Subway® Reviews

Subway® Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-21

Hungry? Eating fresh just got a whole lot better with the new Subway
app. ● Customize Your Way: Like extra cheese? Us too. Build your own Footlong
just like you do in the restaurant. Swap your condiments, pick your toppings, or
toast your bread — the opportunities are endless. ● Find Re...

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Subway® Reviews

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    Simply doesn’t work!

    I would give a 0 star rating if I could. The app wouldn’t was not working at all about 1 month ago while visiting one of my local Subways to pick up a sandwich at the end of a long day! The clerk/server ringing up my purchase did his best to scan the App to apply/redeem my points to no avail. As I happen to carry the card that came before the App with me as well, he tried to swipe the card (which has always worked before) and the end results was a total lockout of my account with the message to contact Subway. I had to make the purchase without my points! I did contact Subway the next day and after several minutes, the customer service rep found the solution to my problem. Problem solved; hardly! Two weeks later, I went to buy three sandwiches at one of my local Subway locations. This time out, the App just kept spinning and spinning as if it was prepping to open. It never did! Thank goodness my old card worked this time out. A couple of days after, I tried to open the App at home just to see what would happen. It opened up without a hiccup. Gee Subway, I need the App to work when I am actually interested in ordering food, NOT when I am just sitting at home not interested in eating your food that day. I expect to have a helpful, functioning App at the time of purchase instead of a message to contact you guys, or to simply not have the App open at the moment of truth! Frustrating!!!!

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    Where’s the Rewards

    The app is convenient when it works. I say that because so often I go through the pains of buying online and I get to the end and get an error. This happens frequently. I resubmit, start over , etc. same stupid error message. And there is no one to call and ask for assistance. I keep the app current on my iPhone. The next day it may or may not work again. I also think going through the menu is slow and clumsy. I also try to get my order straight in advance so when I am ready and I hit the purchase button I know it will be fresh. This is typically the time I am hurried and do not want to step through the menu. But I still want Subway Fresh, right. But today something changed and when I went back to my order to submit payment it appeared to be missing. So I ordered all over again and then noticed I had two subs in the queue. So I had to figure out how to cancel one of them. My order changed slightly and I couldn’t tell which one I was canceling. So what is my reward for continuing to use the app and buy from Subway. There is none. No rewards for buying your subs 3-4 days a week. No extra discounts. No buy 4 get the 5th free. Nada. And I don’t expect anyone will respond to my input. So Surprise me, Subway.

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    Says failed when my order actually went!

    I'm not one to write reviews but This is getting old... This app is still terrible even after the updates. Twice now I have attempted to order and it says "something went wrong please erase your cart and try again" or something like that. One time I completely gave up and went somewhere else only to get a call asking if I was coming to pick it up. The staff was nice enough to keep it on record as an I owe you and redeemed that later. Another time I tried a second time to get the order to go through as the directions stated and when I went in to just order it the normal way they stated the order went through twice and one ticket had 3 meals ordered. I only told it to order one meal a time.. Get this [email protected]$ working already.. This is going on over a year for Subway having an epic failure of an app. Keep saying they fixed it with every update... Do you even use our test the app? Someone isn't doing there job right. I'd feel pretty miserable if I was in charge of application development! Hope they're getting paid well for nothing! Almost every other food ordering app from other places has a 4 plus most over 4.5 plus rating... I think it's time you take a look at how they are doing it. Maybe throw up the white flag and call for help.. You literally have nothing to lose. Rant over.

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    Horrible at choosing location

    I have a subway right across from my job, we were pretty busy so I ordered food through the app so I can just pick it up and go back to work. However, the app threw my order to a subway that wasn’t near me. So when I went to the subway across the street, the cashier said she had not received any mobile orders all day. I showed her the app and confirmation and we said that the address wasn’t this location but for the subway down the street. Already agitated I just had them do the order there and I paid. I called the subway where my order was placed thanks to the app and they said they couldn’t cancel it because only the manager knew how. I called the next day and spoke to the manager (Ignacio) and explained the situation to which he said “ I don’t know why the staff didn’t call me to explain the cancellation process because now it’s too late to do it.” He did offer store credit to which I refused because that location is not near me plus I had already bought the sandwiches again from the subway across my job. The manager said he would call me back in a few minutes and of course two days later I have yet to receive a call. I disputed the charge through my bank, deleted the subway app and am never going to subway again. Thanks Ignacio for being so unprofessional and unhelpful.

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    doesn’t reflect food items at store locations

    Subway doesn’t update the app! Food items are still listed even though they have been removed from the menu. Also, local store inventory is not in sync between corporation so the app doesn’t know if they have items in stock or are temporarily out... so if your lucky you will get a call from the store location telling you they don’t have what you ordered or the items not on their menu and you have to give them a replacement order over the phone on the spot. Or you get to the store expecting to pick up your order only to find out they don’t have the items and you need to make your sandwich/s anyway. And... that doesn’t take into account the possibility the price of what you then order for replacement is a lower price then the original order but that’s just to bad, because you already paid the price for the higher items so you’re expected to “eat” the difference in price because you ordered and paid online on the app! So that’s just to bad for you... convince comes at a price and we definitely pay that price with subway... if you like gambling then this is your app... you roll the dice every time order...

