Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Reviews

Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-27

The ultimate solution to your receipt chaos, loved by half a million business
owners, self-employed workers, contractors and freelancers worldwide. Simply
take a photo of your receipt and relax – let Foreceipt be your personal
bookkeeper. The Free Plan will be available to you forever....

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Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Reviews

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    This app should seriously have it’s own holiday..Thanksgiving

    I rarely write reviews but this app deserves a 20 minute standing ovation AND the kind of clapping that makes your hands hurt (yes it’s that good) so this is the least I can do! GET THE APP! No more boxes of receipts and digging around in my purse, wallet, console, (even went through the trash before) looking for a certain receipt s as t tax time or when my girls say they need to return something I bought for them. I can NOT tell you enough how much EASIER this app makes my life! You simply take a photo and it reads the information itself! You can create files. I’m an avid gardener so I’ve got my lawn and garden file. As a salon owner I’ve got individual files for salon supplies ...and being a single mom with 3 teens (2 in college & 1 in out of state military school) I’ve got files for each kid.. each of our vehicles etc. no more receipts out the wazoo! Yay! Thanksgiving honors go to .... 🥁🥁🥁 Foreceipt!!

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    Finally, a good digital solution for receipts!

    We regularly store receipts in case we ever need to exchange or return things. Purging the piles becomes onerous, so we end up with an absurd amount of receipts over time. Foreceipt eliminates that problem and makes it way easier to find receipts when we need them given the metadata we can store about them! It's also cool to be able to see spending by category, payment type, month, etc. The scanning technology, which extracts receipt data, is super nifty (although not always 100% accurate). The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is becomes of some technical glitches that I've experienced (e.g. the scan screen sometimes goes black for second scans, you can't place the cursor in the cost line edit one number - it always just backspaces from the end of the number) and some improvements that could be had (e.g. With editing receipts, sorting receipts, how drive storage is organized). All in all, though, I'm super excited about having this app and getting rid of paper receipts at last!!

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    I downloaded this app back in 2016 and it has been incredibly useful and easy to use. I’m able to categorize my receipts amongst my company, add pictures of the receipts, write notes, and so much more. It has made doing taxes a breeze, and it’s great for referencing. There are many features, but it’s easy to navigate and customize. I came across an issue this past month because I moved the folder in my google drive, and support member John was extremely helpful, kind and resolved my issue within 10 minutes. I’ve tried many receipt apps, and this is by far the best one I’ve used. It’s worth upgrading as well. Thank you!! -Josias

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    Scans require careful editing

    I am just starting and 5 out of the 5 receipts I have scanned so far have had errors: date, mistaking change for taxes, merchant name garbled, wrong category. However, I am going to sick with it because it has such great potential and it is forcing me to be conscious of my data. It’s a bit freaky to have the app get a different thing wrong on every receipt, because I went ahead and bought it for a year. But if you look at it from the point of view of all the different ways receipts are designed and organized, this app is genius! I am just going to be patient and grateful I have enough money to be able to get receipts that I need the app! Will report back as things progress. It’s impossible to organize by date of the receipt. Just date the receipt was scanned. Useless! The auto guess of which account to assign seems totally random. I use the same debit card yet sometimes the expense is shown as coming from checking account, sometimes cash and sometimes credit card. This is frustrating because now I have 70 entries coming from random accounts. The settings don’t seem to let me pick. I still have to carefully edit each entry. I have only had 3/70 scans that were accurate. I don’t see how to upload this data to Quicken, Excel or Google sheets. That’s supposed to be some where but I haven’t found out how to use the data yet. Not sure that I should continue. I have 2 months of receipts entered and edited. I hate the thought of starting over.

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    Waste of time and money

    As a small business owner, I have enough on my plate keeping my business afloat. When you’re by yourself, you tend to look for some easier ways or tools that can help simplify some of your tasks. That when I kept hearing about receipt scanners and how they organize etc... I asked around and I said as highly recommend Foreceipt. Well in here to tell you that this app is a waste of time and $120 annually. This app only takes pictures of your receipts and stores them. There’s absolutely no organization, which is my biggest reason for wanting the receipt scanner so that I can cut down the time of having to do it manually for filing taxes. YES if you’re trying to file TAXES, this is NOT the app you want. I will be canceling my subscription as soon as I figure out how to get this so called spreadsheet they make based off the receipt data. Quite frankly I couldn’t be more disappointed in the functionality of Foreceipt. Why? Because I still have to go through hundreds of receipts by hand.

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    If I could give fewer stars I would

    This app started out as a great thing to help with tracking my receipts during my first year of business. It became very time consuming and inconvenient when I had to always stop and meticulously input or correct the way the app picked up on the scanning of receipts. Yes I did renew my subscription but after a day of going through the same correcting of the scanning I found another app that works SO MUCH BETTER and that app allows me to use my desk scanner as well as my phone’s camera for scanning. I canceled the subscription and requested a refund and I gave the reason for doing so and I was told that the company is very sorry by the $49 I spent on the yearly app subscription could not be refunded. It’s ok I guess. The money is a small amount in comparison to the customer service I’ve received from this company. Please by all means get rich and continue the very successful formula you guys have for your apps. Not!!!!!!!

