Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World Reviews

Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-21

About: "Create your 3D avatar and jump into this exciting Social Virtual World! Will
you become a charismatic Social Butterfly or a Style Icon, or perhaps the
Ultimate Home Decorista? The choice is yours! Enter the world of Hotel
Hideaway: a social online 3D role playing game full of opportunities to meet new
people and make new friends. The Hotel is a lively and vibrant world full of
social adventures and fun activities! Dress to .

About Hotel Hideaway

What is Hotel Hideaway? Hotel Hideaway is a social online 3D role-playing game where players can create and customize their 3D avatar, decorate their hotel room, socialize with other guests, and attend live events. The game offers an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends in a lively and vibrant world full of social adventures and fun activities.



- Create and customize your 3D avatar with a huge array of clothing, accessories, hairstyles, jewels, face items, and tattoos.

- Customize and decorate your hotel room with a wide selection of furniture items and decorations.

- Socialize and make new friends by chatting with other guests, forming tribes, and competing with other groups to earn exclusive rewards.

- Explore the Hotel with other guests and discover hidden secrets.

- Attend regularly held concerts and performances by real-world artists and performers in the Hotel's unique Concert Venue.

- Take part in themed seasonal events with new things to see and do in the Hotel every month.

- Express yourself, your style, and your mood by creating your own outfits from hundreds of different clothing items and colors.

- Hang out with your friends and show off your sense of style to become an icon among your companions.

- Relax in the spa, party at the beach, or hang out in the many other public rooms with your friends.

- Be the center of attention with stylish clothing items and outrageous outfits.

- New exciting items are released every week, and new furniture items are released regularly.

- The game is for ages 17+.

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Key Benefits of Hotel Hideaway

• You can add new items to the room, such as a balcony, chairs, tables, and other furniture.

• You can add a new room, such as a bathroom or school room, for roleplaying or learning more about Hotel Hideaway.

• You can add new clothes for the beach.

• You can add a jukebox where you can spend money to play music.

• You can apply for jobs in the hotel and earn money.

• You can save items for upcoming events.

• You can save currency.

21 Hotel Hideaway Reviews

4.6 out of 5


plz read (#2)

Hi agin, I got another idea, maybe you could add some new stuff to the room? I was thinking like another door and you can have a balcony and you can add some chairs tables and other stuff and maybe another room like a bathroom and maybe a school room where you can roleplay or learn more about Hotel Hideaway, I know it’s not the best idea but it’s all I got, and how about some new clothes for the beach? Idk what clothes idea and I think all of them are the same is there but please add more clothes, and if you add the club in my last review, can you add a jute box where you can spend money to play music and maybe a thing where you can apply for jobs in the hotel and earn money, like in the kitchen you could apply to be a waitress, cook, or counter person, and in sunset street you could apply to be a tattooist or a baker in the bakery, you know what I mean, and could you make the clothes less money? So new people can afford them? You don’t have to add that I just don’t like it when people bully them for what they weir, and could you add actual menus for the kitchen? So then when you buy something it’s like a amount of cookies or money for the waitress? And I know this is a little strange but could you make an interactive phone? Where you could text you’re friends and have apps on there to play music and if you ever want to buy something without traveling it’s in the phone?This would be great to add.
From H.H’s #1 fan <3


An idea for the game

So recently, this game I see is very entertaining. Especially in the quarantine situation. Anyways, I have an idea for the rooms. You see, each room you make has specific items for each, but I think what would be a good idea is to not limit the amount of items you buy. If you don’t get this, I mean by still having the same items even after using them all. Why would this be good? It could seem just bad because that would mean more items. But I believe this is good because you won’t have to be stuck with just one room you put so much effort into. Like, if this feature was in, we can explore the designs and beauties of our rooms without buying too much. So say you have a room. You put so much effort into it. But then a new layout comes in, and it looks stunning. You would want to see what if would look like if you were to put the items you had into that room, but you already have a room that looks great, and you don’t want to remove any items. This could be easily solved by this, I believe. I’m sure this game will get even more likes and ratings if this feature was put in. Now, people could be greedy about this feature if you put it in, so I believe it you want to put this feature in, you should only allow ONE room that has those stuff in them. Thx.


