Roblox Reviews

Roblox Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-09

About: Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you create, share experiences
with friends, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of people and
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About Roblox

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a virtual universe that allows users to create, share experiences with friends, and be anything they can imagine. It has a growing library of experiences created by the community, and users can customize their avatars with a wide range of items. The app features full cross-platform support, allowing users to join their friends and millions of other people on various devices.



- Create and share experiences with friends

- Join a global community of millions of users

- Full cross-platform support

- Customize your avatar with hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more

- Chat with friends using chat features, private messages, and groups

- Access a growing library of experiences created by the community

- Take the fun on the go with mobile devices, Xbox One, or VR headsets

- Be anything you can imagine

- Network connection required to join

- Works best over Wi-Fi

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Key Benefits of Roblox

- Roblox is a great game to meet new people and make friends

- It is a great way to learn and have fun

- It has a great community

- It has lots of activities to do

- It has a five star rating

- It is constantly updated with new content

- It is free to play

24 Roblox Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Hi I’m Olivia

Hi this app is so fun I get to meet new people and play with them I especially love this game called pop it trading it is so fun I love trading people and I love how every Friday new stuff is in game if that’s not true that’s what I heard from my friends but anyways this app should be the most popular game it’s the best game ever in history I love this app who doesn’t love this app? this app is a game where you can meet new people make friends and chat with them all the time and you would have fun who doesn’t want that experience????? When I first started playing I made a lot of friends and they all teach me how to play a lot of the games it was an amazing experience their was some people bullying but I didn’t let them stop me you know why??? Because a little birdie once told me that everyone is beautiful inside and out the birdie also told me that if you try to complete your dream and fail that’s ok because you can try and try over and over again no one’s stopping you if you try to complete your dream and you do well congrats this app actually teaches you a lot of things you need to learn in real life. for example, don’t trust strangers, your beautiful inside and out, and it also teaches you how to protect yourself against bad people no other game is like this app this app teaches you very important things and in this app you also have fun so if you play this app you should know that You will learn a lot and you will have so much fun.


Absolutely phenomenal

the people? GREAT. the games? AMAZING. the community?? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. the people on this app are so willing to help when you don’t understand. most of the games i’ve seen have amazing detail. those horror games top every game i have played. people put their heart and souls into those graphics and storylines. its truly amazing how the community is so accepting of others. no matter the age. i am almost 18 years old and i still play for the horror games and tycoons!! its an outstanding game and really lets people show off their creativity. I could never create some of the games on there. people will go out of their ways to extend games and make multiple parts when people find games intriguing. i have played multiple games and they really take the time to put in work for others to enjoy. i was never interested in this app until about 2 years ago. There are so many games to choose from and so many genres for people with different likes. even the games that didnt have a lot of graphics and a whole lot of storylines are still cherished. and the OBBYS, omg, they are amazing. love me a good obby with multiple levels. the difficulty charts are my favorite. there are simple role play games i decide to join my friends on. we goof around with the objects there. and i love to be able to build my own houses on platforms that allow me to build my dream home. this is by far the best community Ive been in.


It’s a good game but a few problems

Before say anything please don’t take this super seriously I really love this app and it’s a amazing game but…there are a few things you might not like or you may wanna be worried about. Such as cheating, mean language, and many things that need to be bypassed, and quit a bit more. One there are quite a few bugs in the games sometimes it would log you out what I mean by that is you have to constantly keep going back into the game, also there are many thing you have to buy you know have this app well all the good or to be honest AVERAGE stuff and that costs money everything else is not good, it is constantly lagging; and there are quite a few bugs just overall one being sometimes people can’t login not talking this app being done but people still sometimes can’t log in and makes you loss your progress which is really important to some people. It is not just that there is a lot of bullying in this app now sure you can report them for bullying but the question is. Do they even do anything? Do they deal with it? No. No they don’t. Other than adding things to the game all the time which is good they really need to focus on some of those simple mistakes. I feel if they do this there game will be 5 stares overall! I really hope this helpful to you and In my opinion if your reading this to decide to get this app or not I thjnk you should and also think this app will fix all theses little bug really soon!! Have a amazing day



this app is the best game for me because it just gives me lots of activities to do it teaches me stuff and it’s just really really really really really amazing it deserves a five star rating because it’s just me that loves playing this game or it might be other people that do this but it’s totally a five star for me because I just I don’t know I don’t know how to explain this but it’s just really fun to play this game people that are out there giving this app a one star to star three stars of reading I really think they should start playing the game more and you know trying to like bond with this app just like how I did I am when I was a first time that I played this app I’ll like this totally Hass to have a one star but I started bonding with this app that I just had to give it a five star I am people out there who really think that this app might want to have a one story that was just me at first but I really think that this app should start having more you’re not the whole game starts to have like a big update wear some games you don’t have to use row bucks do you know you just don’t have to use roebucks to Play games like Blocksburg I don’t really want to spend money for my parents credit card so she can get me roebucks so I can play Blocksburg I really feel like Blocksburg should not be able four people that have accounts to literally just get roebucks and a Pay 45 roebucks for just a game please deal with it this app.


It’s not that bad.

