Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Reviews

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-27

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Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Reviews

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    Great app

    This app is absolutely terrific! At first I was feeling dreaded on constantly trying to go to stores to get my Jordan’s just to find out that it’ll be sold out in my size anyway. When I came across this app I contemplated because I didn’t know if it was a scam or if it was actually legit. So I took the courage to order one of my Jordan’s which were the air Jordan retro 9’s that were all black. I went to my local shoe store and they were sold out at exactly 9 am so when I ordered it off the app I didn’t know if it was gonna be sold out or not, but comes to find out it wasn’t! They had my exact size and all I needed to do was create an account with my touch id passcode and just like that I got them. A few hours later it emailed me saying my order has been received and 2 days later emailed me again saying it has been shipped. About 3-4 days after I got my shoes in the mail! I just ordered another pair which was the Homage To Home retro 1’s and the same thing successfully happened. I absolutely LOVEEEEE this app and do not regret getting it, and will continue using it for here on out. :)

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    Not Dependable, Flawed Processing

    I went on the app today at 9:59 am to purchase the Jordan 1 Pine Greens and as soon as the time hit 10:00 i purchased the shoes just to be told they were sold out. My order was pending for about 5 minutes and then i was informed they were sold out. This was a complete waste of time in my opinion. If you purchase the shoes within 5 seconds of availability how could they sell out that fast?? I thought this app was supposed to counter all this nonsense but I see that it’s still impossible to buy Jordans. The process is flawed or either Nike needs to make more, its obviously a high demand so why make the supply so limited??? I ended up paying a full hundred dollars above retail from the EBAY app. If EBAY is more reliable than the Nike SNKRS app itself i see no point of having this app at all. I am fed up with Nike at this point and this is the reason people are being killed and robbed over shoes. I’m starting to believe Nike is intentionally making a small amount to hype the products and i think its absurd.

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    Great design, love the app, but never get notified of drops

    SNKRs is an awesome app and love the way they’ve designed it. It’s simple, easy to use, and easy to buy your favorite sneakers. It’s outfitted similarly to Instagram with large photos of the shoes you want to purchase. I do wish they showed more photos of the sneakers on feet and with outfits to give me some ideas, however its not that hard to instagram or google outfit ideas. One bug that I’ve noticed that “bugs” me is that I’ll hit “get Notified” on a sneaker drop and never get notified or alerted that it is happening or will happen. I’ll open the app days later and the sneaker will evidently be sold out. This happens a lot. I double checked my Notifications settings on my iPhone and everything is set to alert me, but I never get alerted of a drop, so I always miss out on the best sneakers. Also, its confusing to go between essentially 2 apps to get the shoe I’m looking for. If SNKRs doesn’t have it, I’ll have to pop on over to the Nike app to look for the shoe. I’m not sure why there’s the complexity of jumping between 2 apps to buy something that should be as easy as a 1 stop shop from one brand.

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    A few bugs. Other than that it’s worked

    So I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been able to cop every shoe that I’ve tried get on this app. From the cement fours, to the bred fours just this past Saturday. My main problems with the app is every time I got to purchase a shoe, I need my password. Even tho it’s setup up for Face ID, and in the past, Touch ID. Another bug I’ve noticed is on the account tab of the app. When I click on my favorites tab, and also the purchased tab, all of my favorites and purchases are not shown. Some show up when they want to. Others never show up. And others never move. This is frustrating because I like to be able to show people stuff that I have bought, or things that I think are cool. But it like every time I go to those sections it’s like the app plays this game of “ what are we going to show today “. I’ve literally had to go and re-favorite things that I’ve already favorited and at this point I’m like what’s even the point of the feature.

