5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Reviews

5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-22

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5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Reviews

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    Absolutely Perfect

    I’m in love with this app. I am a couch potato by nature who used to hate running with a PASSION. While I’m not overweight, I am definitely ‘under-fit’ and my endurance is quite pathetic. I am taking a health class that requires the students to come up with and implement their own fitness plan. In the pursuit of creating a workable fitness plan, I begrudgingly downloaded this app, knowing I needed to run but strongly disliking the idea. I did the first run and was amazed to find that I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up or die after it was done. I continued to run with the app, and gradually began to hate it less and less. (I might even be enjoying it *gasp*) Each new combination of running and walking is challenging yet balanced, and I’m finally starting to see results from running, unlike every other attempt I’ve made. I paid the $9.99 for full access to the whole app and so far it has been extremely worth it. I love the simplicity and workability of the app. I can usually find my way around an app fairly easily but it’s lovely to not have to guess or scratch my head trying to find what I’m looking for. 11 of 10 stars!

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    Don’t buy lifetime...

    First I will say I loved this app. The pacing is great and I can run a full 5k after doing the program. Sure it’s something you could do yourself without the app but I loved that I could just hit go and concentrate on my running instead of timing myself because I knew the app was going to tell me what to do. Now I paid the lifetime instead it the 3 months. That’s where I get disappointed. Silly me had hopes that paying the lifetime I could use other apps by the same company to continue to improve my running. Well, jokes on me. I downloaded 10k Runner to see and guess what: I could have just downloaded that app in the first place and did the 5k program I paid for FOR FREE before the 10k app made me pay. All in all I don’t regret spending the money on the app because that helped motivate me to keep using it but I wish I would have paid for 3 months instead of lifetime because that gets me nowhere. I don’t use the app anymore because I use a Fitbit and their app to track my runs now because it gives me my pace mile by mile. Which is another disappointment with this app. You have to figure your own pace at the end of your run and that will include your 5 minute warm ups and cool downs. In short: good app? Yes. Just don’t spend more than you need too.

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    I went from hating the idea of running, to scheduling time to run every day

    I knew that running was a great workout, but I didn’t have the endurance, motivation, discipline or athleticism needed to follow through with it. I researched different apps for a while and finally came across this one. It cost $10 to get the full features so I figured I might as well try it. I’m on week 7 day 1 (each of the 8 weeks consists of 3-4 weekly runs) and today I was able to run 20 minutes non-stop at a high speed without any difficulty. This is something that would have never been possible for me in the past. The app has allowed me to learn how to run in a way in which I actually enjoy the workout and feel strong and accomplished afterwards. I know I still have a long way to go, but this app has made such a difference in my daily routine and allowed me to finally enjoy running. I’m almost done with the 8 week program, and I’m even thinking about signing up for my first 5K. Don’t think twice, download this and start running.

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    Made me a runner!

    I have never run a single mile in my life that was not excruciating. I have recently made some serious strides towards becoming healthier including dropping from 240 lbs to an eventual goal weight of 160 (I’m currently 187). I started using this 5k app around 205 lbs and while I attribute most of my weight victories to my change in diet, this program has been incredible in keeping me active and pointed toward the goal of being healthier, not just weighing less. This is the first time I have EVER reviewed an app because I think THAT HIGHLY of this app. It is adding years to my life by setting attainable goals and helping me achieve them at a reasonable pace. I cannot believe that I am through 6 weeks of an 8 week training program!!! I have signed up for my very first 5k taking place just 5 days before my 36th birthday in just under 2 months. I never could’ve reached this goal as effectively and easily without this app!

