Manor Matters Reviews

Manor Matters Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-24

Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned?
What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted? Inspect and
renovate rooms, find curious artifacts from all over the world, and unravel the
secrets of this thrilling location together with Carl...

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Manor Matters Reviews

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    Fun but Doesn’t last Long

    I don’t usually write reviews but felt compelled to do so for this one. I love search and find objects ever since I was a kid at the doctors office with the Highlight Magazine. I’ve tried others but the graphics were not what they are here. Absolutely beautiful! I was really looking forward to this game and seeing the map of the house I was quite excited! Unfortunately, I’m not enjoying my time. The time it takes to clear a level takes so long. With double finds and silhouette making it difficult, sometimes what a pillow looks like might not be what your looking for because a neck pillow is unexpected. Then there’s items you just don’t know what they are. When you use your energy and clear a room, you still loose your life instead of keeping it in order to keep moving on and messes with the fluidity. Yes, the developer placed a daily wheel to win some prizes, but the tools alone are quite expensive and I’m tired of being hit up to buy energy. Again, beautiful graphics but the fluidity of this games is a constant “stop and go, stop and go” ... and takes too long to get through 1 room. The silhouette and double object challenges are not fun, booster packs are too expensive. I find myself putting the game away and playing something else. A game I can sit with for an hour at a time, in my evenings to relax. Sorry ... I wouldn’t recommend.

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    Engaging but can use some improvement

    What I like about the other Playrix games is the amount of time you can play. Lives in this game could be depleted within 10 min and you’d have to wait to play again, which has never made any sense to me because as a developer, you want to keep people on your platform as long as possible. This also leads to illogical scenarios where you can win a perk in a challenge, such as 10 min of the paint tool or additional time etc., and yet not be able to use it because you just depleted your last 10 of energy when you won this. It just makes no sense, and contrary to what the developer claims, it isn’t that common or easy to replenish your energy, unless you are ready to pay for it (and I’m not). At a minimum, I think you should keep your energy up when you win. Otherwise those scenarios happen extremely often, and you miss out on whatever perk you were supposed to get, which is a bit dumb. I don’t mind difficulty, I don’t mind having to do a scene 10 times to eventually get it, but as a developer, I’d try to find ways to keep people engaged longer...other platforms have understood that and offer unlimited lives for several hours sometimes. That’s how you keep people on your platform. Just sayin...good game though, just a shame I basically have to leave it so often because of lack of lives.

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    A Perfectly Disguised Money Maker

    This well-made game is fun, entertaining, and exciting... at first, anyway. A classic search and find with a twist. Levels start off fairly easy and get uber hard super fast. Gotta admit, it’s the perfect money making ploy. Build a beautiful game, make it entertaining and fun at first so people stay; then quickly increase the difficulty so players are more likely to spend money on search aids and energy needed to keep trying. Sure, there’s a daily spin to get a single, free item here and there and you can get free energy IF your friends on Facebook also play it, but when puzzle after puzzle is uber difficult, it doesn’t amount to much. Considering the sheer vastness of the mansion and due to its size, the levels ideally would have progressed in difficulty much slower, but that doesn’t draw in too much need to spend money of items, now does it? I’m at a point now where I can use ALL of my energy on a single level and NOT beat it, and I’m really not that far, considering the size of the mansion. As it is, I have a strong inclination to simply delete this off my device and never look back. A likelihood in the near future. Shame though, because it’s well made. For that reason, and the classy feel it gives, I give a 3 stars. Would easily have been a 5 if not for the quick increase in difficulty.

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    Well balanced

    I was apprehensive about getting a game from this developer- I’m not a fan of Homescapes or Gardenscapes, but this game excels where the others fall short. For starters, the gameplay is far less repetitive. There are frequently new scenes, modes, objects to find, and places for objects to be found. The scenes are challenging, but never feel impossible (an issue I had with the Gardenscapes/Homescapes tile-matching gameplay). The artwork is very pretty as well. Essentially, the tile-matching mechanism in other games is a mind-numbing chore, but the hidden object gameplay in this game is actually fun to play! Additionally, renovating and exploring the mansion is a lot of fun. I really like that you can change the design decisions after you initially make them. The gameplay is challenging and pretty, the story is fun and interesting, the mansion has plenty of interactive options, and the “energy” mechanic is very reasonable (energy isn’t lost if you win the scene and replenishes fairly quickly). I definitely recommend this game! EDIT: Literally as I was writing this review, the game updated, changing the energy mechanic for the worse. Energy is now lost EVEN IF you complete the scene, and doesn’t replenish as you’re playing scenes. I’m really bummed about this, and I’ll be playing a lot less because of it.

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    Fun to play...

