WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN Reviews

WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-09

About: WiFi Map is an all-in-one app that will come in handy whenever you're on
travel. #1 App for Travellers in 50+ countries Always find a free WiFi hotspot

About WiFi Map

What is WiFi Map?

WiFi Map is a comprehensive app that helps travelers find free WiFi hotspots, navigate to them, and connect to the internet in a few taps. It also offers eSIM for internet access in 60+ countries, VPN for secure internet connection, and handy widgets for currency rates, world clock, tips calculator, local weather, and more. The app offers a subscription plan for more functionality, including downloadable offline regions, fast and secure VPN, and no ads.



- Millions of shared WiFi hotspots

- Offline regions to find WiFi without the internet

- Detailed map with hotspots and POIs

- Guided navigation to public WiFi

- Speed testing capabilities

- eSIM for internet access in 60+ countries

- 365 days validity

- 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB available packages

- Fast refill

- High-speed 4G and LTE networks

- No contract

- Activation in a few taps

- VPN for secure internet connection

- Dozens of VPN servers to choose from

- Handy widgets for currency rates, world clock, tips calculator, local weather, and more

- Subscription plan for more functionality, including downloadable offline regions, fast and secure VPN, and no ads.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

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Positive experience


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Key Benefits of WiFi Map

- Convenience of finding the closest wifi hotspot

- Ability to search for a certain location or wifi name

- Provides passwords

- Useful for when you can't find wifi connection

20 WiFi Map Reviews

4.6 out of 5


This app is amazing!! One thing that would make it even better…

WiFiMap has probably became one of my favorite apps on my phone! I travel a lot and sometimes abroad so wifi is essential when traveling. The convenience on opening WiFiMap and finding the closest wifi hotspot is amazing… However, a useful thing that has more uses than you would think, would be to have a search bar and you can search a certain location or wifi name and see all the results. For example, if I searched up “Chick-fil-a,” it would show me all the chick-fil-a wifi hotspot locations on WiFiMap . That would make it so useful!!

Thanks for making a great app - Kyle


It Works So Well

Ngl this worked so well and I actually got WiFi on these tough times 😞. WiFiMap doesn’t provide WiFi it tells you places that have WiFi near you like your neighbors WiFi. It also provides passwords 😁.


Very useful app, most of the times…

I downloaded WiFiMap thinking it would be very useful for when i cant find wifi connection which happens to me a lot, it was quite useful the first time i used it at a nearby coffee shop, until the next day i came by another coffee shop and looked for the wifi password on your app only to find that WiFiMap kept crashing for some reason. I went home and tried to restart the phone and even re-install WiFiMap , but nothing seemed to work. This disappointed me very much that day and i hope you find a reason for why this happened and a solution to it. Thank you


Very Useful (especially in natural disasters)

Just rode out a category 4 hurricane ida in New Orleans and had to evacuate. Having WiFiMap was great so I could find WiFi and start calling people when my service went out.


Doesn’t work free version.

I just downloaded WiFiMap. Walking around with cellular data off. Searched around me - not ONE of the hotspots they had showed up on my list or if it did saying “no password”, inevitably it was required.

UPDATE. Developer contacted me to upgrade app to PRO. Hasn’t happened yet :( but I appreciate the gesture. Will keep posted.


It’s NOT as advertised

The application does work. - NOT worth a subscription !!!!

WiFiMap does not really provide you with anything new - it only indicated previously found locations, and it is really not functional to the degree of keeping things updated so it’s nothing more than a dead app - it does not do anything once it has the locations indicated - It is NOT fully baked!!!!


Great trip toolkit and easy to use eSim

I was visiting in Israel and for four euros got one gig of data within five seconds sitting in a coffee shop. Your app is great. Kudos to the product managers and to the cool interface. Good Luck and keep up the good work


Excellent app

When I need WiFi, I open WiFiMap. When is the offline map feature coming out in the US?


Screwed over contributors that built the database

The submit review button asks if you like WiFiMap and you have to say yes to write this.

The database of WiFi hotspots was built on the backs of longtime contributors who now have to pay monthly for the privilege. WiFiMap’s ability to crowd source updated wifi access points and passwords is going to suffer.

Trust and goodwill are precious things. Think twice before using WiFiMap.


