JetBlue - Book & manage trips Reviews

JetBlue - Book & manage trips Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

Take JetBlue everywhere you go! Download our award-winning app to book, manage
and check in for your trips, access boarding passes and more. Day of travel –
Your day of travel is a breeze with key information right on the home
screen. Manage trips – Update your seat selection, add extr...

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JetBlue - Book & manage trips Reviews

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    Seat assignments

    My wife and myself planned a trip for our honeymoon and they didn’t assign us seats together even though we bought tickets together. Don’t understand how that makes sense especially with her being terrified of plans and needs me to sit next to her. I didn’t get any help from anyone that I chatted with online or on the phone and for this very reason never have flown with JetBlue and honestly never will after this trip! Please be aware of this trap and if you have kids don’t expect them to sit with you when you buy your tickets unless you pay the 50 dollars per person to change them. Absolutely ridiculous and the main reason why I fly with southwest and not JetBlue! Be aware of this scam and know that they don’t care if it’s your honeymoon, birthday, or funeral as long as they scam you and get their money’s worth. Then they tried to badmouth Expedia and such saying don’t do it with them just do it through us. Sorry to say but the trip with Expedia was perfect and the only problem was the flights with this flaky company. Just lost another 4 customers and more because I will be letting the world know of how difficult and complicated it was working with this airline. I will be making a post telling friends and family to never fly with this company for this very reason! Absolutely ridiculous without any help from you guys!

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    Customer service isn’t their strong suit

    I purchased a flight through Priceline. Apparently Priceline combined my first name and middle name Into one data field. As a result I could not sign in for the flight. I called JetBlue, and after a 10 minute hold time I was told this is a known issue, that it happens frequently. I had to manually type in incorrect information, in order for the system to acknowledge my reservation. As I was then walking through the check in procedure, the JetBlue agent apparently felt that she had given enough Assistance. So she abruptly ended the call before I finished asking questions. I was midway through the sign-on process, and there was no way to return and correct a prior entry. So I had to finish the entire process, logout and then log back in and go back through it again step-by-step. Every bit of this process has been cumbersome, slow and full of errors. If this is a known issue, why haven’t they fixed it? Why should I wait for on hold for 10 minutes, and then have the agent need to end the call rapidly? Checking in for a flight is something every single passenger needs to do… How can you possibly design such a process without giving users the ability to go back one prior step and make a correction?

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    Can’t get past the sign in screen

    I just downloaded this app today and haven’t been able to get past the sign in screen. I tried going through the google browser with the exact same sign in method (touch id) and it’s working just fine. People down load apps for convenience, things available at your finger tips to make check in, boarding passes and all things travel move along smoother. Which would make this app perfect, if only it worked. I see there were just bug fixes performed with a new update yesterday so maybe I’ll delete and download at a later date. Not a good look though also because this was my first experiencing Jet Blue at all per my fiancé’s flying experience with them. He spoke so highly and although my only complaint thus far is the performance of the Jet Blue app...We’re off to a rocky start!! Update: Months later after deleting and downloading over again, the app is now shutting down immediately after opening up! Not sure what the problem is but I’m booked through them for my wedding and it’s disappointing that for such a special trip we won’t have the app at our disposable! Not impossible just an unnecessary inconvenience.

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    Crashes and times out

    I tried to book a ticket through the app but finally gave up and booked on the website. The app kept timing out when searching for flights so it took me a while to find a flight. When I finally went to pay for the ticket, the app would take a long time to refresh when I unclicked “same as billing address” to put in a different physical address. After I had put in all of my credit card information and clicked the link to pay, it just kept bringing me back to the credit card entry page. There was no error message saying that I had missed info, just a bug. When I finally got it to submit the payment after multiple tries, it went through the “verified by visa” process and said that my purchase could not be completed! I was able to book the ticket on my phone through the website with no problem.

