Murphy Drive Rewards Reviews

Murphy Drive Rewards Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-12

Murphy USA brings you the best app for savings on the road with deals on gas,
snacks, drinks and more. Rev Up, America! Here’s what you can expect from your
Murphy Drive Rewards app: • Rack up Drive Rewards points with games & Murphy
purchases • Cash in your points for Rewards – like FR...

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Murphy Drive Rewards Reviews

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    Love Rewards Programs!

    I am new to the Murphy Drive App, but so far it appears to be pretty awesome!! I am a single mom with two teenage girls so we appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to save money and earn great rewards. Although like other loyalty programs I have had the privilege of being a member of, without sounding unappreciative, I only wanted to make a suggestion that could possibly make your app even better. I think if there were more opportunities and options to earn rewards, not only just by purchasing specific products that are great deals. I really like the rev game to earn rewards, but several days ago when I originally downloaded the app, of course when I saw it I just had to try it out and since then it hasn’t allowed me to play the game again, I have not read the rules and guidelines regarding this issue but it is possible that it may be on a weekly schedule or something like that. More games and other possible chances to earn more rewards!!! Although even without these suggestions I have already saved money and enjoyed earning these awesome rewards!! Thank you and I suggest everyone download this app today and start saving money!!

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    So happy

    I always use the Murphy’s gas station for many reasons ! It’s super close to my home and my local Walmart which I go to about every other day ! I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado which I fill up quite often, I also have a 2009 Yamaha R6 (Motorcycle) that I ride A LOT ! So it’s nice to be able to use my rewards to get cheaper gas ! I believe Murphy’s gas station has the lowest prices on gas and cigarettes in my area ! Even with out the discounts or coupons, the cigarettes are cheap . It’s even better when I do get coupons for my cigarettes because it’s mostly $1.00-$1.50 off and they normally have a two pack special so it’s like a double savings for me ! The employees are awesome, and are always reminding me to put my phone number in so I can earn my points ! I always recommend the Murphy’s gas station ! They just have too many great deals , and I’ve never had an unpleasant experience with the employees or the gas station !

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    Getting there

    Maybe I’m just not the best at reading all of the instructions before starting something... I really don’t fully remember if there were many instructions that were listed so I can’t comment on the start up. I was in the heat of the moment at the gas pump and just signed up on the screen. Maybe a week later I remembered I did and so I downloaded the app. I probably rushed through it when I downloaded it, but here we are about a month later and I love it! I didn’t realize the “Rev up” feature until today so I’ve probably missed out. I also didn’t realize I was to answer questions to get points until today. After actually taking a few minutes to understand the app, I realized it’s super simple and easy to use! So again, I love it!

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    What a joke!

    I frequent Murphy’s 4 times a week. I travel 100 miles daily to and from work. In doing so as you can guess I purchase gas frequently and others items as well. I was completely excited about downloading the app and seeing where I could save my HARD EARNED MONEY. To much dismay from reading the reviews you are restricted to saving money on only 15 gallons of gas....REALLY?! This is a complete joke. This equates to a savings of $1.50 for every 100 gallons of gas purchased. I m better off going to the competition who has gas for 2 cents cheaper. Not only would you loose me as a gas customer but also purchasing food and drink items as well. The overall savings is not cost effective at all. I personally work hard for my money and am a very conscience shopper. Therefore I would advise Murphy’s to re-evaluate the incentives in using this program. The rate of return is worse than interest rates on a saving account from a bank. I don’t see myself using this app any longer after reading “the terms and RESTRICTIONS “. Good luck with keeping your customers loyal and interested.

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    Doesn’t work!!!!!

    I downloaded my app did the Survey about me and my purchases had drive deals and over 200 points I went to my Murphy’s store to purchase gas and cigarettes the only things I purchase from Murphy’s I prepaid my pump for 45$ and bought a carton on cigarettes go to pump gas and at 15 gallons which was 36$ it shut off and told me to hang it up wasn’t full went inside they didn’t have a clue why or what happened but it used all my points and I didn’t receive points for any of my purchase went 2 weeks later for another carton asked to use the coupon that was in my drive deal which wasn’t used last time which was about to expire she said put in my phone number and it would use it did so and nothing no coupon used and no points when I asked why the manager rudely told me they don’t have control over anything and cigarettes aren’t a part of the point receiving process. WHY??? Not completely understanding why I was asked about my purchases in the survey when you can’t receive points purchasing said items and why did my pump stop at 15 gallons is there a limit to how many gallons you can get??