Yes, this app does have problems. But it can still be fun. I quote problems as cheating, bypass of inappropriate item/pictures, or poor moderation. Only big thing is moderation. In my 5 year experience being on the game, I’ve learned to socialize online. this app can make great games, but some can just be completely copied of another game that is not on this app. Moderation is a problem and still needs to be worked on despite this app being almost 2 decades old. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend watching videos that talk about moderation in the this app platform (videos such as JOHNRoblox or Ruben Sim). It’s also worth mentioning the Robux currency system and in-game purchases (also known as game passes). Game passes are quite expensive in some games, and if you think about giving your kid robux, that’s great. But. Giving your kid robux will have the effect of wanting more and potentially trying to get more behind you. If you want to give them in small amounts per month, you should try out their Premium system. Where they give you robux monthly, along with other features. this app is great in terms of socializing, but I think it could have room for improvement, and try to eliminate the toxic environment games might have, even though it may happen inevitably at some point. I don’t play it now, but I want to give a tip to a parent or someone interested in playing this app. I’ve moved on to new games, but I visit back to see if they’ve improved or the opposite.


Great but....

Ok so don't get me wrong, i love this game I've pretty much ditched all my other games for this one. Quite honestly I'd love to shake this game creators hand! But of course just like any other game there's always something wrong.... so first off, ok so this is just a minor thing but the game sometimes shuts down and of course it takes me out of the game. Second you cant change your name it seems like you'd be able to but I can't. And third why does robux have to cost real money?! Like kids play this game they shouldn't have to pay their money just to get game money! Like i know you're trying to get money and all but jeez be harsh on kids why not see who cares! Oh wait i care! Please at least let us watch a video once an hour to get some robux, if we don't want to wait a nother hour then we'll pay real money, that seems fair, right? Ok final thing, when people say bad words it's blurred out, I mean thats ok for littles but honestly im pretty sure everyone says bad words, so kid will be used to there parents using bad words. You shouldn't blur out any other words either. And you should consider putting in a translator so we can understand what other people are saying. Thank you for taking your time to read this, i hope you don't take it as me being rude. But i hope you will fix these things I mentioned and make the game a little more fair. Keep safe and happy.

Xoxo one happy player!


Absolutely Great!

this app has been my #1 game choice forever. I’ve been playing since 2012. It’s grown so much as a platform and it’s improved a lot. Sure, there’s trolls, online daters n whatnot, but This review is to summarize the platform itself, not the people on it. First, UGC is such an amazing update, it allows modelers and developers of any kind to contribute to the platform and even make money from it! DevEx was also a great improvement, because now developers can make a living from this app alone! Now that I’ve gone over some of the good things, I’ll touch up on some of the bad things. First, the chat filter / moderation. Yeah, it’s alright, it does it’s job greatly, but it’s evident that it’s run mostly by bots. this app should hold and event for moderator applications so they can hire more people. Trust me, there’s many people who would LOVE to become a moderator and contribute to the platform, and most of those people will work for free. Next, there’s the catalog, the clothing catalog, to be specific. It’s extremely messy and most of it is copied. Sure, it seems like nothing. Until you think about all the people that took time to MAKE those shirts only for them to get stolen and reuploaded without credit. It’s saddening. There’s also the game searching algorithm. It’s also very messy and people just add tags to the game descriptions for visits. Also the copied games that scam players. But besides all these flaws, this app is pretty chill.


Very convenient

Hi, my name is Alexa and I’ve been playing this app ever since 2017. this app has honestly changed my life because of the new friends you can make. Yes, this app has is up and downs but it genuinely is a very fun game! Anyway, back to what I was saying you should definitely go download it if you haven’t because it definitely keeps you mind occupied if your bored. It’s crazy how one game with millions of games in it and faces, and avatars, can change your life. It can teach you a lot. Now im going to talk about the bad things. this app’s moderation system is honestly terrible. For example, you can say something a long the lines of “ok?” Or “what” something very simple and the moderation system will just ban you for a week or even delete your account! Another bad thing about this app is things cost a lot of money and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. For example “sshf” meaning super super happy face is a limited that you can buy in the shop which is over 100k robux and that’s about equal to $300 USD for a pixel face!! Crazy right? That’s not it. People, mostly YouTubers and gamers (even me) have spent over hundreds and hundreds of money on the game and this app sometimes decides to just ban or delete it for NO REASON at anytime, anywhere, anyhow to anyone. Also this app has TONS of oders, hackers and trolls which are extremely infamous and unnecessary but other than that it’s pretty fun just watch out for the bad things :) byee


major issues

this app is a great game and its filled with supporting people, but it has some major issues. first of all, the most irritating: no refund issue. you do realize that people pay their own money on these clothes, that are virtual and should last them, but when the clothing gets deleted which isnt even their fault they dont get their robux back? this is a serious issue because i recently got robux, which takes a TON of convincing to do to my parents to let me buy it, and two days later, TWO DAYS, one clothing item i bought was deleted. i would be able to buy another version of it, had i gotten my robux back. issue 2: reporting issue. after reporting serious bullies and hackers, they do not get banned from the game. i have learned there is a feature where you can redeem you account with a promise to not continue doing it, but players are abusing this privilege and doing it anyways, just to restart their account when banned. it should also be made so backup accounts under the same email will not be aloud to run, because they lost the privilege of playing this game themselves. issue 3: unreasonable pricing issue. a major example of this issue is the joyful face. it costs $36,000... just for a face? this price is way too high and prices should NOT be allowed to reach this number. i truly do hope that you take fixing these major this app issues into consideration. thanks!


Good game but there are scary people.

