Potbelly Sandwich Shop Reviews

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-07

With the all new Potbelly App, you're just taps away from a hot and toasty
sandwich. Plus, when you sign up for Potbelly Perks, you’ll be earning points
towards free food with every order. • GET FREE SANDWICHES with Potbelly
Perks. Every order earns you points towards a free sandwich (o...

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop Reviews

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    Glitches ruin coupons & perks opportunities

    So I’ve used this app a handful of times and not really had much issue but this was the first time that I actually ordered through the app ahead of time, and it ended up being more of a nightmare than anything of ease. After placing my order and yeah I received confirmation that it would be ready in 8 to 10 minutes; when I drove the 2 miles to potbelly they were unable to find my order in came to the conclusion rather quickly that I must’ve placed my order for a Nother Potbelly. After showing them this was not the case they were very kind to re-order it and take care of the issue, even offering to call the “other place “to cancel my order that somehow was set up for pick up the following day. I ended up choosing potbelly because of the perks deal that I had and when my order had to be re-done upon arrival, I lost the ability to use my perks points and coupon because it cannot be used until the other transaction was canceled. It was only two dollars so I wasn’t about to make a big deal to the poor guy working the drive-through window but it was more the principle of the matter. Annoyed. This wouldn’t have happened at Chick Fil A.

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    Horrible App/Order experience

    Got an email with Potbelly promotion of Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) available today only. Well today I went into the App and it was complete misery. The App gave me an error saying the Potbelly App server “LEVEL UP” was in the middle of an upgrade and it kicked me out of the App. Logged in again and tried again. This time the Potbelly location near me didn’t come up and I had to place the order with the other one several miles away. App again kicked me out when checking out, mind you it took the system 10minutes stalling before it kicked me out. Tried it a third time... placed the order (now it’s over 30 minutes in the App to order). Drove out of my way to the Potbelly not near me because the error in the App, if you recall it wouldn’t let me order near me. The order was not ready on time when I got there!!!. Had to wait 35 minutes!!! Finally got my family order and came home to find out that it was wrong. All the “extra’s” that I paid for were not included. So, my experience was; (1) horrible online App experience (2) unacceptable on time availability (3) order was wrong My husband and I both complained to the online customer service after our order and were both given the exact IDENTICAL cut and paste email response. No refund was given, no vouchers... just oh well we’re sorry.

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    Pot Belly

    When you click location, to locate a store from which to order, it merely lists all the Pot Belly stores in the country, in no particular order, not segregated by state, or even alphabetized. As you scroll through - if you have the time - it suddenly starts to loop back and show the same 25-30 stores over and over. ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO USE. Using Apple iPhone 6 with location service turned on. Gave up and went somewhere else.

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    Brighton dec 28

    Came in after ordering on road - a little early, but not too far off. No one at counter but staff cleaning near beverages sort of greeted us and then went to check print out when we said we had pick up. Woman who appeared to be manager (pink hair) seemed frustrated at table and asked where’s Dave - I am sending him home. Sort of huffed and puffed and two women went to work in order. Someone I assume was Dave walked out from back and got sent home. Ended up with Tuna sandwich with toppings when we had requested plain - we stood back from counter due to yelling at Dave and they didn’t confirm toppings with us. Ended up with a sandwich for Ryan in our bag. At one point 2 salads as well but one removed as bag handed to us. Daughter went back in to ask for sandwich without lettuce and tomato but felt like manager gave her hard time so she just walked out with sandwich. Went from awkward to unpleasant which is so different than experience in East lansing store. Won’t be hitting this location again. Felt bad for Dave

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    I work literally *across the street* from a potbelly, so when I placed an online order knowing I only had 5 minutes to pick it up and head back to work. I headed over to pick it up at 11:55am. They looked and looked and couldn’t locate my order until they said it’s been placed at another location, 4 blocks down the street, on 150 S. Wacker. So I walked and walked looking for it, so when I got to 150 S. Wacker, I walk up and down that block three times, no store front, no indication of a store. I finally ask security guard, he says he believes there’s one on the corner. I scale the block again, nothing. Finally I turn the corner, on a different street mind you. Make it half way down and still nothing. I look *through* some tinted glass to see a small decal for potbelly’s on a tiny door inside a the building and find my way in a packed shop. They have an online pickup window, which I proceed to wait for 30 minutes, (where I still am and continue to wait) awful

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    Horrible experience.

    Horrible experience. Ordered online. Got confirm order went thru and transaction complete. Show up. NO ONE is in store. No customers. NO EMPLOYEES. At 8:10 pm on 4/30. Check your security video. Another customer entered we talk about being nervous. NO EMPLOYEES. I call for them. Two emerge and then a third. Tell me no order received. Show them confirm on my app. Still no acknowledgement. Show them app showing I paid. Nothing. Reorder verbally. They mess it up. Have to add items. Go to pay-again. I scan my app to pay again. Employee tells me to use another scanner despite first one flashing green. Asked for receipt as I suspect I paid twice if not now three times. Told register “locked up”. No receipt. I wonder if Potbellys corporate takes action against employees not in restaurant protecting the interests of the shareholders and or feels this was handled properly? Terrible service. Bad on many levels. I will Be next store at the Lake Bluff Chipotle next several times. Terrible.

