One Punch Man World Reviews

One Punch Man World Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Enter the highly-anticipated, action-packed anime world of One Punch Man. Follow
the journey of Saitama, a Hero for Fun, and unravel the story in your quest to
defeat the Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, Beast King, and many other familiar

About One Punch Man World

Download ONE PUNCH MAN: WORLD today for an action adventure into a world filled with your favorite characters, exciting combat, and familiar bosses to conquer.

Fight monsters throughout story chapters, side quests, and biography missions to unlock new ways to use your favorite characters and discover their full range of abilities.

Follow the journey of Saitama, a Hero for Fun, and unravel the story in your quest to defeat the Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, Beast King, and many other familiar bosses.

Explore an immersive world filled with popular characters, quests, challenges, and collectibles for you to discover.

Experiment with different characters to combine unique fighting styles and skills to take down the next boss that awaits.

Enhance your character’s attributes after each fight with upgrades and breakthroughs to defeat monsters, obtain loot, and earn special rewards.

Customize your combat style with unique abilities, skills, and finishing moves.

Engage in epic anime battles with different heroes and villains from across the franchise.

Enter the highly-anticipated, action-packed anime world of One Punch Man.

Team up with friends to take down bosses in thrilling multiplayer combat.

Build your team of iconic heroes and powerful villains as you prepare for the next battle.

- Save the day at the Hero Association, play mini-games at the Arcade, or even shop for goodies at the supermarket.


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60 One Punch Man World Reviews

4.3 out of 5


Great game but with glitches

To start it off : the glitches.
First the game let’s me play on my pc….but not on my phone, on the same region ????
Second certain secret tokens are invisible, so it’s a pain, as to normally they are shiny.
Last and most complicated, the boss fight in the House of evolution fight with Genos CAN NOT be done 6 stars because the player needs to do the fights hitless (super hard by the way ??) and in order for the cutscene to happen, the player needs to get hit…..please fix that.
Except for those defects that I found : the greatest One punch man game to have ever gone out. Period. Just wait a month after the release date for all the bugs to get dealt with.


Almost what I hoped for!

The game is awesome! I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the game Dragonball Xenoverse 2. But I was hoping for the game to be more like that. Don’t get me wrong! It’s almost just like Xenoverse 2. But I wish the city could be buzzing with other online players who you can run into and team up with to head into a battle. But that was just my HOPES for the game. I can’t expect the Devs to read my mind and make it custom to my preference obviously. So all in all. If this game is how set up how they intended Then they did an amazing job! Great game altogether. Just didn’t live up to MY very specific pre-expectations lol. Great job devs!! I love it!


Absolutely Incredible

This game is literally insane, it’s like a legit good as a console type game on a phone, the graphics are great, the animations and cutscene effects and when you get to moving around and look around you, the little details like the game being able to handle having little objects that fly around, and the combat is pretty nice too; only thing im hoping on is an update to add an option in the sound section to change the voice language to english, because we already have both versions of the show completed with japanese and english voices.



This game is very good but I don’t know how they are going to make it last. You get S class hero’s very quickly which is an issue because there are very limited S class hero’s in the world of one punch man. I hope they add hero’s from the manga or something. Either way the game is very good and I can’t wait for them too add more of the story.


Monetization practices are filthy

100$ for one new character is absolutely absurd, and it’s still random, heck no 50$ for 10 draws
Still less then .3% chance to get what I want, might as well be throwing money away, or at least give it to EA cause EA at the very least will give what you paid for. Gambling simulator on a game using a well known IP is crazy and is such a low blow to this game and the name itself. Almost made a game worse then one punch man: a hero no body knows. The only redeeming quality of this game is the animation and story so far, but other then that. Needing to pay absurd amount of cash, talking about hundreds of USD on a mobile game is insane to me, just to play as one of the fan favorite characters in the show itself.


Going great 👍🏻

ATM, for those that have that 5GB download; y’all just got to wait or call tech support before sending your review. I was one of you guys btw when I had the issue of needing to “download 5GB” when I had like 62 GB of storage. I would like to recommend that the autolock would be accurate, because yes it does autolock; but the issue is that it’s like near the edge of my screen and I can’t see anything (please 🙏🏻 fix/updating that). Idk what else to put here, but please keep improving the game; I would love to see more going forward.


So confused.