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    Just what the doctor ordered (literally)

    I am pre-diabetic which means if my weight gets away from me I could enter into diabetes. My doctor had recommended exercising which until now I’ve avoided. I knew I needed to start running and what I lacked was motivation. It’s too easy to cheat, cut corners and basically get out of a meaningful run or exercise if you lack discipline. I lack discipline, and won’t deny it. This simple app commits you to a specific goal each time you use. I would feel guilty cutting corners with this app and so I don’t. Each workout gives you a tangible and achievable goal. When you reach that goal you feel both physically as well as mentally fulfilled. So yes, 5 stars. I am doing the trial but will buy the unlimited $10 full app. It’s worth every penny. A copay to the doctor for one visit is 3x’s that so yeah pretty easy choice.

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    Great basic app for training new runners

    This app really helped me feel comfortable moving from a non-runner to doing a 5k. Running has always been difficult for me both mentally and physically. I loved that it started out so simple—1.5 minute intervals of running and walking—and then worked up to running for much longer periods. I will say it seemed to jump quickly once you hit 15 minutes of running. After that, it increased your run time by about 5 minutes every time. The longest running period is 35 minutes, and without any other coaching during that time, it isn’t my favorite. I almost always lost motivation about 20 minutes in and started walking. So I switched to a new app that had coaching/encouragement for the full duration of a 5k. Overall though, the app is easy to use and the first 3/4 of the app are great! You can also play your music through the app, which is nice.

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    Surprised myself

    I’m writing this as I just finished the last run. I downloaded this app because i was tired of my endurance and I had to get better at running. If I had to be honest, in the beginning for until week 3ish, I legit procrastinated so much. I couldn’t make it to 10 mins barely and I just put it off. Then one day I decided I had enough and began where I left off. If I missed a day in the week I would continue and make it up Sunday or Saturday or even Monday. I kept going straight week after week and since it’s winter, the sun sets early. I had to stop running but I continued. Finally I just realized that weeks of work and effort, that 35 mins, it wasn’t that hard. I believe that this app is amazing and it can do wonders. I surprised myself and I am most definitely going to download the next app. Thank you- Daisy

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    Great App!

    I started this program at my heaviest of 218 and I knew it was going to be hard to stay on track. Once I started with the daily routines- I didn't want to stop. It has only 3 workouts a week but most weeks I would repeat the workout again and do it 6 times a week! I was one of those people who always said "I can't run" but now I don't anymore! I definitely am not an avid runner( I would say more a jogger) but this app has really opened my eyes to the world of running. And I'm down 28 lbs so I am overjoyed! I am now up to running 3.5 miles without stopping! I can't wait to start doing the 10K app because I am training for a 10K in January! If anything, try this app out- it's only 8 weeks and 24 workouts in all! I definitely have recommended it to everyone who asks how I lost so much weight! :):)

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    App changed

    I’ve had this app for 7 years now—it’s pretty good but finicky with juggling music controls since it doesn’t perform as well in the background. It’s perfect if I use my headset to change songs. Forces you to have your phone *off* silent (isn’t able to override system switch settings). Week five jumps an insane amount but matches the official progression. I’ve never been able to do it without repeating week four at least one entire time, usually two. So why the two star rating after years of enjoyment and use? Because the app is no longer allowing me to use all 8 weeks. Either I paid for it years ago but it doesn’t care since the update or it used to be free and now it’s not. Either way, this app isn’t worth the $8 price tag when others exist for $3 with the same options. It’s frustrating to open an app I’ve used for years to have it start prompting me every time to activate “premium” only to find out it dead ends during week 2.

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    I had long thought I would never be able to run more then about a mile without re-triggering old debilitating knee, back and Achilles issues. In fact it had probably been close to 10 years that I had run over 1 mile, but with too limited time to go to the gym, with an ever expanding waist, and with two young boys needing me to have more energy, I gave this a shot- and it works. This program really does gradually and almost as painlessly as possible get you from couch shape to running a 5k without much problem whatsoever. It really is shocking. You start out slowly with light intermittent runs mixed with walking periods and gradually build up to fewer walking periods and longer runs, until next thinks you know, your running a 5k straight. The entire training period spanned just under 2 months for me. Each session is about 1/2 hour to 50 minutes with a 5 minute warmup and warm-down period respectively. My only complaint was that I never could figure out when the program would give the distance of the workout, whether that included the running or the running and walking. As a result I was never exactly sure how much time I was actually taking for my runs versus my runs and my walks. However, can't beat how gradually and painlessly the program gets you from couch to 5k!

