Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Reviews

Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-10

Trusted by over 30 million users worldwide, Drawing Desk is the best creative
app for everyone! **The ORIGINAL Drawing DESK App on AppStore** Fully powered
by our creative engine Cortex, Drawing Desk offers a batch of powerful artistic
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Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Reviews

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    This app it amazing

    I just got it this app and it’s still amazing. It helps me make drawings for my family my friends and myself. I like to screenshot them or for them to Instagram or Snapchat. The one thing that I do recommend if you have the iPad. You might want to get the touch screen pen. It’s a lot easier to use the pen in my experience. You can edit things. You can sketch things you can do little things. You can take your own photos or something that you screenshot it and you can edit it or like pretty much just well you can redo everything it’s a lot easier. To use then like if you wanted to get something on Instagram is a lot easier than that. You can forward it to a computer and you can print them out you can send them to your friends to brag it’s nice. I found about this app from one of my friends she got it and we both love it. I definitely recommend this app to any people who love to draw. You can use it on airplanes. I especially love to use on airplanes because it distracts me more and him it doesn’t need Wi-Fi that much it doesn’t take that much data if you have to use it for that it’s definitely one my favorite apps for drawing coloring or even just doodling. I give this app a five star review I think that this app could help anyone who is terrible at drawing learn to just grow and drying experiences are used to be really bad until I got this app and it change my life. This app is amazing!! 😁😍

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    I dont know how I survived

    Like literally , what did i do before I had this app. Awkwardly text people while in line at the grocery mart? Maybe or I was just pretending I had someone to text st that moment tonward off conversation of strangers. It was harmless. Mownthis app has changed everything. I ise this for marking up pictures plans and schematics ( I’m a general contractor) I take a meme that almost had it and make it more fitting , lately I’ve been taking pictures of my sketches aNd makjngnthem better and with color:). I’ve noticed there is a downside and that is i am literally constantly running late and behind schedule. I’ll tell my wife I’ll be ready for dinner in five minutes , go sit down and 45 minutes rengone just like that. When I use the commode I’m inthere so long I think I make Lowe’s and Home Depot managers nervous. I wouldn’t be surprised if now I’m he guy that all the employees make bets on how long I’m going to be today. TLDR::::great app. Been wondering why i couldn’t find this sooner but its here now thank GOD. Free version withholds goodnstuff that inwish I had access to but they ask way to much money. I would pay the $2.99. For the app. Unfortunately, THEY ASK FIR THAT PAYMENT EVERY WEEK

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    Great app but...

    I have to say it’s a great app. It’s a lot better than other apps I have had before. I love how you can chose from kids, sketch, coloring, doodle, and photo desks. That makes the app fun for all ages and all different art. Some things that I don’t like about the app is how in photo desk you can’t draw on the photo you upload. You can put stickers and filters on it but you can’t draw. The solution for me was going to sketch desk and putting in a photo so that I could draw on it. I had worked all morning on a drawing and then the app just went blank and closed out. When I went back into the app my drawing was gone! I tried again and it took the rest of my afternoon and then it closed out again! My drawing had been finished and deleted 2 times already and I was about to quit. Now I always have to save it every couple of minutes so that it doesn’t get deleted again. Otherwise, this is an amazing app and I highly recommend it! You are going to love it! Thanks for reading!

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    I like this app. It looks formal, and is, for the most part, easy to use. The tools are extremely well done and very effective. It can zoom in quite far, and stores so much! It’s good, I’ve drawn over fifty pieces of art on it, but I do have a few issues. Firstly, the lines get blurry when you zoom in and out too many times and makes the picture look smudged. Also, the undo button doesn’t seem to always work, and I have to repeatedly tap it which in the end just creates more little dots that I then also have to undo. Another thing would be the text option, the words are hard to move and zoom in and out because the app gets the word box confused with the actual screen sometimes. My last and biggest concern would be option box. It doesn’t go down at all or seem to have a slide down tab. That makes it hard to color, write, or draw in the space. So try and make that have a slide down tab. Otherwise, it’s amazing! You did a good job creating it!