Ok so I had pre-ordered this game so I’ll know when it comes out and once it came out I immediately downloaded because I was so excited to play once It finished downloading I clicked on OnePunchManWorld and once it got to the loading thing or whatever it said something about my device isn’t compatible or something like that because my RAM is less than 3GB I tried to do something to clear it but it just didn’t work and I was so upset



I love the anime and I’ve been wanting this type of game for awhile and it’s very good I loveeeee this but I was wondering like I haven’t fully gotten into the game entirely but I would love to see a type of open world gameplay of it like you can go into stores freshly go into the main character’s apartment I mean I don’t know if it’s already in the game right now but if it isn’t I’d love to see it.


Impressive !

I’m not much of a mobile gamer by far , but I love anime and other games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and DBZ Kakarot , on The ps4 /5 … so my first impression of this game has well exceeded my expectations, its gameplay has a console ,(CC2) feel like Ultimate Ninja Storm …the story is nice and the cut scenes are awesome, they really help to submerge you into the action…top those things off with awesome graphics and its a wrap !!,, I’m really loving it so far !


Would probably be a 5 if I could actually play the game

I preordered this game, then on launch day I downloaded it and I can’t even get past the start screen. Even though my phone has over 70GB of space available, I keep getting the insufficient storage space error saying that I don’t have 5GB available. I reached out to support multiple times and they just say they’ll send my screenshots to their team. Seems like something that should have been tested before launch.

Make the game work please!


Best ever

This is a very good game and you should try it. I had to delete some photos just to play it but it’s really good. I was at 99% and it says connection failed but I think you just need Wi-Fi because it start working I already got Genos anyways other than that, this is a very good game the wait was worth it and that’s a good birthday present my birthday was January 20th


I Might Edit This

Well, I'm gonna admit that these problems were
already addressed, but I had made sure that i had downloaded the correct version. I tried to start the game, but was stuck on the main menu. Earlier, When the server dropped, I was able to get into the game, but it was very buggy and laggy. This ones a bit personal; but I was hoping it would be controller accessible. Sorry to seem like that type of guy, but it said open world, yet it is a mobile game. I can’t really make a great jeer about that.


Wont even let me play???

I have been waiting for this game ever since it was added to OnePunchManWorld store, and had it to where as soon as it came out it would be downloaded to my phone, i saw it in my apps and got happy and ready to play it, but i opened it up and it said it needed 5.2GB to update, and i had insufficient storage so it couldn’t update, so i couldn’t play. But the thing is, i have 20GB of storage left on my phone, i have plenty of space for this game, so im very confused by this. Fix your game, or tell me how to get around this??


Great amazing best mobile gam but

This game is crazy good I actually just pulled a ssr hero and it gave me a notification to rate OnePunchManWorld the only problem I have is that the amricas and oceanic servers were not working for multiple hours and it took me until 6:00 pm to get in so would recommend


Been playing but now login won't work

I've been playing the game for the pass 12 hours and tried to go back to it and I've been trying to get back in but it's still trying to log in, I've waited an hour to log in, no progress. I exited OnePunchManWorld a few times, same results.
5 stars for fun -3 stars because bugs like these are so common they should've been common factors to deal with before launch


Controller issue

The game by far is amazing I really enjoy it, and clearly it can also support controller but when I connect mine to my phone not a single input is registered, not even movement, I hope this gets fixed soon. Other than that, a fantastic game!


Anime games need to be better

Now I’m not talking about this game I’m talking about mobile anime games in general, these mfers need to make better games because this takes a flaming dog sht over most of the anime games out today, imagine if there was a dragon ball game like this on mobile, that sht would be top 5 for sure.


Wont open

Love the game from what i have seen through videos but i cant log in , i put in my stuff and it says not available in your region , i have my region set to usa but even when i changed it , it still didnt let me please help me fix it


This game is a great game for now

When I first opened the game it seemed fine and the gameplay is fairly easy to do and learn for beginners but I do want to see more action in place than just punching and doing moves overall as a launch fresh out of the oven a 5 star



To me this game has improved massively since the others and stands higher than them as well, I can recognize all the effort the developers put into this and overall I enjoy everything


Lets Jump in!

This game is excellent and many who love the Superhero dynamics will feel right at home. Let me first address the fighting, which is engaging and thrilling at every corner. As for the Roster of Characters, we can see that it is still building as it is a gacha game and should have a great potential of pulls in the future. The traveling is fun, although it is limited much like games like Honkai:Star Rail. I would say the true gem of this game is its fighting, graphics, and playing the characters you love! Otherwise it has so much work before it truly becomes the powerhouse it was meant to be. My honest thoughts is that I hope they will get more content soon because if its just running around and fighting with a limited roster and heavy p2w factors, we may have to deduct stars.

