Zombies, Run! Reviews

Zombies, Run! Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-20

Get ready for the run of your life. Join 10 million runners on an epic
adventure! You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps
outside. You’ve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They must be
close. You can hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan -...

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Zombies, Run! Reviews

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    Best Motivation to Run. Period.

    I’m a 17 year old going into college. Throughout high school I played rugby so I stayed fit, but I decided to not continue that in college so I had a hard time finding the motivation to work out throughout the summer. I purchased various (inexpensive) gym memberships and at-home CrossFit programs, but never followed through for more then a week or two because I would get bored and cancel my membership or pack up my workout CD’s. I didn’t have the money for fitness classes, so I tried running and found that I enjoyed being outside, but I found myself getting bored of that fairly quickly too. After a few months of bouncing around different workout styles I found this app and let me tell you it works wonders. As soon as I start to space out and get bored the story comes on again and I’m able to focus on that and get excited for the next piece of the story. I use a secondary app for interval running, but as soon as I get some money from my upcoming birthday I plan on purchasing the yearly runner’s club membership and working out while following this totally rad story. First app I’ve ever rated btw

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    Worth every penny

    This is an AMAZING app!!! Interesting story, heart-pounding zombie chases, sports bras, side-missions, this app has it all. And I'm not even into zombies otherwise! There is something so inspiring about going on missions for Abel Township with Sam or others in your ear all the way. I've always been on the imaginative side, so to immerse myself in this world and run like my life depends on it is awesome. I have encountered no bugs in six months of use. The app has season upon season of main story, with more on the way, plus side missions such as interval training, airdrop, and supply runs. Then there are six super awesome race missions for 5k, 10k, and 20k. When I purchased the year subscription for the pro version, I thought the price was very steep for an app. But the motivating story, number of interesting voice-acted characters, and diversity of easy-to-use features make it my favorite purchase of the year. The developers do a great job of improving and adding to the app on a regular basis. They are always working on new seasons, and I feel my money helps make that happen!

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    Love it!! Would Recommend

    I can't believe there aren't more reviews for this app - it's fantastic! It's the one thing that's kept me running and exercising through the winter and beyond. The writing is fantastic, the storyline is great, I love being able to build my own little base, and I constantly can't wait to see what happens in the next mission. I've gone from 220lbs with no running experience to 180lbs and almost making a half-marathon, in less than 5 months! And I'm not even in it for the weight loss anymore - I'm in it for the story! The company is fantastic, too - always looking to see what their fans have to say, and doing their best to use that input to make this game even better. They always seem to be striving to make it open to everyone, too - it doesn't matter what kind of runner you are, or what shape you're in, anyone can play this game. Tl;dr It's a great app made by a great company and if you're thinking about giving it a try, I'd definitely recommend it!

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    Great Concept, Buggy App

    I really love the idea behind this app -- the narrative storyline does a great job keeping me motivated to get out running consistently, and the writing is funny and engaging. The app also has a decent amount of free features like the settlement mini game and item collection. Unfortunately, the app is really buggy and the amount of bugs really minimizes my willingness to pay a subscription for this service. For instance, in the seven weeks I've been using the app: it counted chapter one twice, it only randomly calculates calories expended per run (and sometimes not at all), the zombie chases seem really inconsistent in whether it senses you speeding up (even if I'm all-out sprinting), and sometimes you get two zombie chases that overlap each other so that I can't tell what's going on. I really wish they would polish the main functionality and fix these bugs before trying to do spin-off apps or make people pay subscriptions for content. If they did that, it would be a killer 5-star app. But as it stands, it's just a decent app that I don't think is worth the money for the premium features.

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    First Time User Impressions

    Note: this isn’t a game to score points, you can leave your iPhone on a table and the story will still progress. Voice actors aren't terribly realistic; under tense moments they still sound like their privately and quietly recording the dialogue. Like it’s a bedtime story.,Having only finished mission one I don't know what happens when you've completed all missions as a free user, I guess I can continue to do the unlimited side missions. I've yet to see how to implement what I've picked up into my town so I wish the overall instructions were more clear. BITTOM LINE: This is just an app that plays a radio drama about a zombie apocalypse while you work out. You can’t lose the game, you were not competing against anyone else, you can’t get more points than someone else for the same mission, you don’t have to run when the story tells you to run in, you literally don’t have to do anything different than if you weren’t listening to the app at all. It is merely audio entertainment while you walk, jog, run heck, even drive!