Saving button(recommendation)

I just have a small recommendation for the game, maybe you guys can add like a saving button. What I mean is people like to save for upcoming events, and i think this will be a great tool,it’ll work as a little button at the top right corner right under the elevator button, the player will click on the button and it a check list will apear with what you want to save for example:lootboxes,spins,creates,or even diamonds and coins. Once they check off what they want to save there will be a timer to where how many days do they want to keep it locked, once they finish they will press the continue button a "are you sure" box will pop up and they will click yes or no. once they click yes and exit the pop up, they will be greeted with a chain covering the number of the stuff they want to save. for example:when they click on the wheel of fortune they will be greeted with a chain covering the spin button. As for if you want to save the currency there will be a chain cover your wallet. of course when your getting spins,lootboxes,crates,and currency such as diamonds and coins they can still add to their wallet they just can't take stuff out. Once again this will be a great tool for everyone when it comes to future events.



Hello, I have have played hotel hideaway since 2018 and I really enjoy the game but I was level 48 in 2019 but then my phone broke and I got it fixed but all my data was lost because I did not connect and it makes me really sad because now I’m only level 35 and when your a low level people treat you differently which should change but hotel hideaway made this even worse by the new update as of October 6th where you are able to see everyone’s levels and now people don’t want to be my friend because I am a low level. Now I am going to make some suggestions for the game: Please add body types because this game already has an amazing selection of skin tones so why not make body types? It’s kind of setting an unrealistic body standard so it would be nice to have different body types. My next suggestion would be to be able to trade with the other guests. Like if you had a three star duplicate then instead of recycling or selling you could trade with any other guest other items,coins and diamonds. I also think the game should add more rooms and a phone you could use to private message and see all the rooms to go to. It would be a nice touch to have. Over all this game is great and I think it deserves higher ratings<3


suggestions and feedback

honestly this game is fun but once you start you can’t stop playing. it is really addicting for me and it made me never leave my house or go anywhere, it also made me start being antisocial. overtime the game gets really boring because there isn’t anything new. i did meet a lot of good people though. i have some suggestions to improve HotelHideaway . my first suggestion is that i think this game should be 15+ because there really isn’t anything inappropriate to the point where not even 15 year olds can see it. most people that I’ve met and that I’ve seen are below the age of 17 and doing just fine. my second suggestion is to add more things to the game that will make it less boring. i think you guys should bring back the mini games, make trading possible, and i want to be able to trade in coins for diamonds. my third suggestion is that you guys should add more rooms or more things to the rooms. i know the creators of this game work extremely hard to try and make things happen and i know they’ve worked hard making the rooms and designing and im thankful for that and how much time and effort you guys put into creating everything but it does get old and boring over time so i think you guys should add another room or more things in the rooms. my last suggestion is that you guys should add a manual on how to do different gestures.


BEST GAME EVER!!!!! Only one thing...

Hello! I’d like to start off by saying that this game is SUPER fun and literally my favorite game. It’s addicting. Like, scary addicting. The design is amazing- The clothes are great, and it’s easy to earn money, but not too easy where you earn everything in a day of playing. The prices of the clothes are perfect, and DO NOT lower them. Although I do have a few complaints...#1. I cannot watch ads and I know that many other players have the same difficulty. I know it’s not your first priority but still, it’s sorta frustrating. #2. It’s getting a little boring with nothing else to do but talk to other people, though the public room thing has made it 10 times more fun. I suggest this-add one more room, like...a classroom where there are role plays for serious role players. I know a lot of people would find that fun. #3. HOLIDAY ITEMS. I don’t even know where to start. I’d like to have an opportunity to buy a holiday item ( elf ears and stitch mouth ) without having to wait a year to get them. I suggest having a few times during the year (besides the holiday) where you can purchase the most popular holiday items. I know a lot of other people would love that too, so please consider it. Overall, it’s a great game and I love it a lot! Send me a cookie, y’all! All my love, Rizzo’


