Disney Frozen Free Fall Game Reviews

Disney Frozen Free Fall Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-08

Play 1,000+ exciting levels in Disney’s amazing puzzle game, Frozen Free
Fall! Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Kingdom of
Arendelle, inspired by Disney’s Frozen movie! Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more
of your favorite characters on a puzzle journey to slide and mat...

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Disney Frozen Free Fall Game Reviews

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    Hey frozen lovers you found you’re fave game!

    If you love frozen and frozen two I recomend you to download This game first when you reach level 20 you unlock adventure Mode when you unlock it you get grown up elsa with travel outfit and you get to play levels in the inchanted forest from frozen two you can also decorate you're own plaza buying stuff with tickets and coins witch you get by playing levels and you get different characters from frozen like Anna Elsa and Christof and each character has different power ups and the game also see things and characters from the frozen films like the crown and the bottle from frozen the mini snowmans from frozen fever and special events like alafs frozen adventure and othere special events like change of weathere in arendelle as you play levels in the game youre character grows up and the best thing is that you dont need internet to play the game you only need it to download the game and thats why I rate this game a 5 star review !THIS GAME IS AMAZINGLY AWESOME!

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    Poor Design

    UPDATE: I appreciate the developers getting back to me through the review and their advice worked. You have to press and hold for awhile and then it works. Why aren’t there instructions in the app? Or at least a quick link to a website with detailed instructions? I’ve been struggling with this for months and found no way other than a bad review to get help. There is a very basic overview of how to play the match three part and an extensive list of credits for all the people involved in the game but no where to get detailed help for issues like mine. Again, great game but lack of support. Love that you have kept this game fresh and continue to add new functionality but you need to consider what players may have done previously before adding. There is now a task board at the plaza where you receive bonuses if you complete the tasks. However once you have built something there is no way to change it. So since I already built something where they want me to put something else I don’t get to use this new function and lose out on all the bonuses from the task board because I’d already placed a bench where they want me to put a tree. Ridiculous!

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    No longer as good

    I have played this game for several years. Now, this game is becoming like so many other match-3 games: we don’t get to choose when to use boosts, and we can’t earn ice picks through daily log in. I was recently stuck on a level for a week, during which it suddenly earned a “super hard” (or some such) label. I think it also got harder. A few ice picks would have solved it, but I don’t dare use them now that I cannot earn them in a reasonable way. Instead, I thought I’d use a snowball to get past it. THREE snowballs later (that’s 15 additional moves, for those keeping track), and I still hadn’t managed to clear two frozen cells. I finally succumbed and used the ice picks, but when a level is that difficult, it’s no longer fun. I have quit playing other match-3 games that require a boost (or multiple boosts) just to finally clear a level. This one is facing a similar outcome. But I doubt this review will make a difference. After all, who can argue with a near-perfect 5-star rating? Nevermind all the players who have been playing for years. All that seems to matter is making it so hard we have to buy boosts to progress. Can’t argue with money.

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    Frozen gets repeatedly “frozen”

    While I appreciate some aspects of this app, I am tired of it actually getting “frozen” REPEATEDLY when I use it which requires me to delete it and re-download it. In the process, I lose lives, and have to constantly reset the city because all of the “purchases” through points I made end up being “stored”. While the stored items are generally the same ones I won though points, it gets a aggravating having to do it time and time again. In addition, while I enjoy playing it, it’s extremely frustrating to attempt to conquer certain levels and there are no additional directions, hints, or assistance in getting out of the levels. Perhaps there could be assistance on a site somewhere for these issues. Again, the graphics and colors are great, but I expect better from Disney especially on a relatively new iPad which is of the appropriate system that should have no problem. I do not experience this on any kind of similar app that has the same type of set up and gaming action.

