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About: Fortnite DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, 3; iPod Touch
6th gen and lower Fortnite has come to mobile! Squad up and compete to be the
last one standing in Battle Royale, or use your imagination to build your dream
Fortnite in Creative. Requires an internet connection and iOS 11 or above.

About Fortnite

Fortnite has come to mobile! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Royale, or use your imagination to build your dream Fortnite in Creative.

Gather resources, collect gear, and battle your opponents! Last one standing wins.

Build your fort as you battle to be the last one standing.

New gameplay modes, serious and insane new looks for your avatar, new weapons and items….Fortnite is always expanding.

On mobile, Fortnite is the same game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Switch.

PARTY HUB - Connect with Fortnite friends on the go so the party never stops.

GEAR UP - Board the battle bus and drop in on your favorite zone.

See who's online, party up and jump into the game together on any platform or just voice chat.

CONSOLE GAMING ON THE GO - Play the full game anytime, anywhere.

Complete quests on the go, progress your Battle Pass, and more.

BUILD & DESTROY - Shape the battlefield by building your own cover.

Play games with your friends and explore countless community creations.

EPIC UPDATES & EVENTS - Weekly updates constantly fuel the fun.

CREATIVE - Enter a universe of endless creative possibilities.


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Great game but needs things removed

this app had been my favorite game since I started playing. I would love being able to play with my friends and just chat with them while playing this battle royale. I have been playing since season 3 and in total, I think this game still has potential to surpass other games. But then, the massive updates started coming. The map as we knew it for months was gone and new things started popping up. At first I thought it was super cool and I loved it. But go up a few seasons and that’s when things got bad. Planes came in and our map was just gone. Then the sword came. Those two things were the death of the game. But when epic patched it, everything was back to normal and better. Skip forward a few seasons and here we are in season X or 10. And the worst thing... B.R.U.T.E.s. I believe they are way over powered. I have noticed many players quitting because of these robots. I would highly recommend the removal of these vehicles. The other thing I want to address is the fact that players connect their keyboards and controllers to their mobile devices. This is really unfair to mobile players. While they can build much faster, we are still stuck doing normal mobile things which are very easy for those players to beat. This also includes the fact that epic mixed mobile and Nintendo Switch servers. Please epic, fix these things. Or at least try to.

I rate this app a 2 star.

The reasons why is because I’ve had more than 3 accounts and I got logged out of all of them and I’m really upset. I’ve had to make changes after changes to these accounts. I was playing this app last night and everything was fine and all just playing with my friends. Then this morning I got on and I saw that we’re you two to see which gun you want to use on the bottom your screen. And it was gone. So then I kept exiting out of Fortnite just to see if it was a bug. Then it wasn’t coming back. Then I reported it to see if epic game was going to check it out on my account. Then i reseted my phone to see if that worked and it didn’t change anything. So I just decided to give up and think I couldn’t play anymore. Then i just exited out of the game again. And gave up. 10-20 minutes later I decided to see if the bug was still there. It was there when I got on the game. Then all of a sudden Fortnite just went blank and I was confused and scared to see if my account was messed up. Then when I exited out of Fortnite and went back on it and it said the thing if you just had. Download Fortnite asking if you have a account or you want to make a new one. So then I cried and was very upset that my account had been logged out for no reason at all. I’m very upset of how all of my accounts had been doing this. I don’t do anything bad or hack the game like some people do. I’m very disappointed and I hope I can get my account back.

Tutting suggestion

I think that as a relatively casual, that the current wall taking system is weird. The coinflip system decreases skillful play because it increases luck, stopping people from being able to rely on consistent moves. My proposed solution is that, though this may be quite hard to implement software wise, the person who is in the box should always hold the wall. In order for somebody to take a wall they would have to have the defender building the wrong piece. This would not cause the meta to become all heals as if they are weak they will still have to continuously hold the wall, and will eventually exhaust their materials. Overall this game is really great. One other suggestion I have is to implement a feature where you can save multiple huds. This way you could have one for two finger casual play, one for 4, 5, or 6 finger ipad play and one for multiple finger phone play. It is very time consuming to try to set up a new HUD on a phone. That would be a really cool feature. You could implement similar to how console has builder pro combat pro and custom. You do have a feature similar, however if you currently switch to one of the presets, your normal HUD gets deleted. That would be great. You guys are doing a really good job balancing it for competitive and casual play, and I have noticed a decrease in lag recently. Keep up the good work!