Suggestions for HH

This game is great, but there is more needed. We need more rooms for better role play. I also have some suggestions for rooms. We need to have balconies for our rooms and maybe even a bathroom for the room, I would also appreciate if you guys added roommates. Also I would love to be able to interact with NPC’s and do little missions for them. And the hotel needs like a hotel girls and boys bathroom and maybe even a strip club since the game is for 17+.

Also there needs to be a pool in or outside of the hotel and we need more interactions with the ocean water. There could be a boat and some jet skis. There could also be interactions with the hotel staff where it could impact role play and even know lots more about them. It would be a little interesting if our character could possibly be able to work there or try to apply for a job and if they do tasks we could get some coins and maybe even diamonds. Also I think that it would be cool if we could be able to have a little plaza beside the hotel and maybe even a small town behind the plaza. But, those are my suggestions. Overall this game to me is a 7/10 mainly because it is lacking in a few stuff but it’s good and I would recommend this game to my friends. That is my review and I’ll probably see you later.


Fix this now!

Okay so I have been playing this wonderful game since forever now I just like over the years things have started to get you know not fun anymore plus their are a lot of items you release like the stitched mouth,the lollipop lips, etc and I asked my friends on the game slot of questions just to find out you guys should probably keep it out for permanent because people really want to buy items but they can’t because they don’t have time or something and I don’t think it’s fair for us to have to wait a year to get some nice clothing items. Cause I know a lot of friends that want things from Christmas and halloween and I think if people begged you guys to bring some items back for a certain year and people spend money and things like that you should keep it to get more money and things like that and I don’t like that you guys are making really good clothing cause diamonds over been playing since this game was first made and from total I spent 3000 dollars on his game I think this is unfair and you should change his immediately or else I’ll have to speak to someone else about this but while you still have time please fix this you have 2 months thank you! Ps this game is really great just fix these problems pretty please!


Please Read, I find this game slightly boring. ALSO THIS GAME ISNT FOR KIDS!

So.. The concept of the game is great! However it’s lacking many things to make it actually fun. I mean yes, you can talk freely to people about whatever you want. But earning coins and gems is another story. You can only spin the wheel and open boxes for them. I thought you could write up some mini-games like questionnaire, Fashion Show, and maybe something like playing against other people. Perhaps in Connect-4 or Chess. Something like that to win more coins. And everyday, you earn 10 diamonds. (Or something like that..) Oh.. and! I’d like to decorate my hotel room. Maybe you can implement a furniture shop. And implement more lands. Like an inside pool, gym, (ik you have something like a gym, but I was thinking of a bigger one with workout equipment. You could very well update the previous areas to save less time) parking lot, hotel garden, sauna, laundry place, and a wedding/reception area. You know, like real hotels! This game just slightly gets boring since you can only play two games, and talk to people. And I guess decorate you character. But I believe you should lower the diamond prices to make them affordable.
Anyways with that said, I noticed a review explaining that they should remove twerking since a child may see it. Now what’s that 18+ warning for? Grow up. People can do and say what they want on here. And they didn’t even say it was a kids game!


