Crunch Fitness Reviews

Crunch Fitness Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-10

Stay connected with the Crunch Fitness mobile app. As a member, you’ll be able
to track your gym check-ins and record all of your workouts, set goals, connect
your workout tracking devices, and have all kinds of fun!    Fitness
Tracking: Track your fitness activities in one place! With...

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Crunch Fitness Reviews

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    Horrible App! No longer automatically tracks your visits!

    It took a while to get this new app to work and it is useless! The old app would automatically record your visit when the front desk scanned you in. The old app kept also had a great bar chart showing the number of days per week & per month you came. It was a great motivational tool. Now it’s gone!!! You now have to manually enter every visit and you MUST enter many fields such as date, time of day, type of workout, duration, distance/length, etc. before it allows you to save. This takes too long! Plus some fields are for workouts that Crunch does not even have such as Baseball, Tennis, Surfing and Yard Work! YARD WORK?! This makes me believe that Crunch purchased a fitness app template and slapped their name on it! No wonder it is horrible! Members deserve a better App and you really need to go back to automatic recording of visits. It’s very simple since we are scanned in when we arrive. All I want is the feature of automatically tracking my visits so I know which days and how many days I’ve been to the gym. The bar chart was a great motivator! There is no reason to force members to manually enter this information. The old app did this so well! Please Crunch update this app. You have too many low ratings and it is not new and improved as you can see.

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    New member

    I am a new member of a Crunch Fitness and new to the gym entirely. I was extremely excited to hear crunch had an app that would allow me to keep track of my diet and workouts. However, this app is extremely hard to use. It is completely impossible to use in between sets because of the time it takes to log a machine or treadmill exercise; by the time I’ve logged it my heart rate has dropped and I might as well start over. When I have YET to get the capture feature to work. I will take the picture and submit and get it never saves and is keeping worthless. The interface itself is all over the map. It makes it extremely hard to log food due to limited database and the fact it takes you to a WHOLE NEW interface that is even more time consuming. As far as log ins! Omg! That’s a joke I can’t even get it to save when I do have time to put in ALLLLLLLL the informations! In a tech savvy world would your employees try to sale a membership with an app that doesn’t work! So sad. I started using My fitness because the interfaces were linked but it has its limitations on exercises I can actually log and the calories. I am very frustrated and wish these two apps would come together to make one perfect app! PLEASE CRUNCH FIX YOUR APP SO ITS EASY AND USEFUL!!!!

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    Thought this app might actually track my visits since they've disappeared from the Crunch website (what's up with that??). But this app doesn't keep track of logins automatically either. This is frustrating because sometimes my check-ins don't register and I think I've got more visits than what the gym's records show. Since I need to log a minimum number of visits for insurance reimbursement, it'd be nice to be able to see where I'm at without bothering club staff for a printout.

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    Looking at the class schedule is a little confusing especially if your new to the gym because they list the same class at 2 separate times but in half hour Increments. For example they’ll have cardio sculpt class from 5:30 to 6:00 and then class absolution from 6:00 to 6:30 when these are actually one continuous class from 5:30 to 6:30. It’s not really to big of an issue unless you awkwardly show up in the middle of a class that you thought was just starting OR if your trying to leave the class that you thought was supposed to end after 30 minutes.

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    Pretty pointless

    I was excited to discover that Crunch was updating their app since the old one was lacking in so many areas. It turns out that this “update” only made matters worse. This app SHOULD yet DOESN’T allow you to add classes to your schedule, making the “my schedule” feature literally useless. It also doesn’t track your visits (at least the old version did that much). The only use I’m getting out of it is being able to view the class schedule. I reeeeeally hope that whoever is in charge of this project listens to the customers and improves the app big time. Perhaps it’s in the development stage, but this app simply should not have been made public if it wasn’t ready to be used.

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    The app doesn’t work and more importantly no one on their team seems to know how to fix it, or communicate with their customers as to how to fix it. They asked me to find my crunch member Id number or something to fix it. I obliged by sending an email to my gym but didn’t receive a response. It’s not really my job to find that for them anyway. Customer service is lacking in regards to the app and I’ll go without using it. I only wanted it in case I didn’t have my key tag so I could check in, so it’s not a necessity. The overall rating speaks for itself. Skip the app and don’t bother asking their support team for help. Having said that, this review is only for the app. Their gym is great.

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    Can’t sign up for classes even when spots are available

    Very frustrating not to be able to sign in to classes when as far as I know that’s the only way short of going in to the gym itself first thing in the morning to reserve your spot. Pressing the ‘book now’ button only took me to a class description, with no place to book the class? Another class I tried to view somehow signed me up and gave me a spot (which I was notified of via email) even though the app itself stalled out when I tried to read more about the class and has remained spinning for ever more in the app. So maddening! I can’t even cancel the class because the app is now frozen forever more.