    This game is definitely not a little kids game. The short time limits can be more frustrating than fun. 1 minute time limits when you’re searching for objects based on just the silhouette are difficult. If the time limit is going to be 1 minute then the objects should be more noticeable in the scene. It’s almost impossible if you don’t have any tools to use. Also, so much time is wasted if you have to zoom in and then zoom out to see the next item on your list or if the item name is not a commonly know term. For those 1 minute challenges, I would like to suggest letting players study the scene for 10-15 seconds before the timer starts. Another suggestion I have for this game is to let players accumulate more than 50 energy and let the energy replenish at a faster rate. Difficult scenes means that you can only try 5 times and you’re pretty much done, unless you’re able/willing to pay for more time or energy. I like this game but running out of energy and having to wait so long to try again is making the game less fun each time I play it. Trying to find the objects is the best part of this game and it’s easy to lose track of time while playing. For future updates, please consider letting players replenish energy faster and accumulate more energy so they can have more continuous play. Thanks!

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    Love it

    It’s a great game. I’ve read a lot of the reviews and responses. I appreciate both sides. It’s frustrating and sometimes if you can’t break your personal best, you end up giving up paying for power ups. It’s the nature of any good game out there. The good thing is that you actually can pay your way past a level. With that said, everyone needs to realize that there’s NO annoying ads here. No pop up after each level. That’s one thing I’ve always LOVED about the playrix games. They’re beautiful and uncluttered with ads. Because of that, I’m willing to pay for power ups. A game has to make money somehow right? I’ve been hooked since Fishdom. I do wish there would be times of unlimited lives, groups to join (home and garden scapes) to ask for lives and win contests, and maybe some side adventures (like the dog training courses) as well. I also wish there was a way to choose levels of difficulty. Easy, medium, difficult. That might curb the feeling of being always trapped where you are. Thank you for having clean and beautiful games. I love that they’re ad free and fun. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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    Hard but fun... now maybe not worth it

    I got this game thinking that the difficulty would increase over time however it’s hard and my kids gave up after level 3. I don’t mind playing a scene over and over however there isn’t enough lives to feel like you can learn where things are to know where to look before the item placement changes or the items needed change...that’s what makes it so hard. Levels like find one of three are super! Levels with clouds are annoying especially when the scene is newer and you don’t know the “go to” spots for items cuz you have never had to find those items before in the first place. That said, I love this game I like free games and I used to have a hard and fast rule not to make purchases for free games (cuz then it’s no longer free) however had to make an exception here. I would recommend keeping the scene the same for three turns prior to switching to allow the player a chance to learn the scene and advance. Updated: downgraded my stars from 5 to 3 I am disappointed in the new energy rules. Why would I ever consider using a special item or my hard earned coins to get to the next scene if I can’t keep playing? I liked that if I won a scene I could keep playing and the penalty for losing was not being able to play.

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    Great game - needs a little fine tuning

    I play several Playrix games and have never been disappointed. I find them challenging and, while sometimes it might take me several tries, I eventually get through each level... until this game. I appreciate a challenge though have been very frustrated with it due to not enough time to clear almost every scene within even a few attempts. This Playrix game is different in that you can go close in and then expand the screen. That’s a great feature but, given the extremely short clock time, it’s nearly impossible to use that feature and complete a scene. Please add at least 30 seconds to the standard time clock. Update: Became more and more apparent that this game provides a lot more frustration than fun. It’s too bad, as it has some great features other than not enough time given to clear most every scene. Will continue to play the other Playrix games though am deleting this one. Response to developers - There’s a balance between challenging and fun. I don’t believe having just 2 minutes to complete a scene is enough time to meet that balance.

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    Starts out fun

    As expected it starts relatively easy. As you progress it gets harder. That’s not an issue except that it’s gets hard enough that it’s not fun anymore. The objects Change locations each time you have to restart a scene. The objects have a different look, each time you restart a scene. The time to clear the scenes isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s only 1 minute. The amount of stars it takes to decorate increases substantially as you go on. And it gets harder and harder to win them. It’s too hard to win clues to help find objects. I won an award of a full energy bar when my energy was still full, so it kept my energy at 60, instead of increasing it to 120. This game has loads of potential but it’s too much. I just want something entertaining and to relax with after work. I’m going to delete it because it’s too much effort, not fun any more. I have other search and find games I really enjoy. I had high hopes for this one but I don’t like how hard it has become. It’s a game developers and not my career. Make the game easier and relaxing and I’ll come back. UPDATE: stop giving people links to “tips” as responses to complaints and just improve the game! You’re hearing the same complaints over and over. I deleted the game. There millions of games out there. You need to really listen to complaints or you won’t survive

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    Okay but could be better

    I love this game, that much is true. But I have a few issues with the gameplay. To start off the game uses cheap tricks to hide some objects. Once when I was stuck on the same level I had to buy a hint for the final item: the vauge outline of the dancer in the market place scene. I feel like the objects should be hidden cleverly, not in the background in windows (like with the study and the… parlor room I think?) and items shouldn’t been almost 100% obscured by another object. Another issue is with the hiding of objects through very small and well blended in things, such as the items hidden in the fabrics in the market place scene. I also believe that the Silhouette challenge should have white outlines included for the pictures. That way you can clearly see that: Oh! That isn’t two disks, that’s a box! I also think that the star price for most actions are ridiculous. “Really? 14 stars to put away a statue?!” I feel like events like the musical one (where you collect coins to buy new decorations based off of a theatre) should either be longer, cheaper, or have it be “You’ve collected 27 coins, blank now unlocked!” And have the coins act less like stars, and more like “collect 37 for blank, 46 for blank” so its more attainable! But a fun game despite all that!