As for the majority of reviews do not listen as its usually the two problems:

1. Issues about game not allowing them to proceed due to insufficient storage or glitch so they rate it 1 star (Game is pretty big for just launching though).

2. People who are just super fans rating it 5 stars before even playing…


It’s Pretty OK

I got over hyped for the game and expected something like the HoYo-verse. That was my fault, that’s an extremely high bar.

I do like the auto battle feature, I should be required for games with reportable fights, but if you want to fight a few fights of the same level it can take 10 minutes of having to leave your phone on without any speed up or skip options.

I do get bored playing it and I only play it for at most an hour a day by forcing myself. The gameplay loop feels repetitive where you follow the main story and repeat fight some of the same people so it dosn’t feel like watching a story. I do like that they include some side stories that were never shown in the anime, like before vaccine man getting one punched.

The movement between sections is fine with a quick load time, but a section is just a city block and you just have to run through a couple to get to a mission so it is 4 load times just to reach a quest area. I would like to see different fast travel, like with the busses in each block but further expanded. (I do not know if it goes beyond the block)

It’s nice to have a wide verity of characters like “looking for a job saitima” but it would feel better of they were something like a *skin* or a variant you could pull where you select it within the same character.

Mumen Rider for the win!



I really like this game and I really want to continue to like this game but the fact it doesn’t have controller support so I can use my Backbone AND it doesn’t have look inversion in the options makes this a no go for me. Unfortunately for me I won’t be playing again until controller support is added and the look inversion is added. I just simply can’t play without inversion it’s very difficult for me. The controller support isn’t as important as look inversion but controller support is would be VERY nice. I’m extremely shocked this game doesn’t already have controller support, a game of this caliber and style really needs it. Also with this being a Crunchyroll title I thought it wasn’t going to be pay to win or cash grab gatcha game but sadly it is! I pay for a Crunchyroll subscription, I shouldn’t also have to pay a bunch of money to get in game currency! So once those things are fixed I’ll change my review. 👍🏻


Gameplay is wonderful but a lot to work on

The game is beautiful and combat is nice clean and smooth but the lack of in game currency can seem underwhelming makes you feel like you can never get a multi pull for free unless you play continuously for hours on end which I don’t mind playing the game for hours because it’s beautiful and fun but it’s lacking the rewarding feeling . I notice there are more purchases packs being advertised once you login then free currency or download milestones reached which is disappointing because not everyone can afford to spend money on a game they love so as a company try to be understanding towards players or the game can lose its fan base quickly .


Love the game but.

There are a few areas where the game can be improved specifically because of connectivity issues. The lack of villans or other heroes as possible characters to be played is missing and the big question for me is why haven’t the devs added Saitama the main protagonist, they have only added versions of him like when he saved the kid from the crab guy in an office type suit. Let’s also not forget the one where he dreams he fights the underground monsters in the middle of the street with his nightwear on, (this version of him costs $100 and it’s the most decent one).


Let’s Jump In

To start off this game gameplay wise is really amazing by far the best one punch man game we have gotten so far. The only thing that makes this game and would probably be the downfall of this game if they don’t fix it its the gacha system. The rates of getting a character are so low, the guaranteed pity you have a chance of getting the Sr or SSR character or a impression thing?! Really that is so stupid. The fact that the pity is 60 for SSR and you have a 50% chance of getting the impression is by far the worst mechanic they could have done. Not to mention not being able to reroll. I don’t get why we can’t do it especially the currency in the game to get free draws is so low. But hey great graphics am I right…… I just want a game I can enjoy.


Zombie man opening

This game has just bestowed upon me great fortune. I shall forever be in debt from that great pack opening. I had but one dream to unlock my glorious goat king Zombie man and thus my dream has become a reality. The duality of Zombie and Man between this characters resonates greatly in his weaponry and artillery his axe being his human side and his glock being his undying side. Nothing is greater than the plentiful sight of Zombie man. I thee aren’t worthy of such a character, yet I am here holding him. I am forever in debt of such a great treasure and i will forever cherish this moment.

-Sincerely, the receiver of Zombie Man



I love the game so far and it’s thrilling chances for new characters and combat. The only thing is that I’m experiencing quite a few crashes recently. Like today my game has crashed maybe 3 times in the last 25 minutes which I’m not too mad about new game means some problems so I’m just putting it out there. I don’t know if it’s my phone or the game but it’s nothing too bad to where it does it ever 2 minutes or whatever. I can still complete my main and side quests just happens at certain points.