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    Update - DO THE MATH - 2 cents per point! They cap your savings out at 20 gallons and you use 100 points for a $2.00 savings. Not worth the hassle. Only after I spent a considerable amount of time with the original customer service person AND her supervisor did they still refuse to give me the additional 20 points! Then the developer says contact me by email! Wow - that’s what I want to do, try to fix YOUR ISSUE with 3 different people. I AM DONE WITH MURPHYS AND WALMART! All over 40 cents. Lol. Thought I was going to get 40 points for buying the “Deals” listed in the app. Even though I entered my phone number I received nothing! It gets better.... I called Murphy customer service to learn I had to select the deal before purchasing it. They offered to split the points at 20 points. I asked for a supervisor and she held her ground shorting me the additional 20 points. I could not believe that we were at odds over 20 points (Worth 2 cents each). So - for FORTY CENTS they lost a customer. Wish the app would have been clearer. Good bye Murphy! I’m used to customer service level of Apple and Starbucks!

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    Months Now & Still can’t log in even after reporting problem!!

    So, would think that after months of waiting for this to be fixed, SOMETHING would have been done, would have been notified that they are trying to resolve problems but nothing. Did the first review below, for the “Sorry about your problem, please call” - Dear John response. Called - having to research the issue, called again & gave ticket # regarding problem - still not resolved and was told there have been a lot of problems with the app. Lovely. Still typing in my number every time I purchase anything at a Murphy location but have NO idea of did I get credit for points or current point balance or even get to earn points using system questions. At this point just feel no one cares, app is worthless and shouldn’t even be offered. Thought this would be a great app since I shop a lot but NOPE! Got to log in initially, earned points - used them on next purchase and NOW - EVERY TIME ... “INVALID ZIP - please REENTER”. Very very disappointed in functionality of this app!!

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    Do The Math!

    Be mindful there is a limit for gasoline, 15 gallons! After that, the pump will shut off or it will convert back to the full price of the gasoline. Murphy wants you to put in a lot more than they are willing to allow in savings, which is fine, business is business and businesses have to make a profit. However, gas stations make very little (to nothing) of gasoline sales, so why cut the consumer off at 15 gallons? I have also found that the app will show a particular item has a sale and it be bogus at the store. The “Rev Up’s” on the app never give you more than 15, maybe 20 if you’re lucky. I have gotten 5 for the past 2 months. So 8 times in a row, 20 “Rev Up” points in a month. That’s shameful. The only reason I’m keeping this app is that it does really well when traveling and needing to know where the next Murphy is and how much that stations gas price is. Other than that, this app needs to increase its incentives to match those of Murphy’s competitors.

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    Most apps “promise” you will receive rewards....eventually. Not so with the Murphy Drive Rewards App!! I downloaded the app, and every time I purchase gas or anything at Murphy, I just enter my mobile #on the key pad. I accumulate points quickly. I used points recently to receive $0.20/gallon off of gas. Have saved a lot more in the past!! Also great for checking app for closest Murphy station, as well as the great deals I can earn extra points on or cash in my points for free items. I recommended to all friends & relatives to download & use app. You have to purchase gas, why not get Rewards? Plus, can earn extra points weekly on the app by “RevvingUp”. I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone & everyone!!❤️❤️

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    Drive Rewards

    I enjoy the Murphy’s app we could get to rev up more often being that we are only getting points towards how many gallons of fuel we get instead of how much we pay for the gas. Our other purchases should be included with the rewards instead of the ones given to us because some of the ones that are given to us we hardly ever use but we enjoy the app it would be better if we could get more than 3 cents off per one hundred points because it takes along time to obtain the hundred points and the step on the gas wheel could at least give us more than 5+ more often thanks for your time have a blessed rest of your week!