When I was a bit younger I heard how popular this game was getting. Just trying to fit in, I ended up getting the game. I had fun playing with friends and schoolmates and I even bought Robux which was pretty fun. However it is important to keep in mind that although it is a children's game there are predators out there. This one time I was playing this game, and this random person starts trying to talk to me. I am generally very careful with online gaming because you never know what can happen. Anyways, as I was saying, this person comes up and he starts trying to talk to me. I was kind enough to encourage a little bit of conversation but then the topics got weird. This person all of a sudden kept following me around everywhere I went. I was a little confused but then he started asking me personal questions. I had no intention of answering their questions anymore and was worried because he was being very obvious that he was trying to stalk me. They figured out my name and then for the next few days I kept noticing that they were kind of tracking what games I played. After a while the issue ended and I was glad it got resolved. But it was still pretty weird and I urge parents to be aware of who their children are talking to and playing with. Anyone more naive could have easily fallen into a trap like this. Have fun with this game but I recommend just being smart while online gaming as a good general rule of thumb.


Roblox is the best but I have a few problems with it

Here’s why I do not like this app a little you can’t say numbers for some reason I know people don’t want you to say your real age or anything they even got rid of the SS glitch so you could say numbers now every time I try and say SS7 or just regular seven it hashtags me like what’s the deal with that and I don’t know if it’s just my type of phone but if I play for at least two or one hour I instantly get logged off and you need to upgrade your friend limit because what if I get logged out and I’m already at the Max friend limit and because every time this happens I have to literally unfriend someone just so I can let them be my friend like why should I have to do that just to get a friend at least upgraded to 1000 or 900 that would be way better but overall this app is the great game I’ve playing this app since 2018 and now I am almost to prom so close also you need to upgrade your this app and keep it at the same price because ain’t nobody got $1 million just to get a 900 roebucks at least make it 1010 or $11 to get maybe 2000 or 1000 roebucks also in Royal hi why are the hills so expensive I’m going to end up wasting 1 million roebucks just to get one pair of heels but like I said this app is a good game I definitely suggest playing this you’re instantly fall in love with this game like me but thanks for reading my review bye!

By the way no offense on the game


AMAZING APP! Only a few things to change.

Hi! I’ve been playing this app for about three years now. I absolutely love it! There’s NO ads, there’s a bunch of different things to can do, and it’s overall amazing! I can only think of one thing to really change, that being the Safe Chat Filter. Basically you have more freedom with chat if you are 13+. That should change. It should be at least 12 or 11. If that doesn’t change at least change the things you can, and can’t say. For example if I was to say “Can I have 11 apples?” If I was under 13 it would come out as “Can I have ## apples?” I think that is just ridiculous. I get that you don’t want kids saying personal information but it’s WAY to strict. You could at least have a machine or person read through the chat and tag it out if it leads to personal information. Another example is when I’m playing Pablo’s Italian Restaurant if someone asks you how many are in your party and you were to say “(1-how ever many)” it would completely tag out. Some Italian dishes you can’t even say, they’ll get tagged out for NO reason. Now if you are 13+ this isn’t really a problem and your messages won’t get tagged on your screen and other 13+ year olds screens but if you were to be chatting with someone under the age of 13 half the things you say they won’t be able to read, as it will be tagged out on their screen but it won’t be on yours which makes the whole thing really confusing. That’s all!


I love love love this game but…

I really love this app and I love making new friends and playing games on here. One thing I love most about this app is that you can create your own avatar! But there’s a few small problems about this app..buying robux in the game costs real money and for some people they can’t buy robux so I think it would be better if you can get robux a different way than using real money. Also a little while ago this app stopped people from putting multiple hairs on an avatar and for a bunch of people like me I like to use multiple hairs and so I think that this app should bring that ability back. I also think along for the hairs is that this app should put more asset ids to put multiple accessories on your avatar because I think people should have a little bit more creativity when making their avatar and if they can’t put enough things on their avatar as they want then they can’t be as creative as they could be..and also I think that Korblox Deathspeaker and Headless Horseman should be WAYY cheaper because if buy the amount of robux for that you’re actually spending hundreds of dollars on a game and if a lot of people want those items and other limited sin the game I think they should be cheaper so people can actually get them..but otherwise I really love this app and I hope y’all do something about this because I know more people probably have the same opinion as me!


It’s a good game!

Okay everyone knows that this app is a really good game, like you can do anything like there are thousands of games in one app like that is mind blowing, like that is amazing and this app is really fun too you can play so many games and there are a lot of different types of games it can be like fighting, role play, or obby’s. You should try it out if you haven’t because it’s really fun and all my friends play it because it’s really fun. BUTTTTTT there is a teeny teeny tiny problem, the problem is that there are hackers that can be old people or people that are really inappropriate things that some older people say or something , BUTTTTT HACKERS, they are just really bad they can take anything from you and they can ban you from this app and they can take all of ur robux and all of the things that you have and just take it away from you. There is another thing u have to be 12 and up but if ur younger then ask ur parents because if they say yes then you can get it even tho ur not 12 or older. Let mehhhh tell the story of how I even new what this app was and got it. So I was at my cousin’s house and she was a fan of this app and she played it a lot soooooooo she told me about it and made me download it so I did and she showed me everything and I was amazed of how many games and things there were and then we played all night long, and that’s the story but ya have a good morning or evening or night .✨💅🏼:)



this app is a a very fun game where you can play with your friends and really just enjoy life in general. I love this app it’s a very enjoyable game where you can play these cool games and role play. Not only is it just a game it’s also where you can see the differences with the people that you play with and be able to learn to accept people for who they are and what they do in life. You can create really cool avatars and you can buy Robux which gives you the ability’s to buy cool things! Hear me out Robux does not cost that much. It only costs 1 dollar for 100 Robux. It only costs 5 dollars for 400 and 10 dollars for 800 Robux! this app is a awesome game but there’s things that I don’t like as well. First is the glitches. They are really annoying and some don’t ever get fixed and then it’s not fun to play them because it’s constantly glitching. Also is the scamming and hacking. It’s not fun when one day your trying to play with your friends and you get hacked it’s not fun anymore once that happens. And every time people report it this app seems to never answer the reports so it’s very sad for the players. Also is the hashtags. Ok I get it when people say rude things and cuss that’s a whole different story. But when you try to say numbers it always goes in hashtags or just any words that are not bad and it’s a little annoying. That’s all my disagreements but overall I love this app and you should try it out!


