One Punch Man - The Strongest Reviews

One Punch Man - The Strongest Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-04

About: Saitama, a guy who became a hero for fun. After three years of his training, he
finally gains the ultimate strength he wanted.

About One Punch Man

You can fight along with Saitama, "The Strongest Hero", and face the disasters and villains straight out of the original work.

Through smart strategy thinking and the combination of unique character features and skills, you can dominate the battlefield.

One Punch Man - The Strongest is adapted from anime ONE PUNCH MAN, originally created by ONE and Yusuke Murata.

You will need to recruit various heroes and villains, and form your exclusive lineup.

The whole game production was supervised by the production committee including SHUEISHA.

After three years of his training, he finally gains the ultimate strength he wanted.

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Key Benefits of One Punch Man

- No ads

- No in-game purchases

- Fun gacha system

- Balanced gameplay

- Lots of fun and entertaining things to do

- Characters and abilities from the anime

600 One Punch Man Reviews

4.8 out of 5



The first OPN game was better leveling wise. I’m lvl 35 w SSR characters and it’s still taking my whole team just to kill one enemy on elite stages. We’re supposed to have 2 different teams heroes and villains but they don’t give NEARLY enough resources to have 2 teams without buying stamina 30x a day. Like either make it so every single enemy on a team isn’t overpowered or give us enough resources to actually level up or heroes. The one hero I actually did pay for became I delete after like 4 main exploration stages. Defo going back to play the opm that came out b4 this cuz we should be way past this making the game practically impossible for players. They don’t shove purchases down your throat they jus make the game impossible without it.



Can’t play as Saitama R.I.P. also what game after 2021 hasn’t had a select ssr/5* ticket. Pull rates if you want to pull your hair out to get 1 SSR in about 10 tries of 10 and not get the hero you want don’t even try playing. Game play isn’t bad typical stage to stage to stage normal and an elite mode. Helps gets your heroes from normal grade to higher depending on stages. Auto system isn’t smart a smart system so have to watch HP, ults and rows you are trying to target.

I really was hoping to for something better than the two previous versions that came out, and even than it was a reboot of the first. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to change my reviews after they make improvements.


Test of patience

I guess I failed the test because I am character level seventeen and I am still getting stupid tutorials that I have to do every single time I complete a mission. I haven’t been able to actually play the game myself without it holding my hand in forcing me to tap specific spots on the screen. I can’t choose anything so I chose to uninstall it. Save yourself some time and don’t install this piece of crap. Unless of course you want to do stupid tutorials till level 31 (saw an item I can’t use till 31 that goes to a new feature at that level).


Very enjoyable

Overall I’ve been enjoying this game. There are no ads and they don’t shove in game purchases down your throat. The gacha system is fun and doesn’t make me feel agitated if I don’t get something good. Everything seems balanced as far as I’ve made it (abt Level 30). I enjoy this game a lot.


Chp 5 level lock

Fun game to play but the fact that I got level lock and can’t continue the story mode because of my level being 23 and the next chapter (5) unlocks at 25 show that this game going to be a spend gems on stamina. This is not a F2P friendly game so if you’re a f2p playing don’t bother playing cause you’ll ether be stuck under level because you don’t refill stamina or if you do refill stamina you won’t have gems to pull heros.


My favorite mobile game so far !

Thanks so much for this gem of a game, there are so many fun and entertaining things to do that you will lose track of time while playing. If you’re fan of the anime you will love to see all the characters and their abilities.


Really fun!

Really fun game with solid strategy elements. The only thing dragging it down in my book is that some of the ads falsely led me to believe that pre-ordering would get me several bonus characters, when that appears not to be the case. Otherwise, I really enjoy how the turn-based RPG elements are implemented, and the animation looks really cool integrated with scenes from the show!


Rookie recruitment ladder bait and switch.