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    Terrible App

    Has now ruined two releases for me in a row. Apple Pay does not work on this app. Every time I try to buy shoes, it says there was a problem processing your payment. This is the cards hooked up to my Apple Pay that I use to purchase everything else in the world, so I know it’s not my cards or my phone. Don’t try to get your release on this app, it will only screw you over. Thank god for footaction and finishline, they saved me both times. I will never use this app again though. It doesn’t even tell you if you got the shoes right away. How do you not know if you have them in stock? Every other website does. Then after 5 minutes of it sayin pending, it just says there was a problem processing the payment. I tried all of my cards, including credit cards that have a ton of space on and it doesn’t work. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. You will be disappointed if you can’t the hottest shoe because this app can’t handle processing a simple payment. There’s so many better sites and apps than this one. Very disappointed that this app is so bad but is run by Nike. This app is pathetic and you can’t even purchase shoes on here so don’t waste your time. I would say it’s only good to send notifications when the shoes are being dropped

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    Continuously disappointed

    This app has let me down on every single transaction i have tried and its seriously one of the most frustrating feelings. Why can’t you people process my transaction EVER!!!! I always get an error with processing and I know its not from my end so why cant you people fix whatever bugs you have in your software! And its not about not being selected because I am always on top of the release times down to the second. You guys owe me so many pairs of shoes that should have been processed. Waiting on one last pair and if it messes up again then im done with you people. Why am i going to keep getting my hopes up only for your second rate app to ruin my day. If you know hundreds of thousands of people are going to try getting the shoes then add some more power so your systems can keep up with the workload. Sad that nike cant even run an app properly.

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    What a joke

    Nike shows all the future releases and gives you a “notify me” option but it doesn’t really matter because you can NEVER get the shoes you really want. I have everything set up with fingerprint recognition and the second they go on sale push purchase and always end up “in line”. After 3-8 minutes of waiting “in line” I get a message saying the shoes are sold out in my size and I should pick a different size and try again. Are you serious?!? They’re shoes. It’s not a flavor of ice cream. I wear a certain size and that’s it. Why would I want a different size? But don’t worry. Nike will reserve shoes for you that they think you’ll like. It’s just weird that they only reserve shoes that are widely available and don’t need to be reserved. I’m a true sneakerhead and want to buy shoes that I can wear, not that I can resell to make a profit. It’s an absolute joke the way it’s done and Nike doesn’t care as long as they get their money. Don’t waste your time with this garbage app. It will only frustrate you to see the shoes you actually want being bought up by resellers. I’m just wondering when Nike is gonna start selling clown shoes because that’s how they run this app. What a joke. 🤡👟

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    Too many issues with the app & Nike

    Ordered Concord 11s. While trying to order the app kept stating my home address and my parents address were both invalid addresses. I finally got it to accept my parents address. My shoes were shipped out. The app said the tracking number was Fedex. Later found out was a UPS tracking number. After I was finally able to track my package, UPS said my address was incorrect. I called and told them it was not and that they delivered to the address plenty of times. Long story short, my shoes were never delivered. UPS lost the package some time over the weekend after I called them to “update” my address. Once they found the package, they sent it back to Nike instead of delivering them to me. I had been looking forward to getting these shoes all year and now I do not have them. Nike customer service is horrible. I asked if I could just repurchase my shoes that got sent back to them because I did not request them to be sent back and it was UPS fault losing the package and not attempting to deliver the shoes at all. They simply said there was nothing they could do and most of the customer service reps were pretty rude at that🤬😡😤

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    App is trash now

    At the start of this app, all was fair in the sneaker world, you had a good chance of picking up limited releases. Now it is trash 🚮 garbage, it stinks 💩 because people have created Bots to target this app now and I look on twitter after every release on the developers pages who supply these bots and they retweet all the success their customers have snatching up the shoes. I’ve seen people send in complaints to Nike about this matter but they go ignored. Nike needs to go back to the drawing board because people sit around and past up chances they have with other shoe stores waiting to see that their size is sold out in 60 secs. In my personal opinion, the best way to grab the kicks you want is to try a local store or go in person, that how I have been picking up some of my releases now, which is a shame because I stopped due to the threat of being robbed or getting into an altercation over shoes, but with bots ruling the internet world and all these companies worry about money and not total customer satisfaction, this is what it comes down to. I really hope this review give awareness to those who all downloading and taking a risky chance, wasting precious time

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    3 strikes you’re out.