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    Awful - Utter Garbage and a Waste of Time

    Their old app was buggy and just did not work. (I think I was actually able to sign in to the gym with my phone exactly once -- out of dozens of attempts). The first revised app " solved" these issues by not offering any real functionality in the first place. This newest " update" made the app completely unusable. Now I can't even sign in. I get that Crunch is a "budget" gym and that's fine. It has the basics and that is enough for me. But if they are going to bother with an app at all -- which is part of a company's public face and image -- it ought to work and it should offer real functionality. This app does neither.

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    Crunch fitness

    Horrible app!!! Put some money into this thing! Logins never record! I pay the for the best program they have and it’s hard to book classes! It always says there is an error and can’t book the class! The live workouts are always unavailable! I mean what am I paying for!? It’s a waste of space on my phone! Please put our money to use and make a better app!

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    Needs improvement

    I’m a member at crunch and I go to about 2-3 classes a day. My only issue with this app is that I can’t book classes a couple days in advance. When you book a class it’s automatically put into your “schedule” so since I can’t book classes for Tuesday or Wednesday when it’s Monday I don’t see that on my schedule. This feature would make my life MUCH easier and more organized.

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    Schedule and more

    App is so so. It be nice to be able to add classes you can attend in your schedule. What’s the point of it if you can’t? It really be nice to be able to have a spot for weight so you can keep track of weight loss. The capture video thing is not working so much. Tried few times today and no luck. Last thing is check ins. I checked in 3 times and it’s not recording any of them at all.

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    Check ins per week is wrong!

    Hi guys. I’m pretty sure the math is wrong where the app calculates your check-ins per week. I’ve been a member since December, so 20 weeks, and I have 44 check-ins. So that’s a little more than two per week right? WRONG, it says I have .45 check-ins on average per week. The app is dividing the wrong way! It should be 44/20, not 20/44 (check ins per week not weeks per check in). Can you fix this?

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    Please hire a programmer to fix app

    App crashes all day. I’m constantly deleting it and downloading again. App has a clean interface but the usability is just awful. Difficult to search for classes, can only search up to 5 favorite gyms, doesn’t filter by time, doesn’t categorize classes according to type. Ex, what is Zhuu class? Is it a dance class or is it tai chi? The description is less than helpful. It’s really annoying to get class sign up emails and class cancellation emails. Can’t we opt out of those?

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    Super unfriendly app

    This app is awful. The main reason i use this app is to book onto classes and for some reason you can’t do that on the new update. The “Find a Class” tool is just not user friendly at all and there’s so much other stuff on the app that’s not relevant. Also hate that it’s so hard to see how often you’ve gone - why can’t it just track how many times you’ve been scanned in at the front desk? You guys need to take a look at the Equinox app - they’ve got it right.

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    Unusable App

    Crunch has put so many checks and balances into the system that signing in as a member is quite a challenging process. After 30 minutes of attempting to create an account both within the app and on the website, I have experience numerous “500 errors” and I’ve been directed to speak with the gym directly. There is no explanation as to what may be driving the errors. Crunch is a good gym but they’re a long way from online accessible.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Crunch Fitness customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Crunch Fitness directly

Is Crunch Fitness Safe?

No. Crunch Fitness does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 103 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Crunch Fitness Is 14.1/100.

Is Crunch Fitness Legit?

No. Crunch Fitness does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 103 Crunch Fitness User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Crunch Fitness Is 14.1/100.

Is Crunch Fitness not working?

Crunch Fitness works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Elizabete Ludviks
Feb 24 2021

I’ve had trouble with the app all day today. I tried to book an appointment for tomorrow literally every hour today at the 22 hour mark and I kept getting “Request Failed” or “Couldn’t be booked” and if I tried to quickly close the app and go back in and try again on the same time a lot, when I click the day, all the time slots disappear and it says “no classes available.” I realize you have to book the second that time slot opens and have been able to since it reopened but today it was error after error and it was impossible to book a time a slot.

By Leyna Calvert
Feb 22 2021


I’ve had trouble with the ap all day today. I tried to book an appointment for tomorrow literally every hour today at the 22 hour mark and I kept getting “Request Failed” or “Couldn’t be booked” and if I tried to quickly close the ap and go back in and try again on the same time a lot, when I click the day, all the time slots disappear and it says “no classes available.” I realize you have to book the second that time slot opens and have been able to since it reopened but today it was error after error and it was impossible to book a time a slot. Can you please assist with this?
Thank you!

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