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    Frozen Free Fall

    This is definitely one of the better match games; a lot of updates so you rarely run out of levels to play, fairly easy ways to win or gain free power ups so you’re not forced to use your own money (sometimes you need to have a little patience) and there’s an extra side game/event to build a town and in doing so you gain points you can use to “buy” or earn more power ups. If I HAD to point out a negative it would be that some levels are repeats as far as what you have to do to clear the level... It may look different depending on what season you’re playing in (the color scheme, characters, etc.) but essentially you’re doing the same actions with the same format as previous levels... I would recommend to obviously change things up a bit even if you have to do the same actions, at least make the setup of the level different. Regardless, there’s a lot of levels so this can easily be overlooked!

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    Collect the Specials Issue

    The first level of the new “Collect the Specials” challenge has a major issue, more or less making it unplayable. Two of the carrot bunches are partially layered on top of each other, which means that the game will not accept that you have collected the second bunch. So you can’t win the level. I have done through and done what the level asks several times without it accepting my win because of this glitch, clearing the whole board just to be sure, clearing on top of the second set of carrots multiple time. They won’t clear. I can’t move on past the level, so I can’t complete the challenge. This is super frustrating. Please fix this glitch so that players are able to complete the challenge. All of that being said, I actually really like this game. I also wanted to report this in game and not have to report on here, but couldn’t find a way.

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    Great game!

    A nice great game! An easy fun game to play, tons of new things to do, and lots of new updates. Some levels are really hard, but there is a daily reward each day. Ever since Jam City took the game over, it has been tons of fun. There is a new event they come up with almost every month, and you can earn tickets to get exclusive items in your very own decorated plaza. And since the movie Frozen 2 came out, there were new characters you could unlock, and a new map! But i do have a couple suggestions: first is that I have been in a situation where you are stuck on your levels on all of your maps, and you don’t have any boosters or power ups. It would be nice if there was a mini game that could help you earn power ups and boosters. It would also make the game a bit more fun. Second is that I think it would be nice if you could buy power ups with your plaza coins that you earn. And third, some of the levels are just too difficult. Other than that, it is a relaxing, fun game to play.

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    Arendelle Marketplace

    August 30, 2019 - Update to my review. Apparently there is a cap of 40,000 coins. There are a bunch of ways to collect coins but no reason to spend them so I have just let my coins sit at their stores. I don’t want to waste them if the game HAPPENS to give an opportunity to spend them which is rare. That is very frustrating. Old review: I have been playing this game for years on a daily bases. The games are both hard and easy but a lot of fun. I like the new addition of the Arendelle Market Square but I’m disappointed that you get more coins and not rewards from the people in the Square. You can only purchase so many items then the place is full. There is always 25 or more people shopping or walking around but usually I can only collect from 2-5 at the most. That is a big disappointment. I have almost 20,000 coins and don’t have a use for them. Let me turn them in for some bonus items to help me win levels.

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    Love this game!

    Great for any age & it ranges in complexity over the levels! Just an overall wonderful design & the attn to detail is superb! It includes many different things on a match 3 game that I’m not used too seeing which is awesome! I especially love the ‘Build a City’—(Arandelle), bonus feature where you can place ur own trees, benches & lights where you’d like them to be, as well as rotate them, remove & move them agn, store them, etc! All this allows you to make your own version of the city in the movie! That this also is not a money charged bonus but is totally free as you level up, makes it THAT much Sweeter!!! Very cute & very fun!!! I was surprised by how much I liked doing that part of the game! I just ADORE all of these different details & the many facets of the game! So all in all, It’s a Totally Fun & Engaging Game & My #1 Absolute Favorite of all the Top Match 3 Games!!!

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    Love the game but stuck at a issue

    So I love this game. It’s fun, it’s cute, I love it! But there is a issue in this game. I’m on level 19, so close to 20! But the level has a issue. So when the item drops on the screen the item is as usually, is dropping. But when I get so close to the bottom, there’s no matches to get the item to the bottom of the screen. So sense then I didn’t want to play it because I’m gonna lose and it’s been months till now. It’s still like this. I’m very upset of the game and I wish it gets fixed. So the update came, I played it, and nothing. It’s still the same as before. They really need to fix this. Edit: you guys don’t listen to me. I was being nasty boi when I write this. Other than that the game is fine quite descent game! But I did see some people did complain that there were other bugs than this, but like I said do not listen to me. What I complain about in the game perfectly normal! Nothing wrong. Sorry I was being nasty about this game. Anyways you guys have a good day and enjoy your night.

