LIFX Reviews

LIFX Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-15

Like you, LIFX wants smarter light. This means we care about the way you control
your smart lights, as much as we do about the lights themselves. We make it easy
to get started with WiFi-enabled, bright, colorful smart lights that need no
hub. Yep, you can start with just one device. LI...

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LIFX Reviews

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    Good design, but often unresponsive.

    I know a lot of people don’t like the new UI, but it’s honestly a bit clearer, and looks much better. I only fumbled for a few days, accidentally turning my room mates lights on because of the new swiping features. Once you relearn though, it feels like it was well thought out. As far as functionality, it’s a bit wonky. To transition to a scene I want, I have to tap back and forth between two different scenes, as if I have to wake up the lights from a rest mode. Also, I’m aware tiles have been discontinued, at least for now, but the app tends to not have total control over them anymore. I have 3 connected in a straight line. Unless I use a premade scene (and even then sometimes), they will randomly switch to morph. No matter what color I set them to (aside from “off”), they always end up on morph after about 3-5 minutes of whatever I had just set it to. Sometimes while browsing colors in the color wheel, you’ll experience the whole wheel spin around incredibly quickly, as if it’s attempting to catch up. Something about this version communicates with the lights much slower than before. This is all minor though, as it only takes a few seconds to troubleshoot and fix any problem.

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    Terrible app

    The new app is a complete failure in functionality. What used to be a very straightforward operation in turning lights on or off has become twice as cumbersome with this revised app. The addition of fake line drawings of your different rooms is utterly pointless and only succeeds in filling up the screen so that you’re forced to scroll far too long if you have more than one room set up. The action of turning lights on or off is also much slower and unresponsive with the new app while adjusting individual lights in a group has become very difficult. The new app has a greater emphasis on effects such as making all the lights in your house flicker like a candle or perform an epilepsy-inducing strobe. Pointless. Classic case of ‘can we do this’ instead of ‘should we do this’. The app development team at LIFX should be ashamed at their lack of user testing. Clearly they’ve been given too much freedom to be ‘artistic’ without any checks on actual usability. I hate this new app and every loyal customer of LIFX will too. I wish I went with the Hue.

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    Lights, amazing. App, not so much.

    I actually emailed LIFX a pretty lengthy email about this (with no response) but here’s an abbreviated version. The lights themselves are amazing. Really love them. No questions there about whether I’d purchase again or continue to because I will. The app on the other hand is barely useable. Here’s a short list of grievances: - Effects can’t be saved with scenes. This is crazy. Why can I not save the exact setup I want with effects included? I ALWAYS want a specific effect with my studio lights. How hard is this to implement? - Effects can’t be run without app being on. This is also aggravating for someone who is OCD about constantly quitting apps that aren’t in use by habit. - Much larger overall issue but the ergonomics hierarchy here is so so wrong. The menu layouts are terrible and it takes many steps to achieve some things that should only take a few clicks. Example: scenes should be stored with built in color palettes. Instead I have to adjust my light, go to another tab, select the scene, go into the scene, assign it, and then go back out. How about, select light, select scene..... done. - Google Nest integration is broken because of nest/google login issue Those are just to name a few... this app needs a total overhaul even though you guys put work into the new one. It’s truly objectively bad design. Love the lights tho!

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    Once again, the old saying holds true, if its not broken, dont fix it! This new design has been around and it allows us to do the simple things. However, trying to remove a light, a location, is impossible. And for the life of me, i cannot figure out how to get my moms lifx account to stop controlling my lights too ON MY ACCOUNT. No one ever linked these accounts together, yet any change she makes on her lifx account transfers to mine as well. Besides the fact that the lights randomly disconnect and become uncontrollable until you flip the light switch off and on again (which happens often and lifx support does not have an answer to this). I have been wanting to switch to phillips hue for quite some time and this new issue is the final nail in the coffin. Locating the fun stuff (like the strobe effect) has been very confusing, to the point that my mom has given up on trying to have fun with her light. We will deal with the lights as they are for now, but they will be destroyed and recycled next year.

