Strongbox - Password Manager Reviews

Strongbox - Password Manager Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-09

Strongbox is an application for keeping all your passwords safely stored and
protected by one master password. Supporting the open source Password Safe and
KeePass formats. *** Supports Family Sharing *** *** Features *** - Face
ID/Touch ID Unlock for the ultimate in convenience, secu...

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Best option for iOS

As a KeePass power user (over 900 entries), I am on the prowl for the most safe, user-friendly, and reliable KeePass app on iOS. Originally a MiniKeePass user, it started to fail me when I was locked out of my own database because MiniKeePass did not support Argon2 encryption algorithm. Luckily, I searched on Reddit's /r/KeePass subreddit, and found this app was on the list of official recommendations for iOS. Sure enough, not only did it support Argon2 encryption, but it offered a whole host of nitfy features that MiniKeePass lacked, such as FaceID unlock (humongous game-changer in saving time from punching in passwords), easily visible TOTP token keys that you can copy & paste, and also Favicons that are preserved. I cannot express how impressed I am with this app, it's the level of functionality and features that reminds me of Android's KeePass2Android, but even superior. Do yourself a favor and grab the Pro version, and support this wonderful developer! Being open-sourced, vetted, and safe is important to me, and this app checks all these boxes. I would highly recommend to my family and friends.


Hands down the #1 KeePass password manager!

I switched from MiniKeePass to this app when MiniKeePass was removed from iOS. The transition was simple since all I had to do was import my database and I was up and running. Right away I knew I should have been on Stongbox a long time ago. Strongbox is the best keepass app out there. It’s clean and super intuitive . I installed the OS X version on my MBP as well. Even though I do not use iCloud for my database storage, it is still great to have that as an option. This helps the user experience be seamless for Apple users. Using the pro features has been a game changer! Being able to open Strongbox with FaceId on the phone and use my AppleWatch to authenticate on my MBP, has 100% helped my workflow. I try and have long, unique, and secure passwords. this app allows me to quickly access and copy my data. I love the auto favicon download feature too. It’s the little things. If your like me and you’re a keepass person, I cannot recommend both the iOS and OSX apps of this app.


Strongbox is just so good. Leaps and bounds above the rest, easily worth it for lifetime.

I have a lot of miles on Strongbox and can’t emphasize it enough: this is the best password manager I have ever used. And I've used a lot of them — none of them came close to Strongbox. None of Bitwarden, 1password, 10+ ‘kee’ apps, MS/Google auth, etc. could compare to the functionality you get from this app. The pass generator is the best of them all, and backing up is super easy. The membership is worth more than it charges, it’s such an important app for me. I can’t wait for a PC release of this. Don’t hesitate on it, just try the free version and see how it is (make sure you turn the auto fill on in iPhone settings). A feature I’d like to see is an easier way to organize entries with an active TOTP. I made a 2nd database for TOTP accounts because of my difficulty finding them when they’re mixed up with non-TOTP entries. And (might be a bug) it doesn’t seem possible to custom sort them in the ‘totp list’ format. *To add to that, if the totp list could be more like a grid (with 2/3 on each ‘row’) it would be way quicker to get to. Considering some expire quickly it can be an issue having to scroll through a long list of individual entries. Thanks for the amazing password manager! Serious props to the dev, you made a really great program. It’s the most important app on my phone, without a doubt.


Great App, Great Security, Great Support

this app gives me the strong 2FA security I needed based on a Yubikey NFC I wear around my neck. On top of's also a great app! The UI is good and powerful and unlike previous password apps on my phone, this app is so good that I can easily create and update entries instead of waiting until I got to a computer. I've used it for years interchanging Keepass files with KeepassXC on multiple PC's. Now I've added this app on my Mac to the list. File remains in the cloud and is updated by any device. this app also keeps working in a cached mode if you're out of IP contact. Strongbox continues to improve and when there is an issue or problem (mostly caused by cloud providers or OS updates), it's addressed right away. All things considered, it's a real bargain and it lets me control my passwords. Simply priceless.


Very Happy with product!

