CardSnacks: ecards, greetings Reviews

CardSnacks: ecards, greetings Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

CardSnacks lets you send fun, animated ecards from your phone for all occasions
and events: Birthdays, Thank You cards, Anniversaries, Invitations, I Love You,
Congratulations, and much more! And you can add gift cards to go along with
your card. --1000s OF FREE CARDS FOR EVERY OCCASIO...

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Easy, Creative, AND Impressive Results

I had a wonderful time this month using this app to create custom Christmas cards for 5 family members, in about 10-12 minutes. There are so many entertaining and beautiful-yet-simply animated designs to choose from; as well as the option to use your own photos and videos, that you’d never get bored. The cards look great when you receive them too, but I would also like to see updates to embrace the iPhone X display. Text on the cards can be customized as well, but I would love to see enhancements in this area too, like being able to wrap text above and below images and animations, and animating the text itself a-la the Messages app screen effects. You can also add music to your card, and the included options are cute and enhance the recipient experience-and once again you can choose your own custom music if you prefer. There was only one thing I found to be negative in my overall experience: when returning to a card to modify or customize it, in order to change the text I also had to delete the image on the card, which can cause some lost time if you had previously resized and positioned a photo to best fit the card frame. Finally, I would love to have more amount options available for the various gift cards. Being able to pay for a new Playstation game for my brother for example, would have been more exciting for me than just the $10 gift card option that was available at the time. All and all I’d say: try it :)



I quickly wrote a review because I was having problems with CardSnacks and I guess I did so prematurely. The developer reached out to me immediately to help me with it and come to find out.. I was expecting it to do something it didn’t do. I thought CardSnacks would be open when you texted it to someone instead of just a link to the site for them to open it. Also when you hit the link it takes it to the front of a card that you have to click before you open your actual card that you created and sent. Still, it was just a little work around that I didn’t know to do and they were very prompt to respond. The only reason I’m not giving it five star is that it would be better if the card opened up inside the text message rather than sending a link directing them to a different page to open it. I really dolove CardSnacks . It’s fun it’s free and now that I know how it’s working I don’t have a problem with it. Cool app and great support!


So Convenient !!!!

My nephew graduated high school in 2020 and instead of the flying to his town as a family to attend the ceremony, the celebrations were kept small so we stayed home. I did discover Card Snacks though and sent my first digital card ever snd included a gift card to his favorite restaurant. He was elated and I didn’t have to leave my chair to bless him. Since, I’ve blessed two friends, a co-worker, my kids, and two pastors from my church. I love the convenience and the wide selection of gift cards. The only thing I would like is to see grocery stores added like my local ones, Winn-Dixie and Publix.


Great Customer Service

Never using CardSnacks before I received a gift card from a friend for my bday. I didn’t use it right away, I chose to save for later. For what ever reason the gift card froze on a particular screen and I wasn’t able redeem my GC when I was ready to purchase something. I wrote into customer service and heard back from them right away. They worked with me until we were able to get the problem resolved and I was able to use my GC. Thank you so much this app Customer Service you were great! :)



This was such a great app and perfect for being in quarantine when you can’t see your friends. I love that you can attach an actual gift card and the music and animations are super cute. The only problem was that I had a card scheduled and when I tried deleting it by clicking “edit” in shoebox and “delete” it would kick me out of CardSnacks . After a few tries though, I realized I could just swipe the card left and it would delete. CardSnacks is just so great and there are a ton of categories for the cards!


Great app, great customer support

(Updated) Wonderful app!! You can choose your card & music, write your own message, add video, or record a message. Even create your own card from scratch if you prefer. A perfect way to send really personalized ecards & messages. I really like the music selections, tho you can upload your own if you prefer. Really excellent customer support as well. My original review included issues which were Immediately & very courteously addressed. As much because of this, as well as enjoying the many creative facets & fun user experience, I’m really impressed.


So much fun!

