One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 Reviews

One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

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Key Benefits of One Punch Man

- Free gems daily and weekly

- More rewards to get further in the game

- Guild activities and events

- Crossover with other games

- More ways to get crystals in game

- Unique challenges

20 One Punch Man Reviews

4.6 out of 5


This games got some serious problems

Just another f2p player I like the game but it seriously feels like it cheats for itself because honestly throughout every game I ever played like it I never came across a character with literally the tiniest bit of health left taking out 2-3 characters with a bit more than half of theirs left and it’s not even like he was boss level or anything. Moreover the gap in power levels is just too overwhelming I mean it took me over a month just to get close to completing a chapter and I play it everyday without purchasing anything of course because the prices on everything is outrageous I think I can speak for a lot of people when i say over $40 no even over $20 is too much for a mobile gaming app which 9 times out of 10 won’t really help much anyways and no I won’t go to the discord because I already did and yeah there’s some good strategies on there that’d help but again not with the gap in power levels and not just for the story mode but the tournaments too I remember one guy wiped out my entire team and all he used was a terrible tornado and our power levels weren’t too far off from each other just how can you even explain that. Like I said though I’m a big fan of the game and I like it. It’s honestly one of the best games I ever played but there’s a lot that needs fixed that the discord can’t help with I like a challenge but the way it is now is just too much of a challenge for a game that’s meant to be played for fun


Amazing and addicting game! Just a minor problem...

This game is the best OPM game out there. It has a variety of heroes, follows the plot, and has many activities to do. My only problem with the game is it’s pay2win mentality. There was a recent event with exchange tickets, and with the top prize, you could only pay to get it. The second most expensive prices, some people would barely scrounge up enough to get it, as for me, I had to pay a dollar, because they cut off free ticket availability for the last day! I was so close and decided to pay. I’m 90% sure they did this to get more money. Another example is the passes in game. Every once in a while you need these things called strength crystals to level up your heroes. With one of the passes, it gives you A LOT of strength crystals. I was stuck I. The game for about a week just to get the free strength crystals while it would have only taken someone with the pass about 1-2 days IF they didn’t already have enough.
I hope this review helped and if you want to even the pay2win and free2play, make it easier to obtain resources without pay, or make your recharge deals less of a rip-off.


Great Game BUT...

The game is great, you get free gems daily and weekly so you don’t really have to pay to get further in the game but it doesn't hurt to give out more gems, but it does take time to get further... you can get stuck on a level for weeks and still wont be able to pass it, so there should be more things to do to get more rewards and it should make it a little easier to surpass the level you’re in, and the guild should have more activities and should have more of a purpose like guild wars or more raid bosses or more little events, add anything to the guild and ill be happy, and its hard to gain members because you cant communicate with people on your server to tell them to join , your game still has alot to be implemented and still has room for improvements to make the game even better than it is. Main problem is that I'm really unlucky when it comes to summons, I'm level 95 on level12-40 and still have 3 basic gold characters on my main team and its kinda annoying because when i finally get enough for summons i get complete trash like literally 6 greens and 4 blues, at this point of the game its better to save and spend your diamonds on gear instead. PLEASE ADD MORE TO THE GUILD !!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU


Ok game not at all f2p friendly

One punch man road to hero 2.0 brings a great experience and original story from the original One Punch Man series. The way the game brings in the characters and stages feels nostalgic and really wants to make you play even more. I am a day 1 player and ever since then I have played this game and watch it grow.

With that said I want to say that this game is not f2p friendly. In fact you cannot make it far in this game in a reasonable amount of time without spending money. Every new feature they add to upgrading any of the characters has a huge pay 2 win aspect. The problem with this is that it attracts no new players and makes the f2p players want to quit. It is a FACT: f2p players cannot hope to compete EVEN CLOSE with the top guilds or even stand near them.

