PlayerXtreme Media Player Reviews

PlayerXtreme Media Player Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

PlayerXtreme is a video player worthy of the elegant iPad. With PlayerXtreme you
can watch your movies on the go from anywhere even if they’re in any format
even if they don’t normally play or even sync with your iPhone! Download
PlayerXtreme & start transferring & watching your favorite...

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PlayerXtreme Media Player Reviews

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    Great media player

    I downloaded this app because I was looking for an app to organize all my media files and it works quite well. It supports many formats like mp4, avi, mkv, mp3 etc. It has an intuitive design and some nice settings for organizing media. The app has a sort option which I can use to sort my media files. There is also a feature to create new folders. These options make it very simple for keeping everything in its right place. I added my entire movie collection to this app and was surprised at how easily it added movie posters to my files. Now my movie collection looks more beautiful than ever. Till now every movie I have tried with this app, has played okay. I also tried the casting feature with my chromecast device and it seems to cast the movie to my TV without any worries or lags. The picture quality is terrific and I can watch the movies with subtitles. Adding files to the app or getting the files from PlayerXtreme to my laptop is also made simple through the browser feature. I can add my files using a simple drag and drop which is very convenient. The best thing about this player is that all the movies I have added to the app can be played when I am away from home. So I can enjoy my favorite shows and films wherever I am.

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    Useful features

    Definitely one of the better videos players I have used on iPhone. Having a video player is very helpful for watching all sorts of movies, videos, clips or listening to music and PlayerXtreme seems to be the one. It plays all my videos with impressive audio/video playback even with HD and 4K content. Its quite user friendly and does not require much setting up. It also provides an easy way to stream media files from my NAS device and Plex media server. I have an airport time capsule on which I store most of my movies and PlayerXtreme lets me browse and play my movies from there over Wi-Fi. The app has some cool options like increasing volume up to 300 percent and subtitles download support. It also has options for shuffle play and repeat. The controls work seamlessly throughout the app and are excellent for managing my media. Another useful feature is the search bar which lets me easily get to the video or movie that I want to watch. Other than that automatic metadata fetching and TouchID are also available in this app. So far I am happy with this app's performance and hoping to see some more features added soon. Please add a feature for setting custom thumbnails for videos as I think that would really come in handy.

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    DON'T update latest version - adds unnecessary staff picks folder

    Just when I thought Player Xtreme was making good progress with changes, they added an unnecessary "staff picks" folder to your video list. Very disappointed they've resorted to this. There's no mention of this in the changelog whatsoever. I have paid the in app "pro" version and shouldn't be subjected to any forms of ads whatsoever. Shame of Player Xtreme. Below is my previous review. I had originally given the app 3 stars but after this latest update, have dropped it down to 1. Although the GUI changes look sleeker, some functionality has been hindered. I loved that Player Xtreme had the playback speed increment on screen since majority of other video players don't even offer this feature (and is the MAIN reason I still use it), but now accessing this function requires an extra 2 clicks to access instead of it being readily available on screen with the other controls. Please bring this feature back! I commute often and rely on subtitles when using watching videos. Player Xtreme STILL can't download subtitles over cell data/LTE for some reason. This is a real inconvenience. I can only download subtitles over WiFi. On the upside, I really appreciate being able to FINALLY delete downloaded subtitles. Would be helpful to delete multiple subtitles at once, a feature I hope to see in future updates. Also still can't playback videos with DTS audio. Would be a BIG plus to have this since I did upgrade to pro.

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    Finally Got Something that works good

    Ever since I bought my RavPower Filehub (it's a wireless storage device that can stream to multiple devices at the same time), I have been looking for a good app to play back my videos. All the apps suggested by RavPower did not work for me. The movies would freeze, hesitate, pause to reload or not play at all. Some would play one type of file and not other types - but I could still not play a movie for more than 10 minutes. I tried other random players and was about to give up. I thought it was RavPower device itself - till I came across Playerxtreme. Playerxtreme started to play all my movies without any problems - I was amazed. I have tested it with MKV, AVI, MP4. All played very well. Not only did it play from my WiFi storage device (RavPower) but now I was able to access all devices on my network - my other computers, my WDMyCloudEx2 and my mica digital media player. And I was able to play my media files. I have not done extensive testing but I feel very good about this app. Please note: All this time I was using the free version. I was about to purchase this app when I got an invite to write a review for a free upgrade. I could not be happier.

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    Working not all that bad...

