Carnival HUB Reviews

Carnival HUB Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-05

Use the Carnival HUB app to share your cruise countdown with friends, then
explore and book shore excursions, spa treatments, drink packages and more. When
the time comes, you may also check-in and obtain your boarding documents. As
you board your ship, connect to Carnival’s Wi-Fi to vi...

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Carnival HUB Reviews

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    Carnival Horizon September 29, 2019

    Wow! My first cruise and I think I need an intervention. We spent the past 6 day’s on the Horizon with ports of call in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We had rain the first day and a half, but there was plenty to keep our two boys entertained and of course the bars are always open. We had dinner the first night at “Bonsai”. The only negative was that children were supposed to eat free, as we were in the “Family Harbor” suite. This was not the case at “Bonsai”. No clear explanation was given. Beyond this one hiccup, we had a blast. We ate dinner most nights on the Lido Market Place on deck 10. We did have breakfast/brunch at the Meridian Restaurant on deck 3, and the food/service was excellent, especially the French Toast, amazing! By far our favorite place to eat was “Guy’s Burgers” on the pool deck, as well as the 24hr Pizza aft deck 10. Our “Family Harbor” room was comfortable, and efficient with 2 bathrooms(1 tub/shower combo and 1 shower with commode. There was plenty of closet/drawer space for the 4 of us. I recommend bringing along an extra hotel key card to keep from having to use your sail-n-sign card for the main lighting and power on while you’re tout and about. Our room steward Ketut was amazing with any/all requests, and he always called us by name. Our towel animals were the highlight each evening to see what was waiting for us. Sad to have to leave them behind, but we know their in good hands!

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    Great for communicating

    We once took walkie-talkies to communicate. This allows texting each other for $5. My only complaint is that it doesn’t vibrate if the sound is turned off on your phone. That means you can miss messages if you don’t happen to see them pop up on your screen. You get so much for free that you should definitely download this app even if you don’t want to pay for chatting each other. It has a list of events going on, so there is no need to carry a copy of Fun Times around or go back to the room to look at it. There is a list of what is currently open for dining. You will have your assigned dinner option with the menu for that night. We used to try to go by the dining room every day to see what was for dinner, but no more. You can even order a pizza and have it delivered in the app. You can check your sail and sign account. You can even separate the account charges by person if that would help you in checking the balance. I actually used all these features except ordering pizza. I think it is also worth noting that the people you can chat is not limited to the people you came with. You can chat with anyone else who paid for the chat feature. There is a search for you to find there name and add them as a friend. The cruise director even encouraged us to chat with him on the app.

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    Using the Carnival Hub App

    We just got off a 7 day Carnival Cruise aboard the amazing Carnival Dream. The Carnival Hub App allowed us to quickly keep up with everything happening on the ship, where to eat and what shows to see. The app makes it convenient to stay connected and to know what is going on on the ship at all times. The new dining table request feature allowed us to request a table before heading down to the dining room and when our table was ready we were notified on our phones. Just amazing! The app also allowed us to keep an eye on spending and allowed us to book excursions right from our phone! The chat feature allowed us to text and easily locate on another anywhere on the boat. We have been on a cruise before but this time we paid for the Social Internet and the Chat. It was so cool to not only be able to communicate with others in our group but also use Facebook Messenger to communicate with family and friends back home. We were all so excited to be able to post our photos for those not on the cruise! They all felt as if they were there. The free Carnival Hub App is a must for your cruise. I also highly recommend paying extra for the chat feature as well as the Social Media package. It will make your Carnival experience even more awesome! Thanks Carnival! We love you!

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    Well worth downloading

    Loved this app when we were on board! Simple to use and everything you needed is at your fingertips and easily accessible. My husband and I were able to chat (I think $5 is an acceptable fee for this feature), which came in handy many times! Other than the fee to chat, everything else was free. I could keep track of what was happening all over the ship so planning our day was simple. The maps came in handy...this was our first cruise so we got lost a few times! Being able to look at the menu for dining helped us to decide what we wanted to do for dinner. Having the ability to look at my statement was great for meeting my budget goals. I noticed that the statements were pretty much real time also! I could double check transactions quickly. On second thought, that might not be a good thing if you don’t want the husband to see your spending...LOL The only thing that could be an improvement may be to have a section that lists the names of your room steward and the servers that you encountered everyday. This would help me to remember their names, the way they remembered mine! Also, so I can properly recognize them when I review my cruise later on. Overall...GREAT TOOL!

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    It was very useful

    My Husband and I just got back from a cruise on the Elation- Jax Port, Sea Day, Nassau, Half Moon key and 1 more Sea day. I used the app through the whole cruise. I have a iPhone 6+. I used the scheduling feature, which let you pick your favorite events, then reminded you of them 15min before hand. Some of the event descriptions were a little lacking, I do think this may have been on purpose, don’t think they want you to know prices or you had to listen to a sales pitch. I also used the Ship Map, it showed what was on every deck including the restrooms. We did purchase the messaging function ($5 per person) we didn’t use it that much, mostly because we couldn’t hear the alert (which may have been user error) and you don’t have your phone right next to you all the time. I think it would be worth it you’re in a big party of people. We did have a problem with Account Summary feature, the husband and I had our Sail and Sign cards connected- he got the correct summary but mine only showed a few purchases and didn’t make sense. The guest services apologized and said that was something they were working on. (And when we got back to our stateroom there where chocolate covered strawberries and drink tickets, “for the inconvenience”) Other than that, I didn’t run into any bugs. So overall it was useful and I would use it again.