    I have tried giving this app a try just to give Nike some respect. The overall design and information this apps lays out is top tier. I can say the app is easy-to-use, aesthetically appealing, and a complex app made into something simple (buying shoes). Now I don’t write reviews, but now that I have attempted to buy 3 different shoes. Waking up earlier then my alarm sets because I don’t want to miss a released timeframe. I have everything set up so that all I have to use is Face ID. I refresh the app as soon as release is a minute away. And now I’m in line. 3 times. 3 times I have done this process with no luck. I get hit with a pending status to find out in 3-5 mins my size is out of stock. Maybe I just don’t have the luck of draw. Maybe it’s the app. Whatever it is. My recommendation will be to use another source. I have used another app and got the shoes I wanted, the size I wanted, 3 times in a row. Great app. Not so great experience. And maybe the app it’s not at fault. But I’m tired of waking up earlier then needed to find out it was for nothing. My services are now placed elsewhere.

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    This app has a lot of problems 😞😢

    I just tried to buy the Travis Scott air Jordan 1 high sail color way I was on the app since 9:58am-11am I tried everything restarting the app I used my phone and my girl friends phone on her account with 2 different payment methods me and he have 4 bars LTE on our phone plus super fast WiFi and our accounts have all of our information saved and when we go to purchase we sign in with our Nike pass to pay and it kept telling us there was an error I double check all our information on the app everything was correct and the app continued to tell me there was an error from 10am-11am the app never took my payment even tho I have over $7,000 in my account that doesn’t make sense why would there be a error for taking out basically 200$ from my account when ever I try and purchase a limited sneaker on this app I never get a chance to win and it’s really unfair and I feel like these sneaker companies don’t care about the people who actually try and purchase the shoe the proper way with all their information saved and everything there still no way of winning

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    Not A Good Shopping Experience

    I like having the SNKRS app as a way of seeing what shoes Nike has available, but as an online shopping experience it's been incredibly frustrating. Over the last three months I've had five separate occasions where I've been unable to order something because of technical problems in the app. There have been times where the app won't refresh, or I'll enter in shipping information and it won't let me click save and continue. Other times it won't accept my default payment method and then time out. Perhaps the most frustrating part of all this is when everything finally works like it's supposed to, but then you get put in a queue to see if you secured a pair. You'll sit there and wait, sometimes up to two or three minutes, only to be denied. I like the concept of this app, and am hopeful that it will eventually work as intended, but it's quickly turning me off of Nike shoes. Every time I see amazing sneakers like The 10 line, I know it will be almost impossible to get, because the SNKRS app will get in the way.

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    Just like the dealers do it...

    I like the idea of this app as it allows you to attempt to get limited release sneakers without having to wait in line at a store. However the major draw back is that the app VERY RARELY works as it’s supposed to, especially if it’s a shoe that has a drawing involved, at that point you might as well forget it. Today I tried to purchase the Air Max 90 Mars Landing and I went about my normal ritual of being up at the crack of dawn waiting for the release and just like always I completed the purchase protocol in about 3 seconds and got the “You’re in Line” message. After about 5 minutes of no notification I picked up my phone opened the app and saw that it was frozen and when it refreshed itself I got the “All of your size is sold out” 🤣🤣🤣. It’s laughable how pointless this app is, but we all keep trying because we’re sneaker junkies. So good on Nike for tempting us with a few transactions that actually worked, like dealers that sell a pure product but then cut it to keep you coming back for more because the high is weakened. Nike we love you but this app is an insult to your customer and fan base.

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    Functionality with Style

    By far one of the best app to have in your collection if your a sneaker enthusiast. Everything is pretty simple and laid out for you. If you don't want to forget some of the biggest release of the year this is the app for you. If you just want a easier way to purchase kicks that have been on your radar ( Nike x Jordans only) then this is the app for it too. Just a clean app and awesome with the Apple Pay. Update: After having this app for awhile still Is an awesome app. Im still giving it 5 stars despite the once in a while glitches ; like having to refill in payment , shipping info that is already saved to your NIKE profile , and getting error message your first attempt to purchase exact when it drops. Honestly thats with any sneaker related website or apps apart of the sneaker game when everyone is trying to get the same sneaker.

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    I liked the app until bugs caused me to miss chances at certain shoes

    Purchased my sneakers from the app multiple times. But when really popular releases are coming the app somehow resets the “notify me” button and if you don’t have the app running 24/7 you’ll have to continuously hit “notify me” over and over. Had this issue in the past thought it was fixed until both the Gatorade NRG 6’s and the recent Cap and Gown 11’s, where a new issue has been occurring. With a notification set, on the release date of the shoes all of a sudden those that you had a reminder set for somehow aren’t listed and don’t show up as if the shoes don’t exist. I work most mornings and NEVER have the option to go to a store to pick up new sneakers so this app was my last resort. Unfortunately I won’t be using the app until I can trust that these bugs will be fixed.

