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Color Bump 3D Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-07

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About Color Bump 3D

Your newest addiction comes in 3D. Very easy to play, too hard to master Do not touch other Colors, that is it. 100+ Levels of limitless fun. .


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Key Benefits of Color Bump 3D

- Addictive gameplay that keeps players engaged for long periods of time

- Large number of levels and floor themes to unlock

- Regular bug fixes and updates from the development team

20 Color Bump 3D Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Great Game… at first.

So. I got this game and played it for about 3 days and had already gotten to stage 100. It was very addictive and I found myself looking forward to my first floor texture purchase. When I got it, I realized that it was a total disappointment. I knew that it would be just a new look but it didn’t even show that big of a difference. If you could make the designs more well defined, that would be great. This leads me to the second problem, there is only the poorly designed floors as a reward. You spend hours working to get to as many bonus stages as possible and get that crap. Add some other ideas, such as ball trails, ball designs, and backgrounds. The final thing is the one a lot of people notice around stage 100, the repeats in stages. Come on. What a lazy move. Plenty of games create THOUSANDS of levels that are harder to create than your little balls and blocks. This game has the potential to be a great app, but in the end, it has the quality of a beta stage game. I hope the developers realize that their add infested “free” game is so low quality that a 10 year old could make it on Khan Academy. Hope you all have a nice day.

I have now realized that they are adding new levels every few months. I can’t tell, however, if they are “adding new levels” and just saying that you can now get to stage 1500(?) and they just use the same stages.



The game is fun in a trivial way. There’s almost no levels that are hard and the ones that are hard are only like that due to bad design, stuff like colored blocks being placed too close together and the physics of certain shapes being a bit odd for the situation. Let me give an example. There’s a few stages where there will be a wall of colored blocks, and a big shape right in front of it. My example is this exact situation, except the giant object is a short cylinder, like a wheel of cheese, and the colored objects are a bunch of little triangles in a wall about four or five layers thick. The goal is to destroy the wall with the cylinder, but it was an oversight that the triangles can tip backwards and make a ramp for the cylinder, so it just launches into the air, and you’re left with a two or three layer thick wall. Those levels are few and far between, and I’ve only encountered about three of them in my 140 level experience. One more gripe. After level 100 you will get a message that you’ve completed the game, and that it will get harder from that point on... it does not. It stays the exact same in every single way imaginable, and doesn’t get challenging for even a second.

Fun game, too easy.


Pretty addicting

This is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played! I tell myself “one more level” and then play 10 more before finishing. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I’m over 1k levels. There really is no limit to how many levels you can go through and I’ve unlocked every floor theme. I’ve basically mastered the game! Although that has some downsides to it because once you know every move and what comes next (because every level I’ve played is basically a similar level to ones i have already finished) then you have basically beat the game like I have. I suggest adding a lot more things you can buy with the coins like maybe power-ups, upgrades for the ball, or just newer well made levels. Oh and could you cool it on the ads? I knew there would be ads when I got the game but this is just over kill! An ad literally pops up before I do anything in the game. Other than that, the game is awesome so keep the updates comin!


It’s pretty fun to play but there are other things

I really like the game, and I’ve only had it for two days but I’ve already noticed some things that are annoying and bother me. The first one is the adds. No I know there was going to be adds, but not every few seconds! Sometimes when I die it gives me the chance to continue and watch a add or just restart and try again. Even when I don’t want to continue I still have to watch add. What really bothers me is when I just stay that level with my ball already moving and then boom, a add pops up. So if you hate adds or are impatient then I don’t recommend it. Another thing is that the levels are too easy. Like I fly through 5 of them in minutes. But then there are those few levels out of no where are impossible. It takes me forever to get through it.
I feel like for me the best thing about this game is that it’s satisfying to watch and play so it relaxes me a little bit. So if your a person thinking about getting this, I hope you can handle a ton of adds and easy levels.


Great game! ... And then...

This is an amazing game. I absolutely love playing it. One problem though: it stops getting harder. At a certain point very early on in the game, the levels just stop getting more difficult. I should know, too, I’m on level 1097 and the game has not gotten ANY harder. I’m blasting through every level on the first try and I’ve started to get tired of it.
Now, in NO way am I saying that you are bad at this game if you have a hard time getting past a level, but for those who do, there should be some more difficult levels.
Other than this, I have no problems with the game. There are a lot of ads but you can either fix this by buying the NO ADS option or by putting your phone into airplane mode.

Edit: I just saw that there has been a new feature added to buy a new theme or something like that? I’m not entirely sure what that is yet, but it’s definitely a step forward that they are adding new features and something to work towards so you don’t get bored. I’m excited to see what happens with this. 👍


Love This game but I have some suggestions.