Love this game but...

I’m sad ;-; the screen recording thing was taken away! There was like a new update or something that made the screen recording thing gone in some games. Pls make all games have the screen recording thing because I would use it a lot until it was removed. Thanks!

Anyways.. FIX DARN TAGS!!! We get it some people give out their phone numbers, but they can’t complain if they were being dumb?!! Like I can’t ever say one or two. Like come on, how old do you think we are? Also when I say oof(the this app classic lol) IT TAGS. If you want to tag me saying oof then when I die I should be hearing “Tags tags tags tags” (####). Also try to stop people from hacking other accounts. I have a ton of friends who buy Robux and got hacked. Now they don’t dress up their character because they are scared to be hacked. Lol I keep saying also, but also can you make it to where people can say but? Like I get it people use it in an inappropriate way but only make it tag out if people have been reported for using it in a bad way. Also (again lol) try to fix me saying hi. Sometimes it tags out and idk why. Lastly, when you report someone it does nothing. I kinda want this to be changed but also stay because I got reported for no reason. This girl thought I was being rude to her but I didn’t even talk to her until that.

If you would fix all of these I might give it 5 star. :) but for now 3


It’s fun, but...

this app is a fun game to play with friends and it has many games inside of it. First, there is a lot of bad people on it. Second, the report system is ridiculous. Like when people somehow find a way to swear or when they bully others and you report them it NEVER works. And a lot of rude and disagreeable people are on this game. There are a lot of arguments that I’ve gotten into. Third, scam bots! They are so annoying and do sometimes scam gullible adults and children. They sometimes infest entire groups so the whole group wall is all scam bot ads! Finally fourth and last thing, inappropriate content and people. Many young people play this game. There should not be so much online dating and people that make gross avatars, clothes, games, and groups! Some things even give devices viruses. Also one more thing sorry... I JUST NEED TO SAY THIS. The whole robux obsessed problem. Many people get addicted to buying robux. Maybe there should be less stuff you have to pay for? Because some people burn hundreds every month. Just. For. A. Video. Game. People even get scammed for their accounts and my friend got a virus on her APPLE device. Ikr I’ve never heard of virus on an apple device. Many robux scams are out there, websites, apps, even people that verbally scam, or via the this app chat. Other then that just a lot of glitches inside of this game. That’s it FOR NOW! :/ Thanks so much for reading! :D


It’s really fun but.....

(Read all of it people I know it seems like a lot but it’s helpful for kids who wanna play this app) I’ve been playing this app for many years ever since 2017, I love Roblox , however I was trying to text one of my best friends on this app (real life best friend) and when I said “Hi” it was moderated and not sent for the word “hi” I was really frustrated and I tried to say it agin but it didn’t work then suddenly it logged me out of my account I was so mad, so I put everything in the log in thing and a loading screen came up and said “sorry this won’t work try again later” and all of the happend last night, so now I try it again in the morning and still it said that. I was looking at the other reviews and other people had the same problem, the rate in how many people play this keeps going up but when this happends to everyone it goes down, and I’m also not very pleased by how you have to pay real life money for Robux, and these very nice faces for 99,000 robux,, I mean come on! You know how much money in real life that is to get that amount of robux? Most people would say “save up for it!” Yeah I tried that too, but that’s still asking for large amounts of robux that converts to real money. Robux should be cheaper. $50 for 4,500 robux, and things like that really? If your paying a amount like that you should get more robux! All I wanna do is play this app but it’s not letting me because of what I said up there. Please fix it.


I love Roblox but

I’ve been playing this app on my old account for like about five years and umm my favorite account got hacked it logged me out and I happened to my other account but I got back into my other account but one time thing switch up I was just playing this app and then it kicked me out and then when I went Back to this app I got hacked and then I put in my password and my user name and then i it logged me back in for a second and then it logged me back out I was going on a field trip that day at my summer camp I was crying there and my friend London she told me that I will log you into my account and she never did she was just telling the teacher that everyone was saying what’s wrongWhen I was crying I told him what happened and then I had to go to the gamer he knows all games he said I don’t know that I don’t know your password and then I logged in and then he said I don’t know how to fix that and then I went to the website and logged in my account on there and then it’s sad all of my information and I remember this girl on TickTock that report me and I reported herFor scamming me and she said I scammed her this is in adopt me I gave her my mouse rare vehicle she said can I just see it I said OK I said I would do anything for my fans but they only get to see stuff and she say OK and then she wants to show off like this was hers but it wasn’t and they said her user name and report me and I got my account back but this app please don’t band me again by


