Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet Reviews

Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Join 70 million Stocard users and store all your rewards cards in one free app.
Wall Street Journal: "a clever way of turning a smartphone into a virtual
wallet" Techcrunch: "a simple but clever take on the mobile
phone-as-loyalty-card-wallet" DIGITIZE YOUR REWARDS CARDS Unclutter y...

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Reviews (21)


What wallet should be and better

I’m not an app reviewer I think I may have reviewed 1-2. But I had to review this one bc I’m practically in love with it!!! Download Stocard RIGHT NOW if you have more then a few club cards or rewards cards or whatever they’re called. Or if you use Apple Pay or w/e and don’t always take your wallet or purse with you... or if you’re into simplicity... I rarely have the cards I need when I go wherever and only a few are tied to my phone number so I miss out on points and sales and all sorts of stuff but not anymore now that I have this insanely simple app! It scans and saves ALL your cards and keychain cards with ease, even the really rough ones, (I was shocked) including the ones to stores they don’t have yet on here. If your cards super rough you can enter the numbers manually and save it that way. You can even take pictures of the cards so you always know which is which, which mostly helps with the few cards Stocard didn’t know. It took a couple seconds to add each card which is a lot less time then it took to put those dumb keychain cards on the same key ring all facing the same way... Stocard is such a simple idea and what I’ve always wished Apple Wallet was. I threw out so many nasty old cards I’m SO GLAD I stumbled upon Stocard!


Now my wallet and keychain are much lighter!

Over the years I’ve collected loyalty and membership cards from all sorts of stores. Some that I visit quite often and have filled my wallet and keychain with the plastic cards that grow worn over time. And others that I’ve rarely visit and have often shocked myself that I even created an account after I provide my phone number to the cashier. Now I can add all of my cards straight to Stocard this ease. I’ve dug around the house and found all the loyalty cards I’ve accumulated and was able to scan them. I also had pictures of some of my cards saved on my phone and was able to add them after selecting it from my camera roll.


Great App!!!

So far, was able to store library card, gym card, grocery store rewards card, and multiple gift cards. Only one I’ve tried so far is the library card and it was able to scan at the library from my iPhone 8+ but not the Apple Watch series 3. Hopefully the other cards scan as well, at least from my phone. If so, would be a great compliment to the Apple Wallet and could hopefully go completely digital one day. Stocard is very user friendly! Improvements: Would be great to have the ability to manually reorganize and have a filter to separate all of the cards (ie. club membership cards, gift cards, reward cards, frequently used cards, etc.).


All my cards have disappeared!

I logged into Stocard today to find that all of my cards have disappeared! I’m signed into my storcard account so theoretically, my cards shouldn’t been “saved in the cloud” and if there was an issue with Stocard data cache that caused them to be erased in the first place, it should’ve pinged the cloud and pulled up all of my cards after a few seconds. This is not the case and I’m staring at a blank screen which signifies a major security breach with storcard. DO NOT upload any important ID cards, debit cards, medical insurance cards, or any personal identifying cards to Stocard; Stocard & server is NOT SECURE which means if a hacker breeches their servers, your entire identity can be stolen along with your bank accounts. In regards to using Stocard exclusively as a “rewards card wallet”, it fails in providing the most basic demand of being reliable in case you lose your wallet and need to find your cards again in a pinch...


Makes Life Lighter!

I was taught that you shouldn’t keep a lot of things on your keychain because the weight will loosen the ignition of your car. Many people have the tendency to have their keys, these little cards and tons of other things on their key chains. With Stocard, you not only lighten your keys but the best part for me is the syncing to my Apple Watch. Even if I don’t have my wallet, the card or my phone, I just flip my wrist and the cards are there. Stocard makes me not care about signing up for those cards. I suggest Stocard to everyone I see that still uses the keychain cards. Stocard has been a money saver, to say the least!


New update released too soon

**Update- developers are correct, widget now functional again and even improved with larger icons. Rating changed back to five stars but the update shouldn’t have gone live until the widget portion was resolved.* Widget is gone now. If you were using the widget to quickly access your cards (rather than opening the actual app every time which took way too long) the developers have now disabled this feature. Now you have to give notification and location permissions so Stocard can try to read your mind about when you want to use it. I disabled notifications for a reason. I don't need more annoying advertising in my life. And I don't see any need to allow my location just to pull up a card. If you're using Stocard with all the bells and whistles I guess you'll be happy but if you simply want something that holds your cards and doesn't bomb you with ads Stocard is no longer it.