They have a rookie incentive where every 10 heroic recruitments guarantees an SSR character. First 10 went fine, then I notice after that, that under where you recruit; it says, “every 10 guarantees SR, maybe SSR” . So you have the promo page saying guarantee SSR and the recruitment page saying maybe SSR. So when I did my second wave of 10 heroic recruitments, I only received a SR (that I already have). I think I’m good this one. I still have one piece and my hero to play.


Data error

I linked my game with my apple account. I just got a new phone and had to relink it. When i tried, the link never went through. Then after attempting again, it said “the account is already connected” or something along those lines. Yet it made me restart from the beginning. I was in Server 1 since i pre registered the game and i cant get back into it. Have tried reinstalling 3 times now to try to get my data back but cant. Someone please help me with this.


Good but one problem

Everything is fine but the up chance I think is just 0.1 more chance of getting them can you fix it where it’s like 5% or 10% please fix this


Just download it

I assume this is going to be like a lot of other gotcha games but hopefully this is going to go well I’ll update this message when I have more details


Actual trash

Summon rates are ridiculous, tutorial takes half an hour, “animations” if you can even call them that are pitiful, you can barely alter settings so you can’t make the banner stop CONSTANTLY saying what other people are summoning in your server, rerolling is impossible, costs tons of time even in the beginning of the game to get enough resources to summon, story is badly recreated and as said before the animations are terrible


Love it

The game is a lot of fun; just download it and enjoy! I had an issue losing my account early on but have it fixed now and am able to enjoy OPM again.


It’s perfect from One 👊🏾Punch👊🏾 Man!

Yes, I’m truly enjoying this One Punch Man of it’s (ORIGINAL) source materials-wise from the Anime show & it’s 🪄🌈✨FUN✨🌈🪄! Finally, it helped me breakthrough my boredom era of my personal lifetime’s sakes & especially everyday routines business too!


Cool until I saw a very bad ad

Pretty all right game but you know this one out I saw it really just turned me off to the whole experience


Fun game but needs pity

Been enjoying the game so far, but the game can use a pity system. I’ve been burning through Hero vouchers but haven’t had any luck pulling SSR characters. It feels impossible and with no pity it’s not guaranteed that you will pull anyone


Great so far

The servers haven’t launched so it just shows a One Punch Man doing pushing ups as the re-loading screen. 10/10 so far can’t wait for the launch.


This game was launched ready to play mind blown 🤯 away thanks

Give a full review after a week or 2


Just a OPM themed game…

I doesn’t seem like a game that is made for Fans it seems like they made it for everyone. I do not like the clips from the anime showing up in battle like- I’m here for a cool experience for fans who’ve either watched/read OPM.
It’s like babified for people who aren’t fans. I’m just super turned off by it and it’s unappealing


Make it a bit better

I keep downloading OnePunchMan but it’s not working and it’s not letting me play the game I keep trying and it’s not working please fix this but if not your fault yall fine prob App Store


Incredibly fun, but at a painful price

There are so many fun and exciting game mechanics in One Punch Man: The Strongest, where you can creatively strategize to overcome challenging content. However, as fun as those contents are, free to play players will quickly realize that no matter how much they play and how smart they allocate their limited resources, they will always fall further and further behind due to the limited amount of in-game currency needed to obtain new and more powerful characters. The developers of this game is very money hungry and will always push/rush content instead of allowing it's player base to gather the resources necessary to ensure they get a fair chance to obtain the new characters to remain relevant in their struggle to become some of "the strongest." Many players quit in the Asia servers due to the same issue; locking necessary characters behind paid mechanics and rushing one strong character after another to force players to spend more and more money.

This game had a promising start and had so much potential to be "The Strongest" gacha game out there. Unfortunately the greed-driven developers decided to overwhelmingly choose profit over their players' quality of life, and now many free to play and low spending players have quit, widening the gap between big spenders and free to play players. It was a good run, but if you're reading this, please don't waste your precious time and hope, just for it to be crushed at the end.


Cool game but one character missing.