Great Game

The community is amazing. I’ve been playing for about 6 years and haven’t had any issues. Some of the games on the platform will be laggy at times, but that’s not a problem that this app staff can simply handle. Overall when I’m playing on my PC or on the go in my phone, I’ve always had great service. There are also many safety features that are great! I just feel as though not all parents know about them, and assume this app can be a very dangerous platform. If you use it right, and know how to control it, it is an amazing platform filled with many games. Ranging from Sci-fi to Fantasy games. You can really use your imagination to enhance game experience by installing this app studio for PC and creating your own games. There are tutorials as well that definitely help a lot. Another cool thing is the “Bloxy awards” they’re an award ceramic held once every year that votes on the best of the best content. Bringing me to discuss the this app events. There are crazy amazing events that this app will host. Such as the lil Nas X concert experience. You get to listen to kid friendly songs and watch as NPC dance around you. It is really quite an experience. You can also earn limited items from these events. You can also purchase ROBUX to customize your avatar or enhance your gameplay by purchasing game passes with ROBUX. There is also a Premium subscription that can enhance your gameplay and give you monthly perks!



I think the robux is a little expensive. If you dont agree with me ok. But I think robux gets a little too expensive sometimes and maybe you should make some small changes so people can get robux easier ESPECIALLY for kids like me because kids always have to beg their moms and dads for robux and sometimes even steal their credit cards. So I think you should make robux a little easier to get. I understand if you don’t agree and you are trying to get money but sometimes it really spoils kids you know? I think you should like add more stuff like daily rewards or stuff so that will benefit your game by popularity. Like if you keep playing in some days in a row like every week in a row you play you get something like 150 robux. Like I said right now it’s kind of spoiling children and they are stealing their parent’s credit cards which will cause problems to the whole family. I also think that you should make some holidays in this app like you earn some robux every holiday. Here are some examples: thanksgiving:450 robux Christmas:1500 robux Halloween:264 robux New Years:512 robux. I also think there should be also a Black Friday where all purchases in the catalog should around 50-75% off. I really hope you find a solution soon and try to make those holidays I mentioned. I guess Black Friday can wait because I’m afraid that would be too much work.

I hope you have a nice day!:)


Pretty good 🙃

Overall I do think this game is pretty good, just a couple things could be better. One thing that I’ve been having trouble with, is that on certain games while playing on mobile, it doesn’t let you join. It just kicks you out of the game. I wish that didn’t really happen because there are a lot of people that only have access to a mobile device to play this game, so I feel that should be fixed so people have a bigger variety of games. Another thing is, GLITCHING. It happens so much on games!! I know it’s hard to fix but just on any device there are certain glitches on games that can make people cheat and like some people call it “break the game.” The lagging is another thing I think the game creators should decrease the amount of players that are allowed in the game. In my case, that is what is causing most of the lag. The final thing I would like to change is the way you get robux. A lot of people can’t afford to buy it or are not allowed to. You can do so many different things with robux and people without it are feeling left out or jealous of other people. I think you should be able to earn robux by doing certain thing or completing a task in a game for free. I think it’s just more fair that way. But if you want to buy extra robux or something THAT could cost money, but overall it should be free. I do really like this game and it is so entertaining and fun. I love the fact that you can play with your friends and make new ones!! 😃😃
Thanks! 🙂✌🏻



Okay so this is my favorite game I've been playing it for about two to three years now and I LOVE IT!!! I just recently noticed something SUPER ANNOYING though.... you can't put on two hairs anymore. Just saying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us have two hairs again!!!! :( everything else is great except one player was abusing the chat in meepcity saying "shlt" which in meepcity font looks like 🤭 the bad word. Just tryna fix that. Next I think if you buy something and it's banned you should get your robux back BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT ROBUX and now you cannot use the item which people may get mad and call a scam and we don't want that to happen :( next sometimes if you buy game passes in games and they are glitchy and eventually don't work you need to ban them. Once I bought a respawn in a camping game because I died and my game was so laggy and stuck that I never revived and that's like, - 50 robux which I could have spent on something else rather than something that doesn't even WORK :( lastly I know this isn't your fault but when you report someone nothing happens unless you get SUPERLUCKY and this app reads it. I know I can't blame you for this because millions of reports come in each day, but maybe have more people than just a few read the reports so they can decided at the same time because it could be a BAN WORTHY situation here that this app SAYS they read but they really DON'T. Everything else is fine 🥳🥳🥳


Roblox is great

I think this app is a good game it’s so nice you have over a million games to choose from! It’s like having a milling board games except online!

I think this app is the BEST and when I say BEST I mean the BEST! Only 2 issues though. 1.When you report someone the creators or whoever is supposed to look at them,they don’t look at the reports. 2.When you are on a role play game people REFUSE to read the rules they think that the world revolves around them and they can do whatever they want! I really think that you should have a thing in roleplays that if someone breaks a rule the game kicks them out. It’s not fair for other people that they have to follow the rules but some people don’t. I’m not saying this app is a bad game by saying this i just think about that it should be upgraded! It’s a really good game after all!

I really like how you can search a game and if you accidentally spell it wrong it searches for somthing close to it and pops it up and tells you what it searched up! I also like the fact that you can see the ratings on the games,it makes it cooler so if the ratings are bad then you shouldn’t play them but if they are good you should play them! I just think this app is a good game! I didn’t know people read this so I never really wrote a comment before but whenever I saw some of the ratings people wrote a lot so I had to try it out! I hope y’all enjoyed reading my rating! Bye! 👋🏻


Great game!