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    Can no longer create multi-color themes

    Where is the ability to create my own multi-color themes. You developers removed the ability completely! It used to be in the color palette section and I remember the option to select from the palette and draw my own themes, which then I could save as a scene and quickly select it instead of redrawing it. it’s gone now and nowhere to be found. All I can do is pick a solid color from the palette and save it as scene AKA save my favorite SOLID colors to the dashboard. That’s so infuriating and such a downgrade it’s not even funny. How come I can pick from these multi-color preset themes made by the developers but I no longer get to create my own? That ability was why I loved these light strips more than any other light strips and what made them so much more unique from the rest. Now there’s no creativity, just preset multi-color themes and the ability to choose from the color wheel. Please add this ability back. Thank you.

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    Updated: Homekit!

    It works, and I never had any problems with it. I do like the selection of scenes but it feels like I should have much more from you or a community to choose from. Also, after using schedules for a while I hope for a feature to somehow turn on the lights when someone who comes in proximity of the home that has the app installed. Other than that, keep rocking it with the lights and app. Keep it consistently updated with new stuff. Thanks! 4/5 Update: I have changed my 4/5 to 5/5. Just because of homekit, thank you! The best decision you have made, just wish it included the Z strip.. You came out with the Z strip upon mentioning homekit was in development. Still, you are constantly updating and keeping with the lights so props to you! Now I can quickly access lighting options if I need to and have the lights turn off and on according to location. Best update! Looking forward to more in the future. Edit of 2020, new app design. I own more than ten of your lights. I love your company and how great these lights look especially my oldest ones of 3 years now. I really enjoy you, LIFX. Keep growing, you are the best around!

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    Improvement continues

    Update: The recent updates are definitely improving the overall usability and I’m very happy. I’d still like to see some work around the various controls as they are a bit convoluted. Happy to see LIFX continuing to improve this app and the lights. I’m also very much looking forward to getting a switch. All in all I get the goal with this update and I like the introduction of a more visually focused UI design. As with any overhaul I’m sure we’ll see some iterative updates which I’m also looking forward to seeing. I’d like for scenes to be more of a primary interface as they seem more user friendly but it’s not hard to navigate to them. Keep up the good work!

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    Unacceptable bugs with the basic functions

    Buggy as hell. Half of the time that i open the app, it doesnt allow me to select the light. When it does work, it bugs out like crazy. Whenever i try to dim or brighten a light. It will sometimes swap out the brightness wheel with the color wheel as my finger is pressed against it and swiping. That means the color gets all screwed up. The icon to favorite a light so that i can use it as a widget is missing. There is literally no fix for it online anywhere. The icing on the cake, i tried a workaround with ifttt and setup my own widget. It connects, but doesn’t work at all. I know it isn’t iftt because it works with my other smart systems without a problem. Utter garbage. Lifx and wemo have to be hands down, the WORST user experiences that i’ve ever had with any product ever. I suggest you spend your money elsewhere so you don’t have to go through the same frustrations. Everything about lifx is awful.

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    This new app change awful!!!! I can’t even set up an existing light and have it stay connected! It would have been nice to have been given a choice to update or not. This app is neither user friendly nor intuitive. The lights stopped responding while I was out of town and would not follow the set schedule. I was 3k miles away and couldn’t fix the problem. Turns out it was a firmware update that interrupted the performance. No notification of required firmware update - what good are lights on a schedule (for security) when you have to be present to update? Furthermore, if the light drops out of the “Cloud” the process to re-connect is very cumbersome. It requires you unplug/turn off the light 5 times before you can reconnect. And then it still doesn’t work! I have 8 of these bulbs in my house and feel it is a total waste of money as I will be changing to a more reliable product!

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    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    After the update, my light strips will no longer stay connected to my home WiFi (it’s not the connectivity issue, literally everything in my house is connected to WiFi and works except LIFX). Before if I forgot to turn them off before leaving home I could do so very simply with the old app. Now the light strips “go dark” for hours, even when I’m at home. Most of the time I am left to just open up the app every now and then to see if they come back online. On the contrary the new design LOOKS good. It’s not functional in any way whatsoever. Unless you just like to swipe through countless menus and make yourself look like you’re busy at all times. Not sure what was the purpose or the reasoning behind this update that literally no one asked for. It’s good to know that the redesign has rendered my light setup completely useless for the past week. Thanks for that!