Best App For Your Wallet

I have to say! I’m glad around 2-1 year ago I stumbled into this! I’ve been so fortunate about Stocard! I was the person whom seemed to always forget 1 thing sometimes it was other things and a couple times my store cards. Seemed like around shopping time. Now I use this plenty. I even racked up the majority of my store cards that I store on Stocard. Since I always use my phone I figured this actually would be useful. I do highly recommend this. Wish more stores participated and other places. This would be nice. Maybe someday. For now it’s worth the space on my key ring and my wallet.


Excellent loyalty wallet

For 4-5 years I used RedLaser, which at some point no longer supported their app then apparently went out of business. As a new user of your this app app, I find that retailers can read your barcode much better than they could with my previous app. Your app is easy to use and simple to understand. Inputting all our loyalty cards was quick and straight forward . My wife has also installed your app. Congratulations on your fine product. I would recommend it to everyone.


Frequently Used Cards not syncing to Watch

This is a great app to digitally store reward and loyalty cards. One issue I have is that Stocard on the iPhone includes a “Most Relevant” group at the top that includes Recently Used and Frequently Used cards. However, the Frequently Used group is not synced properly to the Watch app. The Frequently Used group on my Watch app includes cards I have not used in years and which are not the same as the group of Frequently Used cards on the phone. The developer needs to rectify this and do some work to make these more consistent between the Watch and the phone, because right now it’s a frustrating mess.


This latest update killed Apple Watch functionality

Lately I have been seeing the ‘no cards available’ error when opening the watch app. This would usually go away when I’d either close and re-open the watch app or run Stocard on my phone and then try the watch again. The issue was also pretty much fixed in the previous version release of the this app app. Just yesterday, 10/6, a new this app app update came out. Since loading it, my Apple Watch shows only the ‘no cards available’ error each and every time I open it. It’s broken and nothing fixes it. Please update your latest update so Stocard works again. I’m running the latest iOS 13.1.2 as well as the latest Watch OS 6.0.1 on a Series 4


Stocard app

I have had no problems with app. Keeps all my reward cards in my phone which relieves the size of my wallet so not so bulky. I love it so far. I refer Stocard to as many peoples as I can including teenagers. A lot of cashiers look at me funny when I pull my wallet out and use this app for my rewards points. Once they see it work I tell them about Stocard ! Keep up the great work. Some stores don’t except cell phone rewards card numbers and have to have the physical card. Some stores but mainly gas station. So, I keep them in my wallet or on a breakaway key chain. Hope this review gives you the courage meant to use this app.


Slow. Tries to do too much

First off, Stocard is slow as molasses when I’m actually standing at the checkout at the store trying to pull up my card. When you first open Stocard it takes a long time to simply show the lost of cards. This should be *practically instantaneous*. It certainly should be faster than it is. I think it’s connecting to the Internet or something. Overall I wish Stocard simply stored my cards, period. I don’t need special offers and all that stuff cluttering up the interface and slowing things down. Just a list of cards, and tap one to display it. There used to be an app called “thin wallet” that did just that; it was great. Unfortunately the developer stopped updating it


Perfect for Apple Watch!

My favorite part of going to the grocery store is using this app on my Apple Watch! It holds my loyalty card, which I always used to forget to bring to the store before I could store it directly on my i-devices. After the latest update I noticed that my loyalty card now AUTOMATICALLY rotates so the cashier can scan my card directly from my watch. Combined with apple wallet, which helps me pay my bill, I NEVER have to take out my actual wallet any more. Thanks for such a handy and useful app!


