Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Reviews

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-11

Personalized Diets and Meal Plans, food and exercise tracking, calorie counter,
and healthy recipes, all in one place. Get healthy and feel great with
Lifesum! Join 45 million users on the journey to better health and discover how
tracking small habits can make a big difference in becom...

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Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Reviews

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    Beautiful! But could use customized notifications.

    This app is gorgeous! I love the articles and the recipes look absolutely scrumptious. The aesthetics alone are what make this the most effective app, and it is super smooth! Even on this old phone, where everything else crashes. Huge thanks to the devs for achieving this. Now, I turned on notifications expecting reminders to update my water or add my meals and exercise, which would be really nice! Sometimes you get busy and don't track anything; it is the LAST thing on your mind. I did, however, get constant reminders to update my weight. As someone who has a Lifesum of 119 (almost completely perfect! 😲), I find that a little unhealthy. No-one should be weighing themselves every day, especially if you already have an unhealthy relationship with your weight, body fat percentage, or food. Even on a practical level, it doesn't make much sense. So I turned off the notifications, but it would be nice to be able to select what kind of notifications we get in the future! Such as for new recipes or articles, and reminders in other areas of body and health maintenance. Or a way to change the frequency: Weighing yourself every X amount of days. If there is already a way to do this, I hope the settings for it become easier to find. ❤️ Thanks for reading!

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    Meal plans impractical

    Just downloaded this today and got a premium subscription for 3 mos. Haven’t been able to do much but most of the features seem nice! I like that it tells you how good certain foods or meals are for you and tracks how “on track” you are. It puts it a step ahead of most other trackers I’ve seen. A feature I was really excited for with the subscription but disappointed by is the meal plan. It seems to be a new feature so I don’t want to give up on it yet, but there are almost no customization options, as far as I can tell, of how many unique meals you want per week, changing measuring units (what does a “standard serving” of blueberries or chicken constitute as?), or how many servings you want of each meal. Right now it just offers you 4 unique meals every day and expects you to wrap your head around purchasing ingredients, prepping, cooking and storing 28 unique meals every single week. I like to keep things simple. I eat 1 kind of lunch and alternate between 2 different dinners all week. I also skip breakfast, which would be a nice thing to have as an option for meal planning. My boyfriend and I live together and like to cook and eat together. His calorie need is greater than mine, so being able to add 2 extra servings of a dinner to a grocery list would take a lot of the headache out of figuring out what we need to get. For now, I think I’ll stick with adapting recipes from other plans and coming up with my own meal plans.

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    Delete My Fitness Pal!

    I don’t normally review apps but this is one EVERYONE should definitely try. This is the first app that I’ve actually lost weight with.. it actually helps you develop better eating habits. I know that there’s a lot of hype behind My Fitness Pal, but I swear, after trying both, LIFESUM BEATS MY FITNESS PAL HANDS DOWN. Nearly everything since the app has gone through updates is perfect. The user-face is simple and easy to use, without the annoying ads other apps have. You can adjust everything to fit your personal goals, even if they go beyond what the app recommends. They even include a macro calculator that makes things easy to calculate. The grading scale is really helpful to see where you can improve. It takes everything into account, calories, macros, sugar, fiber... it’s pretty comprehensive. Also, I love that I can keep everything private, it’s not necessarily a competition against all of my Facebook friends. The graphs and diagrams make seeing long term trends quick and easy. One thing I would love to see is something that suggests meals or specific items that would meet the goals of the meal. If I have 200 calories left and haven’t met my protein, fat, or carbs goals, what can I add to my meal that fits my goals? Other than that, the developers have done an absolutely stellar job.

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    Great app that’s sure to get even better

    Ive been using Lifesum for a couple months now. Honestly I don’t use it everyday (I don’t track on weekends) but I love it! I love the look of it and the fun and encouraging tone. Love being able to see my macros front and center and seeing how my meal is looking on carbs, fat and protein. Two edits: as a previous review stated, notifications could use some work. Don’t need to weigh myself every single day, and also don’t need notifications for things I’ve already done (like log breakfast, etc.). Also get a note at 6 asking how my dinner was and I don’t eat til about 7:30 bc of my commute (this notification reminds me how much I hate it!! lol). Also, I’m a vegetarian, so I got the app to track my protein intake. So wish there were more usable vegetarian recipes (creamy avocado pasta might be delicious but... where the protein yo?), and that vegetarian was just straight up just one of the diet plans. For the record, I use the Simple Dieting setting and have not lost any weight (maybe it’s that not tracking on weekends thing... 🤔). Anyway, overall I am super happy with Lifesum and love the app 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

