Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Reviews

Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-19

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Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Reviews: 20 Reviews


Solid app but needs a minor tweak and an addition

This app is pretty solid as far as functionality and ease of use, but I do have something I would REALLY like to see changed… So when a person checks their orders, either the open or filled ones, the small cryptos need to have the decimal extended two more places or so and not rounded to the penny. Some cryptos like DOGE and XLM trade in hundredths of pennies (IE .2577) so it would be nice to see the exact amount listed on the orders. I may have a few orders placed in the .25 range, so it’s difficult to find a specific order in that range when they all just say .25. I would assume this has to be a pretty easy fix. I also have another suggestion that would be helpful to me and I’m sure to others… It would be a VERY nice feature to be able to set up price alert pushes or at the very least to receive a push notification when one of our orders is filled. I would definitely give this app 5-stars if the above suggestions were implemented. In fact, I would even pay a subscription fee to be able to have push notifications. I’m not sure if there is a fee for Coinbase to send out push notifications, but if there is a fee, it can’t be much as I can get multiple push notifications on the scores of my favorite teams (or even the entire NFL slate of games) from free sports apps.


Has anyone *ever* been able to withdraw cash?

I’ve had my account for years, my bank account verified for years too. I’ve been trying for weeks to withdraw cash from account. I enter the transfer, it all seems fine, I get an email that withdrawal is underway and should arrive at bank in 3 or 4 days. A day or two after expected date the money still fails to arrive and an email comes - “your transaction has been cancelled, please try again”. No explanation, no help to correct whatever the problem was (if there even was one). It’s like a Hotel California app... your money can check out anytime you like... BUT IT CAN NEVER LEAVE. Update: it took a few days but I did get a response. My withdrawals were cancelled because the names on my accounts did not match. Specifically, my checking account, opened 20+ years ago, uses my middle initial and my Coinbase account uses my full middle name (as they used my driver’s license which has my full name on it). They said “add a new account to transfer funds to that has a matching name”. Turns out I already had that, my PayPal account, which also used my driver’s license to verify my name and comply with Know Your Customer laws. I transferred to PayPal and it went through almost immediately 👍


Transfers and withdrawals

Why is it that I have never had an issue doing withdrawals or a transfer I’ve never had to do a 2 step verification but when market is dropping significantly and by this I mean 20%. You make me do this verification and I do and first off won’t let me and secondly you give me an answer like Tom Brady replied when he was asked if he knew what down it was.... if you are unaware of what I mean , well you simply give an indirect question to a straightforward question.... me being a huge fan of Patriots and big Brady fan I thought it was ingenious of him. So I share the same with you very smart. But being that it’s my money and not a game you need to stop with your games. You were 4.5 star app until this experience. Now being I’m relatively new I am even aware to not do this but hello.... like JG Wentworth says it’s my money and I need it now. So here is your new rating until something is fixed.... I lost 20% as do you but multiply it by 2 is -1.8 stars out of 4.5 and here is + my fee right back at you of rounding down stars as you do the same = 2.5 but a 2 star is what you get cause I can’t rate by .5 stars and that is how you get your 2 star rating until fixed. Your welcome


Total disappointment

I’ve had this app for a while now to do simple investing. Recently, I decided to get into NFTs and wanted to transfer crypto into its compatible wallet. When doing so, I was sent an email saying that I needed to verify my ID, and if I didn’t, there would be a 72 hour delay. I verified my ID and received a message saying that verification was successful. After 20-30 minutes of waiting for my wallet to populate with my crypto, the balance still said $0. I sent it to the correct wallet address before anyone asks. I reached out to their support team just to be have the conversation end abruptly by the agent. So the next morning, I message again to ask where it is. This was a Saturday. He then told me that it will be in my wallet on Sunday. Sunday rolls around, and it’s not there. I contact them AGAIN and the agent tells me she sees it’s being worked on and there’s a 72 hour delay. I explained i did the ID verification successfully and there shouldn’t be a delay. She said “that’s the protocol” and ended the conversation thread!!! I contact them TODAY (Monday) and they can’t give me any answers or a timeline. I needed the crypto today for a mint on an NFT and now I’ve missed out on several thousand dollars because of this poor way of Coinbase doing things. This is unacceptable especially when people are trying to make money through your platform!!! There are other platforms out there so it would be beneficial if you search elsewhere.



