Tesla Reviews

Tesla Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

The Tesla app puts owners in direct communication with their vehicles and energy
products anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can: - Check charging progress
in real time and start or stop charging - Heat or cool your car before driving
– even if it's in a garage - Lock or unlock from...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Tesla Reviews

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    Good App, Few Suggestions

    Update: Dropping this to two stars. All of the below still stands true. I have the lovely added benefit that whenever my car goes to sleep, the widget used to display “asleep”. Now it displays an error icon and says “please open app”. This has been an ongoing issue now for months. All in all the ability to cool/heat my vehicle, remotely open doors, honk the horn, and view where the vehicle is at at any time is amazing! Light years beyond my last car. That said, a few things I think would add a lot of benefit. 1) When setting a charge limit, let me see percentages on the lines. You guys recommend a specific percentage for extended battery life. Don’t make me guesstimate where that is. 2) allow me to either pick and choose or show more options on the widget. Currently, if I want to open the frunk I’m good; swipe right and tap widget button. If I want to open the trunk I have to open the app, tap controls, then open the trunk. Minor, but if I use the trunk far more than the frunk, it gets frustrating. 3) Allow me to view WiFi connection and signal strength from the app. I have a detached garage. I’m trying to find a better location for my router so that my car gets more than one bar of WiFi. Currently I have to move the router, walk to the car and get in, check it...rinse and repeat over and over. I may end up needing to get an extender, but the app would save me a lot of headache if it just exposed this data.

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    Lousy solar app

    This is a review of the solar energy tracking part of this app. I don’t own a Tesla car. The app works, so I have to give it more than one star, but that’s about it. It has three major problems. First, while it has options for showing energy data on a year, month, week, or day period, when you select one of those options it brings you to the current day, week, etc. If you want to see data from 2 weeks ago, you have to view the current week, then hit the back arrow to go to the previous week, wait for it to get and display the data, and then hit the back arrow again. Repeat as necessary. Suppose I want to see the data for the summer equinox 2 years ago, I repeat these steps some 700 times?! Second, when it is displaying e.g. the days of the month, one would think that tapping on a particular day would bring up the data for that day. Nope, it does nothing. (Granted, tap and hold will show the total generated for that day, but if I want to see the day in detail, it’s back to selecting “by day” , and stepping back day by day.) Third, the algorithm for scaling the vertical axis is brain-dead. Here’s an example of the tic-marks chosen: baseline=0, 1st tic =182, second tic = 364, then 546, 728, and finally topping out 910! I mean really, you couldn’t have figured out to use 0, 200, 400, .. to 1000? The coders for the now-retired browser-based display could do it!

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    Great app, keeps getting better

    Tesla keeps improving my driving and car management experience regularly, through this app. Being able to adjust and readjust the climate remotely from my phone, including individual seat heaters, defrost, cabin temp, has been great this winter. Being able to remotely open the two trunks and charging port, flash lights and horn, etc., is nice to have when you want it. Being able to schedule a service appt, control the charging sched, map out nearest superchargers, and find pretty precisely where my car is at the exact moment, is really convenient. Only issue is the time it takes to “wake up” (connect from the app to the car), while it is only less than a minute, takes longer than I would like. When I’m standing in my house next to the router and the car is 20 feet away, also on the router, I would think it would be almost instantaneous. Would really, really like to be able to remotely activate any/all cameras and see the view from my phone. Thanks, Tesla!

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    They took away the solar city app

    You took away a functioning app that provided us with useful tools to monitor our solar systems installed in 2 homes. Also had the ability to make payments. You forced us on to this app where only one home can be monitored, to a very limited degree. Can’t make payments. Can’t get assistance. Forced into a website, that still gives no detailed information on the system in order to make a payment. Why would you take away a great tool and replace with something that is of no benefit. If you haven’t noticed, the world runs on apps. Update. Received an alert that the gateway wont communicated with Tesla. The email didn’t state which home. App and website are still no help for multiple systems, and no customer support phone number listed. Had to google search for it. 2.5 minutes through and annoying IVR to then wait on hold for a representative. 16 minutes until my call was answered. The app, website, communications and customer experience are terrible. The customer service agent agreed when I mentioned the app and website. Pretty sad when your own employees acknowledge the problem. Went from a company I enjoyed doing business with as Solar City to a complete disappointment with Tesla.

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    I don’t have any problems that these others are

    My experience has been great with no occurrences of issues that others leaving bad reviews mention. I think it is very device and location specific, meaning phone make/model, cell tower connectivity between phone and vehicle, WiFi/internet service (if involved in the connection equation), and potentially needing to reset the mobile phone altogether. Specifically, I have never had username/password/logout issues, so it can’t be the app is poor or my experience would be consistent with theirs. Coming from a Camry XLE and the Toyota Entune app (which is a total joke and worthless piece of crap that literally makes you type username/password EVERY time and no option of TouchID) the Tesla app is used DAILY almost hourly, whereas I would open Entune once a month to see if it had actually become useful or even worked yet. (It never became useful or worked). For the one user who mentioned they wish it would have Siri or other automation, just buy the “RemoteS” app in the App Store. You can create Siri shortcuts and literally tell your car what to do. Tesla shouldn’t be the sole developer of mobile app enhancements, just core functions. They just need to provide the capability and documentation for developers to access core functions, which they have done and are available on the web. Learn development or start a campaign to acquire the development. Otherwise use the feature request function in the car.