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    Support unavailable

    Loved the interface of this app and found it easy to navigate my way around pretty easily when I did use it. The one star rating is due to my recent experience today. I have tried several times now to contact support through the Contact Us (in app chat) link and it continues to crash. The app is updated to the most recent version and so is the software on my phone. Have tried to resend the message several times and the app keeps crashing. I want to cancel my subscription and plan on deleting the app TODAY. I purchased the Premium version of the app about a year ago at a discounted rate during a promo offer they had at the time. They seem to have it set it up where you subscribe to their Premium services outside of iTunes so the subscription is actually processed through their own website. Renewal dates or expiration dates of said Premium services are nowhere to be found anywhere in the app. They then attempt to auto renew it later on at almost $50 USD with no communication beforehand via email or otherwise that they will be processing this amount. I did not even locate the option to downgrade my account or cancel anywhere within the Settings option within the Lifesum app. Luckily my bank caught the attempted transactions as fraud and did not allow them through. I’ll stick to apps that allow me to manage my subscriptions within iTunes to avoid headaches like this.

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    New user- Edited

    I just started using this app, trying to really kick off my dieting. I like organization when I diet and i just wish you could more closely edit your planner from day to day. How it is set up now- you have to scroll through all of the days and once you finish one day you have to scroll alllllll the way back down to the next day. Also, not sure if it’s just a diet they are trying to promote, but no matter what answers I choose when taking the quiz I always get the Keto Burn. I don’t necessarily have a problem with this diet, I just would like to see what other diets I could choose from that would also be recommended. If I am just overlooking how to do this please let me know! Other than these two things I am very impressed with the app and how affordable it is! I have decided to edit my review because after using the app for a couple weeks now I am no longer able to edit my “planner” or my “shopping cart” which is really disappointing because those were the biggest reasons for choosing this dieting app compared to others. I am a working student so I need the organization but I guess with the most recent update they decided to get rid of those features that I loved so much. I am going to cancel my subscription and attempt to get a refund. Back to traditional dieting I go. :(

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    My perfect health app!

    So far I have been using this app for about two weeks, and it’s actually very impressive. I am coming from Samsung Health, which has helped me a lot over the past year and a half. However, after comparing the two, this app has so much more versatility and it’s very acute regardless of which diet you choose. I decided that I was going to go with the diet plan Clean Eating, and in doing so realized how off course my diet was. More specifically, my sugar addiction problem. I have been working on improving my cooking and reducing my sugar consumption so that I can live a much healthier life. With everything that is offered, I definitely believe that this app is worth paying for. The area I feel needs improving is relatively insignificant, but when you try to tap the back button the space that you’re supposed to tap is actually slightly beneath where it shows on the UI. I would like to see that fixed, but aside from that everything is awesome! I still haven’t explored the whole thing yet, but for what I have it works very well for me.

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    Easy to use but not enough info

    Fun and easy to use with a lot of foods in their database. Sadly it really does not provide enough nutritional information and goes against a lot of info I’ve gotten from Nutritionists. Also it is saying that I need fewer carbs and more protein but then doesn’t actually provide protein heavy/low carb recipes when I search for them. The “meal plan” doesn’t actually give you a plan just slightly tweaks the macros based on your “test”. It isn’t actually suggesting foods at all. It doesn’t show anything about vitamins and minerals. It treats all carbs equally regardless of where they are coming from. Every nutritionist I’ve ever spoken with has also said that most veggies are practically unlimited. Today I ate almost entirely vegetables, lean protein and some watermelon and according to the app I had an unhealthy day because of my carb intake. I also think the meals are way too calorie heavy. Every nutritionist I’ve ever spoken with has said that there should be at least two snacks per day, more if you work out a lot. This app just adds calories to meals instead of offering additional snacks. I believe it helps people lose weight and definitely makes you more aware of what you are putting in your body, but this app does not guide you to a healthy and well balanced diet.

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    Won’t let you choose water bottle size

    Update 2: Finally responded to my actual review. But they still are not going to implement the simple feature. I’m extremely disappointed that they are not prioritizing customer concerns. Update: Developer responded with a canned response and told me to add my feedback to their UserVoice which I mentioned in my original review that they don’t care about. I still stand by my review that they aren’t listening. This app is great except for fact that you can’t have a custom bottle size for water tracking! You can only choose between a 9oz bottle and a 17oz bottle. I have many bottles that do not conform to those sizes and it makes water tracking in LifeSum impossible. To make matters worse, this was requested on their feedback site 3 years ago, has received almost 1000 votes, and they haven’t even responded to it, let alone implement it. I actually really want to buy the premium version of this app but I can’t give money to a company that won’t listen to their customers. Especially when literally every other water tracking app supports custom bottle sizes. I will be returning to this review to give it 1 stars after every update until this is resolved. You’ve had 3 years, and this isn’t hard to implement - I’m a software engineer - I know how this stuff works. Please fix this.

