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Mow and Trim Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-02

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About Mow and Trim

Welcome to Mow and Trim, the ultimate relaxation and lawn mowing experience! Embark on a therapeutic journey as you indulge in the art of landscaping and grass trimming in various picturesque locations such as stadiums, parks, and more.


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4.3 out of 5


Fun but waaaay too many ads

I like this game and understand the ad revenue thing, but they take it way too far on this game. You literally get 45 seconds to a minute of game play for about 40 seconds worth of ads. It’s like half and half. It’s fun but annoying because you’ll be in a groove and doing your thing then bam…another ad. Please fix this. It’d be much more enjoyable if you cut out some of the ads.


Decent Game Highly Bugged & Underdeveloped

Game is decent. I enjoy the aspect of clearing and selling and upgrading. However, I got suckered into paying for the $10 no add and better tractor. The tractor is just a skin and doesn’t provide any “upgrade”. The upgrades section is bugged at level 8. I can’t got in to upgrade my blades or anything anymore. Tried to go to lower levels and it is still bugged. Can’t get past that level to be able to clear any further levels without moving very very slow without upgraded blades. I deleted and reinstalled; put me back at level one. I did the process all over got back to level 8 and upgrade tent became bugged again. From ready other reviews, it seems like the things that are promised at higher levels are actually not available. DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME. Just save yourself the download and the time. DON’T DOWNLOAD.


Very disappointed only partially finished

I love these types of games but this one has left me very disappointed. Only 30 levels I beat all 3 stars in a couple of hours. The tractor and cart were maxed by level 18. It says the trolley unlocks at level 18 in the upgrade section but at level 18 there is nothing there and I never saw a trolley to use. The factory, farm, and skins are supposed to unlock at level 20 but it never did. It feels like this was rushed on in the middle of development and it wasn’t even finished. Not sure if it will be updated or when it will. Probably delete this game now until I see some improvement as I look at these types of games a lot.



It’s a easy, relaxing game if you’re OCD. However, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GAME. You will see a factory, a farm and a skins docking station, they tell you it will be open by level 18, or whatever. But I conquered this game in less than 2hrs. There is ONLY 30 levels and NO MORE. There is no skins, no farms or factory that opens. No more other levels past 30. Waste of time and $4.99.


Never seen so many ads

I completely understand that there will be an ad after you finish a level but not here. You are playing the game and all of a sudden no matter what you are doing there is an ad. It’s the kind of ads where yes it only makes you watch like 10 seconds but when the X pops up man if you don’t hit that right on the head then it will take you to the download screen. Then you starting playing and I would say about a minute guess what happens??? That’s right another ad 🤯


Almost perfect except…

This is an amazing app and is very relaxing however they need to add more levels and actually have content under the group headings instead of disappointment. It makes it no different than any other mowing app.


Way too many ads

I just installed this game a few hours ago and I just started playing it so I’m at level 3 or 4 maybe level 5 and I’m already thinking about uninstalling it because there are way to many ads I’ve had to watch like 50 or more ads already EVERY SINGLE 15 OR 30 SECONDS and it’s annoying. So it would be very nice if you stop giving the game SO MSNY FRICKING ADS.


It’s ok

This would be a great game if the factory, skins, and tractor upgrade would work… it worked for first couple of levels and now I’m up past level 25 and they all stopped workin…this bug needs fixed


Needs more

I agree with post from December 29. Only 30 levels. Tractor maxed out with nothing else to upgrade it. I have over million bucks and 100+gold bars with nothing to use it on. Also it says farm, skins, and trolley that I can’t open or do anything with. I like the game but it needs more updates


Lots of Ads

Starts out good, then the ads start - ok at first but by level 10 you get one pass and an add, and they keep coming to the point where you watch more ads than play - other than that annoyance, which will cause me to delete app - it would be a good game


Good Until Maxed

I’m echoing another reviewer’s experience. The game is decent until you’ve maxed the mower blades, prongs, rotation speed, capacity, and wheel count (around level 13). Then it’s just mowing with no goal or achievements over and over again.