    These companies knkw now to direct you to upgrade and download this to get that and so on and so forth, it’s amazing they had enough time to figure all the details of messing someone Over to the point that the individual would just rather kill them elves then deal with the BS caused by the “Sham” companies. I told myself when this became a problem lol g time ago, keep logs, pics, videos any evidence along w logs to stick it to every halfass, beaten and sick self righteous life suckers like 3rd party anything on iTunes, especially when the company or the person is called “Ashhaaad Muhama Sharreff”...think I’m playing. I get tired of calling American companies and hearing the “dirka dirka dirka!!! I just use a tracking computer now to catch the hack in progress it’s so fun, and all the Do is go “ughhh ummm” sir”??? Why are u doing to your computer, I will always sah morning and mess w them hardcore. Be safe, keep your ears to the ground and f over who F’s u over, always! #onelove

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    Oppressive ads. I do not recommend!!!

    Downgraded to one star due to the oppressive ad scheme. described below. The only way to turn this off is to buy the pro version. This was a recent change and I find it unacceptable. The ad is splashed across the botom of the video unless you watch in portrait mode but who does that when landscape mode is available. This app will almost certainly be deleted from my iPad. This app works pretty well as a video player. It plays all of the things that I have ripped from my DVDs. I like that I can easily change the volume and brightness with screen gestures. I just wish that there was an easier way to learn what the gestures are. I had to use trial and error. Very much error. It would be five stars but a recent update has it displaying an ad at the bottom of the screen all the time. You can watch an ad and turn off the bottom of the screen ad for 30 minutes but that would just be a total waste of time for a 2 hour movie. I was fine with the ads at the beginning of the videos but this new thing is MUCH TOO INTRUSIVE. Especially since the other ads are still displayed. If I have to buy an upgrade to the pro version to make it go away I will simply look for something better.

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    Great for all your video needs

    With most of my shows either off the air or no longer available it was hard to watch anything on television. Even going online to various sites just to watch an episode is a hassle with buffering or ads that split too much time between me and my show. Though with this app, I can proudly say that I have experienced none of those issues whatsoever. A quick download from my computer and moving the file to IPad and bam I have an episode of my favorite shows to watch directly whenever I want, even if have no connection to the internet I can still watch it without interruption. Plus since multiple formats are accepts it doesn’t matter which one I save my episode as: MP4, MPEG, or even WEBM. Definitely the best way to watch something without having to wait for it to load or go through 4-5 ads every 8 minutes.

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    Effective but with a few bugs

    Overall, I’m happy with this app for loading and playing video files. Navigation is intuitive and playback controls are straightforward. Overall, it does its job well for native viewing and offers several straightforward options for loading content. I appreciate chromecast support. There are a few bugs that need to be worked out: app seems to crash and playback is interrupted semi-frequently while casting large files to chromecast. Also while casting, it seems the app must stay open and on screen at all times, which is a little annoying. And when playback is interrupted unexpectedly, the app seems to forget where you were in the file forcing you to manually find your place after reopening. Lastly, it would be good if the app had a few more file management functions like ability to view metadata, to preview scenes with thumbnails, and to select a new cover picture.

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    Works except for one thing

    This app works perfectly and does everything it says it will, or at least it used to until a few days ago. Suddenly, the "download from internet" option disappeared from my list without any warning. The FAQ says to download this way just go to network and select the from internet option, but the from internet option no longer appears in any form on my list. I preferred this option as I didn't need to connect with my computer to download a webm I found while browsing on my phone. I'm not sure if the feature is disabled, removed, or behind a paywall now but my review is based on how I used to use it, rather than how it currently is. I can still use the "from url" option to view a webm, but there is no option to download it like there was with the "from internet" option.

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    Strong and solid player but very careful about updates

    This is a great player. The graphics are smooth, you can download subtitles, and it has a lot of useful playback and tracking features. It also lets you download video from the net straight to the player, and I find that very useful. I’m upgraded to pro, and I don’t regret that decision one bit. That said, there is one warning that all users should know. Be very wary of updating this app. You CANNOT trust the update notes on this app. The developer team removes features regularly only to add them back in many months to a year later. These changes are never announced. The update notes are very generic. So if a key feature that you really like is randomly removed, you will often be caught off guard and unpleasantly surprised. There’s no way to roll back to better versions, so find a version that works for you and only update it if you absolutely have to.

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    Fake and misleading reviews!

