Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Reviews

Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

World's Fastest and Safest Receipt, Bill & Invoice OCR Capture and Data
Extraction app. Say goodbye to data entry and bookkeeping; recover hours each
week. Veryfi extracts vendor, payment, totals, taxes and even line items in
seconds. Veryfi is SOC2 Type2 certified and compliant with CC...

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Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Reviews

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    Effective receipt management

    I've been using Veryfi over the 14 day trial period and have decided to try it out for a year. The character and information extraction from a pic of the receipt you snap with your phone worked almost flawlessly for all the times I used it except for one instance, extracting the total, tax and tip in addition to the name and address of the establishment on the receipt. To me, this feature of the app worked much better in practice than some comparable apps I tested. The reporting feature that lets you create CSV files for chosen periods or integrate with various services is also useful. Most valuable is the information security and data protection built into the app. The only complaint I have at this time is that the app and price points it is offered at seem to target small business owners. I'm only interested in using Veryfi for managing personal expenses, and I hope they will see the business case for making an offering for a version of PRIME for personal users at a price point that is fair for the features offered.

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    Great for Easy Receipt Tracking

    Was very disappointed when OneReceipt ended service and couldn't find anything to replace it. After months of searching, I found a link to this application in a Reddit post. Was skeptical at first since so many receipt apps were not as easy to use as OneReceipt, but this one has not disappointed. I've had it for about a year now and it is just as fast if not faster at capturing receipts and even digitizes text so that it's searchable. There are a few things that could be cleaned up. Right now I probably only need half of the features, but overall definitely usable. One killer feature that I've never seen before but would love for someone to developers is receipt purchase linking. Now that there are so many apps that can capture your debit and credit purchase history, it would be nice to have an app that links this info so you can verify how many receipts you are missing. Maybe it could even be a game where you try to increase the percentage of receipts you obtain every month. Thanks for a great app!

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    So far- incredible

    I downloaded this app during tax season to find a better way in the upcoming year to store and categorize my receipts. I am in the healthcare industry. I don’t run an independent company or travel for work often. So far this app has exceeded all of my expectations. I have tried Expensify, foreceipt, and a generic scanner app, this app blows all of those out of the water. While the camera or edge detection isn’t the greatest, they are acceptable. The receipt upload speed is incredible. The other apps in comparison take >10 xs longer. Their algorithm for text recognition is extremely accurate. I can tag receipts into categories with only two clicks. I can sort by my tags and download a printout of every receipt. This app has everything I need and I plan on using it into the future. Highly highly recommend this app. I wish it was easier to find from the beginning.

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    Best app for organizing your receipts

    I have been collecting thousands of receipts a year for many years for taxes half the time the receipt paper it’s so cheap the printing fades away. this app makes it so much easier. I scan the receipt it saves the and puts it in the proper category. it also accounts for the tip you leave. there has been several times that I have caught what was charged on my credit card and for the tip was different then what I put on the receipt but I always would have to dig through the receipts to verify that days later this makes it very easy I just go to the app it’s tells me The date I charged it and I compare that to my credit card statement to make sure the correct amount was charged. I highly recommend this app

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    Great product ...still needs some help

    I have been using receipt managers for several years. Including, some of the big name main competitors. This is the first one that I have found where the processing is within a matter of seconds and is fairly accurate. Some things that need to be worked out are: the audio capture which at times when it is looking for the edges of your receipt will take several pictures of it and then you have to go through them and delete them. At times the fields that are populated need to be reviewed to make sure the information entered is accurate. And, to me, the user interface still feels a bit cluttered and clunky. I must say this is the best receipt manager and mileage tracker app that I have used in the last several years. Keep up the good work. I look forward to future updates and new features.

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    WAY overpriced, and misleading pricing structure

    The app itself works more or less as described, but the free number of receipts to process in a month is too little to keep track of a family, so I opted for the least expensive subscription. It was described as $15 a month with multiple users and a free month of service. Instead, I was charged $15 per user, plus an additional $15 that I can’t figure out. I assumed it was a glitch that would clear up the next month. Instead, the next month I was charged $15 per user again. $15 per month for an account is bit much, but seemed to be worth the stretch to save some time. $15 per user per month to keep track of a family’s expenses is just exorbitant. This is very disappointing, and I wasted time tracking expenses for a month in a service that I will cancel and not use again. KNOW WHEN YOU ARE GOING IN that you are paying $15 PER USER (plus additional unexplained fees), for what amounts to very simple expense tracking tool that is still much a manual process.

