DJI Store – Buy First Here Reviews

DJI Store – Buy First Here Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Reviews (24)


Shipping times are terrible

I have bought almost every product dji offers. With that being said I just ordered the new charge case for the Osmo Pocket and also added two other items to order which showed all in stock. So again at time of payment and order they all show in stock. Today was 15 days and 10 business days after purchase that they said it would go out for delivery and than take another 3-5 days for delivery. When I checked it was still showing in awaiting shipment status so I text them for them to tell me it is delayed due to a lot of orders world wide and they do not have a ship date st this point. Okay so when you place an order with a company that show in stock items how can it take 15 days to pack and ship okay even with that they didn’t email or anything to let me know it will be delayed nor provided any other solution or discount for this problem. I love the products from drones to Osmo Pocket but shipping and communication with in stock items are always a problem which makes no sense. I know this is petty but I must have spent over 10k with dji since I started doing business with them and look forward to the items coming at a ordinary time. So DJIStore is find it’s just the delivery and customer communication is terrible!


Want to even fly your new drone? Think again

I bought the mavic mini bundle that comes with everything you might need, the drone, the charging dome, usb cables you name it except the one thing you might need to actually charge your drone.. the power supply brick. Neither the mini nor the mini 2 come with this and the brick that is required. None of my pre existing Apple bricks are the correct wattage or amperage. Do I want to risk using something when I don’t know if it will charge properly? not really. I asked their support team if the Apple charger was safe to use.. they didn’t answer my question and simply told me the brick does not come with a power supply brick because “it is a popular item so it is not included because it is a popular accessory” oh really? The item that is needed to charge your product is popular? So if you want this item directly from them it will cost you an extra $15 plus shipping after already spending a few hundred on the drone.


DJI Store

It’s easy to find the drone that best suits your needs in the DJI Store! They provide all the information and statistics about each drone they offer. They include videos of the different drones flying and picture/video capabilities! It’s easy to navigate through all the options and make purchase! I would recommend shopping with DJI Store instead of buying a drone or accessories from a local store.



I love DJI and their products but this marketing campaign is way out of character. It feels like a bait and switch to get downloads and that is just frustrating. Hopefully it’s not a sign of the direction the rest of the company is going. The lie - they do indeed get you 2 $10 coupons when you download. One requires you to buy over $450 in drones or gimbals, the other requires you to spend more than $100. Total BS to think you’ll get the discounts for downloading and see that there are big strings attached. Anything you buy from DJI will cost enough that these caveats are just annoying. Hoping this kind of junk stops. I’ll be deleting DJIStore for now.



If your order is over $400 the shipping policy is atrocious and unless you or someone else are willing to sit at home all day on a weekday and wait for it, you have to put in a request with DJI 3 days ahead of the delivery date to have your package held at a FedEx facility for pickup. There is no way to request a delivery time or date and DJI does not care at all for the inconvenience. Other than that DJIStore works great for informational purposes and Affirm is a joke...


So far so good

I bought a Mavic air 2. Fly more it was a little delayed due to availability. I was compensated for the delay which was a pleasant surprise! Now with the coupon I received and the credit issued I am ordering a smart controller It’s refurbished which is a great option to save even more money. So thanks DJI you’ve helped my down time immensely during this COVID time. And this drone is exceptional!!


Now With iPad (Landscape) Support

This updates my review from more that a year ago in which I requested that the developers include landscape mode. Now we have it. Thanks developers. DJIStore allows me to check my orders, coupons available, and new deals. We can even track orders that have been shipped. Previous Review: It has been a year since I sent this note to the developers: Please update to include landscape mode. Many of us use iPads, and only in landscape mode. The lack of that mode makes DJIStore difficult to use in many cases. I use only landscape mode as do many others. I delete apps they do not have that mode. I have many DJI products — they are the best in the business, but DJIStore is substandard.


App for DJI Store

DJIStore for the DJI Store was easy to use. I found what I was looking for quickly. I was able to check out the item, throughly before making a decision to purchase. The cart was easy to find and checking out and paying was simple and easily done. Shopping with DJIStore is highly recommended!


Reliable service

I have used this site many times in the past year and the service has been excellent. The products arrive on schedule and are well-packaged. Shipments are relatively quick since they originate in China, but I perceive no difference in domestic companies. DJI quality is unsurpassed despite claims of others that their products are almost as good.