Looking at the situation right now, it seems to me like the game is slowly dying as a result of high standards that non money spenders cannot stand to play anymore. I do not think the game is increasing in number and from the look of it there might be a future 3.0 game instead. It is one thing to add pay 2 win aspects however making those aspects too great to the point where new players, that have played for a while after start, can see that it is impossible for them to get to that level.


good game, active developers, small isssues

i have been playin this every day for almost a year now, and have spent some money from time to time on this game and im hoping ill have some insight to give yall. the game is great: its simple, fun, and competitive. the devs are constantly working on this game and every other week or so is a new update with fresh content. however, in terms of fresh gameplay content, they are lacking.

progression through the main story is slow but definitely doable without paying. there is another daily set of single player stages called “Road to be Strong” and those get stale very easily, it starts to feel like a chore. lastly the pvp aspect of the game really needs some help. i have reached the top 10 in my server and sadly because each server is sanctioned off from each other server, i am only able to pvp against the other 10 in my bracket. imagine only being able to fight the same few teams over and over again. its desperately in need of help.

great game with active devs, you can get all the way through the game without spending a dime (i was able to very far before spending a thing), and im hoping the devs will make the playing options more diverse and adjust the way servers work.


I really want to like this game

So my friend and I downloaded the game on the same day and for the most part we stayed even. But now After a few weeks into the game he has pulled way ahead of me. It’s not because he bought anything or played more. It’s because he got really lucky on a few draws. And now I struggle to keep up. The game is great but if you get unlucky on the draws you will be stuck for days if not weeks with basically zero progress. I know this is how most games are but when you are trying to compete you have to be really lucky or spend money. Guess I’m getting tired of theses types of games. No real skill involved just lucky drops.

Update changed to one star: I still like the game but if your not lucky you have to pay. And it’s a ripoff to pay, you don’t get enough for your money. got a reply back from the game designers that basically said “this is how these games go”. Well my buddies continue to get great draws and advance in the game while I continue to be unlucky. I guess this game won’t get anymore of my money. That’s just how things go sometimes.


Fantastic game but lacking a bit late game

This game is everything I have been looking for in a game. It is enticing, the pay to win isn’t too prevalent, and it has fun and interesting hero’s from the anime to collect. That being said, while there is plenty to do, the game drops off a bit when you start to hit late game (level 101 for units). You cannot upgrade your units to 101 unless you have collected enough to make the unit golden. This is a struggle for many of the good units as they are very rare to get, let alone get multiple of the same kind. The game allows you to upgrade using similar units to yours, however it takes a while. You get stuck almost at a plateau until you can upgrade your units. Also the character experience is difficult to get to upgrade if you cannot progress in the story. If they could fix that issue and make it less of a plateau it would be an EASY 5 out of 5

Would give 4.5 if possible. Still recommend to anyone and everyone


It’s amazing but...

I love this game everything about the game play is great for the most part I’ll be talking about the chat one thing that I’m hoping will be added soon is a way to report people I’ve been seeing a lot of bots,predators,racist people,and spammers in the chat and I can’t do anything about it also some words that aren’t even bad get censored which is annoying when you’re talking for example button and hello also when I head to the chat I’m sometimes stuck in channel 0 and have to log in again to chat also I hope you guys can add some stuff to the game that won’t just make it a afk arena type of game because that gets boring pretty quickly over all the game play is pretty good but the chat lacks a few things I hope you can fix some of the stuff I listed thanks for the great game.


Big no on this one

Unfortunately the devs did the ol’ bait and switch. The game was great when it came out but every single update sense then screws the player. The pull rate they dropped through the floor so there’s next to no reason to recruit anymore and after they made that so bad they started offering packages to just buy characters. There’s very little actually gameplay just click on a portrait when their ultimate is ready. Pretty lame... especially compared to the first version which was far superior to this but they wanted to remove all strategy from this one I guess. The dev’s seem to not care one bit for the players and just see them as walking piggy banks. Every aspect of the game is an ad trying to make you buy something. I know all these gotcha games want you to buy stuff but this one makes the progression so dreadful and tedious it seems they are trying to make anyone not spending constant money leave. Very unfortunate as I loved the 1.0 but they just ruined this game and are trying very hard to make this as terrible as an experience as possible.

