Tayasui Sketches Reviews

Tayasui Sketches Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we endlessly refined Sketches
brushes to create the most realistic drawing tools. Sketches is the most
realistic, versatile and user-friendly sketching app designed for a mobile
device. This exhaustive artist's toolbox helps users create...

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Tayasui Sketches Reviews

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    Cool! But...

    This is a pretty chill game. You got your different tools, you got your layers, you got an unlimited color palette to choose from, and a way for you to share your creations. I’ve have this app for a while now and I just adore how simple yet intricate it is. Usually when I get an app to draw on, its usually setup to be too intricate or not intricate enough—and this app finally provides a nice middle ground between the two. I love this app to death, and sure the paywall is kind of ridiculous but how else are companies supposed to expect a free app to make funds out of it. There is just one flaw in this app that has nothing to do with its setup or lack of layering system <cough cough>, but with one of the tools. Whenever I try to use the “scissor” tool to move certain objects in my drawing around, it somehow glitches, multiplies the area I selected, and distorts said region. Its almost impossible for any digital artist to live without this tool so I don’t understand why this issue has not been accounted for yet. I am not aware if I am the only one experiencing this, but this problem has become very annoying and made the chill times I had with this app very mediocre. I hope that this problem gets fixed soon in the next update.

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    My Sketches Experience

    Personally, I give this app a three out of 5 stars because of two things. First, the community doesn’t work at all for me, but I don’t know at all about other people’s experiences. Whenever I try to post something on the community, after WAITING 24 HOURS, it doesn’t end up on the new section of the community. My friend and I have been trying to look for my pictures, but we haven’t found any of them. I’ve seen multiple of hers, so I’m not sure what the problem is. It frustrates me soooo much because all these other amazing artists can post what they have made but I can’t it’s just unfair to me. For me at least, the sketches community is broken and will always be broken. Second, I think that the blending tool isn’t really helpful, and why do you have to buy the sketches pro?! I think that if it’s free, then it should come free all the way. The blending tool doesn’t really blend well if your trying to blend certain things. It’s really only good for backgrounds in a picture. Other than those problems I face, the rest is pretty good. I enjoy the wide variety of tools. Just to remind y’all, this is my opinion and if you don’t respect it that’s fine by me. 😂♥️ Thank you 😊

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    A decent drawing app

    I have been to using this app for as long as it has been out. I have learned new techniques and developed an art style for myself. But over time the app became more difficult to do more detailed drawings on. Whenever I try to do any detailed drawings something always goes wrong. Recently, I had been working on a drawing for the past three days and my app started crashing every so often. I knew the reason why was because I had too many layers so I went and merged a few layers together. Usually this fixes the problem at least somewhat but the app still crashed, and eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even open the drawing without it crashing. On top of that there are various bugs for example, your smallest size for the pen is increased from 1.4 to 2.6 as soon as you select the eraser. The only way to fix this problem is to restart the app and so it becomes very difficult to do rough sketches or do fine details in drawings. This app is great to do simple and quick drawings on, but if you plan on doing anything more than that you are going to be met with frustration and disappointment.

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    Wonderful versatility and ease of use

    I’m an amateur self-taught artist, and I have used this program to make digital art for the last 3 years spanning from simple cartoon style art to semi-realism. I finally upgraded to the Pro Version a few days ago, and it exponentially increased my love for this app. The free version itself offers a wide variety of tools, and you can certainly finesse them to get really good results, but the Pro is a game changer with the addition of better shading ability, tool shapes/sizes, more patterns, etc. I find a lot of other professional-use digital art programs to be daunting and confusing, especially to the average artist/young and aspiring one, but this app is so easy to figure out. It presents itself in a beautiful, colorful and modern fashion, and whether you’re a professional artist on an iPad Pro or a teenager who happened to download this on their iPhone 6, Sketches enables you to make stunning pieces at very little cost. Overall a fantastic app all things considered.

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    Best drawing app ever!

