer off TikTok and it was brought to my attention by the community that content was being stolen and reposting, some accounts posing as the cosplayer. BUT THIS APP IS SO MUCH WORSE THAN THAT! Likee recommendation/ for you page is full of underage children. Most performing inappropriate acts in skimpy clothes, with most comments supporting these actions from young children. They are also singing along to songs they are to young to know the meaning behind. Likee has no review system and encourages “original content” but never reviews videos or accounts that myself and others are constantly reporting. They don’t have enough, if any, restraint on what is posted, as long as it doesn’t have a watermark from another app... it’s good enough for Likee. This is not a safe place to be and the app does NOT deserve even 1 star. Let along, the users of this app don’t see a problem stealing others content. They argue that others do the same so they can too... THAT is not something kids should be learning. They don’t understand that their actions could land them in jail or their caretaker in serious trouble. This app needs a serious touch up or be shut down for the better of all users.

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    This app is literally just disgusting. It is full of young kids being encouraged to do sexual acts towards the camera by pedophiles. Since this app attracts minors, there is a huge attraction of pedophiles too. Not to mention the “nearby” feature is extremely dangerous for these kids who have no idea what they’re doing. I see you say to report this content, however, I still see it? It’s not stopping. This whole app needs to be taken down. Its the same things I see over and over of little girls in skimpy clothes and their comment sections being full of 20+ year old men telling them disturbing things about how attractive their body is to them. I know it takes time, but haven’t you been given enough time to fix this problem? You need to heavily monitor this app. I’ve never seen this issue on other apps such as Tik Tok, where there is literally a billion users and it has a similar video formatting. Take your moderating more seriously. If you really cared you’d be intervening more than just telling users to “block and report” with a cute emoji added. I am disgusted with the things I’ve seen on this app, and I warn all parents to keep their kids away from it.

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    I don’t get it

    Every time I get on likee i see my self getting follows and likes but when I click on the person who followed me I see that the videos on there Chanel is not theirs and some times I get comments saying that they would like to put my videos on instagram I’m so confused cause I don’t want to get in a stalker situation I love likee but it I keep seeing this I will have to sadly leave I quit at tic tok because I wasn’t getting anywhere so I downloaded likee and I see so many fakes it’s the only reason why I have followers so I want to strongly say please expose these people they don’t deserve to be on likee if they are going to keep stalking girls and I think they do this to all the likeers with little followers bug I seen it on oth people’s channel these aren’t real accounts please help likee be better I would love to keep on doing likee and once I even saw my video on someone else’s channel I didn’t like it please do something tell me how to fix it I’m scared when I make a video I don’t wanna be tracked and I definitely don’t want to be kidnapped by online people and the fakes help all the girls on likee

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    Good but has ALOT of bugs…

    This app is so Good! But to much bugs. Every time step 1 uploads once I’m done with a video it stops at 90% and always says it failed and I’m keep on doing it but it still dose it. The next bug is that it freezes a lot and when I’m watching one of my videos it just freezes. And when I watch someone live and I turn off my iPad the person that was talking in the live stream is still talking! Please fix these bugs! And now for the good things! :D. I really like how you can add stickers and stuff on your face! And I love how many videos you can do!!!!!! SO MUCH! Now here are some other things you can do. Can you add auto tune to switch your voice? Yes I know in slow you talk slow and in fast you talk fast but I want more Voices! And could you add stop motion?! When you take a picture move the thing and take another picture?! That would be EPIC! But yeah that’s all I wanted to say bye! :D

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    Really funny videos, but just one problem...

    Hi. i installed the Likee app because my friend was on it and I enjoy making videos. However, there is one issue that really, really, really, really needs to be addressed. I am getting so sick and tired of the freaking bots on my videos come in and say things like, “LOL”, “really creative”, “wow, that’s the definition of talent right there.” It has gotten so bad to the point where on one of my videos where all I did was lay in my bed talking about something, a bot came in and commented, “so creative”!! It has even gotten to the point where I have seen it, “LOL” on so many of my videos, even though they’re not funny at all. I even made a video about how our water is getting cut off, and another one of your stupid bots came and commented, “LOL”!!! I’m also getting sick and tired of getting comments like, “ok, babe. I’ll take it.” I put out some content and also speak my mind a lot... Only to get more comments like that, “LOL”. Why can’t GENUINE people watch my videos and leave me nice comments because they really mean what they say?

