cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Reviews

cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-01

A must-have app for library users! Easily borrow physical items using your
mobile device, receive reminders, manage receipts and discover new digital
content all within the cloudLibrary app! Extremely intuitive, all it takes is
a library card to login and get started! Designed for an...

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cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Reviews

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    Needs Improvements!

    I listen to audio books and constantly have an issue, nearly if not every time I pause the story, that it skips way forward or way back, and I have to spend half my time trying to find where I left off. The options to go forward or back for a larger amount of time are too few and far between, so it is not helpful what so ever. My library went from Overdrive to this app, and I wish I had the other app back. Another complaint that I have is that the selection here was said to have been larger, but I’m not finding that to be the case. The search option requires specific spelling and complete titles, often I’m not sure of. The overdrive app had suggestions that helped me find what I was looking for. Also, this app doesn’t have a full collection of books in series. I could understand not having the lastest book in a series, but often I can ONLY find the latest of a series, which I can’t read bc I can’t find the previous books. It’s very frustrating and I’m disappointed in the app. I don’t have a CD player or tape player in my vehicle at work, so I can’t just checkout from the library. I’m very fed up and frustrated with this app, but I don’t have any other option from my library, so unfortunately I’m stuck with it. If updates become available with fixes to these issues, or if there is another way I can have some of these issues addressed, I’d be glad to receive that info and take it up with anyone who could help. Thanks.

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    Please help

    I’ve been loving this app for several months. Recently I’ve become very frustrated by an apparently new glitch; almost every time I stop reading & bookmark a page, I discover that when I return to resume reading the book has frozen at the beginning of that chapter or on that page. I can’t continue reading unless I shut down my Apple phone, the quicker fix, or more time-consuming - delete the entire app & then download it again. That means going to my country & State & re-entering my Library card & also downloading the books again. Luckily, it does then take me back to the place in the book where I stopped reading. However it’s frustrating & time consuming. I love using an app to electronically borrow books from my library. And when I first started using Cloud Library it was so convenient & worked consistently well. Now, it’s just frustrating an unreliable. Please help. PS. I wish there was an easier way to send you feedback when a glitch exists. I talked to the reference librarian at my local library & he too has recently been having problems with this app as well, so at least I know there are 2 of us. Since there’s no way to send feedback beyond this review, I wonder if you even know there is a problem?

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    I am reading again!

    This app has helped me read books again. For a few years now I have been so busy and cannot find time to read. With this app I can! Now I download audio books (for free) to listen to while I drive in the car or in my headphones when I walk or if I am waiting at the doctor or for a meeting or out walking. This is great, because I have books on my mobile device that I always carry- I always have books with me. I also download books to just read on my mobil device and I don’t have to worry about late fees. My elderly mom who was an avid reader but has had eye problems of late is now able to “read” again too, because of the audio books. All this takes is a library card. So simple. The only downside is sometimes the audio versions of a book I want are not available, so I have to get the digital one and I have to stare at a screen to read & that I cannot do while I drive, workout or walk. More audio versions would be nice if possible, please!

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    I hate this app. Not user-friendly, it’s user-hostile.

    I just started to read a borrowed library book in the app, but have paused my reading to come here and give it a one-star rating. I find the interface confusing, buggy, and (compared to the far superior Kindle app), also less attractive (though the difference is subtle). It took me a few tries to figure out how to simply highlight a passage, and another few tries to figure out how to delete the one I highlighted incorrectly. Once I did that and returned to the page, the “deleted” highlight was still there, until I closed and reopened the book. I have memberships with a few local libraries, and I ALWAYS look for the ones that work with the Kindle app, and only use CloudLibrary when I have no other option. It’s a frustrating program. 8/7/19 update: The app is *slightly* less frustrating than it was when I wrote my original review in 2018. Some of the glitches I reported to their tech support over a year ago are still there (e.g., highlighting text is confusing, often difficult, and the interface for doing it is ugly and breaks conventions). It’s still far inferior to the Kindle app and I still will try to avoid library books which require using this app.

