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The most secure and easy way to pay for gas and earn rewards on every fuel purchase. It is simple: create an app account, link your preferred payment method, and start earning rewards on your next fill up at participating Exxon and Mobil stations! Exxon Mobil Rewards+ is a loyalty app that allows you to stay in the comfort of your vehicle while you pay for Synergy™ fuel with your phone. Say goodbye to taking your wallet out and swiping your credit card at the pump. It is a fast and secure way to earn rewards on every fuel purchase, every day. You can even redeem these points for dollar savings at the pump and in the store. Download the app today and start earning rewards immediately on every purchase! Pay at the pump It’s simple and safe! Just open the app, select your pump number and authorize the pump. All you have to do is get out of your car to select a fuel grade and begin fueling. When you finish fueling, the app automatically displays a receipt with your transaction total, earned rewards and, if selected, a car wash code! If your location services are turned off, simply scan the QR code at the pump to select your pump number. Accepted Payment Methods The app accepts all credit and debit card payment methods, as well as the ExxonMobil Smart Card and wallets like Apple Pay and Masterpass. Apply for the ExxonMobil Smart Card through the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app and get 6 cents off every gallon, every day with the ExxonMobil Smart Card.* For more information and frequently asked questions go to https://www.exxon.com/en/rewards-program. Your feedback is greatly appreciated; look for new updates coming soon! *Subject to credit approval. Account must be open and in good standing to qualify. Statement credit will be applied monthly with qualifying purchases. Terms and conditions of the ExxonMobil Smart Card Rebate Program apply.

Top Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Reviews

  • By Kenkensmom

    Speedpass & Plenti are a perfect match!

    I downloaded the speed pass last night, super quick and easy to set up, it synced with my applepay and I was able to add another card easily, I added my Plenti account also. I watched the video (super quick) on how to pay at the pump and apply Plenti points to my purchase. I tried it out tonight, I got to the pump, the app was open and I was recognized right away, I picked my pump # on the app and selected how many points to use towards my gas and that was it! Pumped my gas and got a receipt! I'm normally a 711 fan, but the easy use of this app and purchasing gas has made me switch to the Exxon family! Plus if you think about it, no one can take your card number, watch you put in your pin, you don't need to bring your card and no more touching the keypad (cause I'm sure everyone before you has washed their hands prior to using) ❤️❤️

  • By REShaman

    Bye-bye Good Speed Pass Hello App Better...

    Learning my Speed Pass technology had been replaced with an App, I reluctantly added the App to my iPhone 6+. I resisted using the App believing the Speed Pass was so easy to use, why complicate purchasing gas with an App. The interface is different. But different better. I realized I can pull up to the Exxon-Mobil station I prefer, and while remaining in my vehicle, launch the App (already logged in) select the pump identified by number, select buy gas, type in PIN number, request authorization, open filler cap from inside my vehicle in advance, select grade of gas and fill up my tank. No more pressing buttons on the pump’s keypad. While I prefer receipts, I never request them. Now an email arrives promptly and is easily organized so my receipt records are readily available. Love setting up the purchase from inside my vehicle. The App works perfectly.

  • By Eagle Keeper

    Convenient w/Apple Pay

    I downloaded the App to give it a try because I always try to refuel my vehicle at a local Mobil station that has been remodeled, is clean, and convenient to my home or work. I didn’t love the idea of loading my credit card to the App to pay for the fuel but I do like using the Apple Pay feature to pay for fuel. I use my a credit card that credits me 5% cash back on fuel purchases so that’s a bonus. The App always works and I honestly feel that the transaction is a little safer than swiping my card at the pump. I do everything on the App right inside my car then get out and the pumps are ready to use. My wife and daughter also really like this App and use it every time. I used it on a cross country 1,400 mile drive and it worked every time at the Mobil stations.