Really addicting and fun

I really like this game. It’s cool and a good way to socialize, but I do feel there should be more cute and stylish outfits added like some more sundresses, or maybe high waisted shorts that aren’t attached to the torso. If that could happen this game would be even better than it already is. I would also like to add that ever since the update has come with the tasks that it doesn’t give you diamonds all the time, and instead it gives you those boxes. I feel that the game would be better if you gave diamonds with the boxes each day. Which would make it a little easier to revive diamonds. Also for the daily reward if you could make it so you can get diamonds on a different day also. It would be better than having to wait until the 200 diamonds come. Or perhaps you could add some more diamonds to that day like maybe 300 or 350. Also I would like the game more if we could have emojis as many others have told me they would like this too. I do like this game a lot and there are many things that I adore about it. Hopefully you read this comment. If you do read this thanks for taking the time out of your day to read it to the end, and I hope you consider some of my ideas. Thanks for your time, and have a great day.


Please read suggestions

So I like the idea of the cookies and how u can give them to other people, but I would also like it if u could give coins and diamonds to others like u can with the cookies. I also think that there should be a reason we have cookies, for Example if we don’t have any money or diamonds to buy clothes we could pay with cookies. Another thing is the face things are super expensive and it would be nice if they were cheaper. I really want to get the freckles but I like the face shape I have so I recommend having it so u could get freckles without having to change that shape of your face. Along with the cost of things u should have some cheaper wings but still not as nice as the more expensive things. Something that I think would make it a bit more fun is if u could apply for jobs. For example if u were to work at the kitchen u can apply to be a waitress, work at the counter or cook the food. If u were a waitress u could go to people and ask them what they want and for the costumer there would be an option to order food and once they did that and bought it with either diamonds cookies or coins it would pay the waitress. And there would be different foods for different prices.


Needs mini game’s

I really really love this game. It’s fun, you can express yourself. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. The only thing I really think it could use would be mini games. Something for players who are usually solo to do. To help them make friends. There was this game that some of the players use to play, called “Theme” where a group of players would join up, and one player would pick a theme, and all the others would dress accordingly. Once all the players were dressed up, the one who picked the theme would pick a winner, and then the winner would start it all over and pick a theme. They even had two player themes, like “twins” where two players would dress the same, and out of the two players who won, one would pick the theme and the other would pick the winner. Mini games like that added into the game would be fun. Maybe even multiplayer games, where there would be randomized teams, and players can also make friends that way. There just isn’t much to do on the game, if you don’t have friends. The only thing to do are daily tasks, and some of those you can’t even complete without friends. I just think if mini games were added, it’d be so much more fun, and there would be a lot more to do. The game would be better overall in my opinion :)


It’s awesome

It’s still a 5 star game but some bugs and glitches is that it would randomly freeze and close out the game or sometimes when you click like a certain persons profile it would freeze. And like it’s just that one person you can never click your profile or you would freeze and many others too. Those aren’t really something to degrade a star because besides that normal gameplay is fine (forgot to mention if you accept a friend request from someone that freezes your game when you click on it, you will freeze too). Also one more thing, I think that sometimes the game can be a little frustrating at times because you could be having fun with someone and you haven’t added them yet and then like your game just randomly closes out it doesn’t happen often but it seems like it’s at the worst times when the game is running most energy (for example, lots of people talking, lots of items in a room, lots of people in a room, too many things going on, etc...) but it’s a really fun game. This might not happen to other people but from reviews it does. But other than this, enjoy hotel hideaway!


Love this game, but there’s a problem!

First off, I want to start by saying that I love Hotel Hideaway! It’s a beautifully designed game and it’s a great way to get to know people. But I can say that there are a few things that I don’t like at the moment in the game. One, for the last month or so, I haven’t been able to watch any videos. That means that I can’t use the loot box machine, I can’t double rewards on rifts, and I can’t do a lot of other things. I’m sure you’re working on it, because TONS of players have experienced this, but I just wanted to put in my voice. The last thing I had a problem with was old game version clothes. there are SO MANY cute things from the old game that weren’t brought back to this version; like the bunny ears hair! I loved that but never bought it, and now it seems like I don’t have a chance to! And then there’s the problem of prices! I don’t have $10 to spend on diamonds to get a cute outfit. And since I can’t use coins to buy diamonds, I’m stuck with things I don’t like that much. And obviously, you guys have to profit off of the game, but maybe have like a one-time free package for players full of a hefty amount of diamonds and coins? I’m not sure. Just a suggestion. But again, thank you for making a beautiful game.