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    Travel nightmare

    Traveled from LAX to JFK and then Rochester to celebrate a very special birthday and my son’s fiancé’s bridal shower. Left hotel at 5 AM for a 7 AM flight. Was notified by Jet Blue on the ride to airport of 4 hour delay, but informed I still needed to arrive at the earlier scheduled time “just in case” they solved the issue. Ended up actually boarding 5 hours later, then towed back to gate for another hour of maintenance work. So, basically spent my entire day in the airport and missed the bridal shower! Ground staff, phone customer service, and flight crew were extremely unsympathetic or helpful. No compensation or apologizes offered. This is the third trip in one year with huge flight delays, and one cancelled flight (unrelated to weather). I’m done with flying Jet Blue. Their customer service has really gone downhill.

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    Love Jet Blue app

    I love their app. It is so easy to navigate and find the best fares. I get the best deals here compared to Expedia, Kayak and other apps. They never have the deals the Jet Blue app has. Of course you have to fly to a city they serve. We fly often to Washington DC from Hartford to visit my daughter. We have gotten fares as low as $34 per person. Cheaper than driving or taking the train! Of course you have to be flexible with the times they offer and the return trip is a higher fare usually but they still are pretty cheap. And also we have never had a problem with their flights from Hartford or Reagan and the planes are clean and comfortable and flight attendants and other staff are always very helpful and courteous. It’s our first choice for an Airline! Keep up the good work Jet Blue!

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    My experience with JetBlue has always been relatively good. On my flight in July from FLL-Newark we were delayed 3 hours and there was not even a “sorry” for the in convenience... I missed dinner with my family and it ruined that entire evening. The most recent flight I was on was on time etc... BUTTTTTT what is going on with all the animals being allowed without carriers on board????? Besides the 4 or 5 small lap dogs that were on the flight there was a Labrador 3 Seats in front of me- I could not believe it! I am so allergic to dogs and if this dog was sitting in the seat next to me I would have had a huge issue. Dogs , cats etc need to be in carriers if they are going to fly. He was allowed to sit on the seat and then peak over to the sit in front and back- just ridiculous.

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    The nightmare of Irma

    During hurricane Irma I had the misfortune that I had to fly to California from Fort Lauderdale and it was quite a crazy day that day and Jet Blue took me out we got to where I was supposed to go they only problem was I paid a fortune for my fair is over thousand dollars and I called them up a couple days later explained how it happened that I was charge so much money and they refunded me all at the $99 fare they were offering me similar thing happened on American airlines my husband got a flight on that airline and they did not take off he had to go home and come back to the airport and I called them and I had to send and I had to send a letter and they refused they said they will not refund me the 900 and some dollars so you fly JetBlue if you’re smart.

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    Flight inaccurately indicates canceled

    Since two app updates ago, a flight purchased several months ago shows canceled. I should also add the flight also indicates canceled on my laptop. Customer service says it is not. Each rep has very nicely directed the problem to my end in their “bless your heart” voice. For example, restart my phone or clear the cache on my computer. I’m not computer illiterate. I use two every day 8 to 12 hours a day. I also tried querying for the confirmation without logging in on both my laptop and cell. Very frustrating..... I’m tired of these updates that add more “features” than making your customers lives a bit easier with travel planning.

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    This app could be so much better

    There are apps from other airlines that are a breeze to use, to check prices, book flights, check status, frequent flyer status, etc. The JetBlue app is VERY slow! The UI is very confusing, not intuitive at all. You can’t really look at prices days before or after the given date without losing the info already entered or selected. It forces you to select the departure flight again. Also, font is too small! And in some places you need to open a drop down list that is not very evident to you (again, the app is not intuitive or user friendly). JetBlue say they keep improving the app, but in reality they need to overhaul the entire app if they really want us to have a good user experience. Now, I know this isn’t related to the app, but as for prices go, JetBlue has become a pretty expensive airline to fly; can’t count it as a low fare airline anymore. You look at other airlines prices like AA, Delta, United and what’s the difference??

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    Most frustrating app ever!

