MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Reviews

MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

Learn to meditate and be more mindful with MyLife Meditation, formerly known as
Stop, Breathe & Think. MyLife Meditation is an award-winning meditation and
mindfulness app that offers daily wellness check-ins and suggests activities
personalized on how you feel. Learn to maintain perspec...

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MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Reviews

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    A rare review

    I know it’s cliche to say, but I rarely share reviews on apps. This app, however, is changing my life in such a positive way, I feel compelled to tell others. Get it! Try it! I’ve been told for years by doctors and counselors to try meditation for helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. I’ve even been told to meditate by various psychics (if you’re one who believes in such). Aside from trying it at a workshop or class here and there, I resisted, assuming as a busy mom of three kids I couldn’t possibly ever fit in quiet time for meditation. Then, about a month ago, amid med changes that were causing debilitating panic symptoms, I resorted to trying meditation as a rock-bottom last resort. I tried a couple apps and online videos, but this one is the one I kept coming back to. The short meditations were easy to fit in after all! And the simple body/mind check-in before and after meditations helps me see immediate progress. Maybe it’s my inner child or visually-focused artist, but the sticker rewards even make me smile and motivate me! The free version is totally sufficient but within a week, I was hooked and had subscribed to get the full benefits. If you’re resisting meditation like I was, get this app and get started! You won’t regret it!

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    Love this app, but here’s a suggestion

    This app is absolutely amazing. I never go premium on anything, but I couldn’t help but make an exception for this one. I use this app almost every day, and I owe so much of my growth to it. As much as I love it, there is one thing that I hope will change. When I check in and add my emotions late at night/early in the morning, the first session that is recommended without fail is Falling Asleep. I’m a night owl, so most of my activity occurs in the later hours of the night, including meditation. I don’t want a session that will help me fall asleep unless the emotions I add suggest I need it (majority of the time they don’t). Any other time of day, my recommended sessions are always based on the emotions I add EXCEPT if I add emotions that actually do suggest I need a falling asleep session. The point is, I don’t want my sessions to be based around the time of day I’m checking in. If I check in at 4 AM because that’s when I’m feeling productive and want to get my compassion on, I want my recommendations based on that feeling, not that it’s 4 AM and most of the world is in bed at that time so I should be too. It’s frustrating, because there’s really no point in me checking in to add my emotions if I’m just going to be suggested the same session each time. I might as well just skip all of it and hand pick my own sessions.

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    Trauma Teammate

    My teenage son suffers from crippling anxiety due to his early life experiences with his birth family. His anxiety often gets triggered and he struggles to recognize or realize that this has happened in his body. I have been doing meditation with him when already calm for months, but he could not see its usefulness until today when we used this app! I somehow convinced him to agree to use this app today while SUPER stressed and anxious. Prior to using it, he was sobbing, yelling at me because I was forcing this feeling on him, and refusing to let me touch him at all. He opened the app and identified as feeling insulted, sad, tired, unhappy and irritated. It recommended a 6 minute meditation, which he tried. After doing it, he immediately smothered me with one of the biggest hugs he's ever given me and identified as feeling relieved, satisfied, tired, and loving!!!! Been trying to get him to try that when triggered and overwhelmed for 6 months, finally got there today, and this app is what got him there. Now he has installed the app on his phone to use whenever he's feeling that way. Thank you SO much!!!!

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    This app overall has helped me relax and is very user friendly. It’s super easy to use and I love how it gives you recommendations based on the adjectives you choose to describe your current physical and mental health. I picked stressed, worried, conflicted, uneasy, and anxious to describe how I’m feeling, and it recommended that I try a 2+ minute meditation for falling asleep, an 8+ minute body scan meditation to check in with your whole self, a 7+ minute noting meditation to strengthen my presence, and to watch a 17-minute yoga video for anxiety. I listened to the Falling Asleep meditation the first night I got it and it’s very soothing, but it’s also very brief with some long pauses. If you’re able to focus and not let your mind wander with long pauses like that then it may be beneficial. My favorite part of the app is the Explore section where you can listen to whichever meditation session you want depending on how you’re feeling- you can choose from things like “find your calm” or “slay your stress.” They even have specific ones for kids, college students, and future mothers who are currently pregnant. As I’ve listened to it throughout the week, it has helped me stay calm in stressful circumstances and focus on my goals.

