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this app is a global Web3 social media app that is accessible on multiple blockchains including: Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Arbitrum One & Optimism. The this app app integrates SocialFi and GameFi features, where users can earn rewards while participating in multiple-choice Q&As. Access the platform by creating an account with Magic Wallet on this app or linking your non-custodial wallet. The app currently supports Metamask wallets and WalletConnect (wallets such as Trust Wallet, imToken, Argent and more). this app created an incentivised ecosystem where any interaction on the platform offers a chance for users to earn incentives. Showcasing an innovative and user-friendly interface, the platform focuses on allowing users to express their opinions freely and engage in debates. The app ensures the circulation of higher-quality content, encouraging users to engage like never before in a transparent and secure environment. Get Started -Users need to be equipped with a NFT Pen (Pioneer NFT Pen or Genesis NFT Pen) -Users need to acquire points to start engaging, such as asking a question, answering a question, voting and liking How Does this app Work -Be creative and create multiple-choice questions and answers in the app (topics include: economy, cryptocurrency, science, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, politics, and more.) -Answer any question by selecting an option, provide reasoning for your choices, comment on others' reasoning and like their comments -Support questions to upgrade them from "common" to "trending questions" to increase your chances of receiving higher rewards -Pop Quiz: a simple and fast Q&A feature where both the quiz creator and the participant have the potential to receive points within 30 minutes -Leaderboard: you can see the top winners earning the most points and compete with others to reach the top Get Rewarded For Your Interactions -All users creating and interacting with a question must spend points that are added to a prize pool. -Once a question expires, the prize pool is distributed to all users that interacted with that question, based on our algorithm (depending on certain criteria being fulfilled). Secure Platform - Blockchain-Powered Strategically built in Web3, you can access the platform by linking your non-custodial wallet and using crypto. You'll benefit from an industry-leading user experience, reduced spam, and increased transparency, privacy and control over your personal data. Exceptional Customer Support Whether you're experienced or new to Web3 and blockchain, our Customer Service team is here to assist you. For questions and feedback, please email contact@this to receive real-time multilingual support and assistance.

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