Console game, in your hands

Graphics are incredible, combat is very fluid, and the open world are stunning. So much to do, from watching movies, training simulator, character specific training if you aren’t familiar with them, going between cities and exploring all the side areas and quests. I can’t believe it’s a mobile game, I have seen worse quality on console. Loot boxes are crazy priced right now however. Even without spending money on the game I had a team of 7 different heros at the end of my first day from free spins they give you


Lovin it

I love this game I love it’s so much fun just with the drawbacks of: extremely pay to win or waiting a day for some draw tickets and also the HUD is very crowded and the tutorials are very forceful and make you do things you might not want to like selecting a different character on a mission but it will make you choose one even if you have one higher level. But overall this game is pretty fire I’ve already recommended this game to many friends. I will update this as I progress but this is my rating for now.


Good game

I think the graphics are over the top (in a good way) and the gameplay itself is very GI esque. Personally I think they needs to maybe make more versions of the characters, or somehow make like a 3/4/5 star version of each tier character. I spent $58 and I have my dream team of dreamland saitama, yuri, sonic, and even though I got genos I use blizzard. Too quick and too easy. Need more rarities if you want game to last. Love it otherwise 💪


Scam Cash Grab

This game is Genuinely a scam cash grab First of all they lied about giving everyone 100 pulls on launch Then when the tutorial is done you get to find out the odds of pulling something good is 0.3% chance after you witness that just take allitle scroll one tab over to see you get to see you can get a guaranteed SSR on a (Beginner banner) For 45 Dollars!!!! Then it Takes 15-30 minutes to reroll then they limit the amount of rerolls you can do I genuinely suggest you don’t play this game and if you do please don’t give them money your better off buying a scratch off and you’ll have a chance at some value back or go to a bar and get yourself a Beer or two and have some fun.


Good game but more obstacles to smash through

It’s a great game I’ve been hung on it for hours now but I feel as a superhero game it’s just not complete without a few buildings being wrecked or smashed through by the villains like literally be smashed through you know how superhero films are take Man of steel movie for example let there be more damages to the constructs and let there be more constructs to be smashed through thanks and please make this possible 🫶🏻🙏


Game is great but progression is horrible

The graphics and fighting in this game are very nice and overall run very well. The main problem I have is the progression that the game has. To get enough to summon a new character takes forever for no reason which can get boring just completing mindless missions for a summon that gives you absolutely nothing. I have not bought anything on the game because I am not the type to do that but the prices are horrible. $50 gets you two summons which is insanely bad.


The best mobile anime game out right now

I usually don’t leave long reviews but I’ve played every anime themed mobile game out right now and this is by far THE BEST hands down 10/10. I’ll start off with the graphics, if you set the graphics to ultra the quality is amazing but still just as good out on standard. Gameplay is an action beat em up which is my favorite because you can have your own play style and fight how you want. The game has most characters from the show which is awesome and you can gotcha to get new ones but it isn’t necessary. I’ve unlocked some characters simply by progressing through the story. Also the story itself is so fun to play through. I usually skip all the cut scenes in every game but it’s nice to watch the characters actually move their lips as they talk and a lot of them are interactive cut scenes so you may not want to skip. Even some villains are available through cut scenes. Not sure if they are unlock-able yet to play with permanent. Saitama is a playable character as well but mostly for cut scenes but they do have versions of him you can unlock like Saitama with hair. Daily missions are fun and not repetitive or boring. Semi open world but most people you can interact with and actually go to shops to purchase in game items to help boost your characters. Overall I’d say they only thing that could make this game better is if they add a multiplayer coop mode where you can fight and travel with friends.



First, of course there are issues. Every game I’ve played from console to pc to mobile has ever launched without problems. The temporary bans were not cool and me personally I wasn’t effected by it I gave the game a 4 star. I am enjoying myself on this game outside of having luck with the gacha system starting off. With my growing experience of gachas I’m getting more comfortable with the rates of the actual gacha and I grow too appreciate the gameplay/animations for what they are. This game is unlike any gacha I’ve played bcz they are certainly aspects of real fighting games like street fighter / other triple A games. Long as the devs stay transparent with the community and continue too fix issues and add content, we’ll be good and everything with go smoothly. I’m supporting the game as much as I can financially and with playing time, I hope they return the favor in updates and transparency.