    Okay, so! I’ve gotten this app a few months ago, like 3 or something, and I JUST LOVE IT!!!! I have my own style, and it’s just really fun and easy to use as far as my experiences have gone. I’ve tried a bunch of other drawing apps, but this is by far the best so far. And the IAP makes it much better, too. I just have two issues. One is that whenever I want to upload to the community, (love that feature, by the way) it doesn’t. I wait 24 hours, and it’s not there. I’ve only gotten about seven artworks out when I’ve supposedly uploaded more. It’s super annoying. Also, whenever I use the fill tool on big spaces, it has a weird white ring that’s annoying to deal with. It’s not a big thing, just a minor nuisance, but I still wanted to point it out, as a few others have done. Thank you for reading, this app is great!

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    Great app, but a few kinks to work out

    I use this app on a regular basis for drawing cartoons. Overall, it's a wonderful app and worth using. While yes, opening the app and having to wait a few minutes for it to finish "Rebuilding Database" can be a bit annoying, it's worth the wait to use the app. However, even after waiting until it finishes loading and opening a drawing to work on, I have started having a small gray box appear in the middle of my screen (once again reading "Rebuilding Database"). Unlike the one that appears when the app is starting up, this box doesn't seem to make any sort of progress along the lines of loading-- meaning it just sits there in the middle of my screen (and drawing), which is more than a bit bothersome. I do admit that I am very cautious when I am drawing, and I tend to make a copy of my drawing every time I make a significant edit as to not lose too much progress should the app force quit out of nowhere. This results in having many, many drawings, which may cause problems with the app being slow sometimes or taking a while to make copies of drawings. I don't know if this has anything to do with my "Rebuilding Database" problems, but I assume that, like any problem, I'm not the only person dealing with it. Aside from my own personal issues, this app is one of the best I've ever used, and I know I will continue using it for a long time. Thank you for your time in reading this, and have a nice rest of your day.

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    Great app! But there’s one problem.

    Sketches is my favorite app! It’s very helpful for when I’m in the car or have no paper. And if I have a new idea for a drawing, I can easily sketch it out! Oh, and sorry if I sound like a commercial. I just love Sketches! But my favorite part is the layers. Sometimes, I forget to put something behind a character. Usually my art would get ruined when I tried to add...let’s say a sunset...behind a cat. I told my friend (who also has Sketches) about my problem and she taught me how to use layers. But one thing; a few days ago I was trying to make some stars in the background of one of my drawings. But it cut through the body—which was white—and made it look the color of the stars. I figured it was a glitch, but I tried doing something similar on another drawing, and it did the same. I don’t know if you made it do this...? But if not, is there any way you can fix it? If you’ve read this far, well done. Have a fantastic day, and if you haven’t already—GET THIS APP!!

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    Good, but could use some things

    While the app overall is well-working, practical, etc., there are a few things it could use. For example, it would be much more practical for layers to have more settings, such as locking them, different types of layers, and changing the colors of certain layers. Things like these would make the app more useful for full-fledged drawings. Say you are a person who uploads comics on a daily basis. You would like the tablet you use to connect to your computer and draw simultaneously so it's easier for you to upload said comics. But with this app, I can't figure out how to connect the tablet and computer so they work at the same time. (For the app.) I've visited the help and support site multiple times, but there is no way to connect the tablet and the computer for drawing. It would make the app more functional for those who post their drawings on social medias. Now, this part isn't a complaint of any sort, just an idea I had. What if on the folders, you could put one of your drawings up for the cover? As I said, no complaint, but it would be a nice detail to add. This is the basic summary of my review: 1. Add more layer settings (lock, color change, types, etc.). 2. Try to make it so you can connect your tablet to your computer so you can draw simultaneously and post it up easier. 3. Make it so we can put our drawings up as the folder's cover. --- T h a n k Y o u ---

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    Awesome!!! Just a few things though

    One thing that I love to do is draw. When I have no paper around me, I always draw with this. I just have a few things I would like you too add. Firstly, I’d like you too add customize your materials. You could customize the size of the brush or pen, maybe give each pen a specific color to have so when you use it it shows up that color. Another thing is that you could have pallets. You could make as many as you want, and chose colors to be in them. With the pallet, you could make a specific drawing for that pallet, With only being allowed to use that pallet. Last, maybe you could add lessons to help people start off with using the app. You could purchase each lesson for the same price. Also with these lessons, it could also give you a special color, only available to have with that lesson. P.S. I honestly don’t know if all of these exist already, but if they do, Then please tell me.

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    The best free drawing app ever!!!