The this app app is a quick, easy, user-friendly, creative, and very fun way to send personalized greeting cards. CardSnacks has many beautiful templates and you can personalize the cards with your own text, photos, stickers, and music, and you can also attach an e-gift card. I’m very pleased with CardSnacks and have had lots of success sending digital greeting cards to friends. The developers keep updating it and adding more cards, so it just gets better and better! Plus, every feature is entirely free!


Awesome experience!

This has been a difficult year with 100% virtual learning and I wanted to show my son’s 3rd grade teacher our appreciation. Not only was my son able to easily customize a card on his own, we were also able to send a gift card. The gift card selection is great! CardSnacks lets you see when the card was opened and she was able to send a thank you note in return. I’m so happy I found CardSnacks!


Love this app!

I used to love creating cards on my PC & was looking for one for my phone. Researched many & was only impressed with this app; not only the cards but great reviews. I had trouble with registration but customer service was FANTASTIC about figuring out the problem! I had such fun making my first card for my niece. So many fun occasions besides the usual ones. I look forward to making many more. Thanks to the team @ this app!!! 😄


Gross invasion if privacy if you want to use it

The only way you can access CardSnacks is to register for an account. No big thing. But they want your CELL PHONE NUMBER in order to do it. No email address; a cell phone number. So they have a cell phone number that they can use for marketing, sell it to whomever. I’m removing CardSnacks from my phone & I advise others to do the same. Received a response from the developer claiming that a cell phone number is the only way they can verify that you aren’t going to misuse their app. Wrong. A cell number can be spoofed. Plus it is no guarantee of veracity of someone. Not changing my review. Still a gross violation of privacy.


Worked one time.

I was able to send literally one card. After that, even after buying a membership no matter where I am it doesn’t send anymore cards but ALWAYS says “Connection seems slow :( . Please wait a few moments...” UPDATE: App finally started working, and I’m able to sent the most beautiful “thank you” cards and gifts to my customers!



I searched “greeting cards” on CardSnacks Store and this came up, said it was the best, and it is true. I downloaded another one at the same time and that was not what I was looking for. This is perfect to customize a greeting card to be funny or whatever! You can use your own pictures or their presets. You can record a message and have music play in the background—it is so great! I’m sorry I didn’t know about it sooner!!


Dosent always work - Lacks Content

Stopped subscription and deleted application. It seems often when I would send cards to multiple people many of them would not get them, sometimes they would. Application is buggy. Thought about it and you can do the same thing via texting with less hassle. Was using the application for both business and personal but I could not depend on it consistently. Finally, most of the cards are very cartoonish. Along that line, it’s Easter. Not one card is available that is Christian ✝️ based. Lots of eggs and cartoons, NOTHING spiritual.


So so great

This is just what I was looking for to send a message and gift card via text message for family members who rarely use e-mail. It did charge a processing fee for the gift card I selected but that was still less than buying a card and a stamp! It even let my little girls record a message for the card which was an added bonus


Amazing service

I was having issues understanding how to work CardSnacks (not tech savvy) and the team was great with the email responses. Very detailed instructions and able to answer all my question. Also this one lady, Emily, even taught me a thing or two about my phone. Thanks, keep up with these fabulous cards. (So cute and such good idea to send to people with iphones)


pretty AWESOME!

First, I’d like to say this support staff is second to none! I was having a technical issue and it was corrected the same day! Also, the co-founder himself reached out to me to make sure I was properly taken care of! This is rare nowadays. I LOVE the concept and how user friendly it is. Will be using this from now on...even for friends and family that are local :) Thank you Card Snack for making my life easier!