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    OK so I got this app so that I could use it for on the bus when I’m going to school right and I got another OK it’s gonna be cool and then I got on and it’s like they want to Go premium and yeah cheap I don’t know but I can’t use it because 13 years I don’t have that family I don’t use the bank yet and I’m not gonna ask her mom if I if she’ll pay you like seven dollars and something a month for $14 a month so when you go to the coloring desk are you coming in when you can only use the ones without a crown on that because if they have a crown on them you have to pay for them there’s only like two or three The doodle desk is the same as the sketch desks that they just have different types of brushes and stuff not all of them are open because you have to pay for them I have an export all the best. But like I said you have to be paying for some of them without using them so that makes me kind of sad.

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    Okay, to start off, why do all the best pictures need that worthless subscription to color?!?! There are a lot of pictures that I really want to color, but that subscription pop up keeps on coming up with literally EVERY single picture. It’s not only the pictures, it’s also really useful drawing tools. How can I even draw or color anything if everything costs let’s say $4.99 a month?! Trust me, if this problem isn’t fixed, I am so deleting this app once and for all. The fact that you have to pay money for everything on this app is SO disappointing! Again, if this problem isn’t fixed, I’m deleting the app. I’ve seen other reviews like this and I understand it’s to keep the app running but I think you really need to find another way to do so. I suggest that everything is for free, and that you find another way to make money if you want. I’m a big doodler, and I don’t like to be disappointed, especially with drawing apps. Drawing is apparently my paradise and I don’t want a bad drawing app. Sorry this is so long but PLEASE fix this problem!!!!!!! Listen to what me and other people are saying!!!!

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    I mean, this app has a lot of potential. What ruins it (in my opinion anyways) is how the side bar moves out of view every time you make a stroke. There should be a option in the settings where you can lock the side bar in place, and make the canvas bigger so you can see all of it even if the side bar is in view. Another thing is layers. I get it, the developer(s) are trying to earn some money. All of the other premium features are ok.. but layers, I think non-paying members get 2-4 free layers, and can buy unlimited layers with premium. Layers are a pretty important tool in digital art. Maybe even a whole separate purchase option available just for layers, since the whole premium package just for one or two features is a bit farfetched, considering the price. Once again, my opinion. Besides that, the apps pretty solid. I low-key wouldn’t suggest it as a primary/main drawing program, but it’s all right.

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    I am fourteen years old and can’t draw for my life and then my Mom (Who is my bff) got me this app. I am IN LOVE with how [email protected] different tools there are for coloring and drawing, but the one thing I have noticed is that I will open the app, and then seconds or minutes later I will do something un-noticed and the app will crash and not save my work. Now it may not even be the app. It may be the fact that my IPad is old and I got it in like first to third grade, (Can’t remember which grade specifically) but it’s really annoying because I was working on a painting slash picture for a school project on this app as well and went to go tap “Save and quit” when the app suddenly crashed and lost ALL my progress. The sad thing is, i am NOT creative nor can I do work quickly do it took me literally HOURS to do and then it got crashed saving nothing and the project was due the next day. If it is the app, please try and fix it. Thank you!

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    I love this APP

    I love to draw and paint. Many times I have ideas I want to sketch, but if I don’t have my sketchbook or pencils near me, I’ll put it off to do at another time. By then, I’ve already forgotten. This APP is great because I always have my iPad near me. When I sketch I usually just use graphite or colored pencils. With the app I can conveniently go a step further by testing out different tools and colors. It’s a great thing. I love the Doodle section and the Photo editing. The children’s section is really cool too. I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure any child would love it. I purchased the 7.99/month package. I was wondering if there is another package that offers more brush options. I do have one gripe, the tool bar is in the way. It disappears as we’re drawing, but as soon as we lift up, it is visible again. It gets in the way. It’s soooo annoying. I mess up in that area because of it. It should stay hidden until we want to use it. Oh another issue is figuring out how to get tech support. I click on the link, but I can’t figure out how to send a report. Other than these two problems, I have no other complaints. Btw my 4 stars rating is basically a 5 star rating. I don’t give any 5 star ratings for anything, including my books.

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    Great app but i need some answers

    So i really like this app. The tools are easy to use and even though some things cost money, i don't care. But i have some questions. First, i wanted to order some stickers of the pic of Arianna grande I edited for my daughter so she could put them on her chrome book. So how do you edit it so the stickers show the words on it and stuff like so you can crop it cause i did not see any option for that. Also, i was to scared to try this cause i did not wanna get my card hacked but when you order does it say like when it will be arriving? If so thats good cause I’m always worried that it will come like in 5 months instead of like 3 days. Lastly, if you get a custom shirt or mug, how do you wash them? I wanted to get a mug but i was scared that when i washed it, the picture would fade and i would be disappointed. So, thats it great app!