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    Revised app not useful

    I’m reluctant to leave a review such as this, but honestly I don’t know what has happened with the app. The recent revision has made it almost unusable. I’ve only ever used the LIFX app to coax reluctant bulbs to follow their schedule, or even to turn them on or off if the HomeKit app doesn’t get the bulb(s) to respond. The original app did exactly what I wanted it to do...quickly. The new revision presupposes that I’m using my bulbs, and the LIFX app, to manage groups and effects, which I am not. A more useful enhancement (for me) would have been to set lights coming on (or going off) at specified times relative to local sunrise and sunset. As it is, I have to go in and adjust the schedule manually a couple of times a month. I’m sure that LIFX software engineering worked hard on this latest update. I just wish it were meeting my needs more effectively.

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    Speechless why are you still in my phone?

    The app in looks has improved, but noticed something strange. I have been having issues with connecting the app to the bulb for sometime now. The contacted support who said to reset everything. So I removed the app, but then post. I did a search I found that there were remnants of the app. I find this troubling. If I have removed an app and it tells me it will remove all my data, the it should right? I loaded the app to find that it did not. I want to just remove the app now, but can’t since there seems to remain artifacts of the app that will not erase. I do not have a backup of any apps in iCloud, so why and how is it that lifx settings and third party licenses even after I have erased the app and restarted my phone. I am concerned about what is happening and what is being scraped. Call me paranoid, but this feels like a security nightmare.

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    How to connect your light to home WiFi (IPhone)

    So I’ve had this bulb for a few years and it’s been great. The only downside is trying to connect it to a new WiFi or reconnecting it after changing your WiFi password. However I’ve figured out how to connect to my WiFi in 1 or 2 tries with a simple trick (IPhone). 1. Go to your phone settings and set your home WiFi to “Auto-Join”. 2. Press home and open LIFX app and follow directions to connect your light. When you reach the point where it asks you to select your home WiFi. Select the first “WPA(most common)” or whatever your home WiFi type is 3. Enter your user & password. (Before pressing connect make sure your WiFi setting is open on your phone) 4. Press connect and immediately double tap the home button to switch to WiFi setting screen. 5. Your phone should connect to your home WiFi 6. Immediately switch back to lifx app, and your phone should connect to your light. Hope this helps

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    Recent update failure

    The app and light itself were perfect when we bought it in December. Loved the color and mood options and it performed effortlessly. This latest update to “firmware” has left the app useless and the light no longer functioning. I paid a good little chunk for the light with smart capabilities and for the convenience of using the phone to control it (outlet switch is hard to get to). Since the update, every attempt to turn the light on and off has left the app thinking for several minutes only to reveal the light has “gone dark”. Our internet connection is always strong in this room, phones and tv can connect no problem. This only started happening after the latest update. If you can fix this bug, the light and app would be amazing and convenient. Right now regretting spending my money as it’s completely useless.

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    4.0 is a step backwards

    The new 4.0 update is more complicated and unintuitive. The new design is not an evolution to the prior one; it’s devolved. It involves more swiping to accomplish the same tasks, and it’s not clear which menu contains the function you’re looking for. But what I hate the most with the 4.0 design is that with the old design, you could apply effects on per-light basis. So if I have a beam in the living room and strip in the bedroom, with the old version, I could apply the animate effect to both of them simultaneously. But with the 4.0 version, the animate effect can only be applied to the living room beam or the bedroom strip, but not both simultaneously. This is trash. LIFX please pull this version from the App Store and revert to the old functionality. Luckily I still have the old version of the app on my iPad and I will never update it until LIFX fixes this devolution.

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Is LIFX Safe?

Yes. LIFX is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,291 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LIFX Is 29.9/100.

Is LIFX Legit?

Yes. LIFX is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,291 LIFX User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LIFX Is 29.9/100.

Is LIFX not working?

LIFX works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Bjorn Beerwart
Mar 23 2021

Why am I posting?
LIFX does not even respond. And we’re all stuck at home and have nothing better to do than try and play with our lighting and stuff If they didn’t company has a huge opportunity, and they squandered it with their bullshit software update and won’t listen to their users about how screwed up the new version is. Must be somebody related to the owner it’s my only guess. Woo hoo now I have to throw these lightbulbs away and start over

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