Medisafe Medication Management Reviews

Medisafe Medication Management Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-25

Never forget to take your meds and pills again with the MUST HAVE pill reminder
ranked #1 by pharmacists and physicians in independent tests. Now in the U.S.:
See crucial drug-to-drug interaction warnings about how your meds might
conflict, as well as easily import your meds and prescri...

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Medisafe Medication Management Reviews

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    Great reminder app for your meds!

    I injured my back several months ago, and I’ve been prescribed a host of rx in an effort by my providers and specialists alike to manage the pain until I can get back to 100%. Unfortunately, when you’re taking several different meds that all have the ability to make you sleepy, as well as the ability to give you “brain fog,” sometimes you find yourself actually stopping with your hand midway to your mouth, wondering, “wait...did I already take this?” Because I want to make sure I am always taking my meds as intended, and do not want to accidentally overdose, I googled “best medicine tracker apps 2019” and this was one of the first ones mentioned in the article I read. I immediately downloaded it, and have been very impressed with its functionality and the ease of use. My only wish if I could add one thing to make it even better: instead of the very soft “pills in a bottle” shaker sound it gives when it’s time to take your meds, I wish it would use something a bit louder and maybe a tad more obnoxious to get my attention. Maybe not something as bad as, “hey stupid, you need to take your pills...” but perhaps one of the preprogrammed sounds iPhones already have that we use for reminders, emails, text messages, etc. In any event, it’s still a great app for tracking what time you took something, and exactly which dose you took. Definitely recommend.

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    Extremely Helpful

    I appreciate how helpful this app has been. I initially downloaded bc I needed a constant reminder about taking my meds until I could push a button that said I “actually” did. What I discovered with this app ended up being so much more. With taking so many meds it’s hard to remember what to take when. Some require I take so many hours after taking another. Or not eating so much time before or after taking it. Or take with full glass of water, take with or without food. It gets confusing. I was able to make my own schedule as well as put those notes in about each one. It also shows a picture of the pill so I’m grabbing the right one out of the pill case since they are all together. Pill cases are great but not everything falls under the am, afternoon and pm schedule. I also enjoyed watching a video about the pills I take. Oh and I forgot, I was also able to forward to a friend of mine so he gets alerted after awhile if it recognizes I haven’t taken them. I can’t say enough about how blown away I’ve been with the app and all of the extra surprises. I have forwarded this app to everyone I know taking medication daily. THANK YOU to the creators for such a well designed and useful app.

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    Love it

    This a fabulous app for med management. Especially for people like myself who take many different meds...and tend to easily forget exactly which ones we take when we need to tell a doctor or pharmacist. It’s just so easy to forget the names of one or two, or the doses, when you take it p different pills throughout the day and night. This app keeps track of every medicine you take, what the pill looks like (color and shape), the strength of the dose, and how big of a dose you are prescribed. Also, this app will send you reminders each time of the day you are to take your meds. I have a morning pills reminder, an afternoon, and an evening reminder. One of the best features is that it keeps track of how many pills you have left in each bottle and will send you a refill reminder 5 days before your refill is due (by default, but you can change the number of days when it reminds you). This app also keeps your Doctors names and contact information along with all of your physical/mental conditions that you suffer with as well as what conditions each individual pill treats. Overall it is an amazingly useful and very helpful app!

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    I’m not usually one to sit down and write a review, but I would absolutely love more people to hear about Medisafe! Someone I was in the hospital with recommended this app from her own personal experience and I was a bit skeptical, but interested. I’ve had a long history of forgetting to take meds so bad that I’ll be off the stuff for over a year or two (very bad, I know). Friends and family would try to help and encourage me to take my medication, but I always had some sort of excuse or just got grouchy with the person trying to help. Medisafe exceeded my expectation by a landslide. With it’s repeated reminders every ten minutes or so and the cute little picture of the beach you get when you log your dose, it feels helpful and also a bit rewarding with this app. I have been consistently taking my medication now for two and half months 100% adherence since downloading Medisafe. And I feel so much better due to taking my medication, too. This app is a literal lifesaver. I will always be recommending this app to anyone who takes medication and has a problem remembering, thank you!

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    Close but not usable for me

    This app is so close to being exactly what I need but not close enough. I love the pill box interface but I don’t take pills four times a day, I take them six times a day (with breakfast, mid morning, with lunch, mid afternoon, with dinner and at bedtime). As it is now this app forces you to organize your pills into four predefined boxes. It needs to allow the user to set the number of boxes, define/name them and also to set a time range for each one vs a set time. I don’t eat lunch at exactly the same time every day so a reminder going off at exactly 12pm -hit snooze- go off again, etc. would get very annoying really quick. Users also need the option of making a pill “skipable” when they set it up. Not every supplement I take needs to be taken daily. My background: I have a rare autoimmune disease that I am trying to reverse naturally, using numerous supplements as part of my healing protocol. Some must be taken on an empty stomach, some with food, some once a day, others multiple times. The app as it is now is unusable for me. I am currently using Pills Ping because it is the closest to what I need though I do like the look and pill box interface of this app much better. If the above changes are ever made I will definitely switch.