    I reviewed this 2 days ago and it was deleted! This people are shady! I got the app when it first came out and in order to boost their ratings they offered a free upgrade to the pro version for anyone who gives them a 5-Star review. They bribed their clients in order to get other clients. I was foolish enough to do what they asked. I truly enjoyed the pro version while it lasted. But once they got all the ratings they wanted. They did an update and added intrusive ads right back into the app. After using some clients to get other clients...they did a bait and switch. This was all to make people think their app works well. I contacted support and they said that they never offered pro..but only “pro features” Now the ads are so overwhelming that the developers are trying to strong arm their clients into spending money on their ad free app. This is a manipulative, shady unethical way to do business. DO NOT download this app or BUY IT. It’s funny that my 5-Star review stayed for a very long time. I changed it to 1-star 2 days ago. I checked daily to see if they responded and suddenly my review disappeared. Not only are they tricking people to leave a 5-Star review with a “bait and switch” tactic....they are also deleting negative reviews. You guys are disgusting in your business practices 😡

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    Great app

    I don't leave reviews much, and honestly getting the pro version for a review is a great offer. That being said, pro version wouldn't entice me to leave a good review if it wasn't true. Hopefully anyone reading this will also get the in app offer of reviewing for pro version. I sincerely recommend trying the free version out. I haven't used it much but going through it I have to say I'm impressed. I'm a bit of a nerd and from my experience finding a video player that does what you want and has features you enjoy can be hard, even on pc. On the iPhone, I've not found one I've actually kept as long as this. It plays the video files I want, looks nice and very well setup, and doesn't mess with the video quality. I haven't even seen all its features or settings yet simply because I've not needed to touch them yet. So, if you're willing to trust a random guys review in the slightest, try the free version. I think it's worth having and honestly, not sure what all comes with the pro version. Heck if they give me the pro version like the in app offer said I might leave another review after playing with everything pro has to offer. For now, like I said, I haven't used it much or messed with many settings, but that's simply because I've not needed to yet.

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    Easiest UI

    I have been using PlayerXtreme for quite some time now and i am glad that i found it. It almost seemingly plays all the media formats for me like mkv and the best thing is it helps me to connect with my plex server without any issue. I can organize my media files in library very easily. It gets very handy at times to transfer files through itunes and browser as well. Support of PlayerXtreme media player is great incase of any issue. You always get a prompt reply. Please givethe support of picture and picture feature that would be awesome. Please also fix the issue of airplay mp4 files. Overall user experience of the app is great. Other media players in the app-store are not very intuitive and have confusing UI. Therefore, PlayerXtreme is highly recommended to the people who watch a lot of movies and videos and like to maintain their own library. There is no limit on the number of media files like videos, music, movies and more that you can store in the app which is incredible. You can also sort the files in ascending and descending order according to date, time, type of file. There are also a number of view options like poster view, icon view and list view to choose from. Keep up the good work and add more new features!!

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    Very nice, modern video player

    I've just discovered PlayerXtreme and am overwhelmed with the capabilities. I normally juggle through a bunch of different video series and generally struggle with most of e other players out there because of either a lack of organization or the inability to connect to a portable wifi drive. This video player is awesome! It incorporates easy organization of my video files so I can load a few series on my iPad without struggling to keep each separate. It also supports a lot of different formats so I can probably avoid converting to MP4 to be able to load them on the iPad. Best of all, it connects effortlessly to my up on and sad devices at home so no need for a separate player to access media using those protocols. I only regret not finding it sooner.

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    Works great for me!

    I've had this App for almost 18 months. It doesn't play all formats, but it will play avi, mp4, and many of the popular formats without having to convert the file (a big plus for me)! I am using an iPad 4 mini and with my phone. Many users are not aware of the Add-on section of this player. You need to purchase the ability to play sub-titles and use the wi-fi capabilities. I’ve grown to love this app and it’s ability to play my music and videos! I'd rather pay up front for an App like this with all the bells and whistles working right from the start. Maybe if this was done, other users would give better ratings because things they want will work right away. Yes, the app is free now, but to use it's full potential one needs to upgrade, but it’s worth it!

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Is PlayerXtreme Media Player Safe?

Yes. PlayerXtreme Media Player is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 47,393 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PlayerXtreme Media Player Is 52.2/100.

Is PlayerXtreme Media Player Legit?

Yes. PlayerXtreme Media Player is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 47,393 PlayerXtreme Media Player User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PlayerXtreme Media Player Is 52.2/100.

Is PlayerXtreme Media Player not working?

PlayerXtreme Media Player works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a PlayerXtreme Media Player customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using PlayerXtreme Media Player.

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