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    Worse after v9

    When I plug in the car to charge I no longer get a message saying charging scheduled for 11 PM or whatever time you set up for. it just says charging stopped. Therefore when I go to sleep I have no way of verifying that my charge is set and ready to go like i used to. Also, I no longer get an error message that the cord is plugged in incorrectly or there is a fault or whatever might impede my charge that is going to start a couple of hours after I go to sleep. The old app gave that info which you could check at a glance before retiring for the night. This is quite a downgrade from your previous version which gave all of that information and more. If you’re going to start annoying people with updates that take away actually useful features in the real world, you’re just like every other tech company. Now just to be sure I don’t wake up in the morning without a church I have to manually start my charger at about 10 PM before I go to bed confirm that it’s charging correctly and then go to sleep charging when electricity still very expensive rather than starting later in the middle of the night. Thanks Tesla.

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    Heavy background activity and battery use even with “Background App Refresh” off

    I’m a new Model 3 owner, and have been using this app for a 8 days. I like the convenience of the effortless lock/unlock functionality the Phone Key option offers. The ability to control so many of the car’s features remotely is great too. But something seems a bit off with this app’s background activity. At default settings in iOS 11, it used 11% of my iPhone 7’s very healthy battery (97% max charge from new, replaced by Apple earlier this year) in the first 10 hours I had the car, and there were almost 2 hours of background activity that day. And that was with spending 4 of those 10 hours in the car. I’ve since turned off Background App Refresh, and it’s helped decrease the battery usage to about 4-5% per day. I use it a few times per day for keyless entry and maybe once per day for remote climate adjustment. But even with that setting change, it’s still had 8+ more hours of background activity in the past 7 days. I’ve written to Tesla Support to try and get details of the heavy battery use and reason for so much background activity, but haven’t heard back yet. The app does offer a location tracking feature for the car, so I would guess that’s the main drain? It also offers notifications for car-related alerts. Hopefully they can optimize things further, as other than the heavy battery drain this app is great!

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    Sentry Mode Request

    Sadly, our Model 3 got backed into while parked overnight, and unfortunately, that was the one night we forgot to activate Sentry Mode. Fortunately, the other driver left a note but that could have easily resulted in a hit and run with no info on the driver. It would be super helpful to have a preference that would allow Sentry Mode to auto-engage whenever parked, possibly with an additional setting that would only do it away from home (for those with garages). Maybe also a preference that it would disengage below a certain battery threshold? In the event of an accident, you’d very likely record the plates of the car that hit you. 5/7/19 edit: thank you for adding this feature!!! However, here is a suggestion that could take things to the next level and prevent some mishaps altogether. Since you are already monitoring surroundings with the low-power ultrasonics, could you not also distinguish a car moving too close while parked (a more uniform motion pattern than a pedestrian)? If a car gets too close, a quick honk of the Tesla’s horn could provide enough warning for the other driver to realize just how close they are. Not sure if that’s technically feasible but, if so, that would be huge! Accident averted! Thanks for the consideration and appreciate all the great work you devs at Tesla do!

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    Phone-as-key needs more flexibility

    As a I write this, key fobs are sold out. They are a bandaid fix to this issue anyway that I am guessing can be fixed with software. ISSUE: Currently I cannot walk up to my locked Model 3 with my iPhone X in my back left pocket and open my driver’s door. I’ve reset both car and phone. I mean it could be my phone, sure, but I played around with it and watched the app’s phone key signal bars go from 1-2-3 bars at various points of distance and in/out of my back pocket. Looks like 3 bars of signal is necessary to unlock. I have 3 bars holding the phone even half-way out of my pocket standing next to the door in my natural position, but the signal level drops to 2 bars once my phone is 100% in my back left pocket like I normally wear it. If I rotate my body 90 degrees to the right so that the phone is literally closer to the car it gets 3 in the pocket and allows the unlock. All the band-aid fixes of awkwardly turning my body, unlocking with the app manually before I reach the car, buying a key fob, or wearing my phone in my front pocket are unrealistic IMO. I’m an average athletic male at 5’11” and 180lbs, not a corpulent hambeast. PROPOSAL: allow either calibration of the key signal strength to be 3 bars at a given distance / situation OR allow a setting in the app / car to allow unlocking the car with less than 3 bars. “Phone key unlock distance: near, medium, or far” seems intuitive. Thanks for reading.