Don’t buy the “no-ads” experience like I did. After level 13 or so the game stops being challenging.

I got to level 18 where the game says carts are available but there are no carts. Another reviewer said Factories are available at level 20 but there’s no factories.

It may be a better game if it’s updated.


Nothing to do

I’m assuming they’re still working on this game on the backend because I’m accumulating money with nothing to do since the updates state at level 15 & 20 skins, factory,& trolley are supposed to become available but don’t. I enjoy the game but I’ll be deleting MowandTrim , it’s boring now.


Seems to be a scam

Ridiculous amount of ads that you have to pay to get rid of. They bait you with areas that supposedly open up at certain levels but they don’t. What you see is all you get…..mowing the same area over and over again with no purpose. Waste of time. Don’t bother.



Not sure why but after level 5 I can’t upgrade my tractor or buggy, and I spent the money on no ads, super disappointed. And no way to get my money back.


Game stops working and you can’t contact the game developer

I paid the money to see no more ads. And soon after the game stoped working. Ou go to the upgrade spot and nothing, and it tells you in the first parts go to a certain level and other areas and things will be available, nooooooo nothing!


Inability to upgrade

After level 7 I have not been able to upgrade the mower. Must be a bug in the software because I have plenty of cash and there were still half bars to fill in the upgrade sections. Very disappointing. WHY CAN’T I UPGRADE MY MOWER?!?!?!


Upgrades won’t work.

Fun at first, even paid $10 to remove ads. After the first five levels I can’t upgrade my mower anymore.


Level 30

Only 30 levels. I have a maxed out mower. 90 gold(no idea what it’s for). Factory and Skins supposed to unlock at level 20, nothing happened. Same for the Farm that unlocks at like 18. So game is getting on hold until something else happens with it.


Fix it dammit

Like these mowing games but I’m at level 30, all 3 stars, have over a million dollars and my tractor is maxed out. I can’t access my trolley, the skins & factory do nothing and the farm won’t open….. I paid for the no ads version. Please fix this and make more levels. This game is great for anxiety reduction.



Has anyone noticed there have been no response from developers? I guess they are ok with a subpar game that has a lot of potential, as long as there are enough people paying for no ad feature. I knew better, I knew better, I knew better.


I want my money back

Paid $4.99 for no ads, tells me I can get a trolley at level 18… past it and the trolley offer disappeared. Then says I can get a factory and skins at level 35… It stops at level 30. Previous reviews have the same things except the factory was in the 20 levels and now it’s in a level that doesn’t exist.

I want my money back.


Ad City

They want your review at the end of first level before you are inundated with ads. And I mean one after the other. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Big waste of time for a very generic game with very generic graphics.
Deleted game at level 4


Seems still in production

Always start with the bad the ads. They seem to go off every 30 seconds and even a quick tap out is 15 seconds. You can build your mower up blades, rotation and number of prongs. Then you can update the cart (so you can carry a bigger load) and tires (make them bigger). It then says at level 20 it opens up the Factory and Skins. I am now at level 23 and there is no factory or skins. This is why I believe that this is still in production. it cost 4.99 for no ads which would make the game better but with nothing else to do but mow the same thing over and over (I have a maxed tractor) the money piles up I have over 750k and nothing to use it on and not sure what the gold is for and I have 85. The controls are really nice no glitches but very boring at this time with nothing to do but mow the same thing over and over and over (you get the jist) I will put this game on the back burner at this time to see if it improves. Oh and also there is only 30 levels



I’ve played a ton of phone games and this one by far has the most ads I ever seen since smart phones came out! I timed it and exactly 1min of playing you get a ad and it’s not no 5sec ad you have to wait 1min to close it out, also sometimes it’s every 30secs you get a ad. I know what everyone is thinking, why not put it in airplane mode right? Well… believe me I tried and MowandTrim found a way to squeeze ads in even in airplane mode ! I would buy the no ads for $5 but there’s so many ads you can’t even determine if this is a game you wanna keep playing ! Decent game but this is crazy


Needs more than 30 levels!

