TIDAL Music Reviews

TIDAL Music Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-03

Elevate your music streaming experience with ad-free music in high fidelity and
master quality audio. With 70+ million audio tracks, unlimited skips, offline
play, radio, and intuitive discovery - TIDAL is the only music streaming service
for true music purists and audiophiles. TIDAL i...

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TIDAL Music Reviews

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    Pleasantly surprised

    I’m a mastering engineer so as you can my expectations were high for sound quality. I knew the HiFi $20/month would sound better than any other streaming service but I didn’t want to pay that much right now. So I decided to test the premium version (320kbps) against Spotify’s Extreme version (320kbps) and to my surprise Tidal was cleaner, more depth, and overall changed my experience. I am now sold to Tidal until the competition decides to raise their music quality to at least match Tidal’s premium. Tidal still has some work to do to match Spotify’s features like blocking explicit tracks and better integration with other systems like Alexa. And one of the most annoying things about Tidal for me was the constant push of hip hop in your face. I got over it once I started to play more what I liked. The home screen improved a lot after that. But if you’re serious about sound quality and still hesitating spending $20 a month don’t because their $10 version beats any other $10 service.

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    Read the Zappos book on customers

    I started selling high end audio equipment back in the 90s, to me the popularity signaled the end of the high end audio Industry and the backlash of consumers against record companies for producing and supporting music distribution mediums that wore out, or scratched easily. I should have known better that people would help move file based music into the hi-fi so many of us cling too. Supported by this trend, I signed up for Tidal with a hi-fi account. The sound quality does come through, and my Oppo application usually works with Tidal, that about where my satisfaction with Tidal ends. First UX, what year is it? Offline sorting, display of albums, vs artist and general navigation smack of early 2000s expect the availability of modern program languages reveal either the incompetence of Tidal’s product team or they have outsourced their UX to a bank. Customer support is impossible to contact. The last time I tried, their wasn’t any authentication between the app my account and their ticketing system, so each time I wrote a ticket and submitted it, I got a message saying I wasn’t authorized. I unsuccessfully emailed and took to Twitter, none of the channels replied. What a dismal and useless waste of money. I consider this a major management failure. Good luck, when you are selling for pennies on the dollar refer to this review. Make your customers happy and they won’t have to lower their gaze when people ask why they are using Tidal in public.

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    App review: Great but needs essential updates!

    Ok, Tidal gets a lot right... sounds great, especially the MQA stuff ... closest to analog I’ve heard thus far (HiFi tier only)... I’d give their service 4 stars, it’s the app I give 3...the app misses because there’s no easy way to search when you are in offline mode, which is a must do when trying to make sure you don’t waste data downloading hi-res files! Need shuffle within artist, better playlist controls... maybe even a toggle for making sure it only downloads over WiFi? I don’t know, I like Tidal a lot, especially after my iTunes library was messed up due to its inherently flawed “matching” system... obviously there is no matching abilities with Tidal at all, the draw for me is having a separate rental app and having my iTunes library synced from my Mac Pro without “matching” deciding to match random tracks with different masters from the album a track is originally from or screwing up my cover art... anyway, the MQA and full resolution downloads make Tidal is very very realistic and tempting alternative for the long haul for music rental. Wish the desktop version allowed downloads for offline listening too... Random missing albums are an issue too... why certain albums aren’t available is odd especially if an artist is on Tidal and the album isn’t that old...

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    My Only Problems

    I've been a dedicated Apple Music user for years but I'm looking for a change so I created a trial account and so far I've been loving it! Most music streaming services are similar so there really isn't anything revolutionary about another streaming service, it's all about preference. Tidal is a great service that provides a great app, but I have three problems with the app and web browser that are making the service difficult to fully enjoy. I don't like that it's not possible to save specific tracks of an album as ONE album, instead they save as "tracks" as a seperate category. I'm a neat freak so I like oragnization and that method of seperateing between tracks and albums is inconvenient. There should be a page for albums (you can save any tracks you want from the album) and there should be a tracks page where ALL the songs in your library are shown and there should be the option to play ALL the tracks on shuffle, or in order, etc. I also don't like that there isn't an option to organize albums by artist AND release date. The first and problem is far more important to me than the second one. I hope Tidal would make this change, if they do, they'll have a subscriber for life.