Not good

I just bought my first piece of gear from DJI and it seems cool but I got to tell you today for me it’s the customer service that I have to have. That being said I’ve heard so much crap about how DJI TREATS CUSTOMERS from stupid charges to simply not updating a customer on where his package is. And I’ve heard it a lot. Like to could care less. Well me too DJI, your not all that where I have your overseas crap so tomorrow it goes back for refund. If they ever change how they need to cherish their customer base instead of disrespecting it but until then, I guess I just save my money


Super easy to use.

DJIStore is very easy to navigate, and easy to operate. Deals show up on here just as they do online, and vice-versa. Well constructed, which is nothing less than expect based on the products. Sold by DJI (note... when writing this review, all letters are I. White matching the background. Cannot read what I am typing)


My time with Dji.

I have had a phantom 4 for a very long time. I just ordered a maveric Smaller and a lot of upgrades. I am 72 years old and I feel like I am 20 when I am Flying. Somehow I have lived a lot longer than my old buddy’s We were all in NAM AND I Would lay on my back and watch the fly overs while being shot at. So Dji has givin me a new lease on life. I would never buy any thing else because when you are in your 70,s you need simple. I want to lay on my back and fly with my buddy’s and I talk to them all day. So Dji is worth more than money!!!! Thank you so much. I have many trips I am gong to do with my drone. I hope you are doing the same with your buddy’s:)


Best devices on the market

I don’t think I have enough room to write the appreciation I have for DJI Products. They are top of the line for any photo/video enthusiasts. The drones and hand helps are by far more superior for the money than any other product. Love their products.


Fast and easy check out and the whole app map

I rated 5 stars after placing an order on the dji store app. But I’m trying to communicate with dji representatives to expedite or hold a package at fedex facility but there is no success. Been talking to new representative every day. Strange when you pay $699+ for a product and it getting delivered by the cheapest home delivery and can’t even get to hold the package. I’m afraid to lose the package since I’m not home everyday until 9 pm and fedex delivers until 4 pm. DJI should improve their logistics.


Easy to use, products are overpriced. Cheaper options.

Easy to use app but you pay for convenience. There are now higher quality options out there with a lower price tag. Hope DJI realizes this and gets ahead of the competition by offering higher quality at a lower price point.


Easy, Fast and Clean

DJI has produced a very easy to use and clean interfaced app with a fast way to navigate it. I just purchased a new Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo(100% worth the extra $$) Thank DJI I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to buy one of your drones and I’m glad I waited for the Air 2!



I have bought the phantom 3 pro, Mavic Air and combo and Mavic 2 Zoom and combo and received all items with in 5 business days of purchase... since their policy requires signature for your item from fedex I could be a problem for some but wasn’t for me and I was amazed how quickly my Zoom was received and it shipped from China!! Great Job!!


Dji store

I love how this site is laid out! It’s so easy to get updates and peruse for items that I can add on to the 4 drones I’ve purchased from dji. I like that you have everything I could possibly need to make my drone experience extraordinary. Thank you dji


Easy process

I have purchased two drones through dji and am very happy with the process. Paid cash for one and financed the other and both transactions were very smooth. Great company a great job


Faster than website

Quick easy and efficient. Let’s you know of deals, sometimes better than all other retailers, but always on the bleeding edge of availability if you want the latest and greatest.


Placed an order

I used DJIStore to place an order and it was great. Everything I wanted was there and ready for me I was so happy to find what I needed and it was shipped when in days. Thank you so very much.


Mavic Mini Purchase

Purchase went smoothly. There is an issue with the site when submitting your address, it states you have exceeded your limit and you must click ok after each number and letter of your address. Looking forward to receiving my drone.


Spark extras

DJI has always been great for my wants and needs. How ever at this time there are 3 things that I wanted but not available. I know that I’m not the only one who wants extras for their bird but I have been waiting for almost a month. So I’ll just get what they have and maybe I can get the rest another day. Other than that DJI has been great.


Coupon N/A

I needed to pickup extra propellers for my mini and was offered a 5% coupon, but unfortunately it could not be utilized, but the purchasing experience was satisfactory.

Is DJI Store Safe?

Yes. DJI Store – Buy First Here is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,099 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DJI Store – Buy First Here Is 45.9/100.

Is DJI Store Legit?

Yes. DJI Store – Buy First Here is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,099 DJI Store – Buy First Here User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DJI Store – Buy First Here Is 45.9/100.

Is DJI Store – Buy First Here not working?

DJI Store – Buy First Here works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a DJI Store – Buy First Here customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using DJI Store – Buy First Here.

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