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    I want to enjoy this game. I love trying to complete levels, but I find it incredibly frustrating that you lose energy even if you win the level. I have played Gardenscapes for years now, and the most helpful feature is that when you win a level, you get to keep your life. It’s motivation to be sure you do your best so that you can play longer. I’ve been trying to enjoy this game for a few days now but I can’t get past my frustration that I only get six tries regardless of what I do in the game. I can see that there are tons of other reviews with the same complaint. Just change the format of the game if so many people have issues with it. Otherwise we’re all going to just delete it anyways. At least I am getting more sleep, since I can’t sit down and play the game for three hours straight I guess. 😂 Upon reading more reviews, it seems that you simply keep making up excuses, going back several months now, as to how we just need to read your “helpful tips” to enjoy the game. You are the developers, and the only ones with the power to actually FIX the problem. No one wants to go read a manual on how to win levels. Even if we win, we can only beat six levels in a row before putting the game away for hours to allow energy to replenish. We want to play the game and enjoy it.

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    Love this game, but….

    This game is really fun, I love playing. But…. You almost HAVE to pay to play. You barely win any coins, and the good tools are EXPENSIVE. You spend your energy quickly and then have to wait. I’ve been playing Township for years, love it, there are so many ways to earn coin and township cash. There is nothing to do in Manor matters while you are waiting for your energy to refill, which is like 20 minutes to have enough energy to play 1 scene, so there’s nothing keeping you engaged, like the side games that township has, plus side games are a way a player could earn more tools, coins, energy, etc. I get that they want you to get hooked and spend money, but if my energy runs out and there’s nothing to keep me engaged, I just close it out. Also it seems it will only connect you to people that you are friends on Facebook with that also play the game (in my case, that’s only 3 people) instead of expanding that to other players, and the only thing you can request or share is energy, which is typically in short supply. If people could connect and share not just energy, but tools, I think that would keep people playing. I really do love playing, I love the challenge of clearing the scenes, but I need more to keep me playing longer than 6 scenes

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    Enjoyable game but loses energy entirely too fast.

    It’s rare for me to write a review but I felt compelled to do so. This game is actually very enjoyable to play while you can. It challenges your brain in a good way. I enjoy clearing out the rooms and making them clean, organized, and pretty with earned stars. However, it’s short-lived. You only get 60 energy points and it takes 10 to play a level. If you get stuck in a level after 6 tries, you have to wait to play. It takes two minutes to replenish one energy point. I spent $2.99 to get 5000 gold which is the equivalent of 240 energy points. Since it takes 10 energy points to play a level, you really only get 24 plays which goes a lot faster than you think. If you want to sit down and just play the game for any length of time, it’s frustrating beyond belief. I paid for enhancements twice, but then it was very clear that it was absolutely a waste of money because it was so hard to complete some of the levels that basically I used up a good chunk of my paid energy for one or two levels. It’s unfortunate because I think this game has all the features you want in a challenging game with a story and the ability to make things pretty. Too bad the energy situation is so frustrating.

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    New update 😔

    When I first got this game I loved 😍 it immediately. I liked that it was challenging but logical in a way that you really had to pay attention and think. I also liked that the coins that you won from each level were pretty sufficient to keep you playing. I enjoyed that you didn’t need some special currency, only obtained by spending real money, to make the game enjoyable. I had also really enjoyed the fact that, unlike many other games I’ve played, when you beat a level you got the energy you spent back so that you could keep playing and not have to wait for your energy to fill up. The new update has changed that though and now instead of getting rewarded with your energy back to keep playing and enjoying the game, you don’t get it back anymore. I am very disappointed with the developers of this game because they had a great game that was fun and didn’t make you wait to be able to play it. They ruined it the minute they put out this new update and I hope they change it back because I used to love this game for it’s originality and now it just like every other game. I had hoped that when I rated this game that it would be a 5 star review but due to this new update I am giving it a 3 star 😔.

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    Not enough Energy

    I really love this game so much. I love that you solve mysteries, as well as renovate the mansion. And the levels are very reasonable in the amount of hardness. (Btw I know hardness isn’t a real word lol) The only thing I would change about this game is that it’s very annoying when you’re all out of energy because I love this game and wanna play it but I always have to wait for another half hour until I can play again, even when I win all the levels! I think a better thing to do would is if you win the level first try then you get your energy back. If you don’t win it then you don’t get it back. I think that is fair and would make the game a whole lot better. Another thing, which I find inappropriate, is that in the levels you have to find cocktails and alcohol! Kids are playing these levels and there should be none of that! There is even a sene called the wine cellar. It’s very inappropriate and I do not like finding items in that scene because they consist of wine glass, wine press, cocktails, beer, and mortar and pestle. I hope you will change this and I hope you will put it into consideration! Thank you for creating this awesome game!!😀

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