Incompatible with the iPod Touch

EDIT: I’ve been informed by the developer team that the iPod Touch is unsupported. However, this is not documented anywhere I can see, and the error message I get is unhelpful.
Totally worthless to me. I just wanted a map of available WiFi networks. I downloaded WiFiMap , and all I get is a screen saying “a critical error occurred.”


It registered my wifi password automatically to the map and no way to delete it

Its automatically saving your own wifi password to the map for everyone to see it, its forcing me to delete it first then change my own wifi password to keep it secure and its impossible to remove it from the map



Usually I don’t leave reviews, but WiFiMap has been moved to my tray bar! Amazing idea. Thanks to developers. Now I’m always connected everywhere. Please make a Mac 💻 version. 🙏🏼



There are 4 WiFis near us, of course, in our 10 meters, unless any of these are shown on the map, unless it shows a very far distance, can you tell me why?


How to check your wifi password

How to check wifi password


Not even useful...

I have installed WiFiMap on my iPad thinking it would be great for having wifi on the go but no you have to pay $30 a year which is too expensive!!! All of those 5 star reviews are fake Please give WiFiMap an update or something where the ads will work or make the subscription


Rockstar app 😍

Amazing idea where people around the world are helping each other to stay connected!



WiFiMap is legit you guys! You can literally use your phone ANYWHERE and will have the passwords to everything!! It has so many other features as well. GREAT JOB FOUNDER!


Great for traveling

Love it when traveling can basically get free wifi access anywhere in the world


Best app to travel with

Absolutely love WiFiMap, really helped me stay connected almost everywhere I traveled to. Many thanks to the creators!


The best

I finally found a app that gets you free WiFi and I don’t need a password


Mostly Good, Buggy Experience

A frustrating app. Extremely useful, with excellent crowdsourced data. However the user experience has been problematic recently. WiFiMap detects my location on my iPhone 8, shows numerous pins on the map surrounding my location on the top half of the screen, and the lower half of the screen, the list, says, “No WiFi nearby” which contradicts the map. Nor can I collapse the list to see only the map. Also, if I type a US city/state into the search field, such as Wickenburg, AZ, it’ll report “location not found”, however, if I type the city name alone, it’ll yield results. Overall, the user interface is well-designed and intuitive when it works as intended, and it has in previous releases. It’s informative, helpful, and fun to consume and contribute to when it’s working, however the issues that I’m having suggests that development and QA is not on its A-game. If the free version proves to be rock-solid in the future, I’d be happy to purchase the premium version, but it’s not there yet.


Does exactly what it promises. No more or less

People who claim otherwise generally haven’t read or understand what it is WiFiMap does: it shows free WiFi spots but also crowdsources the locations and passwords of protected hotspots. So it is inherently only as good as its users’ inputs and gets better the more WE participate.
Therefore you may have to pay attention and update your App often - and once in a while not get WiFi on the first try, but my experience traveling to 2 dozen cities in 6-7 countries so far has been 90-95% positive.
Thus for free with intrusive ads (and what good are ads if they’re not intrusive?) or for less than the cheapest coffee in Starbucks? you can save 100s in roaming fees/WiFi costs a year!
If you travel internationally as much as I do? then $1.99 is like leaving a cheap tip on the table for the service this brilliant concept delivers.


Use this everywhere

I haven’t paid for network cell service since the end of 2016, a lot of which has had to do with WiFiMap. When I remember to download the passwords for each new city I’m in I have about a 75% chance of finding a decent network right upon arrival. Most times I have to copy/paste the password but there have actually been some moments where I was automatically logged onto the available, password protected WiFi. It isn’t a miracle worker but has made my life easier (and cheaper) many times over. I use the free version but am considering paying for the vpn. If I do I’ll update my review. Thanks WiFi map Devs!


Unsure about it

Seems very useful, but still a bit confused as to how it actually works. A lot of the "passwords" provided either don't seem to be accurate or don't actually work at all. Also, a lot of the listings aren't actually available for me to connect to, at the location in which I'm pulling WiFiMap up at. Idk, maybe I just haven't actually figured out the full function of WiFiMap yet; after all, I've only had it for about two days now. So, I don't really know if I can actually say whether or not I, personally, like WiFiMap or find it useful yet. Seems worth the download for others to check out for themselves though.