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    This app has changed my life!

    I was a confirmed smoker of 20 years who had given up on trying to quit. I never EVER would have thought I would be a runner someday. But about two months ago, I found Zombies, Run! Now, I’m proud to say that I’m almost two months smoke-free, and I’ve dropped about ten pounds! My older two kids (10 and 8 years old, and usually glued to some screen or another all day) actually put down their devices and started joining me. Now all of three of us run pretty much every day, and they are helping me train for the virtual 5k race coming up in about a month! This app makes running really fun! If you’ve tried running before but can’t seem to stay motivated, nothing is quite as motivating as NOT being eaten by zombies! The story is well-written and engaging, the voice talent is superb, and the technical aspects of the app are very sleek and well-designed. I really can’t say enough great things about this app!

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    Overall, pretty good!

    This game is a really neat concept! The story is interesting so far, and there’s a lot of engaging content that you don’t have to pay for, and I love the idea of actually being able to pick up supplies to help build your township. And I love the voice acting! It really drives the story foreword, and I think the radio show after the mission is complete is strangely cute and fits nicely into the world. However the one thing keeping it from being 5 stars, is that the zombie chases are very bizarre and buggy. Unless you have your gps on for outdoor running, there’s no way you’re going to outrun them, and even if you are running outside it’s incredibly hard. And if you already have been running, and you encounter a chase, it’s pretty much over for you and you lose some of your supplies. AND if you pause the mission while you encounter a zombie chase, they catch you immediately and you lose supplies. It’s really unfair. But, if you manage to fix these problems, I would gladly give this app five stars!

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    Great, but some real problems

    Using the app is great. Over time, the story gets confusing, and the characters run together. This is especially because it’s playing while you’re exerting yourself and only ever paying partial attention to the details. Still, the zombie chases spur you on and keep running fresh. The watch app is absolute garbage, and has been useless for years. It hasn’t worked in about 5 versions of this app, and I’ve been running the latest hardware and OS on both the phone and watch. The watch app never loads, and when it did many years ago, it still required the phone to be nearby. The watch is no longer new tech, and there’s no reason this shouldn’t be fixed by now. Unfortunately, the problem with the watch app is causing me to use the app less and less, and pretty soon I’ll probably discontinue my paid subscription. It also should have better integration with popular tracking apps like Strava or MyFitnessPal. As of now it only links to RunKeeper, though those things can meet in the Apple Health app.

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    Come for the workout- stay for the story line

    This running app has gotten me through more tough runs and long weeks than I can tell you. I wanted a fun way to start back to running - and now I am fully hooked. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little motivation to get after their next run. I thought the whole being chased by zombies thing would help me finish a run faster- and it does. However, what surprised me most is the quality of the acting and writing in this app- it is excellent. The story is immersive- and before you know it, you will want to get your next run in just to see what happens next! The run logs -stats tracking and base building - as well as the ability to set an air drop goal and run to a specific location are all great as well. I am about a year in and still completely loving the app. Happy Running all!

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    Great app but NEEDS a VITAL update

    Let me start by saying I love this app. Zombies, Run has a great story and amazing world/app that made me actually excited to work out and dive back into the next episode or work on building my base. The issue is you MUST have your phone always. A big problem if you have the Apple Watch with cellular and prefer to run without lugging your phone around. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to stream just the basic aspects of the game, running and the audio stories while tracking my progress, on the watch and then work on my base, etc. after my run is over and I’m back at my phone. This is an update I hope they are working on as it is the only thing that is keeping me from using this app as much as I like, every time I run outside and not on a treadmill I’m not taking my big iPhone plus with me. If they added this feature, it would be an easy 5 stars no question. PLEASE put some thought into adding this feature to the watch app!!

