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Developer: Magzter Inc.

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Reported Issues: 5 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By john shuman

3 years ago

The app recently changed. The format for the app sections has a different look and some sections do not work as previous. The app skips back to a very early chapter when stopped or paused. This is for Android. I have talked to other users and every one is having same/very similar issues. Previous version of the app was much better and much more user friendly.

By Anna Norfolk

3 years ago

Just got a new iPhone & I have to log-in again. Forgotten PIN & there is no ‘Forgot PIN’ option - It just keeps giving me ‘error code 34’ message!

By Bholla2384

Needs Improvements!

I listen to audio books and constantly have an issue, nearly if not every time I pause the story, that it skips way forward or way back, and I have to spend half my time trying to find where I left off. The options to go forward or back for a larger amount of time are too few and far between, so it is not helpful what so ever. My library went from Overdrive to this app, and I wish I had the other app back. Another complaint that I have is that the selection here was said to have been larger, but I’m not finding that to be the case. The search option requires specific spelling and complete titles, often I’m not sure of. The overdrive app had suggestions that helped me find what I was looking for. Also, this app doesn’t have a full collection of books in series. I could understand not having the lastest book in a series, but often I can ONLY find the latest of a series, which I can’t read bc I can’t find the previous books. It’s very frustrating and I’m disappointed in the app. I don’t have a CD player or tape player in my vehicle at work, so I can’t just checkout from the library. I’m very fed up and frustrated with this app, but I don’t have any other option from my library, so unfortunately I’m stuck with it. If updates become available with fixes to these issues, or if there is another way I can have some of these issues addressed, I’d be glad to receive that info and take it up with anyone who could help. Thanks.

By sandimacd

Crashes when opening

Mar 2022: app crashes whenever opened. I tried deleting and reinstalling. 2021:There is much need for improvement in this app. For now my library offers this, Libby and Overdrive. The one thing this app does well is to sync books between devices. What is truly confounding is that many of the books I search for on Cloud are NOT available but when I go to Overdrive they are. For 3 months now, I used used both apps to find the same title in my same public library. Cloud found 3 titles of the 42 that I entered, while Overdrive found them all! The Cloud help menu is lame I had to email my library to find out how to enlarge text font. Cloud had no option to renew- Overdrive does. In Cloud the books just disappear with no notice while Overdrive gives a countdown so you know how many days are left before I need to renew. The filter menu is extremely limited and less intuitive compared to Overdrive. I must admit that when Overdrive entered the picture back around 2008 (?) I found it extremely difficult to configure and use but at least a Help Menu existed to walk me through what it did and didn't do. By 2012 it had improved significantly and by 2014 I really began to enjoy Overdrive. Perhaps Cloud will see the same improvements in time, but for now I see no advantage to waste my time using it.

By Nuttymomo

This app needs serious improvements!!!

I was forced by my library to switch from Overdrive to Cloud Library. It's just not the same or as good. I can't find as many books as I used to. The search results are awkward and take up too much space to scroll through efficiently. And if I look at a book and go back, it puts me back to the beginning of the list and then I have to scroll back through to see where I left off - very time consuming. The sleep timer does not work anymore - it used to but something happened (a bad upgrade perhaps?) and now it never works. With the old app (Overdrive), I could easily -- EASILY -- scroll back 30 minutes by touch because you scrolled through chapters. This app, that scroll is for the whole book so you scroll back a little by swipe and you've going way too far. Forget going to the chapters and finding where you were. So finding your spot again is a difficult, near-impossible, colossal waste of time, so much so that I often find myself buying audio books rather than listening to them on here, even if they're available -- for free, mind you. This app is so non-user friendly that I prefer to pay for books rather than get them for free. Read that sentence again.

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