So this is my first app that I used for investing, had my hopes up but the customer service really brought down my motivation for using this app. Honestly i regret downloading it. Once I had downloaded the app I went through the whole process to be able to start buying and selling but once I tried buying through my chase account that I had already linked and yes I did everything exactly how the app demanded it, but it still wouldn’t let me buy because of suspicious activity. So I contact their help support, after telling the bot to put me in contact with a person since the bot was not being helpful at all. Turns out theirs nobody you can call it’s all through text and once I explain my problem he would just tell me to put my id and a pic which I already had done so I re-did the process and still nothing change I kept telling him that but he would keep sending me the same message about putting my id and pic it almost seem like he was just sending me texts he had save in his system. So once he finally realize that his way wasn’t working he send my problem to be check by someone else where I got an email saying that they where checking my account and around six days they would get back to me I open up my email today and I see an email from them saying that they close my case without even fixing nothing. I have to give it to them they really know how to frustrate someone


Fees are absolutely ridiculously HIGH!

The app is OK! You cannot add price alerts except for a couple of coins, so I have another platform that I am using for that purpose, along with much better charting graphs, profits/losses, average coin price and everything else you watch when investing, because coinbase doesn’t have any of these common investing tools. I’m in the process of switching to the another platform since Coinbase fees are through the roof, and I feel like they have their hands in every single thing I do; I’m almost afraid to even open the app in fear they may tack on nother fee. The costs are not small either; buying a small number of coins that are well under a dollar without staking options, the fee’s are more than quadruple the cost of the coin, then another fee when you sell any portion of it. So, watch carefully you could be in the hole with their fees added on. They do have a lot of coins to choose from but so do other platforms and with other platforms, you have MUCH lower fees, better graphing charts, profit/loss, price alerts, buy/sell options and many more investment tools. I have no problem paying a fee for doing business, however, I do have a problem when I feel like I’m being robbed! Coinbase doesn’t do ANYTHING special to deserve taking that amount of money they take from us, in fact they do a lot less than their competitors!


Easy money !

I am impressed by how easy this app is to use. There is endless amounts of information about cryptocurrency on Coinbase and if it is t there u can be connected to it. I had been weary about crypto but when I heard about Coinbase I was originally in getting shares of it when it went public. When I was unable to get the stock and it went through the roof right off like had figured we’ll that is when I decided to download and check it out. Coinbase gave me a small amount for down loading the app and then through the learn and earn feature I was able to learn what crypto is and does but also get like four different currencies. The ease of operation of the app made it very i intimidating and I continued to learn about crypto amd now I’m trading almost daily. I also had some support issues with my Coinbase card and they were quickly replied to and I was given some basic help which was unable to solve the problem but they sent my issue up the support chain and my Coinbase card was fully operational the next morning. I say thank you to Coinbase for making it easy for me to learn and operate trading with crypto currency’s because it has been easy making money.


I am not a trader.

Welcome to the new consumer savings account. As a consumer alone in the crypto jungle i am sometimes saddened by the limits of coin base yet the security and trust in whats offered upon the simple coinbase acct. is reasonable i believe. The house always wins and i guess it should if it upholds a service and commitment to said service. Accepting i am not a trader on the coinbase platform knowing this and accepting that i must HODL as a savings acct. is one of the greatest experiences i have had personally on my device. A greater level of customer engagement would be a great value increase for the reputation of the app. Log in issues and quirks can not be related our consulted upon in any real way so beyond standard FAQ’s i have been left alone to understand certain quirks. It may be different on the fancier wallet or counbase pro i would not know cause i am not a trader i am merely a crypto addict who cant get enough btc! And squirrels away any pocket change i can ! If you believe in btc and its synenergy to eradicate poverty in a large part, then i’d recommend a coinbase acct for yourself and family to build wealth for everyone on the planet. With Aloha. & Ma’at.