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    The Music quality is unrivaled, still no Siri or Apple Watch integration

    I not an expert in audio so I honestly didn’t have any expectations that I would notice any difference between NORMAL quality and the MASTER, but I have to say I was blown away. The master quality is superb, songs I’ve listened to hundreds of times completely transform, and all the details, layered sound, and 3 dimensional effect take the music to elevated level of intimacy. I appreciate Tidal for providing a studio quality experience. However, I really wish that lyrics where where available in the app I think any true music platform should have a lyrics feature. Also, since such a large portion of tidal subscribers use Apple devices it would be nice if there were Siri integration and Apple Watch compatibility for this app. I want nothing more to be able to ask Siri to play my morning drive playlist in the tidal app. And I wish I could leave my phone in the house to go for a morning jog and still be able to stream my favorite songs . The Apple Watch has come so far and I use to make calls, check the news, and stream my favorite podcasts why can’t I browse thru my tidal music selection from my watch ?

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    Best source for high end sound!

    I just purchased a new stereo system and the first thing I wanted to do was upgrade the music sources since MP3 was not cutting it for me anymore. With a pair of B&W 702s and a new Denon AVR-4500H, is wasn’t scrimping on the equipment and I certainly wasn’t going to scrimp on the sound sources anymore so when I found Tidal, I jumped headfirst and amped up to be able to get MQA files, both streaming and downloading. Ran into a little snag though and that was the iPhone wouldn’t send MQA files wirelessly so kept digging and ended up purchasing a Cobalt Dragonfly DAC and connected it to the iPhone via their lightning camera kit to allow the Dragonfly to connect via USB. I then connected it to my amp with a mini jack coming out of the Dragonfly and split to a pair of RCA outlets into an analog connection. Cooking now! Fantastic sound!! My only complaint is that a friend sent me a playlist with about 2000 songs on it and it’s too unwieldy to scroll through. I’ve downloaded all the songs via the playlist but can’t find them outside of the playlist. No new Albums or Artists show up, just the one playlist. Tidal, please fix this!

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    Music Lova

    I absolutely love this streaming service! I have a very eclectic mind and listen to everything from Disney to Country to Pop to Rap, and most genres in between. One thing that I would love to see on here though is the option to search in your own playlist. I have almost 2,000 songs on my “Everyday” playlist, and it can be daunting to scroll and try to remember what number the song was. To make this easier as well, if there was a way to put artists/songs in alphabetical order from a cell phone on your individual playlist, that would be helpful. Even if a search option isn’t in the near future. I know that it is possible from a PC but I haven’t been able to on my phone. One feature that was added that I am extremely grateful for, was the “duplicate” feature. Some songs I hear on the radio, think to add them on my playlist, and before I wouldn’t know that it was already on there, but now I do! It was just in the mix of the 2,000 that I already have. All in all, I love the service/app and will (and do) recommend it to anyone that asks what I use.

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    5 stars is not enough!!!!!!!&

    Tidal app is what I spent most of my time on. Far as I know they have everything but Tool. I’m sure it’s not cause Tidal forgot. Tidal when playing MASTER QUALITY sounds better than any streaming app I ever wasted my time on. Not all albums or artist are in MQA. But I love seeing that (M) beside a track or by an album. I’m so glad ISO finally got MQA. I knew they was working on it and the day I could play Tidal on my new iPhone XS Max an email was sent and I been blown away by every update and the awesome interface and of course all the music you can search for. Make sure you know they spelling of the band or you may think Tidal doesn’t have it. But sure enough they do. Do yourself all a favor go on and get Tidal HIFI/MQA!!! It’s the one that cost more. Not premium that one is not the best one. It’s still good but spend a few bucks more and listen to the sound!!!!!!!!! Can’t say enough. Jammin right now!!!!!’ Tidal is hands down the best app on my iPhone to date. Thank you to everybody at Tidal!!!!!

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    Search Issues?

    This is definitely my favorite music streaming app. I love how seamless it is to access an entire album, an artists discography and the credits. I have a couple points of improvement though. First of all; the search functionality. It seems that you need to be extremely precise a in order for the app to find the song you want. For example I searched “Love happy Carters” (searching for LOVEHAPPY THE CARTERS) and the the actual track I wanted was no where to be seen. I feel the algorithm is lacking in predicting what the user is searching for. Secondly, why is the same album posted so many times in an artists discography? It seems that there are 2 explicit albums and 2 clean versions per album. There are so many duplicates it gets frustrating to scroll through. I know, first world problems. But still if feel like the duplicates are unnecessary for both the user and the tidal servers and it should be possible to remove them with ease. Great app nonetheless.