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    The best meditation app

    I’ve tried many meditation apps but this one is by far my favorite, here is why: I was trying to start meditating but I just wasn’t motivated but with this app you have streaks and stickers which motivates me to check in and spend even just one minute meditating, I used to make excuses like I don’t have enough time to meditate or I feel fine so I don’t need to meditate today, with the breathing timer and the meditation timer I can easily take one minute out of my day to meditate and the focus setting on the breathing timer really does help me to focus and stop procrastinating. I had originally downloaded many meditating apps because I wanted to become more mindful but as a beginner I didn’t know what to meditate about which is why I love that you can check in with this app and it will recommend meditations for you. I did not buy a subscription but this app is still so useful and I use it everyday even without the full version this app has so much to offer. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to start meditating.

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    This app is beyond amazing and a true blessing.

    I have anxiety and extra emotions... I tend to bottle up all of my emotions and one day, they all just come out crazily in a force that I can no longer handle.. this app lets me log my emotions, and I even log them when I am all good emotions, but that’s not all.. on my really bad explosion days, I use the meditations. One of the days recently, I used the meditations, no matter what they were for because I just needed to escape the world and focus on meditating.. well using the meditations brought me joy and happiness that I didn’t know that I could feel on such a hard day.. I felt refreshed and bright. I can’t explain how amazing it felt to know that the day was joyful and not dreadful. My favorite meditator is Micah, he really helps me to focus on what is important and he really helps me to calm down.. I love the woman too, but Micah is beyond what I expected from a man meditator! I have nothing bad to say about this app.. it’s amazing and a true blessing. ❤️

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    I was skeptical, but now I get it!

    I’m the type of person who needs to go, go, go all. the. time. My idea of “relaxing” is...doing more things...I honestly don’t have an OFF button. I thought this type of lifestyle was just “me”, and there was no way to turn me off. As you can imagine, this type of go-go-go began to wear me down. I had trouble sleeping because my mind would just keep churning and churning. My first solution? Quit social media. No, I’m not kidding. I’ve been off FB for 5 years now, and I literally don’t have any other social media accounts. If you’ve said over and over again you want to kick the social media habit, do it! Seriously. The people who matter the most will keep in touch. It’s refreshing to see who your real friends are. My 2nd solution was to run. I get that’s not for everyone; I totally get it. (But if you’re curious try the Zombies, Run app and the Couch to 5k app. Using these in tandem is fun!) My 3rd solution was to meditate. I was skeptical. “How can sitting down, doing ‘nothing’, help me?” While you’re literally sitting down, you’re definitely not doing “nothing”. I’ve learned to just...chill and absorb life’s hangups. I’m really focusing on being grateful, thankful and appreciative, and projecting that in the world. It makes me feel less...tight. Less bottled up. If you’re on the fence, try the short meditations (2-3 mins) and really give it an honest go. I think you’ll like it! Good luck! My best wishes!

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    Love the app!

    When I first downloaded the app I had a streak going on and then I lost it. Now, I meditate occasionally because “I don’t have enough time.” In reality, this is a great app for all sorts of things: anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, or just to meditate for a healthier life. I’ve used it for anger and anxiety amongst many other reasons and if you have anxiety or anything, you have to know this app is not going to cure you with 7 minuets of meditation. A “cure” goes a longer way by meditating daily but the 7 minuets so help you concentrate and relax and make you feel so much better. Not to mention that there is so much to access without premium! If you love the app without paying, then I would seriously consider getting premium for longer meditations like I am, of course only if you have the money. Regardless, I’ve tried other apps(headspace, calm, aura) and if you’re like me with limited space on your phone, then this is the only meditation app you need!

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    New to “meditation”

    My family has always been very comical to breathing meditation. So growing up it was considered “mumbo jumbo, witchcraft, and nonsense”...etc. I myself am a minister and through much studying of the Bible I have learned that God desires for us to be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. And all three of these areas of our beings intertwine and effect each other. So as I’ve learned about meditation of the mind and not just prayer (which is vital in my opinion) I am enjoying this app tremendously! It has helped me to focus, and really be honest with myself of what I am feeling in the moment. The best way to be a good person is to be aware of who you are and learn what changes you can make and this app is doing that for me! Thank you for focusing on kindness to self, strangers, and what some would refer to as enemies! I also have focusing issues sometimes (add) I really enjoyed the “Lion Mind meditation” great analogy it resonated with me a lot! Thanks again!