I’ve literally lost money from coinbase

Ive been introduced to coinbase by a scam who claimed to be from coinbase wallet wanting to invite people in liquidity mining to gain it’s user base, like a promotion. I trusted it because it was an app launched from coinbase wallet. My understanding is it is my account and I hv full control of it, just like I have full control of my bank account, and all the apps launched from my bank account should be legible. That’s how I got tricked. The fact is, once I launch the app from coinbase wallet, I’ve signed “smart contract” which allows third party to withdraw from my coinbase wallet indefinitely. At first I thought coinbase is definitely responsible for allowing the scammer app to launch from their app, but it turns out that they deny the liability claiming in crypto world it is always “ur decision to make”, that freaked me out because it can legally allow anyone to take users money away without putting on any warning, which is even worse than real world. How can online bank account launch third party app without warning people it is possibly a scam and it has nothing to do with the bank, it is not hard to do so in coinbase and they refuse to put that warning, causing lots of ppl losing money from scam. I have full proof that the scammer claimed to be from coinbase and it is app launched from coinbase which made it more believable. Why can’t coinbase put on warning? Btw I lost 100k thx to coinbase!


Terrible Customer Response / inaccurate gains in balances

There are many things I like about Coinbase. Easy and intuitive interface, easy of trading between currencies, etc. But as I got more savvy in my trading and started tracking gains, I’ve found discrepancies between increases in currency rates and my balance. In other words, I would track the time in which I had made trades and calculate the amount that my balance should reflect. I found almost always that it was off and not by a little, by a lot. This is alarming to me as I see that there is real potential for fraud within this platform. In addition, I’d sent a transfer of funds from MY Binance account to my Coinbase account and after a week, I have yet to see those funds deposit to my ETC wallet that I’d used for the transfer. I’ve sent multiple customer service requests since then regarding the transfer both to Binance and to Coinbase. Binance has gotten back to me sharing the blockchain record of my transfer to my ETC Coinbase account indicating that I would need to remedy account receipts with Coinbase. I reached out to Coinbase and then have yet to respond. This was not a small amount. It is not okay for them to have inaccurate gains reflecting in account balances and no response on transactions that should have cleared over a week ago now. I will be filing a complaint with SEC outlining these discrepancies and their failure to remedy them.


Seriously, stop screwing with the functionality

So this app is great for trading/purchasing crypto. I’ve used it for nearly a year with no issues. Now that this is out of the way: The number of times that changes have occurred to the interface, then changed back, then changed to the prior version, then another…it’s maddening. Here are my priorities: 1. See my portfolio balance and trajectory over (x) period. 2. See the coins I have and how they have faired over (x) period. 3. See what are the top movers over (x) period. 4. Trade one coin for another. When I can no longer do one of the above because of a UI change that adds functionality that is not one of my priorities, it is frustrating. When I have no method of customizing the UI for my priorities to get it back, it’s frustrating. When one of the missing priorities returns and then is removed or changed in a way that feels as if it were removed…it is frustrating. I’d rather not be frustrated, so please don’t remove features, if you must put something else in the UI, provide me with means to discover where the feature I care for is now located. This will allow you to continue to experiment with new features while allowing me to continue to achieve my goals.


Extremely Primitive App!

Coinbase seems to be the dominant crypto trading platform in the US, but this app is not by any chance close to a professional trading app! I read a "Thank You" review by another user because he had noticed the addition of "Watchlist" and "New Coins" to the app!! This is as childish as it can imaginably be! Are you guys at kindergarten or what?! Any trader, not the professional stock market traders, but even an average joe will realize how primitive coinbase app is! Cryptos are being traded 24/7 and we definitely need candle stick charts with technical indicators. What do we get with this app? A childish graph with absolutely NO indicators, NO candles, NO settings, basically NOTHING! The graphs are absolutely useless. I wonder if coinbase users trade by tossing coins or what?!! There are absolutely no helpful market tools such as filters, simple scanners, or any activity monitoring tools either. The watchlist is so primitive and lacks even the most basic functionality such as sorting. Any time I open this app I start hating to trade on this platform! Is there anyone at coinbase who has ever traded stocks?! I'm sure there is, and they know exactly how low profile this app is! But they have no serious will to upgrade it to something better probably because they feel they are not rivaled by any competitor! So, they keep their high commission fees and they do nothing to improve! What a shame!