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    No streaming over cellular (AT&T)

    Streaming music on cellular data hasn’t worked for over a month. All my friends and family with TIDAL have this same problem. I like TIDAL and have been trying to justify still paying for it, but at this point I’ve gotta switch to a different service. I reached out to customer support via email to ask how to fix this problem or how to get a refund, and it took 10 days before they responded and asked for my account info. I sent them back my info and a reiteration of the problem. It’s been 2 weeks with no response. I l want to support TIDAL, but they’re not allowing me to use the service they purport to provide (streaming music.) Since they’re not selling me a product, I suppose I’m just giving the company a monthly donation. It’s obvious that they know about the problem but haven’t figured out how to fix it. They’ve released several updates without addressing the problem that MANY users have brought to their attention. When I brought the problem to their attention via email they stopped responding. Again, I’d prefer to be a customer, not a donor. Unfortunately, as of right now, I’m a donor because TIDAL does not offer any service that can be used or consumed.

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    The best streaming app out!! Hands down!

    I have been using Tidal desktop and app for over a year now. Let me tell you. This is hands down the best streaming app out there. The sound quality in high def and videos as well is unmatched! They have exclusive content that you won't get or see anywhere else on the web. So, don't even try to look for it if an artist says they're only premiering it on Tidal cause they are very strict about that. They offer exclusive early access to concerts and other special events, which I haven't attended yet. But I will very soon. Also, I'm a music producer so I find music based on their algorithms that I can't get on any other streaming app or service. You can tell this app was made by very passionate artists and musicians. I love it!!!! And always tell others about it. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't feel the same way I do who has the app as well. So, that should tell you something.❤️

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    Music keeps randomly stopping

    Been using Tidal for a while with no complaints, mostly would like to see some improvements to app like lyrics, but I’m patient and understand it might take a second to implement..Anyways for whatever reason since I updated a version or two ago, my music will not always play and sometimes it’ll cut off. Or, if I add music to the my Play Queue it will not continue playing always. This is kinda of frustrating as I know it’s not my connection because it used to always play and I have no other data issues besides Tidal randomly cutting off. Also I would love if the search could be improved sometimes you could put the EXACT word-for-word/letter-for-letter song and artist into it, and it still will not show up as some of the top results (Example: “Money” by Cardi B does not show up when searched like “Money Cardi B”, instead it shows up her other song “Money Bag” as well as a few more results from other artists before you can find it, so its a little inconvenient)

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    Amazing service, great quality, just need a few touch ups

    The service that tidal provides is top notch. After listening to my favorite music for about 10 mins made me realize how great of a product this is. And being a hifi subscriber I have to say it is well worth the money. But having tried many other streaming services I will have to say that the artist section on tidal needs a little work. On other platforms when you download music you can easily just go to the artist section and see all the artist that you listen to. On tidal currently you have to go to the artist profile, like it then the pop up in the artist section. I would just like to go to artist see all the artist I have either liked their profile or downloaded their music. And then I can see all the music by that artist that is in my library and select which album or tracks I want to hear. But overall I like how far tidal has grown in a short time and can’t wait to see where the platform goes next.

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    Like Netflix for music

    I appreciate the videos and custom or exclusive content you get from tidal. Lots of live shows and interviews that I want to see more of from my favorite artists. Not to mention the music videos? Way high quality video and audio sound. 10/10 if you have high quality headphones and appreciate not just hip hop but all good music. Some more obscure stuff is found here, too. Happy to see tidal improving over time. My only complaint is that I can’t get Siri to play something from tidal but that’s apple’s fault not tidal. Would like to see some Siri integration from tidal if possible or on google and Alexa to compete more on that front. Also the suggested song algorithm is pretty good at introducing me to new songs I do like. But I think the algorithm needs more work to improve because I get the same songs over and over. I also want more ways to save my music. But honestly, tidal is bomb. 9/10 overall

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    Best audio quality of any streaming app!

    As an audio professional I appreciate great sound. I have never been a big fan of the mp3 quality of streaming services. I would still buy CDs and download HI-Res files to get the best audio quality available from an artist. That changed when I discovered TIDAL a few years ago. There is no need for me to buy physical media any longer. I still purchase a CD or Hi-Res file occasionally to support the artists that I really love in some cases though. That being said, with a high end DA converter and sound system playing TIDAl, I’m not missing any of the detail in the music. In a way I feel bad that I’m not paying as much money that goes to the artist, but it has been said TIDAL pays more to the artists than the other services do. So if you really love music, pay a little extra and hear the music the way the artist intended. You will notice a huge difference and you’ll be glad you did.

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Is TIDAL Music Safe?

Yes. TIDAL Music is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 61,957 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TIDAL Music Is 45.1/100.

Is TIDAL Music Legit?

Yes. TIDAL Music is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 61,957 TIDAL Music User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TIDAL Music Is 45.1/100.

Is TIDAL Music not working?

TIDAL Music works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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