I’ve been playing this app for three years now. This game was shown to me from my brother! I’m so glad to have experienced all the amazing things in this game. I’ve met a group of people who are now my best friends. And it was all because of this game. I’m even in contact with them from different social media’s! Thank you this app for this awesome content. But here is one thing that reallyyy bugs me. Safechat! I personally think you should remove it. It’s really hard to see what my friends say. In most games I play, for example, Bloxburg! It’s a really fun and enjoying game for people to play, but whenever me and my friends talk in that game, it’s really hard for me to understand what they same. Especially in any game! It makes me kind of mad but playing this app has made me really happy. I love how you can even creat your own games, t-shirts and etc. But before I end this review, there is one thing I have to complain about. Scammers! You know how people get robin and buy it with there money? Well in a few groups scammers are spamming random links to hack into people’s accounts, and it’s really annoying. Usually it happens in games too. From what I think, they create random accounts and paste something like “Join (link) to get free ROBUX now! It’s only up for a limited time.” I just find it really unusual and dumb. But overall this game is great! Can’t wait to see how it revolves in the future.


Kids are writing reviews

First off, if somebody killed you in a game of sword fight, it’s not this app’s fault, the other person might just be better at the game. Second, It’s NOT this app’s fault if you are getting hacked by somebody because you tried to play a game to get “free robux” and gave away your password to a stranger. this app has a security, so if you get hacked it’s not their fault, I have played this app since 2016 and haven’t got hacked, and guess what I haven’t played any “free robux games.” Third of all, for parents saying kids can buy things easily on this app, it’s not their fault, discipline your kid for doing something they are not supposed to. Fourth, you can’t get mad at this app for other kids saying things or doing things that might hurt your kids feelings, because if it hurts your kids feelings, don’t let them play the game at such a young age, or in other ways you can take care of this issue, is that you can go on the report area, click on the pixelated persons name, then click what they were doing, and proceed to right what they did.
Fifth reason, you can’t get mad at this app because that one server isn’t working, this is that one server that the creator of that game should fix.

So from my experience in playing this app for 3 years now is that it is an overall good game, I use a mobile device specifically an IPhone XR and it hasn't crashed. So I give this game an overall five star review.



I love this app. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game. You can make friends, chat with people, customize your avatar (by paying real money), etc. It’s a really fun game that gets more and more popular. BUT, I have some issues.
1. Robux. Every person that plays this app wants some robux. No one wants to look like someone else’s avatar because they couldn’t get robux. No one wants to search the internet and try to find ways to get free robux. (Cmon guys, we all know we did it.) I think that certain prices of things in the shop should be changed. For example, hair should not be 80 robux (a lot of hair is 80 robux.) ..instead, maybe it should be 45 or 50 robux. Other things in the shop are the same way. OVERPRICED. I also think that when you make a this app account you should get some robux to start with. Not much, just a small amount. Like 20 robux. Just so that no one really feels bad about not having robux- or the money to pay for it. It also prevents things like hacking other accounts for robux and stuff like that.

2. Scams and inappropriate things. I’ve been scammed multiple times in this app. I know there’s not much you can do, but I (and many other people) have gotten scammed for things we paid real money for. In games like meep city, adopt me, etc. Also, I know this app is really working on this.. but there are a lot of inappropriate games with nudity and cuss words.
Thanks for reading this long speech! Lol! Please take these things into mind. Thank you!!!


Amazing game! Just listen to these few things though... 🤓

I. LOVE. THIS. GAME!!! this app is so much fun, and I play it for hours sometimes, and I have so much fun! I recently got Robux for my character- but that brings us to our first problem... I told you how much I love this app , and my sister does too, but we hate how you have to buy Robux to get the good shirts, faces, etc, please let us get that stuff for free!! I was reading other reports on this app, and people had problems with Robux too. Sometimes, if you buy admin or game passes, or just items, they glitch out or you don’t even get them. Some people abuse the chat- and they say swears or inappropriate stuff. And one problem I absolutely HATE!!! WHY. CANT. PEOPLE. TYPE. NUMBERS??? I’m serious!! Numbers aren’t swears?! Ok. this app has millions of games. And some are really fun, and cool. Love all the options, and there is every genre!! But, you have to spend Robux to make games. And some games are scams!! If a game is never used, please delete it. Ok, now here’s one thing. Some people are just crazy, and reports don’t ever work! Please fix that. Some games are only Mobile, or just PC, so I can’t play some that look really fun. Overall, this app is awesome!! Please fix some of my suggestions, it would make this app ten times better, but this app is already awesome, hence why I gave it five stars. Have a nice day, if you even found this and read it! Happy new year!!🎈🎆


I love roblox

I have been playing this app now for about 4 years and it’s been such a journey discovering new games and hanging out with friends! this app is developing better things everyday and I’m very excited to see what come next. But there has also been things I would recommend for the creators of this amazing games! For one it is kinda weird that when u use numbers it uses tags but I understand that you can cuss which is ok but still for the numbers?🤔 I do not why but I also have another thing I would recommend I really think there should be a choice where you could make your account private there has 50+ people on game like this app and that’s very scary for kids, tweens, and teenagers! Especially for girls there has been things on the new that men that are over 40 years old stalking girls under 20 years of age. I really think this app should actually help that overall I really do love this game.... but there is other things I would like to say possibly other people have said this to but I think it would be very cool to have players that just started this app get at least 100 this app just to start with people are getting judged by just how look on a animated game! I do not think that is right....this is the end of my review but I really Do 💜 this game SOOOOOO much I play it on my Xbox everyday almost it’s just So much fun to play LOVE YOU this app CREATORS YOUR GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you, anonymous 😘😘


Good, but mysterious friends.... SCAMMERS?!?!