This game is so fun that when I first got it I got past
Level 100 and I can’t stop playing it but there is 1 thing bothering me there are to many adds almost every time I crash after that there is usually an annoying add and the only way to get rid of it is to pay money. I mean people it’s just adds why do you have to pay money to remove them. Also I think there should be a map with levels that get harder the higher on the map you are because these stages are super easy for you to pass. Please consider my suggestion Oh and if you do make sure that if you do do the level thing when the people update make sure that they stay on the level they were on before the update. One more suggestion how about letting people choose the color of there ball? That’s all I hope you take a couple of my suggestion and make them happen.



Honestly, at the start of this game, it’s tons of fun, there’s something super satisfying about watching all the little blocks fall into the hole as you progress through the levels, but it doesn’t take terribly long before I started realizing there was absolutely zero challenge to this game, out of 100 levels, I had to redo to, and one of those was because the hole ‘jumped’ locations, everything you’re supposed to drop is so spread out there’s almost no effort in avoiding the blocks you’re not supposed to drop, and on top of that, those hundred levels were completed in about the tine it takes to watch one episode pretty much any tv show. And not only that, after about twenty or thirty levels, I started noticing something odd, levels seemed like they started repeating, they’re all split into two parts, but they seem to mix and match existing pieces of thirty or fourth variants and just throw them at you again with thirty second ads every other level, I found myself replaying the first few levels all over again by the time I decided to call it quits. Would not recommend this to anyone that isn’t looking to just waste an hour watching more ads than ‘playing’ this game


Needs work... A lot of work

So I’m going to start out by saying I’ve had this game for a couple of months. Here are some pros: ColorBump3D it’s self is fresh and clean-looking and runs smoothly with no glitches. (For me at least). I also like the concept of the game it just needs some more thought put into it. Now here are the cons: the levels are ridiculously hard once you get to like level 20. That is part of the reason I have not been coming back to this game. I also don’t like how expensive the floors and balls are a they really don’t add much more depth to the game. Also the controls are kinda hard because of the camera moving with the ball. Also why can’t we stop the ball?? And as cool as changing the color of the ball in the middle of the level is, it gets a little confusing. And the levels seem kinda repetitive... Anyway overall this game needs a bit of work, and I will be deleting this game until the next update and see what has been “ fixed “. Thanks for reading my review and this is Salty Meg out!



I mean it’s fun in all but it’s bad. Sorry to write a bad review I fell bad but I’m being honest, whenever I got ColorBump3D I was excited for long and exciting levels they ended up being short and boring, very easy too.! Easy is boring I prefer you make some rounds longer right now I’m on level 2 because I got mad on how short and boring they are. Sorry being honest, I really would of enjoyed it and wouldn’t have to write the review. I really would like it if the levels were longer and they were more fun like fire breathing dragons like the fire is certain colors and you have to go in the fire into the color! That would be really cool!! 😺 I really like the game for these reasons: colors are very colorful. Not to many adds, pretty much it I’m super sorry for writing this bad review hopefully you get my evidence and use it for you app it would mean the whole world to me! You probley won’t so why do I write this.. Anyways thanks for reading this! If you did really hope you get my evidence! Thanks ❤️💗


After 600 Levels:

I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and I just realized I never gave it a review haha. This is a mobile game, remember that. No big story or plot twists just some fun but minor challenges to keep you entertained. The team behind it regularly fixes glitches and bugs especially ones that I found. The only bad thing I’d say is the unlockables. I didn’t find them that underwhelming but I think it would be cool to add more. The game is about earning coins to unlock things but I can’t do anything with my 30 thousand or so coins. Maybe add new borders or backgrounds would be awesome. Excluding that, it’s very entertaining for when your bored or you just wanna do something. ColorBump3D Store won’t let me rate it properly but for what it is, 4.9/5 stars. Would play 600 levels again. (Hopefully I won’t progress too quickly. Also Merry Christmas)


Love, but....

I absolutely love this game! It's sooooo fun!! And I can not stop playing it! Although I do have a couple little problems. The first one is, there are way to many adds. When I was trying to get through level 81 (which took me a while.) Every time I would press no thanks it would show me an add. So it was ether continue and watch an add or start over and watch an add. My second problem is when the add for Helix Jump comes up I can't get out. If you play the mini game it will say continue. Then if you press that it will bring to ColorBump3D store. If you try to go back to the game it won't let you. One last thing. If you double click out of the game because of an add and you about to get coins it won't let you. It'll just resume what level you were on. It gets really annoying after a while. Love ColorBump3D so much, and I hope you can fix these things!