This is one of the best games I’ve played but there is one character that I think you should add and that’s none other than pig god himself. Should make him do “ginormous tackle” this attack should make him tackle and due to how big his body is he will stun the opponent for one round and his ultimate skill you guys should add called “Pig Gods Lunch” it will show a cutscene of pig god putting the opponent in his mouth and chewing on the opponent taking damage then swallows it and the enemy will be taking damage from stomach acid which will slowly kill the opponent and his opponent will be in his belly for 3 rounds if the enemy is not killed from the ultimate the enemy will be spat out from pig gods mouth and since the enemy faced stomach acid they will be slowly taking damage but how ever if the character is dead fr


Super Fun, but the cast is limited

The game is super fun, and I enjoy all the aspects, but the game needs to have more playable characters. At first, 63 characters sounds like a lot, but I’ve only been playing for two weeks and I have 58 out of the 63 available characters. I understand the developers have put work into polishing this game, and that the game is very new, but I would recommend adding in more characters. Aside from adding more characters, my only other recommendation would be to add in a new recruitment summon, which would have exclusive characters from events, and better chances at summoning an SR or higher. So when an event ends, the event exclusive character could be added into that summon, making that the only way to obtain them after the event. It would allow for exclusive characters to remain while making them harder to obtain as the vouchers would be far less common. Aside from this, I have no other problems with this game.


Honest review

Pros about the game it has a lot grind and increase your battle points . Levelling up is difficult after 60 . Stamina is limited.

How play this game . What works for me .
First buy books (coins in game ) shop from training. Use it one time than going 10 x . You risk bp points lower and burn though a lot books .
Second do daily head for coins and focus on villains for game coins you need for Amai Mask , Golden Ball two of best SR heroes you will get .

SSR are hard to get and nearly impossible to get unless 200 saved special vouchers. You will have be saving diamonds. You need to grind for house of evolution for special exp that is in amor set for extra hp and attack .

Common easy SSR to get or get luck Child Emperor , Carnage Kabuto, Top Tank master as one examples . Garou is really good but gacha is terrible. One you already get one copy of that certain SSR and it will be tedious Extreme exercise. You get shard pieces Daily the drop varies .

Do at least one or 2 natural disaster . Ask active players if help in raid since lower level.
You will need purple armour set to go farther in game .

Do villain and heroes to get bp action figurine set and diamonds and coins .

This will ultimately help farm in guild in hard natural disaster guild and look for blue tentacle alien to get chance for gold armour .
It is tedious but rewarding. It will help slot in Arena and will save improvement daily
You p


My opinion

So honestly, it’s a pretty good game in general. It’s just that the gotcha system seems very unfair. Also, the leveling does not make sense. why would I need all of these things like it’s so much stuff at this point I might as well just rest through the entire main story so I’m able to sweep through the material stages so I can level up characters and do absolutely nothing. Also the optimal teams thing does not make sense because it will say that the team I am currently using which they selected is optimal yet I have a stronger character that I can put in the team, but it says that a weaker character that I have in the team already is better than the stronger character I have outside of the team which doesn’t make sense so honestly I think it deserves a good three stars besides that the game is pretty good and I really don’t think anything else is bad or good like that so


Pretty incredible game.

Honestly everything seems perfect at the moment and they are heading in the right direction, I love the little cut scenes and how much there is to do so that you don’t get bored. Only thing I would recommend is possibly being able to watch videos( as in sponsors) to gain Stamina. I wanna be able to keep advancing and running out of stamina keeps holding me back daily. Plus this would make it so you also make money yourself a to improve the game! Great game though keep it up!