Interferes with public networks

If you're connecting to a public network that does t have a password but does ha e a security page WiFiMap will interfere with the security page showing and you'll never connect. I think a work around is turn of the location services but then you lose the automatic password entry function. Also has numerous redundant entries that clutter the lists

Reply to dev reply:
You need to do more field work with WiFiMap because that's simply not true. I have an iPad 4 and an iPhone 5s both running 10.3.1 and they both never show the security page with your app enabled. As soon as I delete it I have zero problems.


Reporting working again - mostly

Overall WiFiMap is back to working again and allowing reporting. I have noticed, however, that it will not let me report two networks with the same name in close proximity. An example is this... I visit automotive dealerships and sometimes multiple dealerships will be owned by the same company and have the same network name, but they are 1/4 mile or more apart. They are two distinct locations. It seems to me that they should be reported separately (e.g. ABC Ford has “ABC Customer WiFi” and ABC Toyota has “ABC Customer WiFi” - two separate locations, but same SSID)


Good idea, problems with the data

There’s nothing wrong with WiFiMap. The idea is a good one and the idea is well implemented. However, the data in WiFiMap is sometimes very old and often unreliable. I have been using WiFiMap around the world for the last four months. I have never been able to successfully access a Wi-Fi network based on the information contained within WiFiMap. This is not the fault of the developers but there should be something implemented to control the amount of old and useless data that WiFiMap provides.


Intrusive Advertising

I find the idea of WiFiMap to be interesting although so far I haven’t benefited from it as the passwords are out of date. I updated the password and location for a network, ran the scan and speed tests on it so at least I’m doing my part for the community but every action is interrupted by full screen video ads that persist for at least 5 seconds. I find that to be very inconvenient and a major annoyance. I understand the developer needs to make money, and there is a PRO version available, but I don’t even want to continue a test drive of WiFiMap due to those aggressive ads.


Need offline access

You know what this needs is a offline access without the pro app. Seeing all WiFi spots offline would help me a lot especially when I’m looking for internet offline other then that is a great app! Just make that change and I’ll give you that last star!


Disappointing to say the least

The vast majority of connection That we’re available around me but either ancient or well out of reach to be useful

giving you the benefit of the doubt I I’m mediately went to what I thought would be a much more impressive pro version thinking that it would be faster and much more reliable as well as a vastly higher number of connections surrounding me when I open my Wi-Fi settings on any of my devices there is a multitude of users all around me yet when I pull up with available on your app it was rather disturbing

Considering the sheer lack of connections being shared around me


Nice utility to have while traveling

We have had a lot of hotels with terrible wifi WiFiMap is great for when you need internet and don't have cell data left or to save your cell data. WiFi map is a community if people don’t share current passwords then there will be no current password.


Please read.

I love WiFiMap so far, but I had no WiFi and I went to search for some and it said ‘I need internet connection to search’. Isn’t the point though that you can access the internet easialy?
Also, when I find a WiFi, how do I connect to it? Here is no ‘connect’ button.



WiFiMap seemed to work just fine before, but whatever the update was, it completely ruined the interface. Now it just claims there are “no known networks nearby,” contrary to what the map shows, and when I click on one it gives me an ad that freezes onto the screen and won’t go away. I’m forced to shut down WiFiMap , open it and start the process over again and I can never get to the WiFi screen. Very frustrating.


Positive feedback

I really enjoy having free WiFi which saves my data and it’s really easy to use but...it would be nice if it could automatically take off the old WiFi’s because a lot of them WiFi’s and passwords are out of date but other than that I love it


Useful when needed

WiFiMap saved me a few times already. I’m on a prepaid plan and sometimes forget my data limit. So when it’s low, I have to find the nearest free WiFi spot using WiFiMap . It is only good if people contribute to it & I will definitely do my part & update locations I visit.

Is WiFi Map Safe?

Yes. WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 28,779 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WiFi Map Is 44.1/100.

Is WiFi Map Legit?

Yes. WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 28,779 WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WiFi Map Is 62.9/100..

Is WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN not working?

WiFi Map: eSIM, Internet, VPN works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

- Premium $9.99/month or $29.99/year

- Downloadable offline regions

- Fast and secure VPN

- Completely disabled ads

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