Hi there! So, this game is awesome! And I totally recommend it to others who like video games. But, there ARE a couple of complaints that I have! For some reason, I get these friends but the thing is that I NEVER accepted these friends! I DID change my password recently in case if someone was hacking my account and accepting friends requests, but it still keeps on happening! I would REALLY like the developers of this app to check this out. Another thing is that when you report someone in a game, it doesn’t ACTUALLY do something! For example, I constantly see these online daters and I report them right? But, it NEVER does ANYTHING!!!! That is REALLY REALLY frustrating to me! Because, if people report this person and they don’t even get kicked or get a warning that they’ll be kicked if they keep on doing it, it’s just wrong! Also, when younger kids see this they might think it’s cool and all, but what they don’t realize is that it’s actually wrong to swear, online date, etc! People mostly online date on Life in Paradise. Now, I have nothing against Life in Paradise, I just wanted to use it as an example. Also, when there ARE reports you guys SHOULD read them! Because there are suggestions and reports like mine! One more thing. The SCAMMERS in this app really annoy me! I have remorse for those people who go to those games or websites. Anyways, I’m glad you could spare some time to read all of this, thank you.


AMAZING GAME but huge problems

I love this game and it’s fun to play but there is a major problem and I’m not the only person that faces it but mobile is hit most by it, The chat box is HUGE!!! So it covers I say 1/4 to 1/2 of the screen which means I have to chat then close the chat box the. Walk then open the chat box and chat then do it over and over and it’s annoying. Second is the censor on your chat so I noticed that is censored every thing I said like the other day I said this quote on quote “Meet you in westover” and this is what it said after I sent it “#### ### in ########” and it’s really easy to by pass all you have to do is get rid a letter and it sends but you get the point it’s annoying, Another thing is well I know it’s had to control this but there is a lot of hackers and exploiters in servers and I have tried to help but none of them have gotten banned and I notice that the community is starting to die with all of this happening and making it hard to promote the game, I really love this and thing this app is not one but the best game out there but so much is happening that is running this app and losing players and bans that have no reason and censors and exploiters and the annoying chat and I can go on and on so please try to do something about these which I know it can be hard to fully fix it but can you at least make it better but thank you for reading the review



I say that this game is really fun and amazing because there are tons of different options to play from and you could create your own game that many people can play on. It is very inspiring and it is super fun to be able to play with your friends and also make new friends on different games. I rate this a 5 star rating because of how amazing it is ! I say everyone should rate it that to from how cool it is and lots of kids or teens would have lots of fun playing it so I recommend getting this and playing lots of it’s games ! I LOVE IT many people say that there are some minor issues but I still think it is a very good game and what I think should come back is the two hairs but that is the only bad thing so I say that eve tone should get the game and play or at least try some of the amazing mini games inside! You could maybe get addicted and what is amazing is that you can friend request your friends and join there games whenever you want or when they are online and you have to the option to make groups and other awesome things to communicate with others and friends ! I can’t even say how much I live this game and how good it is all of my friends play with me everyday! Bloxburg is probably my favorite out of all of these amazing games ! So I recommend getting it and having tons of fun ! You won’t regret it ! Like this comment if you agree


Too many updates not enough big fixes.

this app is fun to play, recently Roblox has been updated and I’m sure that I’m not the only one with these problems. First I thought maybe it was just a simple bug because I started noticing when I go to users profile to try and follow them on my mobile app it just won’t let me click it. I found this so annoying because in order to follow people I would have to get my laptop out and do it that way. Now another update has been out mind you this issue before still isn’t fixed. With the new update I liked the look but the functionality of it is still not up to par. Before the update it was super simple to go to the catalog and purchase items for my avatar. Nowww it’s so much of a hassle just to scroll down the catalog on mobile as soon as I scroll down some and try to keep scrolling it automatically scrolls back up to the very top making it impossible to find something worth buying. Please this app if you are going to come out with so many updates you could at least fix the previous issues. All these problems are making me slowly want to not play this app anymore. And I’ve spent lots of money on this game. So please fix these issues for us. It’s so very annoying. There’s too many bugs, stop worrying about the look of this app and fix these issues. I’d much rather be happy with the older version of this app from some months ago. At least it was much more simple to navigate and didn’t have so many issues. 😐


Roblox is very unique!

I have not seen a game quite like this app anywhere else. It has so many fun games and a great community! But there are some downs such as scammers which could be a large danger to younger players who don’t know any better. But to be honest scammers aren’t such a threat as long as you can identify what’s a scam and what’s not a scam. Overall my rating for this app is still a 5 even including the down sides because it is so unique! Unlike other games it does not get boring easily because creators are constantly making games to play so there is a wide variety to play. And I didn’t even mention the community! this app has so many groups you can join to interact with people! One of which is the Myth hunting community where players uncover the secrets of more spooky type games and players. It’s super of if your into that sort of thing and I have never seen a community do this type of thing in a game before! this app is truly a great game!

I do have a side note though! this app replaces bad words and numbers with hashtags to protect younger players from saying their age or phone numbers and I get that! But... it’s gotten way out of hand.
I’ll try to say a simple phrase like “1 more” and it will come out as “# more” and it just gets very annoying when your just trying to have a conversation or something and it will hashtag every I say just because I spelled something wrong!


Roblox is the best game I ever played!