Need to SQUASH these bugs

Okay so first off let me just say that this is a great game! I know people say that the controls are horrible, but you honestly just have to get used to them. For a mobile game the graphics are actually pretty nice to look at. There are many other great qualities about the game but let cut to the chase, BUGS. I’ve been playing this app for a while and it’s been awesome, but up until recently there are these to really messed up bugs that have cost me countless games. 1. Is the bug were you can’t interact with anything, chests, llamas, ammo boxes, loot drops everything. To fix this you need to go to settings and toggle the “hold to interact” button on or off. This isn’t that bad but I have been in scenarios where I’m busy trying to change my settings to interact with something and I just get sniped. 2. Isn’t really a bug but still, LAG. I’ve had times when I can move my character but can’t look up, down, left, or right. And it happens a lot of times in my games. At first I thought it was the iPad I play on. But I play on a less than a year old iPad Pro, so that’s not the problem. My WiFi is good and i don’t have cellular data on my iPad. And it only started happening when the birthday celebration was added. Like I said I love this app, but these bugs and lag are making the game not as enjoyable. Please fix these issues!

The Update Ruined Mobile

this app is a video game sensation. Every child has heard or played the game, and when I heard a Mobil version was going to be released I was ecstatic. When this app Mobil finally came, I signed up and played. Eventually I got pretty good. But with the season five update came several ruining blows. First off, the game has gotten super slow. I have an iPhone seven with 5g on and it runs choppy. And when it does occasionally work well, you get killed by a new player who can’t even move. This is because of the auto fire. I think it should be removed immediately. It allows the game to shoot for players giving the an insane advantage over a person who enjoys the old way of shooting. This new auto shooting allows anyone with no skill to get 20 kills by just running around. If you get in a sniper battle, you can’t peak because you will die immediately. And if you accidentally run into someone who has a hunting rifle out your dead. Auto fire is bad. And finally, when playing with the tap anywhere it just doesn’t shoot or build or jump sometimes. It might be a glitch but I can’t even play the game because each of the modes for shooting are trash. The auto fire wastes amo. The tap anywhere doesn’t build or shoot, and the button shoot is two sensitive or it doesn’t register. So there. Why Fortnite currently gets two stars. I love this game but it pains me to see Epic ruin it.

Needs some work

this app is a great game but it is starting to run out of ideas for the battle pass for example the wiggle, really, or the new wraps that don't even look that good in game like carbon gold should be mainly gold with accents of carbon because the carbon is just stitching and the ice one looks really hood in the menu but in game it is just blue and a hint of light blue but if you think i am saying i don't like it you are very wrong because i used to be a console player but then i moved and lost my internet so this was a great way for me to keep playing one of my favorite games. But mobile needs to have replays because we cant show off our good games also it needs to be compatible with this app master because i cant show off my great KD and the only way to show my wins is to screenshot and then send then delete the screen shot and after a while it gets really annoying. But all in all it is a great game and if you are a new player you should really try to teach yourself how to play claw because it helped my gameplay ALOT and i got sooo many kills and wins after i did because not many people have the dedication to do something like that. So it really is an amazing game(better than pubg)and I definitely think you should start playing if you are not already.

Nice Game But A Few Problems

So I’ve actually been playing mobile since Season 4 and I loved it! The only problem I hated which I know, phones and tablets can’t stand PC to Console Graphics which maybe some people are use to, but for me, I’ve been getting lag and my game has been freezing as soon as I’m in a battle which completely stinks for us mobile players. Can you please fix this Epic Games and I hope your working on it. Also one more problem which kinda affects only new people or inexperienced people on Mobile which is inputting both Switch and Mobile players together. I would always do so well but now us Mobile players are with almost-tryhard Switch players which kinda ruined the game for most Mobile players or it could just be me being bad. Anyways, the game is pretty good but the two problems are something I want you guys (Epic Games) to fix.