Very solid game

Love the game. Graphics are amazing for a mobile game & the fighting is pretty decent. Loads of single player content & some cut scenes that are just as amazing as the anime. The game is very immersive & feels nice. The only thing I would recommend after making it to battle rank 10 would be more co-op based content. The only thing we have is 3 co op commissions per day which last about 20-30 minutes in playing time. An idea would be to allow players to join, but if they do not have a commission ticket, they just don’t get the bonus rewards or allow co - op commissions to take away energy with no bonus. Also a raid mode would be nice. A city raid with monsters & bosses placed In each area would be cool. I hope the direction of the game drives more towards community play. All in all , love the game & great work!


Pretty good job so far!

TLDR: this game is a 10/10 go play it for yourself NOW!

Honestly wasn’t expecting how good the game is from past experience from one punch man games. But this game blew my expectations and had me wanted even more and more content the side mission all feel like they are just as important as the main mission with how unique they are. The characters are so smoothly designed and they fighting styles are fun once you get to know how to use them. I can’t wait to see more units like metal bad and even some more villains like garou because we don’t have enough villains in the game. Definitely a really fun experience so far. Can’t wait to see this game blow up more and see what the future has for this game 👍


Great but one thing kinda scams

The gameplay in character moves are amazing and even the story in all the side quest you can do and how you can navigate through the city is also great as well no lags or anything, and I appreciate that the fighting is great. The moves are great and the specials are great as well. Only thing I will say, is that the character drawis a scam I even spent money on the game to see what you guys give characters that you can actually play with and you guys keep giving the same characters over and over again I’ve hit both of the character draws over 60 times and still haven’t got Any SSR characters at all you guys just keep giving out the same four characters which isn’t fair especially if you’re spending money and grinding in the game it needs to be fixed ASAP


“Insufficient storage space” (update)

OnePunchManWorld already needs an update to fix this bug because it’s saying my phone does not have “5.0 GB” of free disk space when I have like at least 30 GB of free disk space.

Update: so if you’re having this problem too it’s a simple fix. The insufficient storage is referring to your phone’s RAM. Basically if you have a lot of apps open in the background you will not have enough RAM for the game’s initial update. Just swipe up and out of all the additional apps your phone has running in the background. If you’re still lacking enough RAM then restart your phone. That is what worked for me.


Nice game

So I don’t usually leave reviews, but the game is actually pretty fun. It has a handful of things to do, but I do have a few complaints. For one, it’s a gacha, and since my luck is trash, no way am I getting an SSR character until I pull out my wallet. Secondly, the quests. Quests are pretty much the main core of the game, and without them, the game would be another boring exploration type deal. But it’s so easy to rampage through those, and at the end of the day, you’ve got nothing else to do. And lastly, I’ve had this game for about three days. But just now, it has started to crash multiple times. I don’t really know what happened, sooooo


Amazing F2P Gacha

Graphics are top tier for a phone game. - 10/10*
Love all the little hidden quests and collectibles. -10/10*
All characters are true the anime, as best it can be, when it comes to the combat. Plus the story and quick time events are amazing. -10/10*
Amazing combat flow and gameplay, unique mini games reminiscent of SoS and SS. -10/10*
Connection issues - 5/10*
Connection issues and the unfortunate draw rates for some is a bit of an annoyance.
But I feel for this quality of game you can grind it because you enjoy it and not pay, over time get the characters you want. You Don’t Have To Pay. Got Tatsumaki easy and silver fang, metal knight, hellish blizzard, just about everyone except two. Play the game and enjoy it for what it is and accept the fact they also have a job to make money, yet to be able to have brought us this kind of quality and dreams come true to the palm of our hands is unique.


A Bugatti without cupholders.

The first thing you see from this game is the console level graphics. It looks and feels great, each character has their own gimmicks and are super fun to use.

The gameplay is simple and addicting, similar to something like MGR. There’s enough characters and content to keep me playing, but I do expect to get bored after a while unless more gets added.

The only thing I dislike is the shop prices (wont stop me from buying them though) and a few quality of life things, like the individual character mail.

Is One Punch Man World Safe?

Yes. One Punch Man World is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,472 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for One Punch Man World Is 66.2/100.

Is One Punch Man World Legit?

Yes. One Punch Man World is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,472 One Punch Man World User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for One Punch Man World Is 80.3/100..

Is One Punch Man World not working?

One Punch Man World works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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