I’m sure a lot of you reading this review has played this app before because I did. It all started 4 or 5 years ago when I used to hang out at my friend Oscar’s house. We played a bunch of games but this one day changed my entire life. While me and Oscar were playing a game, he told me “hey, have you heard of the game this app?” I said “no, what’s that game?” Then he said “bro I highly recommend you play that game because you like adventuring right?” I said “yeah.” And then he said “well guess what? this app is the #1 adventure game!!!” I said “really? I should go try it!” When I got home I downloaded the game and then made an account. When I got in I was amazed. There were soooo many games and a lot of them were really popular! I started by playing boys and girls hangout. It was really fun there and I made at least 6 friends! I started playing other games and they only got better. Then I heard that you could customize your avatar! I got some free clothes and accessories and tried to make myself look cool. A year or two later. I heard of the this app currency, robux! I bought some robux and then bought some accessories and clothes that costed robux to make me extra cool! Now almost everyday I play this app. Playing games from Adopt Me to Arsenal, the list goes on. If you are a fan of adventure games and like having lots of things to explore, this app is the game for you!

Turtletraxx   1 year ago

Roblox customer service is so unhelpful, lack of compassion and idiotic. I installed and registered a Roblox account for my 7 year old (at the time) son in 2017. Why not? It was free and he seemed to really enjoy the different variations and worlds. He was also able to play with his cousins in FL and NC. This is probably the one game I notice he plays consistently vs some games he will play for a few months and never open the app again. Shortly after I registered, he didn’t like the user name I picked and it wouldn’t allow him to change it so I set up a new account with a different email and a user name he wanted. He got a new iPad and the game was asking for his PW. I’m not sure if because the PW was never changed and the game didn’t recognize the device, or for whatever other reason, but I tried every PW I could imagine setting it up as. i was able to successfully log into the original account but he was upset he had lost all the Roblox bucks and other stuff he’d acquired over the years on the other account. All his efforts to build this amazing account was gone! Well as a single mother wanting everything to make her son happy, I started the quest to access the account he built up. I clicked on “forgot PW” to get it reset via email and text. A message appears that says an email or text will be sent if one was provided. Well idk if I ever provided a phone number but provided the email. After 15 minutes and checking spam, nothing came to reset the PW. I added the emails and extensions to the “safe” list as suggested by Roblox. Tried again and still nothing. So I tried the email of the first account just to see if we would get the email and nothing. So I emailed Roblox customer service. They said they needed to verify I owned the account and requested the order number and proof of purchase. What? It’s a free app. I didn’t purchase anything. I went to iTunes to the order info and it would only show the orders of the last 90 days. I replied to Roblox to get more help on how to get what they’re asking for. They just copied the scripted reply but added, if I couldn’t provide the info, other verification methods would have to occur. So I responded “what are the other methods cause I can’t access my receipts for a FREE app from 5 years ago.” They then respond basically saying there is no other verification process. That’s the only way they can help. After doing some Google searches, reading articles and blogs, etc I finally found the order receipt they were asking for. I immediately sent the info they requested. I also mentioned their staff should try to locate the info they request customers to provide so they can direct customers more accurately. I doubt they do this but you would think you’d want to help customers as best and much as possible and learning processes to make it easier for the customer would go a long way. You would think that is the end of the story. I gave them what they asked for. They should be able to help, right?!?! WRONG!! After providing the info twice to follow up on my inquired, I get a response today “ We're sorry but we're unable to provide you with any further information or response regarding this inquiry. We encourage you to review the previous information sent to you as we have provided you with all that we can at this time. Sincerely, Noah” WTF!?!?!? After telling me to provide you with the only method to allow them to help me and sending them the order info and proof of purchase multiple times, they can’t use what I went to help me? What kind of BS is this? What the hell does a single mother have to do to get help confirming the user name and resetting the PW of my sons FREE account? It’s not a million dollar contract I’m trying to break. I’m not trying to access trade secrets. I just want help accessing my sons account with all his bucks and accessories. Providing everything they have requested, I get thrown aside without an ounce of help. I anyone reading this is able to provide any suggestions how to get my sons PW reset besides clicking on the forgot PW link or emailing/talking to Roblox customer service PLEASE!!! respond to this post. I feel horrible my son can’t access his account he’s built up for years when it should be an easy process… well it usually is with everyone BUT Roblox. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Olliemaran t Williams   1 year ago

My Child Asked Me To Purchase A Roblox Card I did from Dollar General store #09638 I Feel Like Roblox Has Scam Me No Human Beings Connection Only Talking Through A Computers After This $25 Dollar Card Don't Work I Truly Feel Scammed And That Sad A Billion Dollar Company Don't Have Customers Care Where U Can Talk To A Real Person I Spent Real Money I Need A Real Person As Customers Care Not No Computer

Gertrude Boils   2 years ago

Hello, my name is Gertrude. My son has been playing Roblox for quite some time, and I think that the game is an amazing way to socialize and make friends! Although, there is a minor problem that my son has just recently told me about. Basically, he joined this game called 'Make Friends!'. My son being a friendly 10 year old, of course joined. But, when he joined, he said that there were 'ladies dancing on poles', 'people saying swear words', and 'naked avatars and private parts'. (Those were his exact words.) I'm just wondering why Roblox hasn't bothered to take this game down. If any Roblox staff member sees this, please take what I said into consideration. Thank you, and have a lovely day! ❤

Lazarbeam66   3 years ago

Fuck this game

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Is Roblox Legit?

Yes. Roblox is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,670,378 Roblox User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Roblox Is 78.8/100..

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