Easy - Brezzy

As an ole man who was investing first time in a decentralized currency who is ill-informed having limited knowledge of this specific subject matter began to observe - the influence with this specific currency as a hedge against inflation in a addition to potentially replacing gold as the preferred asset of choice globally- that aside I wanted - frankly needed or more importantly required a platform which was secure - easily navigation able- provided news and was regulated- Coinbase fit the bill- it provided a platform for a Baby- Boomer to comfortably invest for me and my family- i would like to see the transaction fees come down just a little as well as some additional tutorials - other than these insignificant matters- I’m happy for the choice- one recommendation is to apply some of your $$$ to branding & marketing- the landscape out there is not only messy it is treacherous- I’m certain there are large portion of middle aged men such as I - that would utilize your platform to the exclusion of lesser known platforms if you would alleviate the fear quotient and distinguish Coinbase from its competitors


Too many fees

They 100% screw you over with fees. It costs 1.99$ to buy any type of cryptocurrency. If you want to trade one currency to another it costs $.99, and if you want to transfer it back to your bank account it costs another $1.99. So I have to pick the right currency, make sure it goes up at least $3.99 up in profit just to make any money? Which is very unlikely, because apps like these are designed to screw over the little people that want get into buying and selling crypto. I understand that the company has to make money some how, but charging every single transaction a bunch of money isn’t even fair. I was offered in app $1 in a crypto currency. Want to know how much it cost me to transfer it to any type of coin that made money? $.99. They offer you free crypto that is stagnant in price, to make you pay money to transfer it to other cyrptos. It’s so rigged. Do yourself a favor, and save your money instead of investing in this app. You’re basically throwing your money away if you buy anything on here. Update: Tried cashing out because my stocks I invested in were up big time, app wouldn’t let me. Kept saying servers were down. And then because I was up so much (like $10 more) it charged me additional fees so I only ended up making $1. Are you serious Coinbase?! You have serious issues with fees. Stop charging so much.



I’ve been using and a fan of Coinbase for a long time but as of late it’s just really hard for me to recommend. You don’t actually technically speaking “own” any of your crypto, but that’s not my main issue. Lately I’ve put a lot and I mean A LOT of money into buying this most recent dip, had no problems until I decided to log on and found I wasn’t able to send any of my crypto. Over the next week, I lost the ability to cash out, sell do anything. Not a problem? I logged in, I have been asked to verify my identity 3 times and even then still my situation hasn’t improved. I later found a notification in my account that I owed them like $100? Weird but okay fine, I paid it. It took over a week for that to finally be cleared from my account but it took the money from my bank so I figured all was good, went back on and was asked to verify my identity AGAIN. Limits hadn’t been removed, still couldn’t send or anything. It’s impossible to get ahold of support, even with the live chat youre sat waiting there for 45 minutes for them to type a response and when they do it’s the same copy paste crap, customer support is completely unresponsive and impossible to get a hold of. So now I’m left with $1000 sitting in an account that I can do nothing on, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.


Horrible app

There is absolutely zero customer support with coinbase. I’ve been trying for 2 days to reach an actual human about why my money is being held captive. I made a debit card purchase which is supposed to be instant. And it said there’s a 5 day hold on my funds. So after 2 days of trying to figure out why that is, I finally just gave up and sold the btc expecting to be able to withdraw my remaining cash balance. And I lost $10 in this process, over coinbase fees, and I didn’t even care. I just wanted my money back. But now there is a hold on my cash balance too! And I needed that money yesterday. I can’t afford to wait 5 days. But coinbase doesn’t care in the slightest. Because there is no way to reach anybody for customer support. You can email them, but you will just get a robotic response saying it will take 5-7+ days to fix your issue. So I’m pretty positive that nobody even actually reads the customer support emails. And now my only money is being held captive by this website that won’t even give me the time of day to tell me why. I’m extremely frustrated. This app is the worst btc app I’ve ever used, because this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues like this where “customer support” did absolutely nothing for me. Never coming back to coinbase after they finally stop holding my money captive.