Company makes me suffer for their bugs

Usually bugs hurt the players but this one actually gave me some free in game currency that would have taken me weeks to collect. The game bugged out I get that and I understand maintenance updates but after receiving extra level up materials and in game buying points that usually take tons of money or weeks of time the maintenance takes over for “4hrs” and I come back to missing materials, reset progress from me waking up early coincidently and playing this game, and no apology to boot. There is no method to contact about the problem no apology to come with it and no accommodations for my wasted time. This game constantly undercuts players to incentivize spending on the game which is a little reasonable but offers no accommodations for those who play longer and does not own up to their mistakes. I’ve played it for a couple months but I’m done screw a game that’s only in it for the money and could care less about make a decent game


I like it

It’s all around a fun game for free players to enjoy. You can do a decent amount of things without sinking a dime into it and I’m patient enough to wait. My only problem is most content is intended for people with over 1m battle power to progress through most event content. I’m sitting at around 560k and I still hit walls pretty quickly. Also the character gatcha, I’m fine getting the same common, rare and super rare stuff since it can give character tokens to make ‘em stronger. My problem is when you have like 20-25 ssr characters and when you finally draw one once every 100 pulls you get one you already have. I got lucky and have like 4 or 5 ssr ones. But with those odds why am I getting REPEAT pulls? I don’t even have all the sr ones yet and I’m missing like 2.


Not worth it unless you’re spending!

Firstly the game is really fun which makes this difficult, the issue is the gatcha! Overall I’ve spent close to $300, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that much, but I’ve only pulled two new banner characters in ALL that currency! Most recently I paid for a “Metal Bat” Pass that said it would be in effect until April (plenty of time to complete said pass I assumed) only for them to go change the character AND pass so couldn’t complete the one I bought in the first place! Ive been playing since day 1, even taking part in every survey/event available and yet I haven’t yet pulled a single new banner unit since G4 and Boros released… TL;DR NOT WORTH IT! What’s the point of using such an exciting IP when you can’t play with your favorite characters… isn’t that the whole point?


Terrible Game

The support on this game refuses to help with any of the simplest tasks on this game. Accidental purchases, in game bugs, or quite literally anything. They don’t even follow their own so called policy of never reversing or resetting a players character or items. They literally just had a bug in the game that allowed players to get infinite and insane amounts of items and gain crazy amounts of power. Take a guess what they did? That’s right, they did a reset, which goes against their own policy. To summarize the customer support agents are, rude, stupid, and unhelpful in every aspect of those words. They also have refused to refund money I spent on this game, since I have had a similar game breaking issue myself and due to Apple not refunding my money either I am now out all the money I spent on this game. It wasn’t a little amount of money either.


Honestly great

It’s a great game i’ve sunk hours into, and it’s not a money-grabbing game like most. A bug I found is that if you speedrun the very first battles, when Saitama is fighting Vaccine Man, it will still ask you to select smile man’s ult, but it’s not displayed on screen, and you have to reinstall the game to fix it. Overall great, not too awfully p2w, unexpected from a mobile game, I know, and it has a great system, if only too many things to do later in the game (quests, mission, club, home, minigames, story, xp, etc.)


King Approves

I started getting into One Punch Man recently and after watching the anime I wanted more content. There aren’t many One Punch Man games out there but luckily I found this one. The few One Punch Man games that we have aren’t very good but this one was surprisingly fun. I highly recommend giving it a try. If you’ve ever played Dokkan battle I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game bc it’s pretty similar. I hope this game gets the recognition it deserves and that the devs are interactive with the community when it comes to what we want. I look forward to future updates


Well worth playing

I’ve been playing for about a month now and within about 2-3 weeks I was top 100 in bp(battle power) im entirely free to play as well, this game is balanced, you can pay to win to the top or even play free and get close. Every aspect of the game wants you to play more, even the way they slowly show you new things. There is so much to do day-day but doesn’t feel like much.


Pay to win = Bad

This game is prety fun and I really like the mechanics of it. The only problem that everyone can agree on is that the game is pay to win, I grinded for months day to day and I still fell behind those who pay to get their charavters. This game is extremely hard as it is which makes it for those free to play players really compicated and annoying. I reccomend this game to people who enjoy wasting their money and extremely reccomend you don't download it if you want a fun and fair experience as it isn't.