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    I’ve removed the Cloud Library app

    I’ve only tried to read two books on Cloud Library and gave up on both. I can see why it has a shorter wait list for downloading a title. The first book had problems with turning the pages. It would look like the page was turned, but it would still be the page I had just read. If I used the table of contents, I could jump to a new chapter, but on short order, if not immediately, that would lock up. I tried opening and closing the book, removing and downloading it again, but nothing worked. On the second book, I had much less trouble with freezing. It had a problem that is becoming increasingly common in various apps. A lot of different things are activated by tapping the screen, and it’s hard to predict what will happen. On the second book, when I swiped the page to turn it, as often as not, what happened is that the gray top and bottom menus appeared and cut off most of the page. I got so sick and tired of constantly having to get them out of the way, that I returned the book when I was about 20% finished. I removed the app. I’m going to get hard copy when my only other option is Cloud Library.

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    Buggy for kids books

    This app is great for kids books from the local library, but many other of them are formatted such that they would require adjustments. Sadly, the controls are mostly unresponsive - moving pixels at a time... needs major help... Updated - still a mess for many kids books and adjustments majorly lacking. Trying to get to the “hidden menus” are painful at best. Put a button on there, geez... Also, please put a restart button or auto rewind after finishing the book - anyone remember VHS? Yeah, try explaining it to a toddler and that “we can’t read that book anymore because you can’t get to menu to go back to the beginning” - even after returning and reborrowing it keeps its place... App also regularly crashes on books over 20 or so pages and it can’t ever keep track of preview thumbnails. I mean seriously, 6 books all labeled differently and have the same book cover and content as the one that is opened first when app is launched. Only way to fix it is to return and redownload the book. Wouldn’t use this app if it were a paid app, only use it because I haven’t found another app to access local library content. Downgraded to 1 star.

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    Frustrated by bugs

    I have used this app for over a year and had been completely satisfied with it. However recently I’ve experienced an issue with moving from page to page. Sometimes the last line or two are missing from the bottom of the page and I have to fool around with it before it shows up. At other times I flip to the next page and it’s clearly not a continuation of the previous page so then I have to go back several pages and subsequently move forward to try to resync the pages. It’s very annoying and it goes without saying that this is basic functionality that is key to a reading app. Please please fix this!!! I have an updated iPhone 6. Update: several months later I continue to periodically have problems with this app. Right now I experienced an issue where I cannot turn the page in the book I’m currently reading. After trying different workarounds I deleted the app and am going to reinstall it. Why does this continue to happen with this app? I understand that it’s free, but I expect better if I’m going to use it and recommend to others.

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    Wonderful Ebook app

    This app was specifically designed for libraries at no charge to them or library patrons unlike Kjndle/Amazon which does charge libraries for the use of that app. This helps to reduce the cost of ebooks to public libraries enabling them to purchase more hard copy books and ebooks. No, I am not a librarian, just a huge book lover who reads anything of interest and have done so for many, many years. I have found this app very easy to use and I am 71 yes. old who still reads actual books but large print books in libraries do not include a large selection due to their higher cost. This app allows me to read new books via my tablet and still allows me to check out hard copy books, too. Unlike Overdrive, there is a far greater selection of books available through this app which I, for one, really appreciate! Thank you, 3M, for creating this app for our public libraries!

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    Poorly-Designed User Interface and Functionality

    Suddenly the eBooks from my library are available only in this format, rather than Kindle. It was okay, definitely not great, for the first couple books I read using this app. But the search capability isn’t very useful, and the text selection ability is awful (I still haven’t been able to get copying to work at all, or to highlight or look up more than one word at a time). Now I’m trying to read a publication that has copious footnotes, which I would dearly like to read. Although they appear as blue superscript numbers, they aren’t active, i.e., you can’t tap on a footnote number, read the associated footnote text, and return to where you were in the main text. No, you have to set a bookmark for the first page of notes at the end of the book, activate the menu, select Notes/Highlights, and then navigate through to the desired numbered footnote. And then, it seems, you have to navigate, via the Table of Contents or the bottom page slider, back to the page you were previously reading.

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    Horrible after update

    I used to love cloud library, but after a recent update it no longer functions. Way to ruin a great app! It took me several tries to even find the list of ebooks from my local library and now the ebooks won’t download at all when, before this update, they downloaded easily. Also the new app deleted my user history including a carefully curated list of books I intended to read. The app supposedly has more features after the redesign (and it may have more features that I don’t use or care about) but the features I always used and loved now don’t work. The new app also offers many books that aren’t available at my library. It’s a frustrating waste of time to browse through books, see something that you like and then be presented only with the options to “save for later” (whatever that means!?!) or “suggest” (I don’t want to be the collection curator for my local library. That’s what I count on librarians for!) The interface is counter-intuitive and hard to use. What a horribly stupid update. Please restore the functionality of the previous version ASAP.