Ok don’t get me wrong this game is amazing to me!! I am totally in love. Exceptttttt I would LOVE to have trading!!! Me and my friends wish we had each others stuff. I have talked to a lot of people and they all want trading!! I think it would make your game so much better!! Also I don’t like how you have to tap to move because sometimes if your talking to someone and you mean to click on a person then you would just accidentally walk over to them and that’s has happened to me before and when it happened the person was really rude that I walked over to them (by accident) they were like “ what do you want” and “give me space I don’t even know you.” Also I wish you would tag more stuff out because some people only play the game to online date so I’m always getting people saying things to me that should be tagged out and I know that this game is for 17+ but even some people 17 and older shouldn’t say or see that. Also I think you should put a birth date thing because even tho people could lie some people are like 34 on that game and it’s not right. I hope this isn’t too long but the game is good besides that.


This game is EXTREMELY Glitchy/Scammy

I advise you to not spend any money in this game as there is a pretty good chance you can be ripped off. If you do chose to spend money, do so which caution because if you do get ripped off you are 100% out of luck because their “help center” is a one message generic response to every and all problems and you will never get your issue resolved or hear back from anyone. I’ve played this game on and off for a couple years, and I have had diamonds or coins not show up in my account after purchases, tailor of fortune counts randomly be reset to zero, stickers go missing so I’d have to re-earn them, been locked out of my account because of an update that eliminated guest accounts even though I signed into Game Center AND Facebook, etc. Just about anything that could go wrong I’ve experienced, which is why I literally just stopped playing for 2 years because I realize I was wasting my time and tired of getting ripped off. I recently redownload because of quarantine and I’m bored and have nothing better to do, so I thought after 2 years maybe they improved. WRONG. All the same “bugs & glitches” are still present, nothing has changed. I now think that this entire app is a scam and the developers are completely aware of these issues and have no intentions of fixing them . Conclusion: DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. You’ve been warned.


It's alright BUT, addicted

I ❤️ this game but here's the promblem you can't customise your room that would be great to use your imagination and create the perfect home for you I seen that everyone made a complaint on that part. Also I'm so addicted I can't stop playing I meet new friends everyday and have a Famliy. But the other promblem is it's kinda hard to make friends because everyone is so rude? Like how do you make friends I'm also kinda scare to even go up to people and say," Hi! Also I seen someone else complained about the name change and yeah it's horrible 1,000 diamonds? I would say 500 eh yeah but 1,000 you can get way more things that are better for 1,000 diamonds 500 more diamonds and you could get the color black oh the other thing is THE COLORS????? How am I supposed to get GOLD 2,000 diamond what how? Also there is no way of getting diamonds unless you work really hard and don't spend a penny and it's hard to get 4 and 5 star items at the spin so it's kinda impossible also the level is only 50 and I kinda don't like that stickers are hard to get I have to look up videos just to get them. I don't know if there is anymore promblem but yeah that's it still best game ever love ❤️ ya bai!


I love hh, but theres one thing

Now i love this game! You can now decorate your room, which is great cause ive always wanted to do that. But please add more colors and maybe even more items to place. But thats just a suggestion, thats not what bothers me. What bothers me is the lack of ways to get coins and gems. The main way is rifts, which if you find one everday and double the amount, you can earn like more than 30k if you save everything. another way is loot boxes which to get them you must complete tasks (which are not hard, mind you) and one final way is recycling. But thats only 3 ways, and you dont earn much from loot boxes or recycling unless you get a rare loot box or 3(+) clothing item. So recycling and loot boxes are minor ways to get some coins. But I think the devs should add more ways to earn coins. Maybe the secret arcade room? Actually add mini-minigames to the room. And other 'secret rooms'. You can make little minigames to play in each secret room depending on which one your in. Instead of the rooms just being.....'secret'. But thats just what I think. All in all, this game is a great way to earn some friends in you're life, and could possibly help you're social skills irl.