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    Good not Great

    I like the app, but there is room for improvement: 1-When I turn on the heat, all seat heaters come on. I don’t usually want any but the driver’s seat. Recommend only automatically turning on the heaters that were on in the previous session. 2-Same as (1) but with the defrosters 3-The widget needs a ton of work. It takes too long to load. My Model 3 is currently showing as a Model S. I can’t configure which controls are most important to me. 4-Please expand and advertise all of the available Siri commands and give the user the option to enable unlocking the car without being in the app. 5-I should be able to configure which controls are on the app’s front page. Alternatively, allow for display of more controls on the front page or tapping the car image itself to unlock/open the trunk/frunk/charge port. 6-Set the charge slider to 5% detents. Who needs to set their charge in 1% intervals? 7-Change frunk/trunk confirmation to a long press (e.g. 3 seconds) instead of the confirmation pop up 8-The app is slow to connect to the car regardless of how the car or iOS device is connected. 9-I should have an option to override all summon safety stops. 10-Not really iOS feedback, but please open your API to more integrations possibilities (e.g. SmartThings). Thank you for continuing to make the Tesla experience the best possible!

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    Love the app!

    In the world we live in today, who doesn’t love having the control of everything right at your finger tips? Love that I can use the app to control the garage door as well, it saves from having to install a wireless connection for it and use a different app for that feature, so it’s awesome that you can do that. What I would like to see is the option to add or remove the widgets on the main screen, right now it has the A/C, frunk, and locking widget. Being able to add the trunk as an option, or turn on sentry mode since it’s not a default, or the garage control, would be an awesome update. Also I want to be able to access the additional camera views, after all, I did just spend over 50k on the car, you’d think I be able to use fully what I purchased

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    No indication that we’re running on backup power!

    When I purchased our Powerwall I specifically asked whether there was a way to be informed when our utility power failed and we were running off the Powerwall. I was told the app could be set up to send a text message/email when utility power was interrupted. Now our Powerwall is installed, I discover that this alert system has been removed “because there were problems with it”. I live in a remote rural area with no other dwellings in sight. With no indication that utility power has failed I have no way of knowing that I should reduce my power consumption when this occurs. So I rapidly deplete my Powerwall whenever there’s a power outage! Yes, the app indicates when the power has failed, but I can’t keep my eyes glued to the app all the time to see if the utility power is off! With a text and/or email alert, I’d be able to turn off my water heater and other high-power consuming devices and just run essential devices for days. Instead, my Powerwall is exhausted in a few hours! This is simply not acceptable, and not what I was told would be the case when I purchased the unit. All you smart Tesla engineers, please make it a high priority to fix this essential need for your otherwise cool product/service. If you can land two Falcon Heavyset simultaneously, you can fix this! Until you do, my Powerwall is of minimal use. Please help.

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    Doesn’t work with iPadOS

    Despite the information here on the compatibility, this app does not work with my iPad. It would be nice to have an actual iPad app to use, just in case my -home is not available. I do use this app daily. Tesla keeps updating and adding new features. A few features would be nice to have, first the ability to set the level for charging from the app, not just the limit and ability to start and stop charging. Viewing the most recent air pressure for the car would be great as well, instead of having to show it by switching it on the display. Showing the percentage of charge as well as the rated or ideal miles would be helpful. I've thought of a lot of features that could easily be implemented in the app, but are not.

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    OK app, needs improvement

    I bought a new Tesla Model 3 three days ago. I connected it to 110 V power at my office, went into the building, and the app would not lock the car. I had valuable objects in the car. After 10 failed attempts to lock the car, the app told me the door was open. I went to the car and opened and firmly closed each door, went back into the building, and again could not lock the car over and over again. It turned out to have been the truck that was open. Unlike the doors, the trunk can present a perfectly plausible appearance of being closed without in fact being closed. Why mislead me by telling me that the door is open when it is not true? It is not such a complicated notion: if the app is refusing to perform an act it has been asked to perform, tell me why, the true reason why, not a false reason why.

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    App will not heat or cool your car!

    DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OR PASSENGERS IN THE CAR WITH THE “CLIMATE KEEPER” OR DOG MODE ON! I set my car to maintain a temperature of 60 degrees using the car’s touchscreen. When I was about ten minutes away from getting back into the car, I upped the temperature to 68 degrees and made sure the seat and steering wheel were heating up. When I got into the car, the interior was 66, according to the touchscreen, which indicates to me that the car might have been heating up to 68. The steering wheel and seat were ice cold, so they were not warming up. When I started to drive, the temperature was mysteriously set back to 60, as I had set it for climate keeper, not when I had most recently set it to 68 via the app. The car is not obeying what I set in the app, no matter when I try to preheat it, and hasn’t followed what I set in the app for heating (car, steering wheel, seat) since the past few software updates. Give me back the functionality I thought I was getting when I bought this car!

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Is Tesla Safe?

Yes. Tesla is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,994 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tesla Is 27.7/100.

Is Tesla Legit?

Yes. Tesla is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,994 Tesla User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tesla Is 27.7/100.

Is Tesla not working?

Tesla works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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