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Is Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Safe?

No. Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 720,497 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Is 19.2/100.

Is Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Legit?

No. Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 720,497 Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Is 19.2/100.

Is Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release not working?

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By Sirons
Nov 15 2021

Nike sneakers app generally sucks!!! Gives me anxiety…. I just went ahead and deleted it. Looking to delete Nike as well, I don’t wish to get any more notifications, coupons, deals or anything related to nike or sneakers app..

By Austin Kelley
Nov 13 2021

I waited on this app until the minute the shoes I wanted dropped, gave my payment info and order within one minute of the drop, was pending for 10 minutes then told me they sold out. 10/10 worst sneaker buying app of used yet.

By Tattyana M Mcdaniel
Nov 04 2021

Every time its a release the app will log you out continue to say something 8s wrong and then they allways sell out within 2 minutes of a shoe dropping its a waist of time

By Ian Moss
Jul 02 2021


By David Stirewalt
Apr 10 2021

Plz stop the bots it does not give me others just wanting 1 pair of shoes a chance.then some.people are able to purchase 25 or more pair..then people like me have to pay double the price or more for a authentic shoe from someelse.its not fair I do buy some products from the Nike app when I when I really want a pair says sold out in one minute...stop only allow a min pairs to be purchase at drop time give us a chance.i already know the next time at 10am the shoe that drops will be sold.out in a minute
Stop letting a few people buy up all the shoes

By Heather
Apr 07 2021

I received a pair of Air force 1s I ordered and the laces had black marks on the left shoe. I have never had this problem before but I am not happy about this.

By Javier
Mar 26 2021

Waste of time to have this app. Can never buy any good shoes. They sell out as soon as they go on sale. Even when i get a text to buy them i try and nothing.i give up with nike

By Javier
Mar 26 2021

Waste of time to have this app. Can never buy any good shoes. They sell out as soon as they go on sale. Even when i get a text to buy them i try and nothing.i give up with nike

By Brendan chennells
Mar 12 2021

This app is ran by nike. I thibknits complete total bullshit that they allow people to use online bots to do purchases for them and allows people to buy numbers of pairs when it drops and it does not allow normal consumers that aren't trying to resell to purchase sneakers for themselves and that have to pay too much for resell. App should put blocks on bots instead of allowing them.

By JohnWick
Feb 10 2021


By Mark Hernandez
Feb 10 2021

The worst app to buy shoes off of!! You guys suck so much u just want money as fast as possible so u sell out all your shoes fast af to dumb ass fucking bots u guys need to stop that shot I have nvr gotten a sneaker on the release date I’m always paying resell!! I literally deleted this app and told everyone I knew who uses it to do the same I’m going to make a video how bad u guys are and how easy it is to clean up all the bot bs u guys just don’t care it shouldn’t be called sneakers should be called bots, r, us or the bot reseller

By David Ortiz
Feb 08 2021

Your app does not allow access to early drops, sneaker notifications, or collab reviews when the person has Android. This has to change and be fixed I'm a sneaker lover like the rest who use the app why do I get less to nothing in terms of usage having a Android phone?

By Jesus Vega
Jan 23 2021

App sucks... You can get into the, then when you go to get a new released shoe it continues to ask for your password, which I entered multiple times and kept getting a retry message. By the time you go back in thru the Nike app to enter your password to get back into the snkrs app the shoes are all sold out in a matter of 3 minutes.

By Yarimel Diaz
Jan 08 2021

I am not really sure how this SNKRS app woks but I definitely know it doesn't work for individuals like me who don't often buy sneakers but once in a while likes to splurge on a nice pair. I find that using the app is pretty much useless. I have been on the app on the sneaker page I want, added the pair, correct cc info and address and the moment you check out there is an error goes into pending and then sold out. How can that actually be possible? While I know that exclusive sneakers are the new hot commodity, your app should also allow people who don't often buy sneakers to at least try and get a pair. Ive heard that people who often buy are the ones who usually are able to get a pair, but how is that fair really? This app needs A LOT of work, not fair that only people who always buy sneakers are the only ones able to get exclusive releases.

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