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    Amazing Meditation App!

    Like many of the other reviewers, upon downloading this app about a year ago, I was very new to meditation and one who couldn't be alone in a room for more than a few moments without driving myself insane. This app has truly allowed me to create a solid foundation for my meditation practice, and with such a wide variety of types (breath work, mindfulness, loving kindness) in one app, it's the best toolbox that a beginning meditator could ask for! I couldn't help but purchase the premium version, which is MORE than worth the small price. They have expanded a lot recently, and new tracks are added often. Can't wait to see what's next! Additionally, their customer service is AWESOME. Had an issue with my purchase, and I received a response via email within just minutes of reaching out and the problem was resolved in seconds. Would never recommend another meditation app besides SBT!!!

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    The only meditation app I use!!

    I have been using this app on and off for the past year. However, after suffering from many anxiety attacks and depression the last few months, I have started to use it every day and it is doing wonders for me. It helps me begin the day with an open mind, helps me get through tough moments like before work, and helps me fall asleep. I have several favorite guided meditations that are my favorite. They have ones as long as 20 minutes to ones as short as one minute. There’s even a breathing timer and a meditation timer you can meditate to forest sounds or other sounds you can customize. There is also a journal and meditation challenges every so often with tips and encouragement offered. I was just using the free app and today I have been gifted with a lifetime membership! I am so grateful and my day has been completely made! Thank you so much, Stop, Breathe, & Think!!!

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    Breathe is simple and effective

    I’ve been using this app for two years now. It’s been by my side through 50 day steaks and 60 day chaotic “busyness”. I’ve continually used the free version and the guided meditations that it comes with are simple easy and effective without making me feel as though I need to “sip the spiritual kool-aid”. Personally my favorites are the meditation timer coupled with the nature background sounds and the beginning, half mark and ending sustained bell. It does the trick ever time. Also love the stickers you can gain once certain accolades are reached as well as the total time meditated is tracked as well. A new feature is the breathe timer and I’ve been using that prior to choosing a meditation in order to get my breathing on point and it’s awesome. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is new to meditation or is a seasoned meditation veteran because it will satisfy on both ends! Very grateful for this 🙏

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    best meditation app out there!

    I have been using this app for a few years now to calm me down when I’m anxious, help me when I’m struggling, and vent my emotions in a positive and constructive way. I’ve always kept the app on my phone because even though the free version is fairly restricted compared to the premium content, the free stuff is absolutely spectacular!! I love the guided meditations and the ability to have meditations recommended to me based on how I’m feeling at that moment. The Stop, Breathe, and Think app has helped me exponentially and helped me to function (and sleep!) when I needed as much help as I could get. This app is freaking awesome and I wish more people knew about it because it seriously saved me from hard times on more than one occasion. 100% recommend to anyone who is looking for easy ways to de-stress, relax, or drift to sleep with a calming voice guiding you there :)

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    I truly could not recommend this app more. I tell as many people as possible about this app - sometimes i’ll post it on a social media story. I’ve been using it for YEARS now and it only gets better. It has worked wonders for my anxiety and I look to it during my most aggressive panic attacks. A feature that is on the newer side is the breathing timer which I absolutely LOVE! Physically changing your breath changes your body and you feel the results. I used the free version for years and found it great! A little discouraging to see all the tracks that I couldn’t play though. I finally got a subscription and I know that a portion goes towards charity so the benefits are endless - for you AND others. I’m sorry that it took me this long to finally write a review but I hope that this lets other people trust it! Better late than never! Hope the best for all of you.

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    I never write reviews, this is rare!

    This app is amazing, though I don’t use it regularly (in time intervals) it helps me calm down and relieve stress. Like my cat this app can help you sleep, improve your mood, and well, journal if you are premium. You also get stickers for doing meditations on there! This is coming from a smart 11year old boy! 😻love it Though it has many good things without premium I think that more should be available, like the journal I had for three weeks then was suddenly asked for a credit card number to charge the account. Just saying to the developer, I think at least journal should be available without premium, nothing else needs to be changed except journal being premium, it becoming non-premium. Please respond developer

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Is MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Safe?

Yes. MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,610 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Is 40.0/100.

Is MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Legit?

Yes. MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,610 MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness Is 40.0/100.

Is MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness not working?

MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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