Not new customer

I used to send your cards many years ago. I always loved them and so did my friends. Then I moved and didn’t have time. I loved your cards and advent calendar and am exited t rejoin in your services. Thank you for being on my iPhone and iPad. I am going to have some fun now. Thank you! Jill Dailey Hope all is well in England!🙋‍♀️


Fun, Easy & Great Tech Support for Dummies

I’ve enjoyed this app from the first card I received & have had fun creating & sending them to my family & friends, who have really enjoyed getting them. I appreciate the reminders & fun cards from this app & have received excellent help when I had an issue (of my own making). Thanks to the guys at this app for creating such a fun, creative app.


Great Free App

This is a great free app to send cards for any occasion. The only part that was a little difficult was not being able to bring the stickers that you can place on cards, to the foreground. It just takes remembering NOT to touch any part of the card after editing the size of your sticker choice. Overall, still a great and easy to use app.


Love This App😃

This is probably one of the most creative apps I have ever ever come across. Not only can you do a card but animations texting you can leave a gift card you can add music and plus it gives the recipient a chance to respond this is the most creative app ever. It is a must have 😀thank you


Soooooo Easy!!!!

First off, all I wanted to do was create a simple birthday card using a video I had to upload. Upon numerous searches this was the only company that specifically said you can upload your video and wouldn’t make you create a slideshow or use their own music. It was simple and fast!!! Thank you for saving the day!


Love it.

Is so very easy to use. Created a card in no time at all. Incoming call interrupted card making, when call finished I was brought right back to where I was at. No hard guessing of what to do or where to go next. I recommend CardSnacks to all.


Never send the ecard and took my money for gift card

Horrible service, I was sending an e-card with a $30 worth of gift card to a person when CardSnacks suddenly said there was an error and I don’t have to worry they will not charge me. So and then I checked my bank and there you go, they charged me for it. I sent an email to you guys that I want my money back and still no response. I think it would be better if you’re going to provide a contact number for customer service. I am still waiting for your answer.


Nice addition to the collection

Very cute app that lets me send cool greetings to friends and family. Very easy to use with an intuitive design. It's customizable and at the same time there are premade cards that you can use if your running low on time and patience.


Amazing App

This is one of the best e-card apps ever! I love it! It’s so convenient and because of all of the personalization and gift options, I think it’s better than Hallmark! It’s definitely a lot more convenient! I’ll be using CardSnacks for years to come!


Multiple cards

I’m not sure what on earth happened, but I sent out 1 greeting card to all my clients. Some of them have claimed they have gotten up to 8 of them from me so far. I only hit the button once. What the heck? What was supposed to be a professional gesture has ended up being kind of a joke. 🤷‍♀️


App Team fully available to help

Had issues with my subscription and they fixed it asap with a bonus as an apology, thank you so much! Highly recommend now!


Do Not use your Phone Number

Heres a warning for everyone who wants to sign up for CardSnacks. Prepare yourself for spam emails every day multiple times a day. I should have known that there was something wrong when they asked for a phone number... Thank me later. And you cant even delete your number/account from it. Horrible application, I suggest everyone uses Givingly instead as they don’t ask for such sacred information.

Is CardSnacks Safe?

Yes. CardSnacks: ecards, greetings is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 40,585 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CardSnacks: ecards, greetings Is 50.2/100.

Is CardSnacks Legit?

Yes. CardSnacks: ecards, greetings is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 40,585 CardSnacks: ecards, greetings User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CardSnacks: ecards, greetings Is 50.2/100.

Is CardSnacks: ecards, greetings not working?

CardSnacks: ecards, greetings works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Diane Daly
Sep 13 2022

I've used card snacks now three times with gift cards and several non gift greetings. I can't complain. You may want to let the recipient know there will be a delivery as I had a friend delete the greeting, thinking it was spam. The cards are cute and you can customize as you like. I'll continue to use this app. 10/10 !

By Tony Loadholt Loadholt
Dec 01 2021

I sent a CardSnacks card with a gift to a friend they can not open the card to get the $50 gift I sent them. What do I do now?

By Anne Marie Tudisco
Aug 23 2021

I can’t see replies from people I have sent cards that have sent replies I must be doing something wrong

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