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    Great Game for New Artists, But...

    This is a Awesome game for starters in the world of art. I would highly recommend it to new, and professionals (or at least if you call yourself a professional) artists. A few concerns though... There is a problem when I use the pencil. I honestly don’t know if it’s a problem, but every few minutes, although I down see it, my drawings start to smear. But when I draw multiple characters, it’s like only a few smear, and I’m getting confused. I am a Warrior Cat Reader, and I like to create my own characters using the pen and pencil. Honestly, this smearing is pretty bad, and I have no idea if it’s just me or if it’s one of the items I used to do this. I’ve seen a review like this where they mentioned it smearing and getting blurry over time. I think that’s what this is. I usually use the sketch desk, maybe it’s just this station? I honestly have no idea. I hope none of you have any of these problems when creating your beautiful art.❤️

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    This app is buggy and incomplete

    I’ll be honest. I was extremely excited when I got this app. It looked like it was a lot better than the last one I used, until I realized that most to all of the functions that I needed were only included in the, “Premium version,” which I was not willing to get. The line work was weird, the bucket took was buggy, but these problems are pretty small compared to the worst thing I found with this app. When I was drawing my first picture on this program, everything was going relatively ok until I began to noticed that the picture was getting really blurry. I didn’t know why until I realized that using the back button MOVES the line work down a little almost every time, which ends up giving you a cruddy piece of garbage instead of an actual clean piece of art. Unless you’re willing to fork over money every month, I definitely DON’T recommend this app. If I were you, I would get ibis paint X instead. Everything on that app is totally free, and you can actually get good quality art with ibis.

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    Can someone help me?

    I really did want to give this 5 stars, but there’s been an issue with the app. First I’ll start with how great it is though. This is definitely the best drawing app I’ve ever used, and I’ve downloaded at least ten. None of the other ones have a paint bucket, or the option to import photos, which is AMAZING. I wish the tools could go to smaller sizes though.. anyway!! I really need help with this problem. Every time I draw something, all of the lines I draw get blurry and out of place, the more I draw, and it drives me nuts! I’ve never had a problem with this app in the past, I used to have it on an iPad and it worked just amazingly. I’ve even tried deleting the app and downloading it again. It didn’t work. So someone, please help me!! And thanks for reading this.

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    Good...could be better

    I love the app, but it can be limiting and often frustrating. It could stand to improve by having a wider set of drawing utensils and allowing them to be modified. The blending tool, for example, is essentially a blur tool that’s too ‘thick’ to really be used in finer or smaller details. The biggest problem with the app is that you can’t get crisp definition or create great texture. Things like skin, tree leaves or bark end up looking flat and artificial. The app may be desirable for landscapes, but it’s certainly not suited for closeups. Even if you could create texture the app distorts the image after its been closed (it looks ‘pixelated’) so you have to try to get as much done in a single sitting, which again is very limiting. Having said that, the app is very accessible, fun and once you understand how each tool works it’s fairly straightforward and consistent. And it’s free, which really makes it worthwhile.

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    I love the app and don’t get me wrong, but there’s so many in at purchases that you might as well buy all of the brushes at a store to save $$$ and not get angry! I love the app because you can photo shop and have access to so many brushes, although some of them you have to buy for an excessive amount. If you maybe didn’t have so many in-app purchases, this app might be better,no, it WILL be better because it’s soooooo cool!🤩🤩🤩I understand that you want to make money from this app but please don’t have so man in at purchases for it. I have to give you credit for being so well-made! It’s good to have both the kids drawing desk and an I don’t drawing desk.😍🎨 so if you could hear me out and fix these problems, this app would be rated of full 5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Is Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Safe?

No. Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 36,239 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Is 14.0/100.

Is Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Legit?

No. Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 36,239 Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art Is 14.0/100.

Is Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art not working?

Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Colin Moore
Sep 27 2020

The side toolbar constantly pops up regardless of where I’m drawing or what tool I’m using. Very annoying especially when trying to draw on the right side of the screen. Very dissatisfied.

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