Paywalling essential characters

Just need to complain about how this game put an essential character that is widely regarded as a must have behind a $10-$24 paywall which as a f2p really pisses me off because I’ve been enjoying the strategy that being a top f2p has been. Now it feels like my almost 9 month run of playing this game has been for nothing because they made an essential character for only those willing to spend money. I hope the mass exodus of f2p such as myself wake the developers up to their greed-driven practices and that they’ll realize that those who do spend money on the game won’t continue if they exist in servers all by themselves.


It’s good just one thing

The game fun and I like how you have to work for it but there’s one thing you have to pay to get the money I wish you can get it at bosses or you get to and new Chapter and I know the game is new but I just don’t like how you have to pay for that and I feel like a SSR is too rare like I been playing this game for more then 2 weeks and I have 2 Would have 1 if I didn’t get the free villain I think the SSR should be 10.5% but this is all in my Opinion.


TONS to offer, plus new content regularly released!

This is honestly one of the most fun mobile games I’ve played. There’s so many different ways to level up your characters and increase your BP! I love how there are different game modes that encourage you to use all types of characters within the game. It’s a ton of fun, especially if you’re a OPM fan 😁


Hope you have a lot of disposable income!

I’ve played the game since it hit OnePunchMan Store and I think I’m done.

Pros: it’s an excellent game. It’s well-designed, fun, and the anime is reflected well. There’s plenty to do and there’s a ton of events to participate in.

Cons: to be even remotely competitive, you’re going to need to spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. The SSR rates (1%) are absolutely abysmal for essential characters. Not to mention there are three (!) different types of character vouchers, all with the exact same rate. You have the exact same chance to get an SSR with the super rare voucher as you do with the regular ones. Oh, and all characters aren’t always available, so I hope you didn’t miss out! The devs lock away opportunities behind in-game currency, PAID in-game currency and real money.

It’s a genuine shame because this game is a lot of fun but greed will ruin everything eventually.


Cool game but a problem

don’t get me wrong! OnePunchMan is soooooo cool and if you a one punch man fan you should download it. But the problem is that the game is a bit pay to win other then that it’s a cool game have puzzles fights and other. While completing the main story task you can watch the series too and spend a lot of time with discord server people. You can get your favorite character and level up it I got my puri puri prisoner today


I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 months now

The only reason I give it one star is because I’ve been playing for almost 6 months now and I still never got the character that I want. I just want garou. I’ve been spending so much money to top up but still no garou. Why? This frustrates us as players. We don’t mind spending money but we need to get the characters we want. I will continue to play this game because honestly I love this game I play it every single day with every chance I get. It’s a good game. Only bad thing is you can’t even choose at least one character of your own. My acc name is MenaceGodman and I play everyday my server is 142. If I get garou I will change my rate to 5 stars. That is all.


Terrible customer service

Been playing this game for more than a year, ran into a minor issue where the pity counter wasn’t accurately tracking my summons. So, contacted customer support, who kept sending me automated messages that there was an update, I’d ask what the update was, and they’d tell me I needed to stop asking. Didn’t understand why they were being that flippant, but didn’t think that much of it. Then suddenly, they just deleted my entire request. I submitted a new request asking why they did that, and they said they “already fixed the problem and told me about it.” I told them they hadn’t, and they again told me I had to be patient, and then gave me a flippant response that there was “nothing wrong” even though they already admitted in the prior chat to making a mistake. I asked them for the previous chat log (which was made inaccessible to me) and they told me that “wouldn’t be possible.”

Is One Punch Man Safe?

Yes. One Punch Man - The Strongest is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,857 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for One Punch Man Is 61.5/100.

Is One Punch Man Legit?

Yes. One Punch Man - The Strongest is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,857 One Punch Man - The Strongest User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for One Punch Man Is 90.4/100..

Is One Punch Man - The Strongest not working?

One Punch Man - The Strongest works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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