Life - Period Tracker Calendar Reviews

Life - Period Tracker Calendar Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-07

Life Period Tracker lets you track your period, predict your ovulation, schedule
cycle reminders, track your symptoms, moods, and more! Upgrade to Premium and
track your health using all nine new health trackers! Track sex, fertility,
weight, nutrition, fitness, sleep, medication, health...

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Pretty neat but having some issues

I think this is great for helping me estimate when my period is because it was actually one day off but you know.. it’s just a guess it’s not 100% accurate. It’s been helpful for me to write if I have symptoms and just overall it’s great but let me walk with you for some tings. One: I believe Life should be completely free. Why? Because women should have some of these features to help them out if they need it and that’s just my opinion. Two: Please make the countdown free. It’s helpful to have the calendar and all and the guesses but... my friend showed me her countdown and how it gives her reminders and that’s solely what I got Life for. But I decided to take a chance and try it out but u know it’s okay. It would just help it you made that free. And if it is free it would help if a team member can tell me how to do it. I’ve had Life for a month and a half and I got to admit I like it. Just.. it’s not perfect but nothing can really be perfect if you know what I’m saying. Still giving five stars tho because it is helpful. I would still recommend getting Life tho. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. -From a socially awkward person 🤗


Least embarrassing for a useful purpose!

This is a very necessary thing for all those who menstruate, no matter how regular, or irregular. Life adds a pleasant functionality to this necessary tracking without being needlessly gendered, or childish. Just like the tampon ads that treat bleeding like a minor incontinence issue, i don't need this thing to be littered in butterflies and pink stuff. How much there is is tolerable, and with the added bonus of getting to track other things like mood and other symptoms, like abdominal pain. Makes this thing really handy for tracking symptoms from multiple chronic pain co-morbidities as in my case. iT's good to know for instance that i ALWAYS get ravenous for more junk food around 11-12 days pre-cycle. And I always am irritable and sad t-3 days out. Get Life, maybe there are others now but i have used this one for 3+ years so far and am yet to be disappointed really. inasmuch as this can provide.


4 years and counting!

I have used Life consistently for 4 years and 4 months. I first got Life during college to help me better predict my period, and it has been so easy to use and straightforward that I've used it ever since even well after graduating. I can now predict my cycle length and period length, always within a day or two max of what Life tells me. It helps me to plan trips, know when the beach is calling my name and when it isn't, and so much more. It also helps me understand why I have stomach pain or mood swings - all by just understanding where I am in my cycle. If you'd like a lot of extra features, this may not be the best app for you because it does cost $2/week. All I need is to track my cycle and my period; I have never needed any extra bells and whistles. If that's what you're looking for, Life is good!


Perfect period tracker!

I was a little skeptical at first to purchase Life but when I did I found out so many useful functions I needed: period tracker, symptom tracker, alerts, journals, period predictions.. I think it would be very beneficial for me to keep track of my health, leaving notes and making entries into Life. with the capability the program has I could literally keep track of my medical records and not only period-related issues: when I got sick, what pills I took, what doctor visited. And the design is absolutely fantastic! You can see that programmers really paid attention to every small detail. I mean the period tracker I had before was so ugly I didn't even want to open it more that once a month to enter my period :) The purchase was really worth it. I look forward to new features!



I’m pretty sure I got the free version of Life in high school, so somewhere around 2011. Once I got married in 2015 I upgraded to the paid version ($5 one-time) and I NEVER paid for apps so that was a huge decision for me. I hate to see that it’s pretty pricey now (I would not be able to justify $100+/yr) but I must say that I do love it and have used it for every single period and pregnancy since I got married. The reminders are so helpful since we are busy with three kids. I also love love love the history feature (which showed me that each of my pregnancies was exactly 250 days — very cool!). Long story short: I use it to track periods and ovulation and don’t use it for symptoms, medications, etc... but I love it for those things and think it is well worth the price I paid.


Love it

My main reason for the über-handiness of Life is that I have very irregular periods and I would otherwise forget when I have them. My PMS symptoms are all over the place and it's nice to keep track of patterns! I have been impressed by the amount of options and details available. The interface can easily be kept clear and simple but is also able to support any amount of details I need to record. Tracking my cycle, moods, symptoms, sex, and exercise among many other things has proven very helpful and is made so simple!! It is also easy to analyze the data I've inputted overtime. I've used Life for a couple years now and haven't had a single issue that I can recall. It's very intuitive and I've recommended it to a lot of my menstruating friends!


Untrustworthy app and overpriced

I had been using Life for years until today. I was using it to track period and pill reminders. After some time, I changed from the paid membership to free since I wasn’t using the premium features as much. Suddenly today they made the pill reminders and tracking as part of premium only. Life did not remind me to take my pill today. That is completely messed up. Did they inform via notifications about this premium change? Nope. Luckily I have a second form of reminder so I was safe, but I can’t believe Life would do that. On top of that, you can only track periods otherwise pay $2/week or $104/year to use their app. They don’t even offer a bundle membership, though I’d still only be willing to pay $2/month for this. Of course I won’t be paying an absurd amount and have them maybe not remind me about my pill. There are plenty of other ways to track all things period, and there are plenty of free ones that don’t sell your data either.


