Mi Fit Reviews

Mi Fit Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

Mi Fit can track your exercises and analyze your sleep & activity data. It keeps
you motivated while exercising, helps to build healthy lifestyle and makes a
better you. • Working with multiple smart devices Supporting Mi Band,
Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Composition Scale, Mi Scale, Amazfit...

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Mi Fit Reviews

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    Good app and good fitness band

    I have the fitness band, not a watch or a scale, and for me this product and app are both great. There are a few things about this app that I wish There are some UI adjustments that would make this app better and they certainly could benefit from having a native English speaker review the language. Some more watch faces designed for western culture in addition to (not instead of) the ones they have now would also be a great addition. I personally am a minimalist that likes data so some watch faces designed with that in mind would be good as well. As for the fitness tracker itself, it is a good product. Like the app, it could benefit from some more UI thoughtfulness as well as a native English speaker going through its interface. I’d love a larger screen as well but that would I’m sure raise its cost and its current price is one of its huge of its huge benefits. For what you get from the device and this app for the price is an fantastic deal which is why this gets five stars despite any flaws.

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    Not bad but can improve

    I went on one charge for six days and only ran the battery down to 70%. I haven't had an issue connecting to the app or pairing to my phone. I know many others have though by reading other reviews. I wish the watch faces had the option to change to 12 hour time instead of 24 hour time. Heart rate isn't exactly accurate. The GPS takes a long time to get your location so you can't just start your activity right away if you want the GPS to track your entire workout. The sleep monitor is very convenient. Sometimes the weather says it can't display and to update the app but it isn't often. I have gotten all my notifications from all my apps with no problems. When you turn on the "sleep" mode you still get the notifications on the watch, it just doesn't vibrate. I'd like to be able to turn this mode on and not receive any notifications.

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    Mi band 2 and b iPhone 7

    Sorry for the short review. App Store app is awful for leaving a detailed review—keep losing work. Summary of what I was trying to write before...mi band 2 has fantastic functionality for the cost. It’s also highly accurate...way more accurate than leading brands in measuring sleep and steps. I find that heart rate is also accurate. I rant and rave about how awesome this band is. It’s perfect for me. This app in general is also terrific. Makes tracking my health behavior addictive. I love the interface. I initially had to dig into the app to find more detailed information or even historic views to monitor over time, but it’s there. Bugs—these annoying bugs need to be fixed. The band does not stay connected via Bluetooth long enough for me to receive SMS and/or call notifications on my wrist. Only worked the 1st day for a few hours. I can’t toggle the notifications off in the app to try to reset either. Gets stuck in a never-ending little circle that indicates that a change is being transmitted/processed. Either re-starting the app or restarting the phone shows the initial setting. The same updating circle appears when I try to toggle the alarm on, by the way. Bluetooth works fine otherwise...the band syncs with the app via Bluetooth so the tracking features work beautifully.

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    Pairing is too fragile

    Pairing between the phone and watch frequently (at least daily) stops working, requiring that one toggle the phone’s Bluetooth off and on to get it working again, often just for a single sync. The watch and phone both believe that they are connected (as indicated in the iOS Bluetooth settings and an icon on the watch face), but the app can not connect. Unpairing the watch from within the app has been the best way to get notifications working again for a few hours, but is a pain because the app will usually fail to unpair due to the broken connection! Further, after re-pairing the watch, various settings must be redone. The fact that none of rebooting the phone or watch, or toggling Bluetooth, or forgetting the Bluetooth device from iOS Settings is as effective as unpairing from within the app suggests that this is due to bugs in the app. It’s disappointing that the positive qualities of the hardware are overwhelmed by the poor software.

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    Good app, but could use an update

    The app has a ton of great information that goes in depth. However, my main issue that's keeping it from a 5 star review is the fact that you cannot change the units on the Amazfit Bip from metric (m, cm, km, etc.) to imperial/English (ft, in, mi, etc.). You're also unable to change the time format from 24 hours (14:55) to 12 hours (2:55 pm) albeit for a few watch faces that are set to a 12 hour time. However, you're able to change the degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit, which seems odd given the former issues. I feel like it could be a relatively easy fix that a simple update could iron out, so hopefully an update is in the pipeline and then I can change this to a five star review! It's a minor issue, but enough that it bugs me.

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    Broken data sync and inaccurate sleep monitor

    The review is for using Mi Fit with Mi Band 3. The Bluetooth data sync always fails after a first successful sync, although in IOS Bluetooth device list, it shows the Mi Band is paired and connected. Only way to fix it is to either restart the Bluetooth or relaunch the app. Otherwise, it will be stuck with the spinning “syncing” icon and never actually start the sync. The sleep monitor function is sketchy, although I never expect such type of simple fitness trackers can actually track your sleep conditions. It falsely identified that I was asleep although I was completely awake and active, and even showed there were deep and light sleep cycles. Baseline, please at least fix the Bluetooth connectivity.