As a follow up it appears my issues have been resolved due to user error so I’m quite happy to up my rating to a 5+++. I was happy when I discovered your app worked with my “Password Safe” files on my iPhone. I was even happier when I found you also had an app for the MacBook. At one point I paid the $9.95 annual subscription on my iPhone. Wrongly I thought it also covered the MacBook but I can deal with that. What upsets me is tonight I went to add a contact to the database and found out the “URL” and “Email” fields are suddenly grayed out and I can’t input information in those fields. Additionally in reviewing many of my older contacts I’ve realized that no email or url fields are populated any more. I didn’t have them populated in all of my contacts but did in some as I have several different emails. I’m unsure why this feature is grayed out and unavailable to me. I’m sorry there was no other easier way for me to contact you without writing a review.


Best app for KeePass users

I love KeePass on Windows, but could never find a client app for iPad and Mac (until now). this app works great on iPad, including perfect auto fill in Safari, as good or better than any other password manager available. The Mac version also works well in Safari. I’m using OneDrive to sync. Just copy your database file to the root of OneDrive, and everything will sync automatically. I would also suggest that you do not open the database with multiple devices at the same time. Also copy your key file to a local directory if using the cloud for your database file. I have a 30 year background in programming (now retired), and I can highly recommend this app for KeePass users. Please support this developer! Twelve dollars per year is nothing for such a quality password manager.


Essential App! Keeps getting better!

I have used the open source pwd mgr "Password Safe" on Windows for many years. I keep my pwd database on Dropbox which easily allows my wife and I to access from any of our Win computers. Until just a couple of years ago, there really wasn't an option on my phone. When this app came along, everything changed! Now I can access my same database from this app (which supports Dbox and others) so I have access to all my pwd and other impt personal data, and it can never be lost! It's really impressive how polished and powerful Strongbox has become in such a short time. As painful as it might be, I think not being able to access the dbase without the master pwd is the only reason I would use Strongbox much less pay for it!


Best Keepass-Compatible iOS Application ⭐️

I have used several password managers on the iOS platform in the past decade, and this app definitely stands out as the best among the crowd. Not only does this app provide and deliver the minimal expectations that I had for the application, but it far exceeds and sets the standards for most if not all of the freemium applications on the market on several key bullet points such as constant reliability, UI/UX, aesthetics, relevant yet ever-increasing features, consistent key updates, well-documented website and just overall wholesomeness from the devs for providing academic licensing for students, academic and social activists. I have been impressed thus far and I strongly recommend for users to give it a chance to impress you!


A pleasure to use

I have been a keepass fan for 15 years. sense moving from the computer to iPhone, I never really found any good keepass apps. there was mini keepass, keepass touch, and another I forget the name of now. I tried them all, and was never pleased with them, until I found Strongbox. as soon as I downloaded it, and ran it for the first time, I was extremely pleased. by the second use, I was already convinced I was going to purchase the lifetime license. so I did, and I would do it all over again. not only is this a great app, but the developer really cares about making his app usable by all. this is the first time I have ever given an app A five star rating. but this one was such a great experience that I just had to give it five stars. keep up the great work. I am also recommending Strongbox to my friends and family for I believe they will enjoy the experience as much as I have.


MiniKeePass users!

Like me I bet you are looking for a replacement for minikeepass as I was. To suddenly have an app get dropped by it’s developer, especially if you’re like me and have relied on it for years can really upset the cart. this app was the first app I looked at and was the only one that was simple to migrate too with my existing database without losing information. It also offers syncing through iCloud files, which actually is easier than the constant export and import of databases that was needed to keep other devices up to date using Dropbox. I haven’t registered it yet (and I intend to as soon as I get back to work) but already the free version has replaced minikeepass and is already easier to use. Absolutely check it out!


Great password manager app

I’ve been using KeePass for many years and relied on a different password manager app to access my passwords from my iOS devices. I found this to be acceptable but didn't realize what I was missing all those years until I switched to this app. What a difference! No more having to switch to a different app in the middle of logging in somewhere to grab the password. With this app's integration with the login process and the Touch and Face ID unlock features, entering my passwords is never more than a couple of screen taps away. So easy! I keep my keepass file on Dropbox to be able to access it from multiple devices and it works like a charm. Highly recommended!