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    How is it great yet terrible?

    i’ve used this app for a very long time and I always run into problems when ordering. Right now the app is saying I have rewards that have expired and that I need to click manage settings or something when I don’t have any rewards on there so the option to manage them won’t even pop up now I wanted to get food before I go to work and I’m not able to do that because it’s not able to process my order without me removing something that can’t be removed. It should have an automatic reset if there’s no rewards, instead of making you manually remove them, the system takes it off for you it’s ridiculous how many times I’ve had to go through this also I hate how if I accidentally click a different link it’ll have to restart the whole page with the logo in the white background (ex: accidentally pressing the map link on the app and having to wait for the previous page to reload when it should not be that complicated) I love subway really but this app is just terrible and needs tons of work.

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    Charged for sandwich by closed restaurant

    Updated: heard back before I had to go through my credit card company and they are refunding the purchase. Still hesitant to trust the hours in the app going forward though Ordered a sandwich through the app for a restaurant that was supposed to be open until midnight (according to the app), received my confirmation email, arrived at the store at 10:55 and it was very clearly closed (with hours posted as open until 11:30pm). Couldn’t cancel the order since the only way to do that is by calling the restaurant who obviously didn’t pick up. Only customer service contact is a form, so filled it out explaining what had occurred and asking for confirmation I wouldn’t be charged. Four days later my credit card has been charged and I have no response from customer service, looks like I’m going to have to deal with this through my credit card company. Clearly deleting the app as it defeats the purpose of ordering ahead if the restaurant might not even be open and they charge you for food you don’t receive

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    Broken, Buggy, and just plain Bad

    The Subway app has updated and changed for the worse. First is that the app makes it ridiculously difficult to select or change the store your ordering from. Sometimes even refusing to do so after you select the store you want, and given the no refund policy it can hurt having the sandwich you payed for in the wrong place. Second the app constantly runs into errors having once completely ignore my order, after I had ordered it and everything. Lastly the app charged me TWICE for one sandwich. The app order history says one sandwich, when I picked it up I had one sandwich, but my transaction history on my bank account has two separate identical charges for the sandwich. I am currently trying to see if this can be resolved but be warned. With the above said there are more rough unintuitive parts of the app like accessing your cart or editing it bar those problems don’t bring actual consequences like misplaced, unplaced, or double charge orders like the other problems. Before the update the app didn’t have these frustrating problems but now I just say, call the store ahead instead and save yourself the trouble.

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    EDIT: the app does now allow me to order a sandwich. So that’s an improvement. Everything else below is still bad though. Added one star back. Favorites are impossible to manage and weirdly include the restaurant so you need multiple favorites for the same sandwich if you live and work in two different places or if you are traveling, you can’t use your favorites. Selection of location is cryptic and often results in being stuck unable to add food to purchase. Can’t change restaurant after picking food. Why can’t I choose to use my points as a payment method?! This update has actually made it impossible to order anything. Error every single time I have tried the last couple days. So many opportunities to do better it’s impossible to list them all. Whoever you all got to rewrite this a few months ago should be fired and possibly subjected to the game of thrones walk of shame. Worst implementation of a simple storefront I can imagine. Seriously, I just want to order a sammich and have it ready when I arrive. The app used to do that amazingly well.

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    Great app, but could use work!

    I love the Subway app and use it often. I visit many locations and have found the app to be very useful. I mostly visit two different Subways near me, but especially the one closest to home. The Subway location on the app close to my home does not reflect certain information correctly. They offer breakfast all day, which is something I order often, but the app says they do not. Therefore, I’m unable to order breakfast at any point of the day on the app. They also have pepper relish at this location, but it’s not a selection on the app. I have reached out to Corporate about updating the selection criteria for this particular location a while back, and haven’t seen any changes. I hope one day they make these changes so I can properly use the app for my favorite Subway location.

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    Always have problems in the store

    I’ve previously tried to have my barcode scanned in the store to earn points only to be told either the scanner doesn’t want to scan it, doesn’t work, or some other reason. Today was the first day I made an order on the app and went to pick it up. Not only was my husband’s order wrong but the female employee was not even trying to see my phone to verify that my order did indeed include a 3rd FREE footlong sub. I mean...absolutely REFUSED to look and even MAKE the sub! It was paid for ahead and everything. The other employee there did look at my phone and verified that there was in fact a 3rd sandwich in my order but ended up having to pay for it out of pocket himself?!?! He shouldn’t have had to have done that for my order to be made as the promotion was for Buy 2 footlongs and get 1 footlong free. The woman who refused to look at my phone then said that I shouldn’t place the order online anymore and just show them the offer in the store. I don’t know what the heck is going on but this app is more of a hassle than anything for the few times I’ve actually tried to use it.