    No matter how often I update this app, I keep running into the same extremely frustrating issues. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either opted to fly another airline or whipped out my laptop to book my JetBlue flight using the web after failed attempts at using this incompetent app. The app takes forever. I get the “Loading” spinning circle after filling in each individual field. More often than I’d like to admit, I’ve magically gotten as far as the final page before booking only to have the field for my billing address state be uneditable! It’ll just be gray and unclickable. I literally cannot enter my billing address state and therefore cannot complete my booking. When I tell you, I’ve almost — oh wait no, I have ACTUALLY thrown my phone out of frustration with this app. I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time. I mean EVERY TIME I give this app another try it ends up biting me where it hurts. And I end up flying Delta instead.

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    Can’t get passed the sign up.

    I tried this app for the convenience factor but there is non. First thing that bothers me was ,when you try to and your personal info, they ask for your birthday and a scroll with the month day and year pops up. Cool, wrong NOT COOLl! It won’t let you change the month unless you change the year or days first. Really??? Took me a few mins to figure that out. I was ok with that, but then after I entered all of this information in and agreed to the agreement, BOOM it won’t let me sign up. It says check your connection. So I turned the WiFi off and went straight to LTE, put all of the good ol info in the right places and. DOUBLE BOOM, (sign in failed, check your connection) Fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice shame on me, you won’t get me again! Uninstalling...

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    We love flying on JetBlue

    We have been traveling for years on JetBlue and it’s definitely the airline of choice. We are now Mosaic members and enjoy all the perks that go with it, including free check in luggage, having our luggage come off first, the ability to change or cancel out flights, boarding next after passengers who need assistance, having a private telephone number to call to make changes to you ticket or just the ability to ask questions that are rapidly handled. But not the least of all are the personal who check you in to the flight attendants to the pilots are the most friendly and helpful of any airlines by far. We love you!! Luke and Mary Jo Pittoni

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    What’s Better than Blue?!

    I can say that I haven’t flown with JetBlue in over a decade and since I stopped working for them when they stopped flights to ONT, so returning to the airline I was part of after so long had truly shown how much JetBlue has evolved in service, equipment and culture! The service has gotten better, the free extra perks are still free (minus the checked bag allowances), they evolved their A321 cabin and introduced a premium product called Mint and broke from the core cabin layout that they were known for having, and they tacked on some extra fees for priority seating, priority boarding and the premium snacks and beverages. Some of the old JetBlue is in there, just under a new shiny cabin and all still while keeping to the shades of Blue that first flew on the first flight! The App is always updated to be functional and still hip and trendy. Having all the features you do want and none of the features that clutter up an App. Any issues they’re just a tweet or phone call away and always are helpful and quick in addressing any issues or concerns!

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    Worst app

    The American Airlines app is seem less when adding an upcoming trip. This app won’t let me add my flight so I can check in quickly when check in becomes available. I keep getting an error message. I tried to contact customer service via chat but it says they are experiencing a higher than normal chat volume? Seriously, that’s what chat is for! The app wants me to call them but I’m out of the country paying .15 a minute for calls. How antiquated is Jet Blue. Makes me wonder about the upkeep of their planes if they can’t keep something as simple as an app running. The fact that they’re receiving a higher than normal chat volume tells me that numerous people are figuring out that the app is garbage. Also, the 4.9 stars is garbage. Just scan through the reviews and you’ll see just as many 1 or 2 stars as 5 stars....that’s fishy. Next time, I’ll be sure not to use Jet Blue for anything.

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Is JetBlue - Book & manage trips Safe?

No. JetBlue - Book & manage trips does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,108,949 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for JetBlue - Book & manage trips Is 14.9/100.

Is JetBlue - Book & manage trips Legit?

No. JetBlue - Book & manage trips does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,108,949 JetBlue - Book & manage trips User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for JetBlue - Book & manage trips Is 14.9/100.

Is JetBlue - Book & manage trips not working?

JetBlue - Book & manage trips works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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  4. If you are a JetBlue - Book & manage trips customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using JetBlue - Book & manage trips.

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