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    Could be five stars but...

    Dear likee, I love the app and to edit my videos and talk to friends but most of my videos are under review and I don’t understand why I don’t think it is fair to me and others who take time to make,edit,and perfect their videos for others to enjoy its just so nerve racking to me. I put extra effort into my videos because I made gacha life videos but for them to be under review gets on my nerves and makes me want to leave the app because my effort and time was given up for nothing because you wanted it not to be properly uploaded i think people should be treated fairly and be aloud to post what they feel is good enough for the app because last time I checked everyone is different and has a different personality than everyone.

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    I’m a cosplayer on TikTok. I downloaded this app for a single reason - I was told multiple times that my videos have gotten stolen. I made an account and found MANY accounts of (usually) little girls below 17, who have reuploaded my content. I have reported them all but not only have they not been banned or all the stolen videos deleted, many of them have blacklisted me when I attempted to reach out through the messages. I am unable to do anything? These accounts take videos of MULTIPLE cosplayers, which honestly should only make it easier to be reviewed as wrong. They either use some other app to download the video without TikToks corner signature, or they cut it off by zooming. It is scary having my face spread around this app by people I do not know, without my agreement, consent or knowledge and I’m not even talking about the work that goes into the actual ideas and cosplay and the following they earn on it. I have even seen a profile with 30k+ following go live and get donated to and there wasn’t a single video that was theirs on it. Please fix this issue as it is getting extremely out of hand.

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Is Likee - Let You Shine Safe?

Yes. Likee - Let You Shine is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 406,031 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Likee - Let You Shine Is 47.7/100.

Is Likee - Let You Shine Legit?

Yes. Likee - Let You Shine is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 406,031 Likee - Let You Shine User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Likee - Let You Shine Is 47.7/100.

Is Likee - Let You Shine not working?

Likee - Let You Shine works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Corington E Baldwin
Jul 07 2021

This warning is for Likee and Bigo Apps. Both Apps will try to remove money from your bank w/o giving you a product..Once your bank reverses the charges Likee/Bigo will prevent you from purchasing a product ever again. Likee/Bigo's Feedback system is worthless and non Existant.
Both Companies are racist when it comes to Members of Color..
Take my advice: Use Tik Tok app instead.

By Aigar Avotiņš
Jun 29 2021


Why was I robbed again? I now often change the password but ...
Now it was Pedro (Likee ID: pedro847)

Asterik Likee ID: 763703715

By Aigar Avotiņš
Jun 29 2021

I am Asteрик from Likee (ID: 763703715)
I wrote to GLOBALINFO on June 25 (Likee ID: 133877061), I thought I should fill out a questionnaire. Filled and sent, then I was kicked out of the akkanuth.
I changed my password, but it was too late. It was from about 8:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. [VWM] Agus (Likee ID: 804990599)
I lost about 20,000 diamond and gifts worth about 5,000 diamond as well as the dragon for 9,999 diamond.

Then it turned out that the fraud was confirmed, it was written to me from Likee Official 27.06.2021. 01:04

You're loyal to me, will you return it?
Asterik Likee ID: 763703715

By Toby
Jun 11 2021

I really like this app, (well when Pedo's are leaving me alone...) but Likee took away its best feature; moments. This is becoming way too much like tic-tok, and I hate that. I'm literally begging you too bring back moments, that was the best feature in the whole app, and it also set you (somewhat) aside from tik-tok.

Likee told us we would get back moments about a few weeks ago, I'm hoping you guys aren't only saying that so we stay on the app. Please, please, PLEASE, bring back moments. Maybe I'll actually start liking the app more.

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