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    Worst location intuition app

    Today I spent $24 dollars for an $8 order. I use food apps all the time and this app is by far the worst at picking up my location...I only order in two locations and every single time it picks the wrong location...other apps see where I am and what locations I most commonly use and when I place the order it’s always in the right I had an order go to an Anaheim location, and San Pedro location (West St). The problem is I wanted the order to go to the San Pedro location on Western (which is the only San Pedro location I ever visit). I have never visited the one on West. I even tried to cancel the order and the person on the phone said they didn’t know how this could be done and unfortunately they could refund me...long story short two locations today got $8 from me and I am not picking up the food. Spent $24 today and I only wanted to spend $8. This app by far has the worst location intuition of any food app I have ever used. Thanks Subway for the fun day! My recommendation for anyone using this app is to diligently check the location even if you go to the same location every single time!

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    Awful experience

    I downloaded the app because the regular online ordering failed miserably. And it was even worse. It took me 10 minutes to find the fine print to add/customize normal toppings. Next, the site kept telling me my local store was closed, when a phone call verified it was very much open. Next, after that ordeal, despite trying three(!!) methods of payment, every one failed, returned a random error and then I’d get logged out, forcing me to log back in and do it all over again. Same problems each time. Lastly, all the hmHelp or Contact Us links threw up a 404 Not Found error. Wonderful. So I download the app. At least this one shows my local store as open, but while attempting to build a sandwich, I notice that if you try to add multiple toppings from a category (i.e. cheese), it removes the one you’ve already selected. So if you want cheddar and swiss on that sub, you’re apparently out of luck. I gave up after this. So who knows whether the app would have had the same payment glitch. I won’t be finding out anytime soon. Tonight just became pizza night. It’s 2019, guys. Fix your tech.

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    Please fix

    Update: I tried to edit this right away when I realized it was a user error (aka my fault!) but apparently the edit didn’t save since I just received a response. The type if sandwich I was selecting was on...a ciabatta bun? Or something and apparently only came in the 6 inch option. It was not an issue with the app! Sorry! So I went to order subway which I’ve done several times without issue. This time it made me update before ordering. My son wants a 6 inch sub—it took me a minute to figure out where the 6 inch option was as I had to remove my sandwich and start over (it wouldn’t let me edit the size after I started customization). Anyway so I got it in the bag but then when I went to make my sandwich, the foot long option was completely gone. I tried a few different things, closed the app and restarted it and still, it won’t let me make a footling sandwich. I am pregnant and hungry and aughhhh! Haha please fix.

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    Missing some things here

    I used to live in California, and in California there is a special Subway app specifically for that state, which I hadn’t understood at the time since I first started using Subway apps when I moved there. Having moved to NC, I noticed there is no longer a delivery option. Why does subway not deliver outside of California? Or if it does, why not in any location anywhere near the southeast US? I’m not talking about catering, I don’t need to order dozens of subs for some event. I just want to order a few subs for lunch and get them delivered to me while I continue working the whole time. Is there a reason why only California seems to deliver for individual orders? Also, on both apps you cannot make any special requests except through notes. Yet 80% of the time the workers do not see the notes. So I have no way to order multiple cheeses with the app, I can’t ask for a little extra toasting (since the breakfast sandwiches are always, at every location, still cold with normal toasting). The app is very limited in general with little real customization through the customization option.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Subway® customer service directly
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Is Subway® Safe?

No. Subway® does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 654,338 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Subway® Is 13.9/100.

Is Subway® Legit?

No. Subway® does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 654,338 Subway® User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Subway® Is 13.9/100.

Is Subway® not working?

Subway® works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Carlene Carrow
Oct 13 2021

You have lost so much business from me I would order one sandwich a day every single day it was my lunch and my dinner I was using it for my diet your app is so bad that I can’t even order from you anymore I am forced to get food elsewhere do you have lost so much business from me in the last several months it is ridiculous I am beyond frustrated this is so unbelievably irresponsible you should be ashamed of yourself

By terry osinga
May 24 2021

It's fucking horrible lately.....when it works...stop fucking updating it. Now it rarely even loads up unless I reinfuckingstall and then it only works one time.

By Trisha
Apr 24 2021

If you order through the app and realize the pickup time is wrong after its been submitted they cant change it. They cant even see it in their system or pull it up with your order number if its not close to the pick up time. Theres no way to change your order or cancel it in the app. And once your payment is submitted your card is charged even if you dont pick it up. I will never order through the app again. There should be a way to fix an order easily.

By Tami Bowlby
Feb 28 2021

App just spins and spins after adding a sub. Have been trying to order for 2 days. Problem started with update.

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