    Ok, so I have been looking for a decent drawing app for awhile now. And when I saw this in the App Store I thought it was too good to be true, but it really is amazing. Of course, there are extra features you can buy, but this is the first drawing app where you actually get most of the tools and colors for free. It’s a simple, easy to use design. I can now work on developing my comics, and with the super helpful undo button and pinch and zoom, my art turns out good. Well, for my standards at least. XD if you want a great app with helpful tools and pens and brushes that you can even change the opaqueness of, this is the app for you. Super simple, yet effective. Thanks for making this app creators. I can now not rip a hole through my paper with my eraser. It’s totally worth it to get this app.

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    A few problems

    This is a great app! It has many tools for you to use. Though, I think the layer thing, which means you have to pay to get layers, is very annoying. When I draw, I use at least three layers. And I cannot only use two, I need at least three layers since I use them for outlining, coloring, and shading. If I buy it, it comes with other stuff, but I only wanted the layers. So could you make it so that you could buy the layers separately? If so, that would be great. Another thing I have a problem with, is that the undo and redo, is very annoying. Whenever I'm trying to zoom in or out, it either undoes or redoes. Though, sometimes it's helpful. But most of the time, it just gets in my way of drawing. Those are the two things I have a problem with, overall, this is a great app to draw with, if you ignore its flaws. I recommend you download it, or at least try it out.

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    Eh. Didn’t have to remove all the basic functions.

    Got this for free about two to three years back. Made incredible digital pieces (at the time) on a tiny iPod screen. Came back to it when I got a new iPhone only to find out most of the very useful features have been stripped to Pro version (5$??? Come on man). Look. I’m not going to pretend I know everything about value in premium apps and such. But I do feel slighted. Devs could’ve at least left some basic functions like the razor tool, the pattern fill, the multiple layers, etc, or had people who already downloaded it keep the older version and get the newer functions in premium for less. It’s just kind of lame. I mean hell. The fill tool even leaves a crappy white ring around the filled space. It’s like they purposefully made the existing features bootleggy to strong arm ya into buying the “full” thing. But that’s enough ranting. The app served me well for the time I used it.

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    Absolutely everything! Perfect!!

    I never write reviews for anything but after using this app, I stopped watercoloring physically because I tend to make a mess and waiting for everything to dry is a pain sometimes. There is so much control when you are drawing. You can water color, paint, change the opacity, color, cut and paste, blend smudge , dry or wet to blend. The most important thing is, there is a multi layer system so you can control each layer you paint on. It is absolutely amazing. There is just one complaint I have. I don't like how the text option is very fixed. After you apply the text, you can't move it, make it bigger or anything. You have to delete and retype and remove it until it is perfect. Beside that I'm obsessed with this app and I am in love!

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    I loved this app however I have a few complaints about the new changes that were made.

    When I first got this app I instantly fell in love with it. As a young artist, I had found it very difficult to find good apps to do art on until I got this one. I loved the fact that I could have a larger range of tools and color choices at my fingertips, something other art apps seemed to lack. My favorite tool was the duplicate layers tool, as it allowed me to create extra layers that were necessary to improving the overall quality of my work. I would normally have given such a perfect app 5 stars, however the fact that the duplicate layer tool has been deleted, lowers my satisfaction. I still plan to use the app, however I do hope that they re-add the ability to duplicate layers, as that is one of the things that made this app so special. Thanks.

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    Amazing app and help for other users.

    It’s a great drawing app and has few flaws! All the tools that you can use without pro is fine with me and I’m pretty sure that’s the same with most people. For all those people throwing a rant about it undo-ing when you zoom in, you can just turn it off in settings. Go to settings (in the top 3 buttons), then click preferences, then scroll down until you see “Swipe to undo.” Then just turn it off. There. Problem solved. Without pro it’s pretty much fine for simple artists but if you want to make something really detailed, you should probably get pro but I don’t really know cause I don’t have pro. But overall it’s a pretty great app. - A 11 year old scrolling the internet

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Is Tayasui Sketches Safe?

Yes. Tayasui Sketches is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,939 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tayasui Sketches Is 50.3/100.

Is Tayasui Sketches Legit?

Yes. Tayasui Sketches is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,939 Tayasui Sketches User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tayasui Sketches Is 50.3/100.

Is Tayasui Sketches not working?

Tayasui Sketches works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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