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    Carnival Paradise’s Cruise

    This was our very first cruise. We went to Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel. We loved visiting both places. It was a grand experience for both of us as we have never been out of US besides our vacation to Canada. The best fun was aboard ship. The food was amazing, the drinks were delicious, the shows were wonderful, however the best part of the cruise was the staff. They truly go out of there way to make your cruise vacation a memorable one!! From Leon our Cruise Director (BTW: He needs a promotion to Captain) to our very special Steward Artika, he made our room shine like a brand new dime every single day plus he each day he greeted us with a smile, a Good Morning and he always remembered our names (truly amazing!!) and most of all he made these awesome lil towel animals for us (which I saved every single one of them till the very end of the cruise) and when we left they were all sitting in the window of our balcony except the heart which I put back on the bed with a lil “Ciao Soon” and Thank you message to him with an X and O, which I made myself! I will miss him terribly!! Artika, Leon and the entire staff always had a smile and went out of their way to make this trip a Grand One for us!! They truly succeeded! Thank you from Kolleen and Charlie...

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    Must have on Carnival

    If you are wanting to know what’s happening anywhere on the ship whether it be activities, food, ship maps, or how much you’ve spent; the Carnival Hub app is for you. No longer do you need to keep looking at the daily fun times to see what’s going on and highlighting those events you want to do; now you can go to the app add it as your favorite and the app will give you a 15 minute reminder so you don’t miss those shows, comedians, trivia, etc that you want to hit up. Hungry? Look at what’s open, including available menus to decide ahead of time what you’d like to eat before you get there. Only downside is the Lido buffet choices are not available as a menu so you’ll have to check that out yourself. My last favorite thing on this app is the fact that you no longer need to go to a kiosk or to customer service to see what’s on your bill, it’s right there on the app and if your the main person for your account, you can track each individuals purchases to ensure there’s no overspending/charging. It also breaks down each purchase location and date so you can figure out where each purchase happened. Can’t say enough great things about the app!!!

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    Carnival Horizon

    This app was absolutely vital when you wanted to figure out what to do and how to get there. I loved how you could say you were interested in doing something and it would put it in a separate schedule that had built in reminders. So smart! It was also really helpful that you could chat with others in your party or that you met on the cruise. However, half way through the cruise the app started to glitch really bad I thought it was just me but my entire group had varying degrees of glitching - the worst one being the leader of our group could no longer receive or send out any chat messages so this made it really difficult to communicate as a group. Then it was really disappointing that you couldn’t add your own appointments to the personal schedule. We got several massages at the spa and it was hard to keep track of when they were and which ones. This would have been amazing to put in the schedule. Also as a group we were able to have a cocktail party and later a meeting and these too would have been able add to the schedule so you could benefit from the reminders. Another great thing would have been the IMAX schedule in the schedule too. Otherwise we had a great time and it was so helpful to use the map feature I would have been SO SO LOST without it!

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    Great ship, only one issue

    My family and I just sailed on the Carnival Horizon, making this our 18th cruise. What keeps us coming back is pretty much everything Carnival has to offer. There’s always some kind of activity or show happening, and you’re never bored. My only minor complaint about Horizon is the new smart elevator system. While I do love the concept of choosing my deck and the elevator takes me right there without pushing another button. What I’m not thrilled with is when you chose your deck it takes the elevator a long too tmtime. Most of the time we ended up using the stairs. Overall, the various restaurants left us all feeling very satisfied. The food was not only elegantly served to us, but was quite delicious. JiJi Chinehad to be the best ever Chine I’ve ever eaten. Bonsai Tepanyai was not only entertaining as our chef cooked on our hibachi. The food was fantastic. The dessert was a Bento box of vacuous Japanese deserts, one bite. There were 8 bite size traditional desserts and all tastedgrea. All and all, I just love Carnival Cruise lines. The ships are beautiful, staff very polite. The ship is always clean. Since the smart elevator is my only issue out of18 cruises, Carnival is doing something reight.

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    Just got back yesterday from Carnival Vista Cruise and just can’t say enough about all the hardworking crew that made this vacation possible!!!!!!! Spent a lot of my free time at the Cloud 9 Spa and everyone there is fantastic..... everyone makes it a point to remember you and greet you by name even without you having your card displayed....... to me this is amazing considering the amount of guests that go thru there...... guys at the gym are great!!!!!! Flavio, thanks for all your help and going out of your way to help me out after my ankle sprain on one of my excursions, I can’t even thank you enough for that! Pedro, our Cabin Steward, you are amazing and your efficiency is greatly appreciated. Going out of your way getting us fresh robes, extra pillows and even a fan..... can’t thank you enough.... and what can I say, our Cruise Director Matt Mitcham just makes your days fly by super fast, you are the life of Carnival Vista Matt, you made our vacation absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Your interaction with the guests is admirable and Carnival Cruises is LUCKY to have you on their staff!!!!! To EVERYONE on staff on this week’s sailing “THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND ALL YOUR HARD WORK IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED”!!!!!! See you soon!!!!!