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    App issues

    I have been trying to use my app since this started and I am unable to.. went to the store today and she told me that Monday is a day I can earn 15 points with the app but when I try to sign in it will tell me unable to authenticate error retry.. so I go out and do it again and it gives me the same error... I deleted it off my phone and download it again and it gives me the same error... Well I said one more time and I downloaded it again and it worked fine his time, let's see how long this will last.. hopefully for awhile because I believe this new points system is a great idea I just want to see my points and have a good experience..

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    Very Happy

    I’m a regular at my Murphy’s and I’m in there every few days. I read a lot of bad reviews or people just complaining for nothing. I’ve have always gotten my gas and cigs from you because you are always cheaper and I really appreciate that!! As for the rewards I do feel a little cheated because we don’t get but 1 point per pack of cigarettes and I know it’s a Lil more if I bought a carton but I spend more because I buy 2 different kinds and buy them about every 3 days. Which is on me. I just wished we received more points per pack but I’m thankful for being able to save on my gas. And I do realize this is something your doing for your customers! Thank you

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    Fort Wayne Indiana Lima road

    First I want to say that I really enjoy using this app . Months ago their wasn’t a app so I was not getting points for anything so this is a plus . But most importantly is the man that works the gas station that I see almost daily . He is so kind and sweet . He told me about the rewards and helped me sign up and every time I come in he tells me to enter my number with a smile :) I’ve gotten free Red Bull’s and free snacks drinks and energy shots . I like the rewards like I said months ago their wasn’t any so this is definitely a perk . But wanted to also give the man that works there a good review because he’s a very sweet man . We need more people like him in this difficult world !

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    Stolen Points

    Ok so I downloaded this app to trying save some money I have been slowly purchasing items and fueling up, trying to get to the hundred points. Once I was there someone stole my points and unfortunately I was never notified by the app of my redemption that I had supposedly done, now I’m out 100 points and I feel like just uninstalling. The app shows me what location I did the redemption at supposedly but I didn’t visit that location at all in fact I had visited the nearest Murphy to me that same day. It’s very upsetting that there is no way of stopping somebody from redeeming my points at the pump.

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    It’s good

    The app used to only give you five or 10 points per spin but now they made it a lot better, around 25 points each spin. Their so called deals are pretty bad, you might save a dollar. The other one they do is you get points for spending more money on the merchandise then the gas which doesn’t really make any sense. You need to be able to favorite locations, and check prices in multiple areas not just one. Create more surveys that are simple that people can fill out for extra points. I do not, and I do not mean the fake surveys that lead to more surveys collecting email and passwords. There should be legitimate surveys that grant you simple points. This would be an amazing boost to the app because then there would be another reason to come by on the app rather than just getting gas. Overall overall functionality of the app is well executed and simple to navigate.

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Is Murphy Drive Rewards Safe?

Yes. Murphy Drive Rewards is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 314,858 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Murphy Drive Rewards Is 22.6/100.

Is Murphy Drive Rewards Legit?

Yes. Murphy Drive Rewards is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 314,858 Murphy Drive Rewards User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Murphy Drive Rewards Is 22.6/100.

Is Murphy Drive Rewards not working?

Murphy Drive Rewards works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Regina Tuskey
Apr 08 2021

How are the Rev Up points decided? The app calls I can get "up to 20 points", but I swear I only ever get 5 or 10. This morning I was at a Murphy ready to get gas & had 93 points - checked to see if I had done Rev Up this week & I hadn't. So I did, obviously hoping for 10, & OF COURSE I got 5. Disappointing & a bit irritating.

By CindyF
Apr 05 2021

I had 227 points when I went to put gas in my car ! I checked my points the following day and only had 37 ! It only took 9 gallons to fill it up and i thought they were only suppose to use 100 points!

By Stacy A Hamilton
Mar 27 2021

Unable to open App now for 2 wks.

By Debra Howard
Mar 11 2021

Everytime I try to redeem points the store says the rewards program is down.

By Anthony Anderson
Feb 28 2021

It wont even load for me the app just crashes

By R.G
Jan 20 2021

I had 200 fuel points añd when I paid for my gas inside I told her I also want to use my points then later on I noticed the 200 missing. I thought you only need 100 to get fuel discount.

By Michael L. Johnson
Dec 11 2020

My Murphy's app is not working.Everytime I input my zip code,it gives me an error saying invalid zip code.

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