Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Reviews

Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

Invoice Simple is the easiest way to send professional invoices and estimates to
your customers. It's perfect for small business owners, contractors and
freelancers needing a fast, easy to use mobile invoicing solution. Create,
send and track invoices and estimates on your phone and ke...

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Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Reviews

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    Excellent App!

    I just came across this app for the first time, and already love it. It creates beautifully detailed and organized invoices I can send to my design clients. Along with the detailed invoices, listing merchandise I’ve purchased for my clients, I can also attach photos of their decor, furniture, and copies of any store receipts, and etc. and all of it is attached to the same invoice as a single document. This will save me SO much time! Plus, I can do it all from my phone, without having to sit down at my computer, which is SO nice. Once I entered the detailed info, I was able to email/text the invoice to my design clients for them to immediately view. The app then lets you know once your clients have viewed the invoice, which is also a nice feature. The developer even sent me an email after I first used it to see what else I would recommend adding to make the App more user friendly. I’ve never had a developer reach out before. Thought it was pretty cool. Thank you for developing this app! So lucky to have found it!

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    Stopped working

    I used to have the free version and then paid for it. I have used it a couple of years ago and loved it. It used to give me easy to do, clean invoices. Now, I have a logo that I don’t want (a pair of lips) on the right hand side of my logo that I cannot get rid of. I go to settings and press delete and save, but then it’s back again. I spent an hour trying to delete and save and it will not go away. I tried adding a new image in the end to get rid of the lips, it won’t save the new image, it just keeps the stupid one of lips. I can’t send that in to a company - so now I have paid for something that makes my invoices look ridiculous. Update this bug please - or refund me. Updating this now. If anyone else has this issue, I went to the website and the only way I could get rid of the image was to put something over the top of it. So of you don’t want an image, screen shot a white page and I sent this so it looks like nothing is there! So silly.

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    Easy and orginized

    This is the first app I've ever bought. That's how awesome it is. Typically I don't buy apps since they are difficult or I can't see myself getting my money's worth out of it. That all changed with this app. Being a consultant and small business owner I do a lot of invoicing and billing to clients. They are typically very confused and can't understand the costs. However, with this, it is easy to read, well laid out, and sooo easy to prepare. The ability to text it or email is a life saver for those who have smartphones now. All I can say is if you write invoices periodically, you need to get this! Only down side is you can't shuffle or move the new items around once you've typed them in. They need to be in order as you type them. If there is ever an update I would love to see that feature just in case I got something out of order so I don't have to erase things. Other than that, it is perfect and a must have!!

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    Invoice Simple

    I love this app. It does exactly what I need it to do and it’s relatively cheap. It’s super simple to use and has many great and useful features. One of the biggest downsides is that it’s relatively expensive to use their “online payment” options. It charges 2.9% plus .30 cents for each transaction. Therefore if you are using the app for a construction business where thousands of dollars are moved around that adds up to a pretty hefty fee. I would be fine paying even $20 a month of the client’s online payment option was free. What I would like to see changed, is that once an estimate been turned into an invoice for the signature line to change to invoice. As of right now it transfers the “note” from an estimate to invoice so you have to correct that manually. Also would be nice if estimates once turned into invoice would disappear from the estimates tab-which indicates active projects.

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    Perfect Simple Invoice App

    I recently sold my tiny organic produce store and have just started a market garden. I plan to sell a few things to the store this season, only basil and sugar snap peas next week. Next year I should be really starting to crank out the veggies. Rather than fiddling with paper receipts, I decided to download an invoice app. This app is so elegant, you would think that someone read my mind and added everything necessary and no fiddly useless stuff. I love that I can create an estimate that later can be updated to an invoice. It saves a library of items, so I don’t have to re-enter each product with each new invoice. Client information is saved so that it can automatically be entered into the document. There is a place to put your logo and there are a number of different layout options from simple to professional. It allows you to send the invoice directly from the app. Perfect!

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    Great App for Invoicing

    Initially downloaded this app just to play around and see how easy or difficult to use it would be, what features I would be able to use if any, and how professional it would look as a small business owner. I mist say I ended up purchasing this app. Its very easy to use, gives you a very professional look, and has some pretty neat features. I can upload my business logo to add to the top of the invoice, add individual items into the app itself so I can easily have description and priced stored for quicker invoices, Record payments and multiple ones at that. In my sweets business I always require a deposit 3 weeks in advance and balance due 1 week before pick up/delivery and being able to record multiple payments are a great way to keep track of everything. The customers find it very easy to read and understand the invoice. LOVE LOVE LOVE this app.

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    Fantastic App

    I have downloaded and paid for so many apps trying to find something that made my life as a contractor a little easier and cut down my time working at home after I get off. I would put in a full day of labor and then come home to 4-5 hours a writing BIDS on my PC. So far this app allows me to do my BIDs anywhere my phone can go, so everywhere at anytime. And it has really sped up the entire process as a whole for me. I LOVE that you can make your own price list! That is something very unique and something I couldn’t find in other apps. It’s simple to use, which is awesome because I’m horrible at tech stuff. Type up the BID, take photos, write notes, multiple options of how to send that BID, price list, Invoices, payments. Really a great job on this app. And the customer service is quick and very friendly. Thank you!! Two Thumbs Up!