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    Two Primary Problems

    I got this watch 3 days ago for two purposes, neither of which this watch satisfies. This being said, the framework of the watch is okay, but it has significant issues. 1.) I am having difficulty getting the watch to correctly sync my steps to the health app. Thus far, there has not been a single turn in which the watch has updated the health app correctly. The whole point of the watch is so that I don’t have to constantly have my phone on me, and the functionality just doesn’t allow me to do that and maintain accurate results. 2.) From my personal experience, this watch is useless for sleep tracking for individuals who wake up in the middle of the night. Because I’m sick, I woke up last night at around 4:30 before going back to sleep from about 8:00 to 12:00. It only actually registered my sleep from about 2:00am to 4:30am and when I went back to sleep, it did not register it as sleep. Because many people wake up frequently in the middle of the night, this feature is nearly useless for a lot of people. I doubt my complaints will be seen, but I sincerely hope these two problems are fixed so I can actually make use of my watch.

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    New app has less info

    The watch itself is good for the money. Counts steps, checks pulse, tells time, has long battery life. What I don't like: it's almost impossible to read in daylight, and when I cross my arms it reads my pulse and then vibrates, which then makes me look at it. The app used to be good, but version 4.0 took away some useful features. I now can't see how many steps I took yesterday, or how much sleep I've gotten over several nights (it used to give me all sorts of info about my sleep patterns). Luckily it does export this info to the iPhone Health app, but that makes this app pretty useless, except to track walking, running, or cycling workouts.

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    Notifications stopped working but it is fixable

    As many others have mentioned in previous reviews, mi band 4 stopped receiving notifications in iOS 13 and higher. Apparently the watch itself was switched to sleep mode although the app shows that sleep mode is off. After installing the latest iOS version, the latest mi fit app version and updating the app watch software version (using mi fit app) I was managed to fix it and get the notifications back by setting the sleep mode to off. This works only when done *from the watch itself* (setting—>dnd) and not using the app.

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    My Mi Band became worse

    My family bought three of these bands so we could all track our steps, workouts and our sleep. We’ve been using our bands everyday for about 3 months. In the beginning we had great experience and were having fun comparing our scores, but as the time passed my and my mom’s band became to have problems in functioning. My dad’s watch was working just fine for the whole time although sometimes his heart rate wasn’t measuring at all. Right now he has a better version of a fit watch which was given to him as a present. It is much better and is very good in measuring everything. Anyway, my mom and I still have these bands and we are going through some serious trouble with our bands. My mom’s band only shows her steps on the main screen but sometimes it doesn’t save in the history even if she syncs it many times. As for me, my band doesn’t save anything in the history after a first few weeks of usage. Also, the heart rate is not working and my band can’t “find my phone” even if it is right next to the band. In summary, I think that this product is very bad because after such a short time it stopped functioning completely.

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    good but inaccurate heart rate

    This review is for both the Amazfit BIP watch and the app. The watch has been pretty good so far. Good battery life. GPS connection has been quick for me. Biggest issue has been with heart rate accuracy. They really need to fix the algorithm for calculating heart rate or give refunds or replacements if it's a hardware issue. The app is also pretty good but could use improvements such as providing a watch face maker, allow exporting/syncing workout data to other apps (e.g., Garmin, Strava), and provide a full list of installed apps to enable/disable notifications.

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    GPS does not work correctly

    I use this app with an AmazFit Bip watch and my biggest issue is that after a few hours of use the app loses GPS connection (can’t find my location) which means it will stop showing the current weather on the watch. I then have to open the app and refresh / sync manually or restart the app, since refreshing does not always fix it. Even though the automatic location stops working, I can type in the city name manually and the weather will work. Unfortunately the app won’t save all the cities you want to use in a list so you could just click on them as needed, you have to type it in each time. So not only is the automatic gps not working, the only other solution is also annoying to use.

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    Pairing and syncing ok now

    Glad to say the most recent update squashed some naughty bugs. Similar bugs had come and gone and then returned before, but sync and pair have been stable for the past month now. Notifications ok. Sleep tracking could be improved. Battery life about 14 days between charging. I’ve been using Mi Band devices with this app since 2016. Mi Band generations 1a, 2, and 3. Now using Mi Band 4. Having compared results with much more expensive devices like FitBit, I’m happy with the Mi Band 4. Very similar results with wearable devices costing much more.

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    Wish it never updated

    I used to use this app religiously, and now I can’t be bothered because I can almost ever get my sleep data to synch and the new UI blows. I much prefer the old version aesthetically and practically. The sleep data is now on a 24 hour clock and it’s more confusing to read (I have my phone on military time, but the new design is poor). And synching takes ages now. I never had an issue before and all this changed after the update. Each page feels cluttered and everything blends. The last version was much more intuitive. Don’t you hate that??? Off to find a different app I suppose.

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    Good hardware terrible software

    I have the amazfit bip, very good hardware at very low price points. Chinese know how to build good and cheap hwardware. ...but they do not know or do not care enough about software and customer experience. Plenty of bug or missing basic features. Clock does not display in 12h format only 24h, weather does not update on the watch, etc... all this is widely reported to Mi for months but no fixes...I love the 45 days battery but miss the apple or even pebble software quality. After 3 months with the watch .... very good hardware and battery but I would buy any other watch that gives me 2 weeks battery life and a decent software. This software is terribly buggy

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Is Mi Fit Safe?

Yes. Mi Fit is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,279 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mi Fit Is 81.4/100.

Is Mi Fit Legit?

Yes. Mi Fit is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,279 Mi Fit User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mi Fit Is 81.4/100.

Is Mi Fit not working?

Mi Fit works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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