I have this game and it's fun to play. The ads are crazy they pop up all the time, however for a few dollars you can make those go away. The issue I have is that there are only 30 levels which goes quickly. There are other skins and farm things to do but those open up at a non-existent level 35. So take my review for what it is worth. If they build out 100 levels this game would be a blast!!


Unfinished and just ok

There is a farm that you unlock at level 35… well… the game only goes to level 30. It’s also exactly the same as Stonegrass which also made by them and also only goes to level 30. This is a super satisfying game but, in reality it’s just a cash grab. The adds almost force you to immediately buy the add free version and they have a ton of other things for purchase. There are only 30 super quick levels so, it’s 100% not worth waisting your time on this one or Stonegrass.


Good but

Was a nice relaxing game but there’s only 30 levels which I got through in just a couple of days. The skins and farm etc say they open at level 35.
There is no level 35. Maybe they plan to make more who knows. If you can put up with the ads every 30 seconds it’s a nice time killer but they get 3 stars for the lack of levels and too many ads


Fun but couple of issues

Why is there so many adds? This could have been done with half the adds. At least make it to where you can run for more the a minute until an add comes up. There is only 30 levels. The game says there is more. Why are they not available? Could you put more than 1 tractor in the game?


Unfinished and frustrating

The game is fun, if you buy the no ads feature. But what really infuriates me is the fact that this is so unfinished. There are features to unlock at level 35, but there are only 30 levels. You’re left with constant reminders that there are things you can’t access, seemingly ever. I don’t mind a 30 level game, but dont show earnable features that can never be earned. Deleting MowandTrim .


I'm going to delete this game

The grass mowing games seem very therapeutic and oddly satisfying… But this one has ads very frequently and it doesn't allow you to play on airplane mode. You must have Internet connected to play this game. And as always, they are asking you if you're enjoying the game after 20 seconds. I'm not sure who's in charge of these things but that's just ridiculous.


Another AD Farm App

The game is a good way to kill time. However the Ads seem to pop up every 15-20 seconds. Games like this are addicting but after a while I get annoyed with the apps and delete the game. THE ADS RUIN THE GAME!!!!

Make the ads less frequent and I would keep playing. But I know the developer is making bank on all the ads.


Disappointing Finish

Was enjoying the game and spent the $5 to remove ads. Looked promising. Was excited to see the farm and factory upgrade options at level 35… but there is no level 35. Was also supposed to be able to unlock the trolley upgrades after level 18, but that menu is empty also. Left with something I spent money on and nothing left to do. Hopefully an update is forthcoming.



OK the game could be a lot better if you took out oh how about half of the ads every two seconds there’s stupid ad I barely can play the game without another ad showing up every two seconds. It’s obnoxious and it’s not fun to be playing a game when you have 3 million ads that pop up every two seconds, please remove the ads or at least some of them.


Misleading game

Fun game in the beginning but only has 30 levels but says in parts of game that it has 35 levels .. pop up ads very distracting.. paid for ad free but doesn’t seem works it if it doesn’t have all the levels it says it should


Absolutely unplayable

This year amount of ads on this game makes it unplayable. Every 45 seconds you have a 30 second ad. Which literally means that 40% of the time you are playing the game is spent watching ads.

I understand that games are going to have some ad but if I can’t even get a whole minute without a single ad it’s not worth keeping.

Is Mow and Trim Safe?

Yes. Mow and Trim is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 678 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mow and Trim Is 38.2/100.

Is Mow and Trim Legit?

Yes. Mow and Trim is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 678 Mow and Trim User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mow and Trim Is 55.3/100..

Is Mow and Trim not working?

Mow and Trim works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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