Tl;dr: Bad “game” with way too much pay to win.


Fun for OPM, entertainingly addicting but...

While I’ve spent plenty of hours/months playing this game, I’ve found that there are some great things about it and not so great things. If you love one punch man this is a fun, simple and entertaining daily played game that takes about 15-30 minutes a day to do the daily tasks. The developers update often and while there are plenty of chances to spend money and increase the speed that you increase, someone like me can enjoy it without paying and advance through time played.

That all said, there are 2 reasons I won’t give this game a 5 star review.

1. Machine Breakthrough Update
When they added “machines” or robots, they essentially added a factor of the game that is entirely a money grab. In no way is it related to OPM and is frustratingly overvalued in the game. Simply no connection to the base of the game makes the machine breakthrough, in essence, a crappy game used to better the main game. Frustrating money grab that is shamelessly alters the game in a manner that’s worse for F2P players and isn’t connected to one punch man at all. Could have gone in a lot of different directions and this was the wrong one.

2. Preverse incentives.
When elements of this game are easier as a lower player and more difficult as a better ranked player, it makes the drive of leveling pointless. Too many instances of not spending gems, waiting for a better time and simply not advancing because it’s better not to.


The game is amazing and I have some ideas

If possible I would really enjoy a crossover. I think this would make a large impact on the game. For example if there were another game similar to this like a Naruto game, then if somehow there were to be a crossover many players from other genres of anime would join the game. Another thing I was thinking is to add more characters from season 2 of the anime. Of course I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already being worked on. Another thing is to make more rare and uncommon characters. I take one look at the album and half of the characters are epic or something better. And if there were a way to turn off notifications on things like promoting characters after resetting the game. Also for me the chat constantly glitches out and says I am in channel 0. Won’t let me change that either.


Sad to say..

Man i really want to love this game.. it has some really good potential to be great. What kills it completely is the MASSIVE amounts of pay to win. There are so many different ways i can spend money to rush forward in the game its painful ( and insanely expensive). Why is this so bad? There are many instances where the more competitive you are against other players the faster you can grow, and if you aren't spending a minimum of 20+ dollars per week you will NEVER be able to compete =\ ( and no thats not even an exaduration ) it truly is a fun game but plagued with so much cash grab you just hit this huge physical wall that only can be surpassed if you buy stuff. Events are a joke... who puts massive pay to win for in game events? If this company is willing to stop being greedy and put even a monthly limitation on every purchase type, and take out all of pay to win events then i could recommend this game 150%. It would give people a MUCH more level playing field. Even open a low p2w server list or something.


This game is great but needs more ways to get crystals

I’ve played this game for about 5 months and I love it. The only problem I have is the fact that it’s so hard to promote your characters t spending money. One way to fix this would to add more ways to get crystals In game. You could have it where there are more codes or to battle specific characters. You need more unique challenges. Examples: battle with these characters. Win without using actives. Stuff like that would help players who don’t want to spend money to get further. Overall though I love the game. Oh one more thing is character I would love to see. Some more of the characters from the super fight tournament would be cool. You could add glasses from the garou fight. Chain n toad and just some other b class hero’s too.


Couldn’t even start actually playing

Had a total of five times I tried to play the game. First time crashed during the beginning cutscene. Second time I skipped opening cutscene and went to do the tutorial battle, which crashed before the battle started. Third time I had the disconnected message and I just decided to restart the phone. Fourth time I accidentally glitched the server select screen and turned out I couldn’t exit out of it since the game also loaded in. And the last time I end up getting into the tutorial battle but it was laggy for some reason. Didn’t last 5 seconds before I got kicked out again. Please fix the crashing and I might be able to do a proper review.

Edit: For when I got into the battle, I decided to run it a few more times. When it crashes, it’s almost all ways after Moonlight Rider takes the first hit of the battle. Can never get past that point it’s the farthest I got to without crashing.