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    Good Stuff

    Just a quick review of Invoice Simple. When I started my business a few months ago I did a search to look for a “Simple” product to invoice and track customer equipment. I found Invoice Simple. I down loaded it figuring if I didn’t like the format or the ease of operation, I would delete it and try another. After a half hour or so of playing around with different settings and sample estimates and invoices I decided to give it a try. Fast forward a few months. My business is growing and Invoice Simple is just that, simple. The format lends itself a perfect amount of area to document everything I do and the ability to send the invoices directly to the customer is a perfect fit for me. I recommend this product if your starting out or want something easy to use, Good Stuff

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    Great app and site!

    I love Invoice Simple! It keeps track of invoices and invoice numbers for me. It saves previous information and it makes it so easy when you have to send an invoice to the same business. I get notified when the email is opened. My favorite feature is being able to mark an invoice as paid and it goes into its own folder. So now you have two folders one unpaid and one paid. So incredibly easy! You can also upload your business logo so that your invoices are received with your logo in the top corner. There are other features that I don’t use yet but I’m sure I will once I have the need. The small monthly fee is definitely worth it if you send out a lot of invoices and you need help keeping track of all the information.

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    Excellent for business owners

    Been using this invoice app for years. As a painting business we can’t always rely on the paper estimates/invoice as minds are always changing and it would be wasteful and confusing to try to keep track of all the papers. This makes it easy to write up your estimate, email or text (which is a great way to keep a paper trail), and change to an invoice by clicking a button. It lets you know when they’ve received, and read, your estimate/invoice. There’s an option to receive payments through the app but we personally did not want to pay the percentage or wait the three day wait period but still a great option nonetheless. We love this app and it has helped tremendously with our business!

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    Really easy app to use

    I really like this invoicing system. Ive used it for 3 years now. I do have some concerns about the operation and navigation on the app though. I would really like a search bar to be added to the invoices, estimates, and paid categories. If you need to search for a past invoice, you’ll have to scroll though all the invoices you’ve done throughout the year. The same is true with you contacts... if you do business with the same customer its a beating to find their info on the app because you have to scroll through all your contacts instead of being able to go to a search bar and just search them. It sure would be easier if they could fix the problem. That’s the only reason why I’m giving this app 4 stars instead of 5.

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    Business owner

    Update: Still LOVING this app 3 years later! Now they have added so I can easily send invoices to my customers and allowing the customer to pay directly thru their email. This app is wonderful. It's easy to use and convenient. I can make invoices/estimates on sight at a job and email them quickly to my customers. It allows to mark them paid as well and send my customer a receipt. I can keep track of all invoices that have or have not been paid right on my phone. No need to go back to the office to finish paper work! I was extremely surprised that the creator of this app contacted me as well, they asked what if any improvements could be done to make my life easier. Definitely a 5-star/A+ app !

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    Awesome app for what it is, very good for business

    I'm very skeptical to buy apps. Most of them not worth my money. I found this app to help me do invoicing at any given time without having to scribble through them. I run an agricultural seasonal business and my time is very limited due to it being a seasonal job. My invoicing piles up and next thing you know I'm behind a few weeks and after finding this app I can simply make invoices before I go to sleep or when I wake up at the comfort of my bed before leaving for the day. And I simply wifi to my printer and print any invoice. Very very helpful. I would like to see a few more font styles and customization of lettering but other than that can not complain !

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    Great Invoicing App

    If you're sitting on the fence wondering if you should purchase this app or not to be quite honest with you for the price $2.99 a month I don't think you can go wrong. You have the ability to create estimates, create invoices, and the ability to send everything via email. Love the fact you get notified when they see your invoice. I do however wish the extraction of files gave us more information I do wish we had the ability to create a mailing list and I do wish we could send the invoice to the customer and they would have the ability or option to pay now BUT for the price of what the app offers I Havassy feel it's an excellent deal.

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    Loving this app but I do have a few requests

    I’ll start off by said that I love this app. I love the professional invoices I’m able to make. But I do have a few requests. I would love to see in the EDIT ITEM area another spot I can include my material for the job. Having to include my material in my price has been raising a lot of questions from my customers. They are wanting to see the material and my labor separate. I also wish they had a quick search in estimates / invoice / and in paid / a lot less scrolling to search for a previous estimate and invoices would be nice. I would also like to see who I’ve sent invoices and estimates to. I did realize I would get a confirmation when I open the app if my customers received the estimates or invoices. I would just like documentation for my records down the road.

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Is Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Safe?

Yes. Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 63,634 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Is 21.2/100.

Is Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Legit?

Yes. Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 63,634 Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker Is 21.2/100.

Is Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker not working?

Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker.

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