Life Advisor: Personal Test Reviews

Life Advisor: Personal Test Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

Want to explore hidden yourself? Join Life Advisor. There are a variety of
professional and interesting tests, such as aging, gender switch, baby
prediction, palm reading. In just a few minutes, you can get to know your
current situation and future better.

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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Life Advisor: Personal Test Reviews

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    I would love it...except...

    I love anything to do with knowing how I would look older. So, when I saw this app, I thought I would try it out. Most apps you have to pay for, so when I saw that is was free for new users, I thought that was awesome. However, you have to pay to use the time machine, and I don’t have that money. I dislike that it says it’s free for new users, but you can’t actually use the time machine or the gender changer. You can only read the little articles at the bottom. I was sad since most of those articles were for adults, and I am only 11. So, I am afraid I’ll have to give it up. If I could do everything for free for at least three days, then maybe I would give it a second chance. Until then, I will continue my search for a free aging app.

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    Dishonest thieves

    I downloaded this app to try the what would your child look like feature, which was awful. I’m a Caucasian as is my partner and apparently we will have an African American child? Aside from the crappy features in the app, it automatically charged me $10 without my permission. The app said it would be easy to cancel the three day free trial in the settings of the app. After downloading the app I looked everywhere on the app for a cancel subscription option and there was nothing to be found. The only thing I could find was a submit suggestions button, and I submitted a polite message asking to have my subscription cancelled only minutes after downloading the app. Nobody ever responded, and 3 days later I was charged 10 dollars. Please save yourself the trouble and money, this app will steal your money and it is garbage!

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    This app is charging me for a subscription that i do not have. I saw an add for this app while playing a game and it was nothing like what the add depicted this app to be. Once i downloaded the app it asked me to start a trial before i could use it. I agreed to that trial and once in the app realizing it was not what the add made this app out to be i instantly canceled my trial and deleted the app. After the trial period would have run out one week later i was still charged for the subscription to this app. This is a scam. And untill these people fix this i cannot update or download new apps. Im locked out of the app store. This is complete bull sh!t. If this is not rectified in the next few days i will be filing with my lawyer. And yes i called apple they said its on this company to fix not them. But either way this company is scamming people charging them when they should not do so.

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    Cool app, when you can actually understand the articles...

    This app is very interesting, but someone needs to edit the text. There’s so many grammatical errors that some of the sentences make zero sense. I thought it was only like one or two errors, but no they’re all over the app. A lot of the information is also worded so awkwardly, it was rough to even read through most of the time. please try and edit the articles and questions, it’s not worth the frustration trying to decipher what someone is trying to say. But aside from that issue, I enjoyed the quizzes and article topics a lot. There’s a lot of variety with the topics you can look through, and a lot of it being very relatable.

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    Not exactly what it says it will do for time machine

    Downloaded and says a 3day trial but u have to put in your payment info which is normal but after I put info in and clearly chose trial free for 3days it then says “thank you for your purchase” I had to go to my bank acct. just to make sure I wasn’t charged so that was confusing . Also In the add it shows the time machine aging you from a young age pic to old. So you think the pic u put in it will show u aging slowly from that pic u give it. That’s definitely not true. You give it a pic and it instantly shows you aged but as if someone just took a pen and traced lines on your face and then airbrushes over your hair grey... really it just looks fake and crappy. If your interested in accurate or any transforming image of you aging you will be very disappointed.

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    Only two stars for me.

    I feel that the app is honestly pointless if you do not have a membership. They should include online while about to purchase the app, that you must have a membership if you wanted to see what you would look like doing things with that app. If I really wanted I could purchase a membership, and see what would happen, but it doesn’t mean that much that I would purchase a membership for something I would most likely only use once. And the fact that they do not have a part of the app that you can use for free as a little tutorial is a little messed up. But if you would like to pay for a membership it seems a little to good to be true but might find a resemblance to your face.

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    *****Buyer Beware******

    First off, $8.99 a week for an app that really doesn’t do much at all is ridiculous. Second, I get what you’re trying to do, but what ever technology you are using does not at all. My “children” keep showing up as black. My wife and I have kids, none of them look black or even resemble my existing children. I also did the gender thing...The results showed me as a black female. Lol. I mean, I do have a year round tan, but I’m lighter than most Mexicans. Hahaha If this app is made to be comedic, than I guess I got the wrong impression. Deleting my free trial now 😂😂😂😂😂🤘🏼 Also taking advantage of children is not cool. Shame on you for doing that!!!!!! I should blast this out on social media by taking a screen shot of all the kids that have left reviews on your app.