Another problem is for the whole entire this app community meaning all platforms of the game. This problem is the removal of Pump Shotguns. I don’t understand why you vaulted them but they are more balanced then the Tactical Shotgun. Maybe you should have vaulted the Tactical Shotgun instead because it seems that more people are complaining about it than the Pump. Overall like I said, the game is pretty good but please unvault the Pump and vault the Tactical Shotgun.

Add this to it!

Overall let me just say I love this game and everything about it. But I’ve come up with this new technique and I want to share it with Epic Games.

I call the strategy “stealing” but you can call it something else. First, in a match with teammates, the basics. You get eliminated, and your reboot card pops up. I want the reboot card to be visible and interactive to the opponent and his teammates. After the reboot card gets picked up by the opponent, each teammate of the eliminated player will get a tracker pad. If their inventory is full, they will have to switch out their current Gun/med. Holding this tracker pad, will send a signal to the opponent to be warned. I forgot to mention that the opponent can not reboot the player, and the only way to get the reboot card back is to eliminate the exact opponent who took it. After the tracker pad signals the opponent, the tracker pad, (only by holding it) will show a reboot card signal on top of the opponent who has the reboot card. After that, the teammate can go towards the opponent with the reboot card. Then, after eliminating the opponent with the reboot card, the teammate can successfully claim the reboot card and reboot the player. That’s all that I can think of on my list. Thank you, Epic Games, for creating this wonderful game, this app.

Good game, but not on mobile.

Don’t get me wrong, this app is a very, very fun game. Unless you are on mobile. About One out of every five games I actually get to land and play. All of the other ones the game kicks me to the home screen. And no, it’s not my phone. I have a decently new iPhone 8 that does not have any problems (Besides being dropped a few times). It gets really annoying if I am on a family vacation or I am unable to play PC and I can’t get my challenges done because of this glitch. Not only that glitch, but also sometimes I can’t move at all because my moving button malfunctions. I do like that the new HUD settings have been added where players can choose where to put there specific builds and weapon slots (Even though I haven’t figured out how to work it yet). The only reason I would ever go on mobile is for three reasons: to see the item shop, to get challenges done, or to show a curious friend what skins I have and how I’m not “OG” (which people are always bragging about). Another concern I have about mobile is that players can not check their stats and see how many wins they have. The only way they can do so without their main gaming device is through a website or app. Overall this game is absolutely amazing, but I would not recommend become a full time mobile gamer on this game. Epic Games, please consider these issues and fix them as soon as possible, and thank you for the great game.

Some things that I think would help the game get better

I Think You Guys Should Vault The Grey, Green, And Blue Tac since the new purple and legendary tac came out. Also do something around the area of Haunted hills and Junk junction it’s so empty and I think you guys should add something new to it. Also please make champions league players not be a able to get in a game with lower tier players so us champs league players can get some good practice. And please just vault the drum gun and add back tac smg no one really uses the drum gun anymore, also please vault the semi auto sniper and add back the hunting rifle the semi is so useless especially with the heavy and bolt sniper in the game there is no point in having the semi auto sniper the hunting rifle was a lot better and a lot more fun to use like going for trick shots. Also vault the burst smg there is no point in using it when you could use the suppressed smg so it’s just a waste of a spot in the loot pool and also please vault airstrikes and add back bouncers, bouncers are great for rotations and it would make competitive this app better for those late game rotations. Those were some of my suggestions overall love the game but would like to see some changes keep the weekly updates coming in they keep the game feeling fresh keep up the good work🐐❤️

Some guns are bad

It’s season 7 and this app mobile has changed a lot recently. It’s gotten better over time and still has some issues. But it’s still great and actually playable. But there is something’s in the actual game that bothers me. For some reason it’s been getting me out of solos mostly and leaves a message that says sorry epic servers are down at the moment. And I look on twitch and Ninja is streaming so obviously it was for no reason. I have awesome internet and good cellular internet. And I bought this phone in November. So that’s the first problem. The second one is the quad launcher. I really hate this weapon. And ever since it came out this has been the gun that kills me more than anything else. So if it was vaulted I would careless. And last the boom box. I mean whoever created this is just plain dumb. I also hate this thing and so do my friends. And all the pros never pick it up. If it was vaulted I would thank god and I’m sure my friends would too. That’s it for me thank you. Edit]THANK you for vaulting the quadlauncher. If you vaulted because of it being op that’s exactly what I thought of it. And now the boom box isn’t that bad anymore. So if you’re reading this the game is awesome. I have nothing bad to say as of right now so you should install. ❤️ Epic games.