Indeed, a very interesting game, where you play as a ball and try to avoid obstacles such as blocks or orbs that block your path. I like this game, a lot, but their is one thing that stops me from rating it 5 stars...
The ads in this game are very common. Every 2 levels that you complete, you watch an army man advertisement. If you die, you are given the option to watch an ad to revive. If not, you watch a skippable advertisement anyway. Every 5 or so games, if you haven’t already rated the product, it will ask you how many stars you would give it. These two features bug me, especially since this is meant to be a soothing game.
This may be because of my old device, but ColorBump3D swiftly drained my battery life. I was playing for a few minutes at 20% battery or so. All of a sudden I see a message saying that I am instead at 10% battery life remaining. Again, not sure if this is intended for others.
In conclusion, it is a great game. Definitely not worthy of 1 star, but not exactly worth 4 stars....


Great game for relaxing, but there are some near game breaking bugs on some levels

I’m currently on level 286, so obviously I like this game and while most of this game is spent enjoyably, every once in a while, like maybe every 75 rounds there will be bugs that cause the objects to shift when they spawn on the map, distorting their intended positions into sometimes impassable obstacles. I see this happen mainly on maps where the objects are balanced on top of each other, leading to them falling over and blocking paths. The only way I’ve managed to pass these levels is with luck by ramming hard into whatever I can before these paths, hopefully creating a safe passage I can sneak through. Sometimes this takes dozens of attempts, and I’m sure many people will not do what I did, uninstall and believe the game to be broken, as I have almost done multiple times. If these levels were fixed I’d rate ColorBump3D 5 stars, but they drastically change the overall experience.


Occasionally some smug peoples try to defend monotonous annoying Ads ....

fail to recognize they are doing the same exact thing,only just from the other side of the fence....most complain about Ads and some whine about those Ad haters and defend the Devs...all I can offer them is some Cheese to go with there whine? Not a drinker...well how bout a juicy WaaaaaBurger with or without Cheese?
....and those few complainers need to understand that most understand Ads are part of life, but the problem is the EXCESSIVE Ads? No disrespect but when an Ad pops up every few minutes is the problem? When you have a game that shows an Ad every few mins it is seen as greed and a selfish developer who puts $$ ahead of game quality and/or the player and that usually is reflected in game quality....THERE MUST BE A COMPROMISE?


a very addicting game!

This game is addicting. I can’t stop playing it. The levels are pretty much average, and the game is in very good quality. But, there are a few things I want to argue about.
To begin with, like many other games, it has that watch an ad to continue, if you fail. I press No Thanks but it gives me an ad every time! It’s like either way, you’re going to get an ad. There’s like a 4.6% chance I don’t get an ad. It’s quite annoying.
In addition, why is the No Thanks button so small and hard to see?! It’s at the bottom of the screen and it’s a gray color while the rest of the text is white. It’s like we don’t even have a choice. I know apps have ads to get money, but too many ads is just super annoying and it’ll get you low ratings. Of course, I gave this game a 4 stars, but lost that 1 star for annoying ads.
Even though this game is addicting, it’s not the best game in the world and is quite frustrating sometimes.


It’s a good game... but..

I personally like this game. I find so,e of the colors that they use aesthetically pleasing, and when you are able to knock the blocks off the edge is very satisfying to me. There aren’t many adds and yes some levels are repetitive, but I see this game more of it’s a rainy day game.. or you’re waiting for someone to text back. Some things I wish would change is the vibrant colors. I found it more easy on the eyes and much more fun to play when the colors weren’t popping making me go blind😂 I also don’t really like when they put up walls, since one of the reasons I play this game was to watch how satisfying it was when you push blocks off the edge. But, I like the new feature of the laser, where you change colors, I find that interesting. This is a good game. I’ll admit that, just 5e colors and some of the new features took away what I loved most about this game. It is worth getting if you are looking to pass time.


Paid the 2 dollars and here’s my review

So after many advertisements later for so many mindless games. I decided to check this game out due to this being the more interesting one. Now, as a gamer, I expect certain basic features. These developers were really banking on you not paying the 2 dollars to skip the ads cause once you do. There’s nothing to this game. I got up to stage 20 and it’s been the same challenge. They expect you to just sit through ads after each level. There’s not even an option to select a favorite stage which I figure that’s because there’s no difference between stages. The only people this game was made for was mindless zombies and infants. I’m not even going to try other mobile games of this same type. They don’t even try to be a new candy crush or angry birds. Just plain boring in level diversity. And even when you die in the game, they just put you close to the finish line. There’s no consequence to dying. Just plain boring. The only reason I put 2 stars was that it intrigued me in the beginning.