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    It used to be love

    Honestly, I bought this app when it first came out and it was THE BEST run app. I told everyone. People I ran with, people who were just starting to run, strangers. It didn’t matter. I told literally everyone. Then I had a few surgeries and couldn’t run for a bit. Came back to find that all of my progress was gone and it was now a subscription. So I started over. Or tried to. This is where the glitches made it impossible. Music crashes happened on every run, progress didn’t save, miles weren’t accurate, run times were off and no matter the pace, you couldn’t outrun zombies. I’m talking about a pace increase from a light jog to a full on fast-as-you-can sprint, without being able to outrun them. It also doesn’t work on a treadmill, which is a bummer for people who need times to run with softer impact. I truly loved this app. I’m still trying to, but it doesn’t look good. The concept is amazing, the designers are talented but the cost is absurd. Especially for something that crashes on every run.

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    Best intro to running app imo

    ZR5K is freaking awesome! As a new runner several months ago I tried various apps and programs to gradually get me running more and more. Most of them were too advanced even for a noob and I couldn’t keep up. But ZR was gradual enough and the story fun enough that I was hooked and actually enjoyed my runs because I wasn’t about to die or injure myself. I stuck to the schedule and had to keep myself from running too much because I enjoyed the runs, and this was during the summer in 90+ degrees and I’ve always hated running. Now I use the regular app but I suggest to everyone I run into that wants to start running to look into this app. I’ve also had issues attaching the app to my Apple Watch so I have heart rate data but I learned to simply put my phone on me for music and the story and simply run with Strava on to follow and for HR.

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    Extremely Motivational

    Two years this app has been a part of my exercise, and it has continued to be an amazing experience. You know when you look back at your college years or something similar and think of all the great times you’ve had? I do that constantly with this app. I think back to oh yeah I was running past a lighthouse during that scene. Or yeah I totally flipped off an imaginary helicopter and ran the farthest and fastest I ever had before in a desperate imaginary race to save an imaginary character. The voice acting and writing is phenomenal. The immersion is incredible if you let yourself really get drawn in. I am on Season 6, but Season 1 sound when I started was lower budget but then Season 2 BOOM you can tell they got money and put it to good use. My head is always on a swivel due to the incredible sound manipulation that makes me want to look in the direction of the narrated action and I find myself barking with laughter or crying out with shock at a plot twist. This app is the only reason I run. Dead slow pro 12 minute mile pace is my avg across all the runs I have done, but I feel like I rule those runs as Runner 5 and I am always motivated to make it to the end as strong as I can be especially when being told to pick up the pace or just simply RUN!

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    The best app on my phone.

    This is the coolest app ever! Ive been using it for about a month or so and it’s been so much fun! When i hear “zombies detected” i run for my life and it feels so freaking good learning what I’m capable of - that my limits are a lot further than i thought they were. I haven’t experienced any of the negative things others on here have. Maybe I’m just lucky, maybe they’re doing something wrong, i don’t know. I’ve been using it for over a month now and i have yet to experience a single bug. The acting is very good imho. I’ve heard a whole lot worse. And while the plot isn’t groundbreaking or realistic - it’s a story about zombies. How “realistic” do you expect it to be? Lol. Overall it’s a lot of fun and i had no problem paying the 36 bucks for a yearly subscription - and I’m a big cheapo. I don’t pay for apps. Lol.

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    One of the best games I’ve ever played

    I don’t know where to start. It is so immersive and feels so real. It’s cliche but I genuinely used to sit in my room almost al day and get no exercise, but this has helped me a lot. Within a month I went from doing almost nothing physical activity wise to now walking around 5 miles a day. And it’s not a chore. It is fun to do and I look forward to it. The missions are amazing, storyline is intriguing, and the interface is user friendly. You gather supplies and build up your base which really brings it all together. And it doesn’t use much battery at all opposed to other games that make you walk like Pokémon go and the walking dead game. The developers and people involved did an amazing job and they seem to always be improving and adding more to the game.

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Is Zombies, Run! Safe?

Yes. Zombies, Run! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,417 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zombies, Run! Is 47.6/100.

Is Zombies, Run! Legit?

Yes. Zombies, Run! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,417 Zombies, Run! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zombies, Run! Is 47.6/100.

Is Zombies, Run! not working?

Zombies, Run! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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