I love it but could be even better

The game is great all around I love it... there are just some things that could be improved or made. I think that there should be more expressions Like scared or something else you could pull off. I also think it should be easier to make friends, if you want to make a tier 3 friend you’re going to have to use your First tier, wait for it to reload Use it and your second one, wait for both of them to reload and then use your third one… Yeah there’s four and five But if you’re going to tier five then you’re going have to wait even longer. Away from the socializing part I think you should be able to customize your room.., Like put a furniture room where the people can go in and buy furniture like they would clothing or hair. Also, I think there should be a dresser in our rooms and you can edit the clothes yup carry around. Like if you are definitely never going to wear it, then have it easier to get to what you will. And that’s about all so I hope I can see some updates in the future😊 Btw the tailer of fortune, can it get easier to get better items after you land on a one star item like 3 times in a row?


meh... but fun

This game is fun and addictive don’t get me wrong but it takes hours of gameplay to earn either types of currency without the help of purchasing (with real money)extra things from the game also most of the older players tend to make fun of newer players and it doesn't help that everything is so expensive in the game... all the decent things are 8,000+ coins or 1,000+ gems also how come we can change our gems to coins but not the other way around? Since you are limited to 2 ads for everything you have to wait a dumb amount of time to wait for them to refill. Can there be interactive games besides rift that we could play to earn currency? there could be a leaderboard and everything... rifts are fun but it’s annoying to have to find them or wait for them to pop up. This suggestion is random but can we get gestures that are similar to the emotes in fortnite lol? Also your game says it’s intended for 17+ but i see so many children around the game and they even say their ages in their bios... kinda weird being the age you are and having a 12 year old wanting to date or “have fun”... other than all of this it’s a great app


Some ideas and pls fix the glitches other than that download this game

One glitch I’ve experienced is when I’m in the middle of a rift or the line game or the theme game it would randomly stop what I’m doing and close HotelHideaway out I was playing with my friends I told them about the glitch and they were like oh that happened to me the other day too and one of them said they really do need to fix that or I will tell everyone I know how trash this game is and she mentioned later about how she was doing a rift and her screen went black and then turned different colors and it would kick here from the lobby and she lost all of her cookies and all her progress went missing and she connected it to her Game Center and her Facebook and it would not let her connect to ether accounts and now for ideas I would love if you added jobs that could earn us more cookies and level us up faster and those jobs could make you more money for the clothes and furniture and then you can add a second door to your room or maybe a suite for coins and maybe host events that we could go to so we can get cookies just for coming and you can get pregnant and have children to start a family but only with the age of 18 and up though but other wise I really love this game that’s all the suggestions I have right now please keep in mind about the glitches and my suggestions I would really like for you to put this in the game and make it more interesting from your #1 hideaway fan

H.H<3 ..
3 <3 <3 <3


Better than expected. Quickly turning money hungry.

Definitely less money hungry than other social apps I’ve used, which makes HotelHideaway super enjoyable! I don’t feel like I have to spend money to have good clothing, all in-game currency can be earned in a reasonable time, which ironically makes me feel more inclined to spend. There is a fine line between having expensive items that are rewarding to save up for, and expensive items that make playing un-enjoyable. So far it’s been rewarding, I’m hoping the creators don’t turn money hungry quickly as many other app creators do. Most issues I’ve had with HotelHideaway were fixed pretty quickly, such as crashing. I still occasionally crash when decorating a room though. For those who have had the game for awhile many of the activities become repetitive. Adding something other than collecting clothes, room decorating, and rifts would make the game more fun. Specifically adding something that creates more a community, rather than just another thing to chuck money at. Also, the men’s hair is quite lacking. It has no texture and is all straight, short, sides with a long top. Other than that I have nothing :)
Edit: every update seems to add items that have obscene prices. 300,000 coin rooms? (That’s around 50 dollars.) More and more diamond items, etc. My issue is that players feel the need to spend these amounts of money to feel included. Players shouldn’t need to spend a dime to feel included. A shame.