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    The only health app I’ve stuck with

    I’ve tried lots of different apps to help me along my fitness journey and this is the only app I have been able and have wanted to stick with. It’s awesome when you track your food and are able to see a rating beside what you’ve had. Also, it’s very easy to track your exercise. As of recently, I have purchased an Apple Watch and it makes it even easier because it just takes the activity information from my watch and coverts it into the app. There is also a cool weight tracker you can use to count towards your weight goals. Tracking water intake is also nice and the app even gives you tips and encouraging words to reach your water, calories per meal, and exercise goals. I thought every app like this was the same and they all seemed so hard to figure out. Lifesum is short, sweet, and simple and I give the creators and developers of this app major props because usually I get bored within this category of apps, but this one has kept me focused and excited to use it. Thank you, Lifesum!

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    Changed my life

    This app is so great! I have lost 10 pounds with it so far and I’ve only been using it for a little over a month! I don’t have the premium plan so you can lose weight on it without having to pay for it which is amazing! I will continue to use this app until I reach my goal weight and I truly believe I can do that using This app. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight while still feeling in control with the classic weight loss plan. Update 8/8/19: I’ve officially gotten to my goal of losing 40 pounds!!! This app is truly amazing, from being aesthetically pleasing to actually working this is an all around great way to track your meals and exercise. I have tried many other methods of weight loss and none of them worked for me, until I found lifesum. This app can change your life in the best way possible, if you let it. You have to be consistent and work hard but you can get there, and I truly believe anyone can effectively lose weight with this app.

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    Pretty, but all the features require premium upgrade

    So far I like the layout and the user friendly nature of this app. It’s easy to use and it has a nice aesthetic. The versatility of this app separates it from other fitness apps. However I wish it was more clear on which features come with the free version and which features are premium. I understand that the developer is trying to encourage people to upgrade (the price seems reasonable) but I’ve realized that almost all of the features listed in the description are premium features. I wish I had been told upfront what I can do in the free version rather than having a popup telling me I’ve encountered a premium feature as I’m touring the app. As many of the highlights of the app are premium features (barcode scanning, almost all the diet plans, the custom recipes, etc) the app does nothing beyond track calories in its free version and I have no way of knowing if the extra features are worth the money (and reading some of the reviews convince me that the extra features don’t run as well as I would like for a paid service). I’ll stick to my fitness pal.

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    I’m FINALLY making progress with my weight loss

    I really like this app, it might sound silly but I think part of why it really works for me is how good the app looks, and it’s much simpler (in my opinion) than my fitness pal. I’ve read that the database isn’t as big as MFP but I haven’t run into any problems with being able to track my food or scan barcodes. When I first started using the app I lost 8 pounds in the first few weeks, so I’m finally under 160lbs! I haven’t been very consistent recently but I’ve just picked it back up again tracking calories and staying under my daily goal. I also love how simple it is to track macros. Overall, I’ve been wanting to lose weight for YEARS and stop gaining 10lbs/year on average and this is the FIRST tool I’ve found that has actually helped me make progress. Only negative I have is the meals on the different plans can’t be changed so I can’t really do them because I’m allergic to shellfish (I could probably just substitute though LOL)

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    Not Great

    I bought the premium version because I thought it would be friendlier and more helpful than apps like myfitnesspal. Its not very smart, it doesn’t have a lot of foods in its database, and the recipes provided are few and not impressive. There’s no way to find easy meals, it seems to be time consuming and not super appetizing. For example, a suggested recipe to me was a tomato and buttermilk shake?? While that might not be hard to make, it sounds disgusting. Most of these recipes seem to be more about looks and “instagram” quality than nutrition and simplicity, which is what most people loom to food trackers for. In the app’s attempt to be more millenial-geared and well-rounded, they made a complicated app with a few flashy features (choosing your type of diet, taking a picture of your food to log it-which didn’t work when I tried-, and recipes-which have limited options and seem complicated). I wish they offered a trial of the premium but I understand why they don’t because I definitely wouldn’t have bought premium if I knew that not much would change, and the additional features are less than satisfactory. I absolutely regret purchasing this.

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    Will Not Sync with Apple Health App

    I really like this app a lot. It’s very nice looking and motivating. I have been a paid subscriber for about 4 years now but am thinking that I might not be renewing this year. I’m not sure if the problem is with the Lifesum app or the Apple Health app, but the nutrition data will just not sync properly from Lifesum to the Health app. I am using the Health app to aggregate all of my health data which syncs properly from my sleep app, glucose app, exercise apps, etc., but not my diet/nutrition app which I consider to be essential for getting a complete health picture. I contacted the developer about this issue but was just told that they were working on it and informed as to how to get a refund and cancel my subscription. That was definitely not the answer I was looking for but may just take them up on it. What I really wanted to hear was a timeframe for getting this right. What I got from the response was that it wasn’t really a priority for them. I would like to know whether it is or not because if it is and they are expecting a breakthrough in the near future I would definitely stick with the app.

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Is Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Safe?

Yes. Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 113,942 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Is 51.6/100.

Is Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Legit?

Yes. Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 113,942 Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker Is 51.6/100.

Is Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker not working?

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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