Worth the money

I was using minikeepass for a while, and it was okay. I then started to see a lot of the features my friend was using with Bitwarden, but I had no desire to have third party hosting, neither did I want to deal with (IMO) their bad server decisions like Docker and MS SQL. I also already share a file across Nextcloud and my desktop/laptops so I wanted the convenience of keeping everything in one ecosystem. That’s when I came across this app and gave it a spin, and man has it been great. I like that it integrates with iOS’ password manager integration, WebDAV support is great and Strongbox is super easy to use. I didn’t bother finishing the trial, I paid the full boat pretty quick :) I’ve been recommending Strongbox to anyone that wants to manage passwords on their phone. Worth every penny


This is reaaaally nice. Thank you!

I've been using pass for sometime now, but always wanted to switch because gpg is annoying (and i don't plan on sinking hours trying to learn it) Long story short, discovered Password Safe and the associated projects. I was able to quickly setup the dropbox integration with 0 issues. The free version already has features i didn't think i wanted, but having them is nice (e.g. read-only db, auditing) The UI is slick and professional. Feels like a much needed upgrade from what i had before. Thank you for putting in the time to create this. Very much appreciated! If this new setup continues working for me this week, I'll definitely be getting the pro version.


Nice Replacement for MiniKeepass

After restoring my iPhone and finding that MiniKeepass (MKP) no longer existed, it was nice to find Strongbox. Very professional look and feel. The sync improvement and Touch/FaceID extras make it more convenient to use than MKP. I hope you are around for a long time. Thank you for developing Strongbox . Keep up the good work. I’ve just started using it, so I will update review after some time has passed. So, here I am again to say this app is Strongbox to use. Robust, stable, secure, and extremely flexible. What more can we ask for in a password locker. I have sooooo many passwords and to have flawless synchronization across all my devices is a serious time saver. Keep up the good work Mark!



One of the very best password apps I’ve used. I like that it will directly use a database on a cloud service. This eliminates the need to manually sync it like some other apps, so it’s convenient to access the same database on all my devices. I use keepass on my PCs these days. I also like that it shows the password strength. The free version is perfectly fine - there is a nag to upgrade but it’s better than dealing with ads like on some other free apps. It also limits use of face or Touch ID to open the database. Anyway there is a lifetime license that seems like the best option for full functionality. There’s a bunch of advanced features as well.


Best KeePass manager for iOS

This is truly an incredible app for both iOS and MacOS. I’ve been using this app for about a year, and the consistent updates, clean UI and multiple syncing methods make Strongbox an absolute essential. The premium purchase is well worth the cost. I’ve had a small issue where two entries over the last month changed their passwords without provocation. Luckily I was able to open a backup and restore the correct password. I’m not sure why this happened, as I’m very careful with my database. I suspect user error, but if it’s a bug I’m sure it’ll be ironed out in the next few patches.


Best KeePass compatible password manager, hands down

I’ve been using the Windows version of KeePass for over ten years, but until I found this app, didn’t have an easy way to have my password information easily and securely shared across my desktop and mobile devices. I used other apps that claimed to support the KeePass file format but they were clunky and poorly integrated with iOS. this app solved all the problems I previously experienced. It has a great user interface and excellent integration with iOS. I can finally seamlessly and securely manage my passwords across all of my devices thanks to this app


Essential KeePass Client

I’ve tried several KeePass clients on iOS over the years, including MiniKeePass and KeePass Touch, and this app is by far the most polished and full-featured. Previously I had had several issues syncing my database after editing it on my phone, but syncing with this app is seamless. It not only provides syncing directly with several online storage providers, it also integrates with iOS’s Files app, both of which have proved incredibly useful. Face/Touch ID is good as well, and Strongbox can be configured to open a default database on startup, which makes accessing your database very easy. Overall Strongbox is incredibly well-built. Thank you Mark!


Perfect app for managing/using KeePass on iOS!

As far a personal security goes, maintaining total, offline, encrypted, and portable control over your own password database is the best way to go. KeePass is a great utility to make this possible. Even better is being able to simply and seamlessly configure, manage, protect, and use your own KeePass database wherever/however you prefer through native iOS and/or macOS applications with all the ease-of-use integrations they afford. I‘d totally recommend this app for those reasons to anyone looking into implementing KeePass passwords on Apple devices! By far out of all the other KeePass apps, extensions, etc. that I’ve tried, this app does the best at abstracting away the back-end complexities while still providing all the native iOS/macOS functionalities so that even non-technically minded folks could pick it up quickly. I’ve even personally recommended it to my parents who were recently trying to beef up their password security.