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    Made me enjoy running

    This is a good app with a nice, clean interface that makes it motivating and easy to use. I am a 21 year old guy in decent shape, and damnit I should be able to run. But, about three months ago, I would have been hard pressed to run a mile. I ran/walked a 5k with my co-workers in November 2017 and I finished in ~35 minutes and felt like throwing up (the average time for my age group was around 24 minutes). My girlfriend started using this app in May. I picked it up and did the first day May 16th. I got hooked really quick and decided to shell out the $10 to buy it—that was my biggest iOS purchase to date. 7 weeks later on July 21, I finished! Now I can do the 5k in around 23 minutes, and today (July 29th) I ran my first 10k. In a little over 2 months I went from disliking running a mile to kinda enjoying my 10k run. I think the app convinced me to take my time slowly add on distance, instead of running too hard and feeling exhausted and discouraged. Mileage will vary from person to person (pun not intended but I stand by it)—I think I was probably in a rather unique place to take advantage of this app—but I still think it will be well worth the money for most people in most situations. I highly recommend!

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    Awesome app

    I've finally mustered up enough motivation and determination to start working out again. I haven't ran in over 2+ years. I used to go to the gym regularly (2-4 x's a week depending on my work schedule) and lift/cardio. Needless to say, I'm very out of shape for not working out in such a long time. I've downloaded this app previously and really loved it. I decided to download it again and I'm really glad I did. I just completed 3 days in a row. This program really eases me into running again. I love that I can listen to music without switching back and forth and that it not only beeps but it also lets you know whether to run or walk. I don't ever buy apps but I honestly might buy the lifetime $10 just because this is my third time downloading it and I keep stopping after the free trial.

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    LOVE THIS APP!!!!!

    I have run one mile daily before just for the exercise, and my mom had never run ever. I needed to train for a Disney 5k. This app was recommended to us by a friend with a similar running experience, so we tried it out. WE LOVE IT!!! It is very well done and not only are we almost to the 5k, but both of our speeds have increased A LOT since training with this app! Plus it tells you your distance, burned calories, gives daily encouragement, has personal settings, an encouraging voice coach and more! I highly recommend this app to everyone, weather you’re a 2k runner or a couch potato, this is a wonderful app to ease beginners into running and improve daily runners! If you are trying to decide weather to pay the eight dollars for the full app...DO IT!!! It will be worth your time and money!

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    Love it!!

    I haven’t made it all the way through do to personal reasons and life. But I love running with this app. Buzzer to run and walk. A “coach” voice letting you know “your awesome” “halfway there” “almost done” “great job”. Inspirational quotes to start your workout. You can listen to music. I listen to pandora and it still chimes in to keep you going. And a lock screen so you don’t accidentally skip an interval. I just love it. It’s totally worth paying for in my opinion and yes I’m a cheepo and never pay for apps but this is definitely worth it if you are looking to start out slow. And let me tell you I have never been a runner in my life and after 2 kids I’m ready to get back in shape. And this is definitely helping. Pick your own pace and don’t give up! 😘

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    I payed for the entire program over a year ago and I used it frequently and stopped for a couple of months now that I’ve returned to using an app that I already payed for I have to buy individual plans for each app because that’s how they do things now. It’s also confusing because they say “unlimited” plan however it’s not within their program it’s only that specific app. I would have previously recommended this app to people and have recommended this app but I will never again buy anything from this company. I payed for the push ups, sit ups , and pull ups apps I didn’t download them for free and now they give me a sample of something I already owned but won’t let me keep the rest of the program without buying a subscription.

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Is 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Safe?

Yes. 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 71,487 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Is 51.5/100.

Is 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Legit?

Yes. 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 71,487 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer Is 51.5/100.

Is 5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer not working?

5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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