Love it

I was told about Stocard from a customer that had it and said it was so nice not having to carry around a separate keychain for all the discount cards he aquired!! All the cards I had kept falling off or it was a pain to take them off when the store closed, so I added all my cards and it has made my life a lot better not having to fumble around with tags from each store!!! Thank you to whomever came up with this idea!!! It is such a great app to keep all organized


Sadly. This failed expectations

First some background: It starts with MHO that Apple’s biggest oversight with ‘Wallet’ is in not accommodating all the other ‘cards’ we keep in our wallet other than just passes and “Apple-Friend” loyalty cards. As such, I can never really use Wallet to replace my actual wallet. So, I turned to ‘Key Ring’. A good but not great app that works (I can figure a way to store anything I want) but Stocard has become so bloated with features that my eyes have started to wander... Thought I’d try Stocard with my new insurance cards. Fail. Like miserably. The whole app is about shopping which would be okay except I can’t even work around it to store anything else. For example, the “member number” field is set up for numeric values only!! Sigh. Delete.


Great app based on dev. Response, why?

When an app developer takes the time to answer each and every review- good or bad, articulate or nonsense, credible or made up, you know it will be a good app. Based on that alone I would give it 4 stars at least:-). Go ahead and scroll through the reviews and you will see the developer addresses each review, even those which require no real answer. OK that being said, I just downloaded it and so far I’ve found it user friendly and bug free however will resubmit after I actually use it in the store.


Convenience personified

This is by far and away one of the most useful apps out there. Who doesn’t have a load of reward cards? This takes all the clutter from your purse, wallet, and keychain. It conveniently stores all those cards in your phone, where they are easily accessed when you need them. I also like the secondary page for each card which allows for pictures of the actual card, along with any notes you may need about it.


Smart App!

My last phone went for a swim and I didn’t back it up so I’ve had to restore all my apps individually. Most apps act like they don’t know me but not this one. All my cards were restored in seconds! What a great app. I have all my shopping cards in one spot and they often surprise clerks who think they won’t work. They do. Never a problem. Also get ads right on my phone so I can find the sale price without having to haul around paper ads. Fantastic app.


Absolutely Fantastic!

I stumbled across Stocard and thought that it might be helpful. It is so nice to not have to carry around all those loyalty and rewards cards! Often like myself you don’t signup for these programs because they are just another thing to carry and slow down checkout time. Even if many places can look you up by your phone, email or name; Stocard saves you that hassle and lets you just save as intended.


Good app but....

I would give five stars but my only gripe is the actual cards aren’t stored on my phone. With the last few updates it takes longer for Stocard to load. When your in line at the grocery store it’s very inconvenient. I can see the ads having to load but the actual barcodes should be stored in Stocard itself on the phone. It takes almost a minute to pull up your cards. When you’re in the middle of a store with all that metal reception at times is non existent.


Easy to use, fast & simple to add a card

Overall I like it, but it takes a square picture...yet I’ve not seen SQUARE Discount Cards. UPDATE: The first time I used Stocard, I had to take a picture of the front of the card. However the second time I used it, there was an existing database of company LOGOs. You just select a company and it asks you to scan the barcode, and wha-la it’s done! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The more I use it, the more I like it! When you take a picture (in the notes section), it has a resize (I.e. crop) feature & allows you to center the pic!

Is Stocard Safe?

Yes. Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,208 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet Is 49.3/100.

Is Stocard Legit?

Yes. Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,208 Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet Is 49.3/100.

Is Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet not working?

Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Halina
Aug 11 2021

I have been asked to put in a pin as the app is closed.
I was not given an option to pick a pin. How do I get one now.

By Rod
Apr 02 2021

****WARNING**** Used the Stocard app for several years collecting points for various places including Tim Hortons. Once I added my card I didn’t think I needed to keep it around so I just trashed it. One day I went to redeem points at Tim’s using the Stocard app and they said sorry, your Tim’s card needs to be linked to our Tim’s app in order to redeem. Since I didn’t have the card anymore I don’t have the original card number, and the card stored in Stocard gets altered with a bunch of extra digits! I contacted Stocard asking if there is any way to retrieve the original number. It’s been a month and No reply from them. Be warned don’t throw your cards away, and also make sure you link your cards also to the store app if they have one. You may also want to sign up for a Stocard Accnt and store all ur various cards there case you replace your device. I’m disappointed with their customer service but since it’s a free app what can u expect...

By Gina Malkin Cone
Mar 08 2021

I can’t get Stocard to load. I tap the app button and a blank screen appears.

By Patricia
Jan 16 2021

Just very recently Stocard on my Apple Watch has stopped scanning in coles and Woolworths.

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