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    Great App!

    I really wanted to give them 5 stars, because this app is close to perfect, to me it only needs few details fine tuned. And not only that, but changes to the app keep happening out of the blue. I had the free version for a while, with 100 receipts per month allowance, but from one month to the other it was changed drastically to 50, that screwed me up completely! and I'm not sure if i would be able to go back and enter them in app once I get the pro version. I was only waiting for the budget feature to be more flexible so that I can set my budgets according to my needs, currently I would like to set up my budgets bi-weekly (to coincide with my paycheck) but the app only offers monthly budgeting. I really long for a budget feature that I can actually use! ... I'll reconsider the rating as the app improves

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    I love this app but

    It unclear about your current balances, I believe all of your accounts are shown as one. If it showed your balance for the different accounts this app would be great. And it would’ve been great to know you have to manually roll over your ending balance every month. I paid for pro on my iPad but the phone data sometimes is different. You’ll have to refresh it a few times. But my overall issue is it not stating/ being more specific with the current balance for which account. Adding this would make this app untouchable. Until then I will be waiting for update. All in all I’m tired of looking for a new finance app. I don’t believe no app is perfect unless Foreceipt add this one thing lol

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    Easy to use; decent tech support

    I hate keeping receipts but want to easily reconcile credit card charges. This app makes eliminating receipts and reconciling charges easy. Scanning is simple & recognizes receipts well, automatically entering most info. Anything that is incorrect can be edited quickly. At the end of the month I export the receipts to a csv file then have excel match the transactions exported from Quicken or Mint. Receipts are stored on Google drive & don’t take much room so the free version is more than enough. The only problem I had with the app was one I created by accidentally deleting a receipt folder on Google drive. The folder was in the trash can so when I scanned the receipt it would disappear from the app. Working with tech support we figured it out. I think the developers are 3 guys working out of their house so it’s not like a call center but they were responsive enough. This app is worth the money b/c it saves me significant time & hassle plus I recover enough from inaccurate credit card charges.

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    Puts Spending into Perspective

    I have to say I’m impressed with this app. I’m one of those people with numerous bank accounts and believed that bank statements would be enough. However, using this app is helpful to track spending in all accounts, and it helps me to stay organized. I love that I can store all my receipts here, it creates a chart for me to see my percentages AND budget. Highly recommend. My only Con is that its not a free app but it’s actually really cheap, $9.99 for the entire year is not bad at all! That is like a cup of coffee and doughnut, you won’t be disappointed

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    Very good tool overall

    Very useful app to help me and my wife track monthly expenses. Automatic receipt scanning is soooo nice but it usually has trouble picking up the store name from the receipt because when the store prints its logo on the receipt etc. Only reason for 4 stars is because they REALLY need to have a year-to-date cumulative total for each of their Categories because some of our expenses are every other month, every 3rd month, and every 6 months which I budget every month for, but on the off months it doesn't get paid so it really needs a year-to-date expense vs budgeted total for each Category for a better idea how you are doing on this expenses PLEASE!

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    Great app with cloud sync to Dropbox/Gdrive

    I like this app and I’ve been using it since 2014. It’s backed up all my receipts in google drive, so I never have to worry. Helps with budgeting and keeps track of my spending, which I used to do all in a notebook. But now I’m paperless! One suggestion: once we create a receipt it defaults to showing me receipts by date created. Is there a way to turn this off? Or choose whether you want default to show receipts by receipt date or created date? This is fairly new feature and it’s annoying. Listing by created date is useful sometimes, but mostly I want to see receipt date.

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    Disappointed by limited uploads

    I love the features. Expense and income view, chart view of each category, can sort by dates, month or merchants and more. It can even fill in your upload by just taking a photo it’s not always accurate and you’ll have to go back and edit categories etc but it’s a nice feature. Shows an overview which is nice also. The biggest thing I’m looking for in an app is unlimited receipt uploads. The free version offers 10 uploads per month and if you upgrade pay $4/mo for up to 1,000 uploads but when you run a business or even as a regular consumer that is not enough. That is first and most important feature I am looking for in a receipt app.

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    Life saver!

    Since my encounter with the IRA a few years ago, I was encouraged by my replacement CPA to save my receipts in a shoe box for about 5 years. I’ve done that since. At least till a year ago. The problem with the receipts is the ink fade-away over time. Since finding Foreceipt I was reluctant and optimistic at the same time, but nonetheless gave it a try. Today I’m glad I did. Having digital receipt copies today is priceless. I would however like to see an improvement and functional budget feature in terms of recurring bills and also selected category sum.

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    Makes me look like an organizing rockstar

    I often send in reimbursement requests 3-6 months late because I HATE paperwork. But this app has made it easy and I love that it auto refills stores and categories for me. My biggest problem with the app comes with the sending the report. With added pictures the files become to big to send and I don't see a way to only send a few days at a time. I'm also trying to figure out how to only send certain days as my reports are for a certain amount not per a set of weeks or days. If these things where handled I would update to a 5 star.

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Is Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Safe?

No. Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,787 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Is 18.4/100.

Is Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Legit?

No. Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,787 Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App Is 18.4/100.

Is Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App not working?

Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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