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    Only one thing missing...

    This is a wonderful app, especially for those of us who struggle to maintain a medication schedule. When you forget to take (or log) a dose, it sends a notification to a user-determined contact (or multiple contacts) alerting them to your missed dose. This is great, BUT could be made perfect by allowing you to manually (or, preferably, automatically) send that same contact a second alert/notification when you end up taking the missed dose. Sometimes I’m napping and miss an afternoon friend gets notified that I missed the dose and ends up worried about me...when I wake up I take the missed dose (maybe an hour or so late) and log it in to the app...but I have no way of telling that friend, “Hey, don’t worry, I just took that dose!” Now, you might say that I could simply call or text that friend...but some people’s illnesses and/or disabilities are such that they avoid any direct social interaction some (or all) of the time...and this is why it would be amazing to allow the user to have an option (a simple button?) to notify their friend that the missed dose has been taken at the time the missed dose is logged. Otherwise, a perfect app! Thank you.

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    Exactly what I wanted

    I tend to get side tracked about taking my medications and supplements. I’ve spent too much time wondering if I actually took them and then fearing taking them twice ended up not taking them at all. This app has changed that cycle for me. The reminders come up with an attention getting tone and the best part is if I’m busy or ignore the first one they continue at an interval until I open the app and press one of the taken/snooze options. There is no way for me to miss a dose unless I actively try to. Additionally I’m really impressed with the potential drug interactions feature. As I was adding my meds and supplements an alert came up right away with a full explanation of why two of them shouldn’t be taken together. Thats a safety feature that was a surprise but really helpful. The biggest bonus is that the app works with my Apple Watch which honestly is the reason I chose this one in the first place. Even if my phone is somewhere else the alerts continually come up on my watch keeping me on track.

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    Amazing App

    I worked in health care for 15 years. This app is great as it helps me track my medication in my e-pill box and can add my wife to get notifications on her phone when I miss my dose, which is frequently. The scheduling portion is intuitive. The diary feature helps me keep track of my pain, especially post op and need to track feeling on your follow up. The last part is the pill counter, which really helps me know when I should ask for a refill. You can set the alert at whatever count you want. Something so simple can be so amazing sometimes. The only thing I would add is a forum where people can interact with others who are taking the same meds. That would be so freakin cool. Just s simple message board with posts. I would totally buy into that. That for me is the topper because you can then interact with others who are experience the same issues with the drug. I would take it a step further and add DRG forums. Then can search for posts with the med name. Just a thought.

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    PLEASE figure out a way to SYNC multiple simultaneously logged-in devices: 1. Regardless of whichever one I have with me, I can enter that I’ve taken my pills or said my mantras or tested ny blood glucose at the moment I’ve done it, rather than having to rely on memory to know, later on, that I didn't skip a dose —this being the point of having such an app on my phone; and 2. Allowing multiple devices to be logged in simultaneously will allow a “significant other” to help me out with calling to remind me to do all those things that I might miss if I rely only on my ability to respond to a sound my device makes at me, since I can’t record an mp4a file and have your app play THAT sound when it gives an alert sound, so it doesn’t blend in to all the other alerts; and 3. Allow your app to access ANY alert sound so that I can record an mp4a and have the app say, in my own voice, “TAKE YER PILLS, YA OLD COOT!” so I’d know it wasn’t just some other app alerting me to the no doubt salient fact that I just drove past my favorite cafe and it might possibly be fun to stop in, since it IS approaching suppertime, after all...etc...

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    Wonderful App!

    EDIT: I’ve raised my rating from a 4 to a 5, as the wonderfully responsive customer service team has informed me that there are options to resolve the issues I presented, and that I simply missed. It’s nice to see a company being so active with helping its users! I’ve been using this app for about a week, and so far, I think it’s great! There seems to be a tool for just about anything you could think of, and it’s really helpful! The interface is beautiful, and everything is totally customizable. The only thing I would change is that there isn’t (from what I could find) an option to turn off the notifications it sends you every five-or-so minutes reminding you to take your pill. While I can understand that this may be helpful for some (and should, perhaps, remain the default setting) the medication I take isn’t going to harm me if I take it a few minutes late or even forget a dose entirely (although I obviously try to avoid this). As a result, I find myself getting annoyed with the constant notifications about my medicine when I already have the little red badge notification on the app icon reminding me that I have a pill to take. I wish there was an option to turn these off. It also would be nice to have a setting for those of us who only take a fraction of a pill as a dose. :) Overall, though, I’d highly recommend this if you have a difficult medication regiment, of if you’re simply a forgetful person, like myself!