Similar to Robinhood

I have been buying LRC on Coinbase for a couple months now, and I can’t believe it took me so long to notice, but they run the same scam that Robinhood runs with their crypto, except RH doesn’t charge a Transaction fee each time. Pay attention when you go to a coin. They show you the list price, but when you review your purchase before submitting it, they actually charge you a higher price/coin on top of their transaction fee. It’s the same thing with selling. They give you a lower rate than the listed price, as well as charging you transaction fees. They’re scalping customers, exactly the same way RH does by giving you, “the customer” a .03 cent spread. Even with the “Coinbase One” membership, this is still true. If you can learn more complicated methods of trading crypto, I suggest that over this. If not, I hope you don’t mind getting scalped. The GOOD thing about Coinbase is that you can actually transfer your coins to different wallets, which shows they do actually have coins to give you should you actually request them sent to your wallet. Response to Developers Response: This isn’t 2020. With everything that happened in 2021, investors are becoming wiser to things like Spread, PFOF, and the conflicts of interest in brokers and Wall St. in general.


Latest Version a Step Backwards

The latest update to the Coinbase app has decreased functionality. Users like me want a snapshot of all their crypto investments on the homepage. This means to see their overall portfolio balance as well as all the coins on their watchlist. A quick overview with no further clicks. This is how it used to be. Now, in the latest version, the watchlist is limited to 5 items. If you want to see the rest of your items, you have to click into another screen. Horrible UI. It may seem small, but I check my investments multiple times per day. It used to be one simple click to open Coinbase, see my favorite coins, and done. Now every single time I open the app I have to click into multiple screens to see everything I want to see. Very annoying! Please fix this “upgrade” and bring back the old homepage with full watchlist functionality. Or better yet, let users create multiple watchlists like Robinhood where you can organize them better and maybe we can choose if we want them on the homepage or not. Removing a feature that your users have had for years is not a smart business decision. Robinhood shows all investments on the homepage and that’s why everyone always compliments their UI. I hope Coinbase can bring back what was the equivalent in the crypto world.


All reviews over 3 stars are bots or paid

DO NOT USE COINBASE! Coinbase is basically a company of scammers that have come together to steal crypto from their customers. Look at all the real peoples reviews with reports of missing crypto and poor support. Their support is garbage their technicians don’t know what they’re talking about and refuse to help for simple things even when it’s clearly stated in Coinbases own policy. When you send facts and evidence they stop replying. Even the $5 free bitcoin promotion that is still shown here you won’t get it and they won’t help you or care after you make an account. If you decide to use Coinbase expect nothing but headaches transfers will go missing, any promotional bonuses or offers are fake you won’t really get them, if you contact support they will send you links to their support page that show what you contacted for and need help with is within their policy but then they just stop replying or make up bogus reasons of why they can’t help. It’s amazing this company is still able to operate when they break so many basic laws about false advertising and consistently screw over their customers. I pray Coinbase gets shut down or at least heavily audited everything will quickly fall if they’re forced to take responsibility for their claims, actions, and publicity published policies.


Going downhill fast

I hate giving this rating given the fact that Coinbase has been my go to wallet but as of the last couple months it’s been absolutely HORRIBLE. When I ask to raise my limits from 50 dollar card purchases it somehow instead of being increased got lowered to $5.00. I emailed support over a month ago and they gave me a generic response saying that it was being sent up to review and would have someone email me back. This was a month ago and I am still waiting on that email. So ok that’s just a slight inconvenience because I can always just make a purchase with my bank account. WRONG every attempt made gets turned down due to “suspicious activity” which only gets worse because of the fact that this happened on not 1 but all 3 of my bank accounts connected. So once again I have to contact support. This time I try to call to actually speak to someone since they are unwilling to respond to support via email. What do you know, I run into another issue. Coinbase no longer has telephone support anymore. That’s only reserved for compromised accounts. So that’s great I have to email yet again... Here we are now and since I have been waiting to make this purchase BTC has only risen by about 15-20k or more. So thank you Coinbase for being absolutely worthless as of late.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether customer service directly
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Contact Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether directly

Is Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Safe?

Yes. Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,626,895 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Is 61.5/100.

Is Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Legit?

Yes. Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,626,895 Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Is 61.5/100.

Is Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether not working?

Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Anthony Marcus
Apr 22 2021

I recommend the AxisOption wallet platform. You earn as high as 10% interests when you hold bitcoins and other cryptos on that platform.

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