Strongbox on iPhone

I have used various password managers over the last 10 years as a former IT guy. I had settled on Keepass as the best solution for my needs at home and work the last few years. When it was announced Keepass was leaving us, I was not a happy camper. I saw the great reviews for this app and decided to go with it. To my surprise, this app was an amazing app to manage passwords and logins on my iPhone. It does everything i need it to accomplish and I'm satisfied with the security as well as the quick responses from customer service when i have a question. Highly recommended !


great keepass app uses Files area for kdbx

have been using Strongbox for sometime -- off and on switching between this this app app and the other kypass app. kypass requires you to use a numeric URL which can be clumsy to manually input everytime you have to backup & exchange to transfer the kdbx file between devices. but what really like about this app is how Strongbox uses the iphone Files storage area which makes it easier for me to copy the kdbx file between my phones and computers using a local private wifi filehub (instead of using iCloud or some other cloud). this feature of using the Files storage area is what sold me on this this app app. so eventually paid for the lifetime version to support Strongbox and its developer. thanks.


Just what I was looking for!

After searching for approximately six hours for a suitable non-subscription-model, open-source, actively developed password manager, I discovered a discussion headed by Mark regarding this app on sourceforce, describing the program that I sought. I haven't looked back. I'm got both the ios version on an iPad and the mac version. I'm using iCloud sync for my everyday personal database and it works great. I also have a database in a shared folder in dropbox with the typical shared passwords that spouses have to manage. Selecting a database on either icloud or dropbox is very straightforward. My wife is now using passwords that don't make me cringe! Buy it.


Interest to sorrow to happiness

BLUF: great app, great tech support! Strongbox seemed pretty neat and I was hoping it would solve my problems. After some hiccups, which were my fault, things were looking up. Until I ran in to more issues, which were again my fault. I tried to follows the directions finally but ended up screwing that up too. So I reached out on Reddit hoping for anyone that could help. The dev got back to me very quickly and knew exactly what I had done. There was even a TTP/FAQ for my situation. The dev gave me the link and I followed th me directions this time. Now all is well! Thank for the great app and great support!


Excellent app - responsive developer

*** Latest update - “Nearly expired” notifications. Perfection. Take my money! *** The latest update is outstanding in letting you see expired passwords at a glance through your list. (Other developers I have suggested this to have ignored my pleading for years!) This is extremely helpful in the workplace, where many of us have multiple passwords that expire on staggered schedules. This feature alone brings this app virtually on a par with the desktop KeePass app. Great work on the rapid development and extremely user friendly interface! I’m sold!


Fantastic KeePass solution on mobile

After being a long-time user of KeePass for work, I decided to make the switch over from LastPass for my personal logins to have better control of my saved data. My only hesitation was how to get my passwords on mobile. Strongbox has made it absolutely a breeze and I don’t miss the LastPass app for a second! The ability to integrate with a cloud service to store the database is very powerful and convenient, I was able to hook it up without a hitch. The UI is clean and fairly intuitive, so this really hits on all cylinders.


Easy to use

Update 16 Jun 2019 Continues to improve. With KeePass able to sync with Desktop. Awesome! Update 11 Dec 2018 Strongbox with its cloud syncing abilities, allows one to have ready access across different devices. Unlike some reviews states, it is NOT hard to use. The fact one can store previous passwords permits one to see passwords that have previously been used and avoid reusing them. The price is not onerous and as a one time deal one doesn’t incur monthly charges. For my needs this is IDEAL and one of the most used app across my devices. Support is fast and responsive. VERY happy with my decision to down load this and also to upgrade. I have had this for several years, originally downloading this when all functions were free. I upgraded so I could have a second licker to share with my wife. SO worth it. Strongbox is priced right and easy to use. Support is quick and responsive.

Is Strongbox Safe?

Yes. Strongbox - Password Manager is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,451 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Strongbox - Password Manager Is 59.4/100.

Is Strongbox Legit?

Yes. Strongbox - Password Manager is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,451 Strongbox - Password Manager User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Strongbox - Password Manager Is 59.4/100.

Is Strongbox - Password Manager not working?

Strongbox - Password Manager works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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