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    Not bad but still could be improved for the “modern day” pill taker

    Very comprehensive meds library and color/shape icons. Main reason I use it is support for Apple Watch to log meds without picking up your iPhone. The Apple Watch support alone is a knockout criteria for me in selecting one of these pill tracker apps: you don’t have it, I don’t use you. But it could use some updates, including: * Better reporting. Currently, reports do not show the dosage you took. E. g., if you take a half of a pill, which they DO support logging, the report does not show this. This is required to calculate your average dose taken for “as needed” meds, which doctors are increasingly requiring you to tell them. * Allow at least two day view on the Apple Watch for meds taken. If you take meds during the night, as needed, you cannot see what you took after midnight. You have to pick up your iPhone. Also add full display of the dose you took as well on that list. E. G., if you took one-half of a 10mg pill, it should at least show you took 0.5 of 10mg of that med.

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    Easy to use, reliable & convenient

    I've tried other medical tracking apps but Medisafe is my #1 choice! I take a lot of medications at all different times of the day. My afternoon medication times are typically when I am out and about so when I hear the chime go off I know its time to take my meds. I only miss doses if I don't have my phone on me. It has been a life saver! If I don't take some of my meds I definitely suffer. Medisafe has been so helpful. I had a very pleasant experience with Brian at customer service. I had used the free version for about 4 months. I recently became a BCBS medicare member and one of the benefits of their Blue365 program is that its free to upgrade to the premium version of the app. I did have to create an entirely new account but he spent a long time with me troubleshooting until we could make sure there was an email account associated with the medisafe account. He was so nice and thorough. I highly recommend Medisafe, both for the app and their customer service!!!!

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    Very helpful!

    I have used other mex reminders and found them annoying. Sometimes because the snooze was only 10 minutes (you can change this on this app), some for the notification tones, (played the same tone as email so I disregarded it), and others for not letting me go back and “take” a med I had missed, much less give me the option to put what time I took it. This app allows you to have a “Medifriend” who gets notified if you don’t snooze or mark the meds as taken. It even gives you the option to skip a dose. If you skip it, you can go in later and set the time you ended up taking it. I am diabetic and it is so great being able to go back and see what time I used my shot, etc. I also take pills as needed, and I can keep track of that. Overall this is the best app I have found in the App Store. My friend also got it and she loves it too! We have synced our meds with each other and can see what was taken and what was missed. Very helpful!

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    So close, but wishing for one more function

    Medisafe is perfect for me as it helps my obsessive behaviors and forgetfulness. I am busy and my mind sometimes wanders and I forget to take my medicine. The only problem I run into for me is not seeing a report of my past refill dates in conjunction with how much medicine (pills,etc.) I had left at the time of refill. Example, I have five pills left on the date I refill my 30 day supply making me have 35 pills as of the day I refilled. Why is this important for me? Because even with the refill button, refill reminders, and daily reminders to take medication, again I forget. So if I forget to notate that I did a refill, and I forget if I took my medication, I can look at the report and see what my last refill date was prior and how many pills I had as of that date. Then I can do the math and remember. It would also be helpful to see on the report how many pills I had left after I took my daily dose. But I love the simplicity of this app. For 98% of the time it keeps me on track with my medication.

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    Just an all around great app!

    The developers of this did an amazing job of integrating all the medical information needed for each drug. I also like the fact that I can input a new drug whether it be DayQuil or Zyrtec and within no time at all gives me possible interactions they could have with my current medications. The reminders are a plus. I also like the ability to add in the time you took the drug if it doesn’t correspond to the time you have them set to be taken. You can also set in a custom time you took them. I also like the custom refill reminder feature that tells me when I am low and also like that it keeps track of the number of pills left in each bottle as long as I put in that I took them. Just a great app for those who have multiple medications and sometimes find it hard to keep track of which ones need refills and which ones don’t, as well as interactions and videos about each drug. 🙂 Great Job!! Love it! 👍🏻

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Is Medisafe Medication Management Safe?

Yes. Medisafe Medication Management is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 54,606 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Medisafe Medication Management Is 51.5/100.

Is Medisafe Medication Management Legit?

Yes. Medisafe Medication Management is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 54,606 Medisafe Medication Management User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Medisafe Medication Management Is 51.5/100.

Is Medisafe Medication Management not working?

Medisafe Medication Management works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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