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    Amazing App don’t forget the little man

    This app and the developers behind it have done an amazing job. It seems they’ve opted to reposition themselves in the market to appeal to businesses and in doing so have raised their price to a threshold above that of the individual looking for a simple and reliable receipt tracking app. While there is no doubt that the robust features currently available as well as those to come are useful, I see no reason that a subscription of $2.99/mo or $3.99/mo shouldn’t made available. I would easily opt for a subscription in this price range with a fair amount of light features and possibly a Mint Account integration for personal finance tracking. Give me a personal finance subscription option with Veryfi over any other receipt tracker app for the right price with the right feature selection!

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    Great app

    I have a Bookkeeping and Tax business and I uber and Lyft on the side. I use QBO for everything have multiple businesses on there. Everything syncs awesome I love all my bills and email receipts going to IQBoxy and they show up I don’t have to clean out my emails all the time and separate. I’ve used every expense logging software there is and I’m more than happy to pay 20 a month for this peace of mind and less data entry. I haven’t started using the mileage log feature yet because im still working on all the other features but I know I won’t be disappointed! Yay IQBoxy 🤗

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    Works pretty well but $15/mo is a bit much

    I understand no app developer wants to provide quality product gratis, but I do think we’re in some sort of delusional app bubble where every app, from the one for inventorying your basement contents, to collecting your recipes, to scanning some receipts, wants $15/mo from you. I think that’s a bit much. What are the developers behind these simpler apps doing that is worth $15/month? This isn’t the Adobe Creative Suite, rolling out real updates and improvements and fixing bugs in a complex set of software. I’d be happy and willing to pay a perpetual license price equivalent to a year’s use for an app like this but cannot justify the $15/mo indefinitely. This rant isn’t just for these guys, it’s for all of you simple app developers! Make it perpetual or $5/month or else I’m not buying into it. Recent changes made the free version of this app not very useful for a smalltime landlord like myself. The ocr scanning feature did work very well, but in the free version, you are limited to 10 receipts a month. You probably don’t need software like this if you need to report only 10 receipts a month. P.S. I switched to Wave Receipts, which has free receipt ocr. Also has a whole set of simple accounting features which I’ve yet to try

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    Slow and buggy

    Capture a receipt then it never shows up on the dashboard. I need to consistently take another photo. The auto detect of edges is not very accurate or good (unlike the scan feature of Dropbox or even Apple Notes). Then there’s the very unintuitive UI... things like tapping on a place name shouldn’t then require me to backspace an delete or there should be an x to clear field button or better yet should be highlighted at the start when you tap any field to edit and then auto delete and replace the text as soon as I start typing. Unless your receipt is very simple it has a terrible time detecting and auto filling things like tax and tip and auto sum of these. At this point I don’t see the advantage of this from just taking a photo of receipts and using the excellent app such as Mint to handle all the transactions, sorting, exports, etc.

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    Responsive devs. Very solid product

    I really enjoy this service. If I could change one thing it would be to have the option to enter mileage as a number rather than as a function of travel starting at x miles on my car’s odometer and ending at y miles on my odometer. Possibly that’s a legal reporting thing but it’s not how I track my miles, so it makes that function less useful for me. Otherwise, it’s great. I had a dev carefully follow up with me on an issue that was probably about face recognition and not about the app at all.

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    Easy to use

    Veryfi is easy to use to keep track of expenses. I use it to save my business expenses. All the features I need are free. One little bug I found is that when I scan a receipt with multiple expenses, the app thinks that the last expense is the ultimate amount even though there are 2-3 different purchases on one scanned receipt. I understand the logic behind it (a simple receipt has the ultimate amount at the end). It might be nice to have a feature where I can scan multiple expenses at once.

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    Great Service for Receipt Tracking

    Veryfi offers the best service to manage your receipts that I have found from any other provider. They are the only ones I have found that allows searching inside a receipt to find what receipt is related to the item your are searching for. The app needs a little polish but the service more than makes up for it. I would love to see an individual private subscription plan offered but otherwise the superior choice. I’m very much looking forward to things to come from this impressive service! Thank you, Veryfi !!!

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    Saves so much time and frustration

    Veryfi takes the hassle out of scanning and entering receipts. I previously scanned all my receipts in one step before entering them into QuickBooks as a separate process. Usually this was days, week or months later so I had the frustration of trying to keep track of all my receipts. Now I simply snap a pic of each receipt when I make a purchase and Veryfi automatically scans it and extracts all the pertinent info making it ready for importing into QuickBooks.

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    We care about data privacy

    Loving the fact I can finally trust a tool with our financials. Many apps we tried on the market were clearly outsourcing data extraction and categorization. You'd have to be a fool to believe that software takes hours to process pictures of receipts and bills. With Veryfi its so fast I cannot believe more people don't know about this amazing company. Thank you Veryfi for bringing peace of mind and reliability to an industry well overdue for change.

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Is Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Safe?

Yes. Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,126 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Is 48.8/100.

Is Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Legit?

Yes. Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,126 Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses Is 48.8/100.

Is Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses not working?

Veryfi Receipts OCR & Expenses works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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