Better than tracking on the kitchen calendar

I cannot give 4 stars only because I only use Life to track periods. Knowing it can be used for other purposes (past baby-making & no issues other than sneaking up on menopause), a 5th star seemed over the top for the simplicity of my usage. That said... yay for a discreet way to track Aunt Flo, unseen by teenage sons, mother in law, neighbors and the pest control guy. Yay for averages. Yay for the heads up on when she's coming back to visit (even though my cantankerous uterus has gone rogue and prefers spontaneity). Lastly... boo for not saving the stats in Life . Despite numerous reminders to "back it [on] up!" somewhere, I didn't ... and when my phone died, all the data was gone. Not the end of the world, but if almost everything else on the dead phone lived on through the Cloud, why not this? Happy tracking, ladies!


Help! Used to love, now it won’t even open

I used to LOVE Life. I used it to track my cycles and mine & my husbands sexual encounters when we were trying to conceive and it worked amazingly. I’ve had Life for years, since 2015 and I have never had any issues when I upgrade phones until this time. I upgraded to an iPhone 11 from the 10 I had and now, it only shows me the loading page that has the logo and says “waiting”. I’ve sat on that page now for over a half hour and no change. Then I tried closing and opening, restarting phone and trying again and nothing works! I never had an issue with prior upgrades and always backup to iCloud multiple times daily, especially before upgrading. So I’m so confused as to why Life is suddenly on the fritz. Developer, please help! What can I do to get my last 5 years of health info and tracking back?! App would get 5/5 stars from me if not for this glitch!


One App for Life

I have been using Life since April 2016. Even though I’m an “adult” my period was always a surprise. Over time it changed when it would come. It happened at work one time and I decided I was done with “surprises”. This is the only app I have ever purchased and I’m so happy I did. I don’t have the time to keep remembering or packing tampons. Also I started thinking about kids especially since I’m older now. It’s a one stop shop for my reproductive system and I’m happy with Life. It’s so accurate with predictions since I’ve been using and tracking for so long. My healthcare providers over the years have all been so proud because “no I can’t remember my last period, but I have an app for that!”


Just want to know where I am on my cycle

I'm using Life to know where I am on my cycle. If there's a sense of melancholy that can't be explained away by the Trump administration... I'll check and see if it's PMS. My husband and also refer to the ovulation day as my circle day. He's fixed so my system runs on its own schedule and we've got three kids so no stress on getting pregnant...anyways circle day (and the days leading up to it) is a lovely day that I look forward to every month. In fact, we can plan vacations around this time, months in advance, using Life if we wanted to...but that seems a bit over the top. It's a great app. Best of luck to you and your flow and getting pregnant or not getting pregnant...or having you week of heat and fun!



I've recently really tried to focus on my health. Both physical, mental, sexual. I really wanted something to track my periods and sex habits, my mood, my nutrition WITHOUT having to tediously count calories in something like MFP, but also my hygiene (I stopped shampooing as often) and many other things. This is great because it's not a subscription for for a relatively low price I can add whatever categories I want. Loving it so far. Two things I'd like to see: the top category bar, I frequently accidentally pull down the iPhone notifications. Not sure if it needs to be larger or not so close to the top or moved. And I kinda wish I could make the calendar smaller so I can see all the notes below it more without scrolling.


Lost all my data and paid features.

I used to love Life and paid for one-time lifetime subscription to the “this app Pro” app about 2-3 years ago. This week, Life started crashing when I tried to open it so I deleted and reinstalled. However, they discontinued the “Pro” app and all my data is gone. I can’t restore for the iCloud backup . The instructions in the Q&A are useless as Life doesn’t recognize that my iCloud has the data in the “Pro” app - I can actually see two different backups in iCloud but can’t access my old data. I was also not able to restore the Premium feature that I paid for as a lifetime deal. Once again, the instructions are useless as the “restore premium” button is not active, nor am i trying to restore the “same” app. Very frustrating as I have years of data that I can’t access otherwise and I paid for something that was supposed to be a one-time fee.


Almost my favorite.

I’ve been looking for a new app to track my periods/fertility/intimacy. First it’s kinda strange that the paid upgrade is necessary to track intimacy. Also, though I really like the layout of Life it seems to still have some glitches here and there. When entering in past periods for example I had some issues. I would actually be willing to pay for the premium version if the glitching hadn’t occurred because other than that it is a great layout and I like that I have so many options for backgrounds. I know that’s not a huge deal but part of the reason I’m looking for a new app in the first place is because the one I have now looks like it’s aimed toward pre teens.