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    Mostly happy with it

    I like this in some ways better than Overdrive or the new Libby, but one thing needs changing. When you have a book checked out, it would be helpful to see what the current wait time is for the book. I'm constantly having to decide whether to turn in a book I haven't read when another one I have on hold is available. When I can't see how long the current hold time is (which I can in Overdrive) I have no basis for deciding whether to read one of the books in 3 days because it'll take months to get it back, or whether to turn it in and pick it up again later. Otherwise, I think it works really well. One other issue, which isn't the app's fault....I wish my library would post new books more often -- sometimes they go months after new books are released to add them to this app.

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    Not impressed

    I am not impressed with the Cloud Library app. I have it up to date and on an up to date iPad. Sometimes it refuses to load. Sometimes it seems to forget I’m halfway through the book and sends me to page 1, so I have to hunt for where I left off. I can’t just pick up with a book I was reading on my iPad with my phone because it doesn’t seem to be able to translate locations. I uninstalled it and reinstalled however I continue to have issues, including new ones such as being able to see a book I have checked out listed in My Books, but not being able to open it, it taking 45-60 seconds for a book to open (gets stuck on the three bars loading symbol), and the latest - I tried to return a book and twice got an “unknown error” message. This is just so sad to have experienced six or seven distinct errors in a single app. The only reason I keep using it is because it’s the only way I can check out digital content from my library.

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    Love it, but experiencing problems

    First I want to point out how much I LOVE the idea of this e-book library, it’s so so so great. However, the app has been glitching for me lately. I borrowed one book that I got quite invested in, but it would never remember the page I was on when I reopened the app even if I bookmarked it. I got tired of scrolling through literally hundreds of electronic pages to try to find where I was and I eventually gave up on finishing the book. Other books seem to be working better, but there have been a couple times where page turning didn’t work at all; it would show the animation, but remain on the same page. Fortunately, turning my phone off and back on has seemed to correct this issue so far. I have a new iPhone XS, so I’m not totally sure what the problem is. Again, I LOVE this app, and have used it for years now, but lately it’s not performing well at all. Pleeeease either fix or let me know that I’m just technologically illiterate! 😂

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    Good app worth getting

    The positives - Easy to use. Usually a shorter waiting list than overdrive. The negatives - Some new books are not available for several weeks after their release. Needs to have the ability to suspend a hold and renew a book. Formatting was better before the recent update. This is an issue on an iPad where pages overlap. Overall, I recommend the app. Update. ONLY 3 stars now! The last update created several problems. Sometimes the first page freezes and you can’t go to the next page. App does not sync to different devices. Sometimes you get an error message when trying to download the book. Frustrating dealing with this app now. Only plus is that books are available quicker than my library.

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    Rubbish platform

    CloudLibrary is plagued with problems. The audiobook player is barely held together. The bookmark function doesn’t work. Most books, you have to push play after every track ends. It buffers - which makes no sense because the book is downloaded on your device. Pausing causes the player to lose its place. Heck, it’ll randomly lose its place while listening. There’s no real way to see your progress other than the entire timeline at the bottom and scrubbing forward or back is difficult. Changing playback speed while book is playing causes the app to freeze or lose audio (book keeps playing with no sound). You like ebooks? Do you have a Kindle (Kindle Fire isn’t an ereader)? Well, I hope that you like reading ebooks on your phone, tablet, or computer. They don’t support Kindle. Sadly, my local library dropped OverDrive (a superior platform) for this trash of a platform. Get it together Bibliotheca. It’s not like you haven’t been at this for a while now.

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Is cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Safe?

Yes. cloudLibrary by bibliotheca is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 53,633 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Is 29.3/100.

Is cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Legit?

Yes. cloudLibrary by bibliotheca is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 53,633 cloudLibrary by bibliotheca User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for cloudLibrary by bibliotheca Is 29.3/100.

Is cloudLibrary by bibliotheca not working?

cloudLibrary by bibliotheca works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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