Reduced Stars...

Been playing awhile... on Level 756. My previous review was glowing, and I gave 5 Stars.
I think this could be a classic game... but not in the current state.
Players need to have goals and reasons to keep going. Just getting through a level, over and over, won’t sustain interest in the long haul.
Here’s why I am revising my Review:
(1) It’s fun but after all these levels, the game is repetitive and there is nothing to aim for. What about getting points for knocking objects into those holes? Or points for knocking opposing colored items out of the playing field? Points could simply be a measure of your proficiency; and give you some way to measure your progress.
(2) Or... How about seeing how fast you can get through a level... have the option to do a level either timed or not timed... which brings me to my next issue...
(3) There’s no way to repeat a level, once you’ve completed it. I’d love to try to better my time... or beat my score...
(4) Making tiers of levels would add interest. What if every level could be played in “normal” mode, and also in “difficult” (fast) mode? What if you could keep going back to a level until you mastered both normal and difficult modes (mastery = getting through on one try)?
(5) The Settings offer little. Why can’t I change something... the color? the speed? dark/light mode? And— How do I contact the Developer with a question or suggestion?
I paid to remove the ads. Now I would pay to keep this game interesting.


Pleasant, fun, addicting, but...

I enjoy the game. I find it very easy to pick up and put down and it’s visually appealing. It’s a great example of a simple concept going a long way.

However, the thing keeping me from rating the game 5/5 is the ads when you’re playing the free version. I don’t mind supporting ad revenue but I think it’s a bit ludicrous that I am not sure if I’ve played the game longer than I’ve viewed the ads. They’re way too frequent.

I think it reasonable to watch an ad every couple of levels. I’m forced to watch a 5-second ad after each of 4 out of 5 levels of not dying. There is also an ad permanently displaying at the bottom of the screen when playing. Every time you lose the round, you’re forced to wait 10 seconds before trying again. There is the option to continue after watching an ad (which I won’t press ever again because it plays a 30-second ad which triples the time to wait of just not pressing the button) and it doesn’t affect future losses. That choice of “wait 10 seconds” or “watch a 30-second ad while you wait 10-seconds” is ALWAYS there.

Again, I like the game a lot. It’s great. I just thought it was so funny the fact that I couldn’t figure out how much play time I have compared to ad time. In fact, the ads are so abundant that I was inspired to write my first-ever app review about them.


Not for me.

This game has several things that just make me upset. First of all, on every single new level, when you earn a reward, it gives you the “option” to watch an ad to get 5x the reward, or you can decline. As I don’t like wasting my time on ads, I decline. But guess what happens! Oh jolly gee, and ad! Even though I declined, it still showed me an ad. This is very frustrating. I now have no choice but to turn on airplane mode and be unable to use wifi when I play it to remove the disgusting amount of ads. The ads between levels take longer to watch than to complete the level itself. My second problem is the fact that the balls moves about 1 mile per hour. It’s ridiculously slow, and makes me fail the levels because I move the ball to the top of the screen in effort to go faster, and this makes me fail as I don’t see the incoming killbrick. I suspect they make you go slow so that you play for longer and in turn, they get more ad revenue in their pockets. This is why I personally hate this money trap.


It could be five stars... but...

The game is enjoyable, kind of between relaxing and frustrating, but it’s some-what fun. The problem here is the ads. There are way too many ads in the game, and I’m not exaggerating. I got so tired if the ads, I even decided to refresh it (double tap to see all the tabs, get rid of the tab, reopen the game) just to not see it. “What do you mean?” Well there’s like a 97% chance that if you move onto another level or fail a level, you’d get an ad. The game is normally easy so every few seconds, it’s like “ad” “ad” “ad”. And normally, I’d go berserk and just throw the ball into random places. For me, there’s like a 12% chance that if I tap “No, thanks” when I fail a level, I won’t get an ad. It’s the same for going to the next level, too. Listen, it could be rated a 5 star for me if there weren’t that many ads.

The only reason why I at least gave it a 3 star instead of a 1 star is because it’s a creative, fun, and relaxing game. It can be challenging but it’s fun in its own way. At least you have an ability to drag the ball forward fast and the ability to go back.

Is Color Bump 3D Safe?

No. Color Bump 3D does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 509,510 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Color Bump 3D Is 14.5/100.

Is Color Bump 3D Legit?

No. Color Bump 3D does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 509,510 Color Bump 3D User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Color Bump 3D Is 31.6/100..

Is Color Bump 3D not working?

Color Bump 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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