Framework and flexibility

Dear lord thank you for giving me what I need: a framework for tracking sex, mood, physical conditions, and a journal! I can comment an any one event. I can add items to track on a regular basis in all categories, and I can capture a time stamp as needed. I suffer from stress and anxiety that effects my body in strange ways. I've tried paper journals, and other apps... nothing compares to what Life does for me. Thank you! You are enabling me to save my own this app (and my most important relationship-with my husband). The one thing that would be amazing is if you could graph some of these things. And/or synch with FitBit as that tracks my sleep, weight, and exercise. I'd love for these two apps to "talk" to one another.



I have been using Life for over two years. It’s my to go to app when it comes to tracking my period and it’s very accurate. I always use it to reference at the doctor’s office. I have used it to track my pregnancies as well. My last pregnancy I used Life ’s calendar to see when I would be ovulating. And sure enough we were lucky to conceive. I also use Life to monitor my ovulating days, since I use the calendar to take care of myself. It’s amazing, easy to use, and very accurate at least for me. I’ve recommended Life to my family and friends over these past two years and they like it as well.


Perfect for Period Tracking and TTC

I've been using Life for over 16 months, and I have been trying to conceive for about a year now. Life has everything I need, and was well worth spending the money to open up the whole app. They have any features I could need to track everything necessary, and more. It's very very good at predicting when my future cycles will occur based on previous cycles; same with ovulation. Alarms and reminders to take meds or ovulation test are very helpful. The backup features work really well, so I am never afraid of losing data. I like the functionality of this more than fertility friend (personally). Highly recommend!


Great to keep track

I transferred my tracking from another app, and I liked how it was easy to put in data and even notes a year in advanced. If you have a predictable cycle within a couple days, it is nice to put in your daily average at the beginning and instead of it trying to guess based on an algorithm, it just goes with your average cycle and is easy to change the start date of your period. I don't do all of the other features, because I just want to know when my period comes, but it has features for people who want to observe how there cervix and their fluid changes near and around ovulation.


Great but has some quirks

Overall I like Life . It definitely gives more details for symptoms than the apple health app. Which is why I still use it along with the apple app. I have been using Life for well over a year. But within the last year it has started asking you to accept a disclaimer of terms every single time you go to use Life . Now I can understand when terms change looking for confirmation your understand the change in terms, but not every single time you go to use Life . Has become a bit of a nuisance. If apple starts adding more symptoms to choose I’ll probably switch to it full time if this stays an ongoing issue.


Invasive “privacy” policy

I downloaded Life but did not get past the terms and conditions so I uninstalled it. Life asks for access to way too much information that is not at all relevant to the features users are looking at using. Also telling is this statement from their policy “ Life does not support ‘Do Not Track’ requests”. There is no need for Life to have access to the data it tries to access for example location information is really not relevant here. All apps should allow you to ask to not be tracked and this seems to be in violation of the apple trends which states that as a developer “starting with iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and tvOS 14.5,you’ll be required to ask users for their permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies.” Maybe I am missing something but I encourage you to read the terms and conditions.


Extremely satisfied!!

I have used Life very happily for months. There was a sudden glitch with it this week that made it appear like the company was suddenly going to charge me more for Life . Within hours of seeing my review about the glitch I was contacted by customer service and swiftly taking care of! Not only did I get a response from them on my review but they contacted Apple to have it taken care of immediately and then sent follow-up emails to make sure I was satisfied and taking care of! I have never had such great customer service with an app! Thank you Anna from the this app service department! :-)


Good app, some improvements would be nice

I think this is one of the most accurate period tracker apps. I’ve tried most of them, and this one comes closest to predicting my somewhat irregular periods. I don’t need an app to track fertility or pregnancy so most of the extra premium features are unnecessary. So it’s really really annoying to have a pop-up pushing the subscription every time I open Life . It’s actually driven me to start looking for a replacement. And $104 per year for a period tracker is really expensive. I think Life is too dark. The black outline (regardless of which wallpaper you choose) is kinda depressing. If it had an option to brighten it, it would be 4 stars. 5 stars without the nagging subscription pop up.


Love This App❤

I'm a woman of God and I'm abstinent so I usually forget about when my periods come and go 😂 lol. Yet as I have aged it has become necessary to track my periods for Multiple reasons during my premenopausal season. Life has been a this app saver ❤ I never forget and I always know when it's expected and when I'm expected to ovulate. I love knowing that because it helps me to know when my body may start to feel a little icky and understood my mood swings. I know there is so much more Life has to offer so I'm looking forward to diving into more. I'm really thankful to have this information at my fingertips ❤

Is Life Safe?

Yes. Life - Period Tracker Calendar is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 55,868 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Life - Period Tracker Calendar Is 72.8/100.

Is Life Legit?

Yes. Life - Period Tracker Calendar is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 55,868 Life - Period Tracker Calendar User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Life - Period Tracker Calendar Is 72.8/100.

Is Life - Period Tracker Calendar not working?

Life - Period Tracker Calendar works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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