Great Game to Pass the Time

OPM:RTH 2.0 is a great game to help pass the time, especially if you are stuck at home during the whole COVID situation. I think the EPIC cards pull rate needs to be adjusted up to 15% since it takes soooo long to get duplicate cards to upgrade, especially if you play for fun instead of using money. That would make the game a lot more fun, fair, and would dramatically decrease the level of complaints regarding upgrade progression. This game would be worth 5 stars when that little issue is fixed, and we would have even more fun and be happier! That is the point right? Not just about money for the creators? I say PROVE IT to the developers and the results would be that this game will explode that much more with popularity!


(Please read) Really amazing/chill game.

I’m a big OPM fan, and I started playing this game yesterday, and it got my attention. is a really amazing/kinda idle game. If you don’t like tutorials there’s a skip button, it also shows some cutscenes in the story of the actual OPM anime. When your offline, you can still get Money and character EXP, which can help you Level up/Upgrade your heroes.
It would be better if the game had more characters in it. although I ain’t complaining. This game actually has potential, I’m going to start spending money on this game soon😂(Its not p2w) imagine the future events! I can tell they’re going to be amazing! In my opinion, you, or whoever is reading this should actually download the game. 🙂👌🏼

(Sorry is I misspelled some words or anything)


Dumb fun

Recently got into one punch man so i decided to try out this game i got an ad of like 2 years ago Gameplay is pretty boring but i still have fun watching my level 40 mumen rider toss a bike at the enemies Will i be playing this game regularly? Probably not. But still some of the easiest 5 stars i’ve given in my life Edit: I unlocked guilds and found out that the game makes fun of you for not giving your guild a description. This deserves 6 stars. However, from an honest pov, acquiring diamonds (i think thats what they’re called) is way too hard (if you want to do a multi. Getting enough for a single is easy) So yeah make the acquisition of the premium currency easier, since the main thing i wanna do in the game is summon and cry when i get shafted.


More and more disappointing

The first version is dead and this one will be soon. It seems to be exciting at the beginning when you are able to go through the story quickly. However, later on they’ll make you pay to win unless you’ll be stuck on a quest forever. Extremely low rate to get an elite character (about 4.5%), but only a few of them are good to use. To upgrade the characters, you’ll have to collect their duplicates. Need about 18 dups to fully upgrade a character, which is hilarious. The free rewards after victories are extremely few. It’s not possible to do anything with the small amount of rewards. If you’re a farming gamer, this game is not for you. There’s no mode allows you to farm rewards repeatedly. If you don’t spend money, you’ll be stuck long enough for you to forget this game is still in your phone. This is exactly what happened to me. I’m a huge fan of One Punch Man, but I’m so disappointed in this game. I was patient enough.


Fun but not rewarding

I’m a huge fun of the show and manga. So I got this game. It was really fun and still is. The problem is, although u get free gems, the pull is not rewarding. You could spend 5000 gems, pulling 20 characters and would not even get a single elite character. I ultimately got bored and stopped playing. It’s tons of fun but looks like the only way to gain elite characters and upgrade them (good luck) is to just pay for them. Overall it’s fun. The sole reason I played was to collect my favorite characters. Don’t see that as a possibility without paying so uninstalled it. Hopefully someday the pull rate will change. At least give players something to look up to. Like one elite character at the tenth draw. That will keep ordinary players and fans of the show interested. Not everyone is into competing with other players.


Very Good Game

I love this game! I’ve played it since global launch and I still log in every single day. The developers are constantly updating the game multiple times per month and they frequently ask the player base for feedback. The balancing is pretty decent with most of the heroes being viable with a few outliers that are really strong. The one problem I have with the game is the large paywalls you encounter when playing. Every once and a while you will encounter a stage that seems way too much hard for your level unless you pay to get better characters. The paywall really hits you around chapter 17 to 18. Besides that this is the best one punch man game ever made!

Is One Punch Man Safe?

Yes. One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,111 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for One Punch Man Is 69.4/100.

Is One Punch Man Legit?

Yes. One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,111 One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for One Punch Man Is 100/100..

Is One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 not working?

One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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