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    App Needs a Little Work

    We had a large group and used the app to keep everyone in contact for our cruise. We were on a Spirit Class ship so it’s a little older. For a schedule of events, it worked well. Would like to see more information like what deck we are disembarking from at ports. I know this can change with the tides, but the information can be updated as it changes. Just a thought on days at sea when the naturalist is on the loud speaker, maybe add a reminder of what channel to turn to on the TV so people with balconies can tune in and can hear them. Our main complaint was the texting part of the app. This is terrible. It works some of the time and not always with everyone in your party. We were constantly having to shut the app down and restart it while sending the same message multiple times to get them through. Again, we had a mix of iPhone and Samsung users. Seemed to do ok with Apple to Apple users. Not so good with getting texts between Apple and Samsung. No one got all of the messages. It would be nice to send more than alphanumeric messages like photos or locations but that takes bandwidth, and that can be expensive on a ship. With a few more tweaks this can be a very useful app. Will have to try it out on our next cruise which is on a newer ship.

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    CarnivalHUB is SO helpful!

    Took a first-time cruise with hubs, our little girl, two other grands (and their SOs). Through the HUB we were able to keep in touch with each other...when we wanted to; sometimes we just hung out with the other cruisers for the day :-) But, through HUB we could "like" the same events and meet each other there. My MOST fav event was the WIDE VARIETY of #trivia hosted by #DJGrantThatsMyDJ at Ocean Plaza. Also at Ocean Plaza at night was often the musical group #RiffRaft. They performed a WIDE VARIETY of music but one night they did Motown! It was simply amazing! Through carnivalHUB my fam was able to book our restaurant seating at Horizons and also view the menu before we even got there. We were on the #VISTA but the CarnivalHUB app is an absolute MUST for anybody cruising Carnival. Oh, our little girl was a #SHARK at ClubOcean kids club and she totally loved it. She wanted to spend more time in there Han with us! LOL Through HUB, we were able to see what events were happening in ClubOcean and "like" them so she wouldn't miss 'em. When you like something it automatically goes to your planner and sets up reminder texts. CarnivalHUB definitely made cruising CarnivalVISTA sooooo much more FUN!

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    Our First Cruise

    My family and I just finished our first cruise on the Carnival Magic and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We took a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera with stops at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We had done our research and spoken with family and friends that had cruised, but not until we experienced a cruise for ourselves could we truly understand what they were telling us. From the moment that we boarded the ship we were welcomed with smiles and kindness everyone going out of their way to help us . The stewards were awesome everything we ask for the brought and the towel animals were awesome, our dining staff greeted us by our names all trip and there were 7 of us, we were able to try foods we would never have ordered and ate more then we usually do but that’s part of cruising. Our cruise director was great and the shows amazing the ship had things going on all day or you could just relax and enjoy the sea. The captain and his officer were as friendly as the whole staff on the ship. My family and I just want to thank Carnival Miracle for making our first cruise so amazing we are definitely coming back.

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    Worth downloading

    Overall I found it useful. I paid the $5 for the chat and it was very helpful to be able to have that while cruising. We had a group of 12, so being able to communicate while on board was useful. The app did have some bugs, the chat feature didn’t always connect to the WiFi, or the messages didn’t always come through, but I imagine that has something to do with the thousands of people using it on board the ship. Overall I found the chat feature worth it. I also liked being able to see the pictures right in the app. I would suggest having the photographers scan the room cards in the future so you don’t end up with random people added into your app photos. I wish the planner feature would sync your excursions or spa days into it so you could see what you already had planned for the day and then be able to plan other ship activities around it. Another thing that would be a nice feature to add is being able to see where you are at while cruising, much like you can while you are flying. Just a thought for the developers in the future. Overall I would recommend the app. It was helpful to have and I liked the chat feature.

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    Great App

    I really like this app! I am able to see what’s going on around the ship and sales that are going on in the shops and most of all I liked being able to see my pictures with the app before going down to pixels to order my pics. You can also order the pics from the app but I wanted to also see them on a bigger screen before making my final decision. I also like that the app stays on ships time and I was able to keep track of time with no worry about getting back to the ship on time from my excursions. I didn’t buy the $5 messaging to message my family on the ship, but I am defiantly going to get it next time cause I think it would be worth the $5. (Suggestion) Maybe carnival could do a family deal per cabin because $5 certainly would add up for a large family. My mom used the app to keep track of my nephew, nieces and my disabled sister and she says it was great. There was a lot of children with disabilities on the ship and I did see one of them get lost. She did find her parents but it did take some time, so I think this app with the messaging would have defiantly benefited in situations like this.

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