New skins have too much detail

Game needs more content and land vehicles more content updates may get ppl mad about dumb in game items but it keeps people talking maybe add random stuff for a limited amount of time ok so to my topic the skins have to much detail when a new skin comes into a shop now we get a lot of new character models and crazy details like we could get really detailed torsos or horns or arms legs feet stuff like that I feel like skins are becoming to much now with a game evolving so do the items by the way epic you guys are doing an awesome job with pickaxes wraps emotes all that stuff but the skins need improvement you guys should make different skin designing groups at epic games hq or whatever it’s called a group for default skins in different apearal a group for new characters and just you know stuff like that skins that need styles probably survival specialist DEFINITELY A STYLE FOR BULLSYE Black and blue clothes blue hair and the bullsye logo black red and yellow that is a sale trust me on this other than that game is ok but please remove grey green blue burst make snipers less common off spawn and make pistols less common off spawn too especially in hot drops remove them from chest and if ur gonna keep them in chess add them into chess towards mid game that’s all we need and land vehicles seems pretty easy for an awesome company like epic games

Love the game

First thing is I don’t think that the same skins that were in past battle passes should come back as that kind of defeats the purpose of playing more to get cool stuff especially since many people take a lot of pride in being able to prove how long they have been playing and I think that they should be able to keep that. Another thing is that is that I and many others I feel would love to have a double pump LTM with the pump at its peak doing as much damage and switching as fast as it did before. The third thing is with the building mechanics, I for one do not have 0 ping and as a result cannot steal walls and I get mine taken through my turbo build. I do not think the stealing of walls through turbo build should be a thing at all. I also think you should not remove the flintlock meta to propel your self into someone’s box as it gives those without 0 ping to have a more level playing field where skill is the determining factor. The flintlock meta is something you can also see happening before hand. For example as soon as I see someone put a ramp I place a ramp putting two layers between me and the person breaking in allowing me to trap kill them, edit out of the box, or edit the ramp and kill them so it is not indefensible.

Not mobile for devices

I know you tried putting this in a mobile game but the thing is... A iphone or ipad CANT TAKE THE LAG. When trying to play you lag out of the place and you cant stop. Running gets you on a building, behind 3 foot where you were and into death. When there was a noob on a rooftop, I tried getting on there with one peice of stairs. BUT WAITTTT. It was the hardest thing to do since lag is the whole game. It took me so long to get there but someone how I DIED BEFORE I WAS THERE. When you die, it takes time for the game to process that so your still in the game. So that explains for the people that have trouble shooting someone thats not taking damage and the people that die randomly. This game is not mobile source. The thing that ticks me off IS THE LOADING SCREEEEEN. Okay... im reacting to quick. But the thing is that it takes years to load in. I leave, I get a water bottle, I check the time, taking my time sitting down, picking up my ipad calmly. What do I get. A have way loading screen thats not even a 10 percent done. I know theres alot that needs processing since its a big game but it takes up everything on my ipad. I hate how I cant make multiple acounts too if I dont know my password and dont blame me. I dont care about my acount unless I have skins. Hear me out epic. Fix this
Plesse read this
Epic games


I love this game, truly an amazing game, the things it can improve on is the combat shotgun adding more body and headshot damage and decreasing the rounds in each magazine and all other shotguns and bringing the pump back, I love this game and don’t want it to die because I have spent quite a bit of money on it and I think it should come out with different modes as team death match search and destroy etc. so we can avoid it dying out, if they do that it should still be like battle royale and have the same skins vbucks and any other cosmetic to carry over onto the other game modes of this app they should also remove polar peak and bring back greasy grove truly I don’t think anyone likes polar peak and also the drum gun should be a slower fire rate if not that’s fine but I would really like to see how the game could improve even a tiny bit more if that would be a good decision to make also take out the grey tactical shotgun and add back in the purple as well as fixing shadow bombs and making paradise palms more futuristic and any destroyed or broken down houses should be fixed up and made futuristic because if jonesy and peels got locked in the vault and tilted and retail were fixed up and made very futuristic how come there was no erosion or no houses weren’t fixed up

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