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    Missing features other restaurant apps have

    I like all of the customization options in this app but there are two major problems for me that exist in other restaurant apps. 1) It doesn't tell you what time your pick-up order will be ready until you have completed your order. If one location is going to take a long time you don't have the option to just change locations - you have to re-enter your entire order for a different location. :/ 2) The locations do not have the ability to put a notification on the app when they are out of something so the customer doesn't know until they show up to pick up their order and are disappointed. If these 2 things were improved I would definitely rate this app higher!

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    A complete embarrassment

    This app is an absolute embarrassment and a complete disaster. I do not live close to or have easy access to a potbellies, so I choose to use the delivery option. For one, the delivery system is incredibly glitchy and difficult to navigate, and often messes up the instructions putting in the wrong order very easily without a way of cancelling! Second, today I ordered my food at 7:30 and the ETA was 8:15, and after waiting an HOUR after the ETA, my food was never delivered. I’ve already paid for my food WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED, and during the entire ordeal I had absolutely no way to contact my driver or the potbellies itself, as they refused to answer my calls even though they were still open. This app is so poor, it’s a crime that they have people using it

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    Extremely slow

    I love potbelly sandwiches and get them about 3-4 times/week. Although the company encourages ordering ahead, whenever I am trying to order the everything takes forever to load. The ordering process is extremely slow and most of the times I end up going to the shop to buy my sandwich instead which defeats the whole point of this. Update: more glitches. I ordered a sandwich around 8:30pm and the shop closes at 9pm. It took the order but gave me a pick up time of 11am next day. I went to the shop and the people didn’t know what to do. This ended up costing me more time than it would have taken me to just go to the shop and place order. All these glitches are so frustrating that I am refraining from order again from the app.

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    Could be SO much better

    I don’t know if it’s the app’s fault, or Potbelly’s themselves, but this is the third (and FINAL) time, I will use the app to pay. Once again, I paid with the app, got an immediate receipt, and was told by the employee, the payment didn’t go through, please do it again. So, I did. Again, I get immediate confirmation, and I’m told “No. it didn’t go through, please rescan”. I refused, as I’ve now paid $89 for 4 sandwiches/sides. The employee THREATENED to call the police and have me arrested for stealing!!! The manager FINALLY got off her cell phone, “voided” the order, and said I could go. She didn’t/doesn’t know how to refund my money, so I’ll have to trek BACK to the store, and try to find someone who has a clue as to what they’re doing. I’m over this app

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    Difficult to place orders

    This app is very 50/50 on ordering. Again today, the app glitches initially - wouldn’t place an order because “it wasn’t a current menu item” when ordering from the current sandwich menu. A second attempt with ordering from the current “sandwich” menu for 2 chicken cheddars, it’s saying I “must order from the same menu”. They’re the same item!!!! There is always some sort of issue. In addition, there is always a 30 min lead time. No quick lunch plans. Every time they update their menu (multigrain is now the default), users lose their entire past order list! Poor execution. Great food. Usually easier to just order in store.

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    Love, could be improved

    I go to potbelly frequently and love the app for easily paying and earning perks. It is overall easy to use. I do have issues every now and then with the app crashing or not loading so that I can’t order ahead or pay using the app. I also wish that I could fill out customer surveys in the app. I like giving feedback when I have a good or bad experience but don’t want to have to get a paper receipt. Whoever writes the notifications should get a raise. They always make me smile!

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    Payment doesn't work, location permissions wrong, UI mostly confusing

    I tried to use the app to place an order. The app concludes saying "order success" while at the same time indicating that "payment failed". I then tried to pay in the store using the app; this also failed. The app asks to location services even when the app isn't running. If you decline location services then you have to scroll through an unordered list of every PotBelly in existence to select your PotBelly. I gotta say, I didn't realize that there was so many PotBellys.

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    Dumb app

    There is no option to place your order as a dine-in order which means that your single item which comes excessively packaged by default, now comes with an additional paper bag (because the geniuses at PB think the customer appreciates getting more garbage to throw out) - more unnecessary waste being generated just from using the app! Also, doesn’t save any time. You must select a pickup time at least 10 minutes in advance. If you choose to do something in the meantime before you pick your sandwich up at the time you select, it won’t be ready as they won’t even start making your sandwich until you arrive expecting to pick it up. Very very dumb!!

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    Used to work well now not

    I loved the app. Until I started getting network errors. I can’t access past orders or create new ones for the past 6 weeks. I tried deleting and downloading again. Nope, doing the same thing. The only thing I can do with it is pay. The other thing it does is cut off the special instructions. If the staff at my favorite PB didn’t know me and how my son likes his sandwich, we’d have had more errors.

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Is Potbelly Sandwich Shop Safe?

No. Potbelly Sandwich Shop does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 87,915 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Potbelly Sandwich Shop Is 12.8/100.

Is Potbelly Sandwich Shop Legit?

No. Potbelly Sandwich Shop does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 87,915 Potbelly Sandwich Shop User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Potbelly Sandwich Shop Is 12.8/100.

Is Potbelly Sandwich Shop not working?

Potbelly Sandwich Shop works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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