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    Great game, bad tech support

    The game is really fun to play and it’ll keep you coming back. I had an issue once I obtained a certain level and the app would close out on me when I chose it. I looked at their support page and followed their instructions. It didn’t work for me, so I sent in a ticket for my issue, telling them everything I had done before I sent the message (everything on their support page). Not long after, they reply with an email telling me to do exactly what I had just done. Do they not read what is sent to them?? I’m pretty good at understanding devices and programs and understand most of the standard ways of making sure something is giving me issues. Ultimately, I just uninstalled the game due to not getting a solution that wouldn’t involve me uninstalling it anyway. If the game works you, it’s great! But if you need some tech support, don’t bother doing anything they say first, just send in a ticket as they’ll copy paste everything in their support page. Frustrating!

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    This app is okay. I- specifically am normally not a big fan of apps like this with these types of puzzles, but I got it when a friend requested, I guess. So I’ve had this a long time. I’m still stuck on level 21 because the standards for getting three stars are very high, however, this app is decent, and keeps me thinking fast even though the types of puzzles aren’t my favorite. It’s like I had this app for my whole life time and I’m stuck on level 21. But I guess it’s just being tough?? I think I’d rate it a little more (like four stars) if you didn’t have to pay for everything, yeah, it’s low prizes but it’s just a game. Also, I like the levels and all, but even on level 21, a low-ish level, the standards get pretty high. I guess it’s hard to develop a game EVERYONE would love but it (like every other game I have) isn’t always perfect. I would say, if you like these puzzles, and you like challenges from the very beginning, go for it. I personally think it’s just okay though. - Me

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    New format is weird, game is great

    So far I have really enjoyed this game and have enjoyed the updates that bring new content however the newest update has changed the "look" of everything from quaint Frozen-themed buttons and such to a garish set of bright green buttons that makes the game feel more like just another Candy Crush instead of an immersive experience. I don't know why the developers thought that part of the formatting needed to be updated but it kind of ruins the experience for me. As far as the actual game goes though, it's great! So much fun while still being challenging. Overall, a good experience although after the last couple updates I've started having glitches where the game just shuts down which is REALLY irritating when you're in the middle of a level during one of the challenges and you have to start back at the beginning.

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    Good game but it’s too hard

    I love this game and I’ve been playing since 2016. With that being said I should be way farther than what I am. I’m on level 66. While this game is so pretty and well made, it’s honestly one of my favorites but some of the levels are just a little over the top. I couldn’t imagine a child playing this at all. I barely get through most levels by the skin of my teeth and this game can get extremely frustrating and this is coming from an adult perspective. I like a challenge but not something that feels impossible. I can see why you can unlock the other levels for a small fee because that’s probably the only way I’ll ever get to play something besides the winter map. It’s just impossible!!

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    No Moves???

    I can legitimately say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this game for YEARS! However as of late I have been experiencing glitches that are becoming costly to me and I’m not understanding why? Prime example...I am currently playing the latest chapters of the Northern Lights pop up games and every level began with zero moves. I am one of many who purchases the bundles or in house purchases to continue to advance. With these particular levels they have to be won consecutively in order to win the overall prize. But if I’m already starting with no moves that means I have to add some in order to complete the stage and here is where the cost is incorporated. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or marketing ploy but I’m not a fan! I’m currently on level 4 of 5 with 3 days to complete before it disappears and I don’t even want to finish with fear of losing and having to start over because I do not want to pay for anymore power ups all due to beginning with no moves in the first place??? Make it make sense!

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