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    Not that good

    Even tho there is free stuff all the free stuff seems to be a wast of time the stuff shown on the cover and y people download this app coast money and I’m not going to pay to see a boy me or old me or son of me it’s a wast of money and time maybe add that u have to pay membership to do any things worth time this app is a wast of time money and storage space in my phone it also says free to user which most apps aren’t so this was exciting for me to find but then u have to pay which makes no sense I will keep the app but only if see change bc I want to use it but I don’t have the money to pay a subscription and I don’t do free trials bc I don’t trust that stuff

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    As many others have said, this app WILL scam you. I opened the app & was immediately charged for $90. I did not press a thing but lucky for them my thumb was on my home button when I opened the app so it was automatically charged. The next thing I knew I heard the charged sound & was out $90. It was already in my bank account, apple couldn’t refund it & now I’m talking to my bank about it. I literally did not press a single thing nor was I asked for confirmation which most apps have before you purchase something. Especially $90 worth!!! I am a college student and $90 is a lot for me. This app ruined my night & will continue to ruin my mood until my bank helps me out & my money is refunded.

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    This app stink

    Just like any other app it tricks you it’s free to download but then when you try it out like for example I try’s out the time machine option and it scanned my face then it said I had to pay to see the results so this app is a scam to download it’s free but you still have to pay to see what you look like and get results so who ever made this app stinks and is a scammer I mean come on you trick us and make us take the time to download it because it’s free but then we realize we have to pay to use it and then have to take all our time again to delete it because it isn’t free so how you make it free because right now you stink just like your app😡

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    Not free

    Opened the app and tried two things, the “death clock” which asks you 7 questions that determine how old you’ll be when you die. Which by the way if you need to see the results after answering how often you exercise, if you’re sleeping 7-8 hours every night, if you feel lonely, etc then you already know what the results should say. As should any high school drop out. Im pretty sure you can find a camera filter in a free app to see what you look like when your older. Snapchat can give you an accurate view of what you’d look like as the opposite sex so this should be a no brainer. How does this app have high ratings? Don’t waste your time.

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    I enjoy it, but..

    I do honestly agree with a majority of the results I get from the free content.I advise you always read the descriptions as it is true that this does not replace a doctors medical diagnosis. I also have a suggestion. Out of the premium features, we should either be able to try one of our choice for free, or have the ability to use a premium feature once a day. Overall am satisfied 4/5

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    I’m in a committed lesbian relationship, I tried to upload a picture of me and my partner to the ‘future baby’ part of the app. The pictures I used were clear and perfect for what was asked yet the app wouldn’t allow me to see my ‘future baby’ saying that the two photos were of the same gender and you need to re upload. Simply based on the fact that we were both females we were unable to use this feature of an app meant for everyone. Also calling the feature the ‘transgender challenge’ is insensitive terminology, it makes people’s identity seem like a fad or a popular challenge.

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    I didn’t really enjoy this app because it basically doesn’t work for anything but answer questions your just have to click kissing or Marriage and answer stupid dum questions that are not even worth I payed what it to see my myself in the future but it seems like this app is just trash I don’t really like this app I hope you understand what I’m saying because this app is garbage people that have this app I recommend you not to have it anymore this stupid app doesn’t work at all this thing is trash I’m so disappointed at this app ok bye trash.

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    I am extremely disappointed. I tried y’all’s “free trial” 6 weeks back and I didn’t like the app. Since then I have been tirelessly trying to figure out how to stop my subscription and get my money back by there is NOWHERE on this app that is allowing me to end my subscription. I have lost $8.99 every week since, and you all are not getting back to me via email (which is the only way you all are saying to contact you) Anyone reading this - Call Apple and have them send you a link that looks at all of your subscriptions. That is the only way to cancel this

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Is Life Advisor: Personal Test Safe?

Yes. Life Advisor: Personal Test is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,821 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Life Advisor: Personal Test Is 38.8/100.

Is Life Advisor: Personal Test Legit?

Yes. Life Advisor: Personal Test is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,821 Life Advisor: Personal Test User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Life Advisor: Personal Test Is 38.8/100.

Is Life Advisor: Personal Test not working?

Life Advisor: Personal Test works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Ny Teng
Jan 31 2021

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