Good game

HotelHideaway is good but I would fix some things about it. Maybe the fact that when I am in the middle of a rift or spinning the Wheel Of Fortune, the game crashes out of nowhere. I click back in and when I try to go to any place in the hotel, it takes a long time to load and pulls up a loading bar. I usually have to wait 10 min+ for it to load. When my friend is online it crashes most of the time. I would make these few changes for this problem.

The next thing I would like to focus on is the places in the hotel. I would say it is pretty small. In my opinion and my friends’ thoughts, I would like to add something to the fusion kitchen. I feel like there needs to be a buffet. We would be able to choose the food we liked and would be able to hold it. To eat it, there could be a special gesture you could only use to eat the food.

For that other room that you needed to be level 99 to enter, I was so confused about that. One of the reasons is because I thought you could only go up to level 50 purple or whatever. But I never heard of anyone going to level 99. I feel like we need that room back with no bugs and a lower level to access it. Especially since I am on level 37. Please reply if you can to this message. Thank you so much for reading this if you did. Hope you have a good day/night/evening. ❤️


Love this game, but there’s a problem!

First off, I want to start by saying that I love Hotel Hideaway! It’s a beautifully designed game and it’s a great way to get to know people. But I can say that there are a few things that I don’t like at the moment in the game. One, for the last month or so, I haven’t been able to watch any videos. That means that I can’t use the loot box machine, I can’t double rewards on rifts, and I can’t do a lot of other things. I’m sure you’re working on it, because TONS of players have experienced this, but I just wanted to put in my voice. The last thing I had a problem with was old game version clothes. there are SO MANY cute things from the old game that weren’t brought back to this version; like the bunny ears hair! I loved that but never bought it, and now it seems like I don’t have a chance to! And then there’s the problem of prices! I don’t have $10 to spend on diamonds to get a cute outfit. And since I can’t use coins to buy diamonds, I’m stuck with things I don’t like that much. And obviously, you guys have to profit off of the game, but maybe have like a one-time free package for players full of a hefty amount of diamonds and coins? I’m not sure. Just a suggestion. But again, thank you for making a beautiful game.


A few ideas.

Hello! Now, if anyone asked me about HotelHideaway, the first words to come out of my mouth would be “Ten out of ten, best community game I’ve ever played.” I’m here now to drop a few ideas I’ve come up while spending time in the many rooms. First, the one thing many of us wish for: Velvet should be transformed into a club. I know it’s related to somewhat of an old-timey mobster hangout, but all anyone ever does is twerk onstage. It would be amazing for their to be poles, runways, a bigger bar, little rooms- it may be a strange request but a common thought among hotel goers. Second, I’d love to see the gender-based clothes be accessible to both character models. I’ve seen plenty of male models with a feminine style but no access to feminine clothing, and plenty of female models with a masculine style but no access to masculine clothing. Lastly, I understand the ‘final sale’ items and seasonal items, but maybe there could be a way to have access to buying them with in-game currency? Maybe a shop in some secret room? I see very interesting items on other players that a crave for, but no ability to obtain them. Thank you for reading!

With Love, Sunkenship.

Ariana   4 months ago

Hello I had to start over again also it's very different I loved the way it was before and it really makes me hate this game now it actually sucks now so don't download now it's different not fun anyone

Is Hotel Hideaway Safe?

Yes. Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 51,909 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Hotel Hideaway Is 43.6/100.

Is Hotel Hideaway Legit?

Yes. Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 51,909 Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hotel Hideaway Is 60.8/100..

Is Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World not working?

Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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