Volvo On Call Reviews

Volvo On Call Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-26

The official Volvo On Call app allows you to access your vehicle from your
iPhone. This requires a vehicle from model year 2012 (North America requires
model year 2015.5) that is equipped with a Volvo on Call Telematics unit. If
your vehicle fulfills these requirements you will, dependin...

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Volvo On Call Reviews

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    I love this app!!!!

    this app can do so much! I was not expecting to be able to start my car without getting something installed by the manufacture. I was totally prepared to do that until the dealer informed me that all I would have to do is download the app and sign up for a membership. Actually the membership came free for the first couple years with this car! I was so pleasantly surprised. But even more pleasantly surprised by the functionality of that. I agree with Philip you about the things that the app should be doing like accessing the cameras when the car is off, however what it does do now is absolutely fabulous! I love that I can unlock the car and lock the car from wherever I am. I love that I can start the car! I love the pre-conditioning feature because in the summertime I’d rather do that then start the car. End it really does cool the car down versus turning it on and using the AC. I love the map feature and I love that I can switch cars between other members of my family. My mom always forgets to start her car before she leaves the house and now I can start her car and mine because were both in the same family and both have a Volvo! I could go on and on. The app is worth this high car payment, i feel like i am really getting my monies worth.😊

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    Unlock door notifications does not work

    This feature worked when I was under the free trial. But when I paid for a year membership, it stopped working. I took my XC60 to the dealership per the advice from Volvo On Call representative. The two people I talked with could not resolve my issue. So they advised me to take it to the dealership. The dealership could not resolve it because it is an app from Volvo. I was lost for words. When the “Volvo On Call Service Required” message came on, I pushed the call button from the car. I was instructed to go to the dealership for a software update. Again the dealership did not know about the update. It was finally done. I was praying it would correct my notifications issue. Well it did not. It makes me wonder why I am paying for a non-service App. I was instructed to delete the app and reload. Still does not work. I love my XC60, but the lock/unlock notification was a plus for me. When I have to take my husband to the doctor/hospital I have to valet my car sometimes. The drivers do not always lock the car. This is a helpful notification. I forget sometimes to check the app to make sure it is locked. So the reminder is very helpful when it was working.

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    Good app

    Overall, this app is good. It's nice that for the 2018 model year, this service is included free for four years. The remote start and preconditioning feature for plugin hybrids is really nice. I use it a lot in the winter. The driving journal feature is nice as is calendar integration and the Apple Maps share extension for sending destinations to the in car navigation system. Siri control is neat but limitations from Apple are frustrating. Apple should add support for remote start and preconditioning. It seems Volvo has implemented every other command that Apple allows Siri to perform. I wish there was a way to activate cameras remotely. Along with this, I wish there was a way cameras could be triggered (proximity sensors) to record footage to an attached hard drive and be accessed by this app. But there are probably hardware limitations in the vehicle that prevent this. One persistent problem is that setting timers for the aforementioned hybrid preconditioning feature is not super reliable with several attempts often needed. Setting the timer in the vehicle is reliable so it's not a huge deal but it still needs to be fixed. Also, for some reason my app is set to use British English instead of American English for some things. So, I see a petrol level instead of gas. Again, not a big deal but I know that others see the American English labels so this should be fixed or at least user configurable.

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    Volvo keeps releasing new versions to hide the bad reviews

    The only useful feature in this app would be the remote start. I say “would be” because it doesn't really work consistently. I have an xc90 T8. With that vehicle, there are 2 remote start versions. When it is plugged in, it isn't really a remote start. It is "preconditioning" and it almost never works. This may not seem like a big deal but on a cold day of the battery isn’t preconditioned, it might as well not be there. There is virtually no electric range with a cold battery and temperatures in the 30F range. The actual remote start is nice but could have been accomplished with a remote and no app. Paying nearly $15/month to use equipment I own is beyond frustrating. All of the other features of this app can be done just as well (or better) with free apps. If you're considering buying a Volvo because it's a "connected" car, think again. There's plenty of good reasons to buy a Volvo, but this app isn’t one of them.

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    The problem is in the car...

    It seems that the problems is largely related to the car having trouble connecting to the network. Therefore since functionality of the app depends on it then the app, which already can use improvements, gets low rated. 1. Cannot configure notifications. I want to have options on what I get notified for, when and the sound. Now it is all or nothing. For example, car unlocked is random and I get notified multiple times. Yet check engine light when on and app still said “everything looks good”. 2. It often cannot connect to the car. Whether to send directions or starting the car. This I looks like network issue. 3. The setup of connecting the car via phone, via car modem, or wifi is very confusing. There are no clear instructions or documentation on that. I connect to anything other than car modem, nothing works - seems that while VOC/app is now free, they want you to subscribe to ATT...

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    Buyer Beware

    If you purchase this app, be aware that Volvo may choose not to refund your money in the event that your subscription is still active but you do not purchase an additional Volvo. That stipulation is in the Terms and Agreements policy you must review when purchasing the app; however, I somehow overlooked that important detail. When I renewed my Volvo on Call app in April of 2019, I chose 18 months because it was financially the best subscription. I knew I probably would purchase another vehicle before 3 years was up and at the time I had planned to keep my Volvo for more than a year. I still have not figured out why a luxury vehicle needs an app to remote start a car when most other vehicles have that feature on the key fob. The app is only as good as the cell phone signal or internet access one has on their phone for starting the car. I am glad that I chose not to go with another Volvo considering the run around I am getting.

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    A good start with the app

    A solid app, a few additions would good to have - Lease calculator I am leasing this car and have a limit on the mileage, since you already have the current mileage information, would you add a lease mileage calculator - will show how I am using the car relative to max in my lease. - widget for quick start The iOS widget is pretty good. One of the option I use all the time is to start car remotely (for ventilation). Currently it requires two presses to start the car, would it be possible to have a button at the top layer. Also, may be having iWatch app would be good too. - parked in the garage option I keep the car in the garage and keep doors and windows open. Because if this I receive tons of notification a night about them. This seems to be silly. I understand that is not a simple as it seems. However, this can be a notification configuration option to start with, or can be based on car GPS, etc. - close windows The app sends notifications when windows are open. While there is an option to lock car, it would be good to have an option to close windows and close the panoramic roof shade.

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    After multiple attempts of trying to get this app to function properly, I decided to contact support. The response I got was the following - -“Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Volvo On Call app. When running a new fault tracing which is a diagnostic check, it shows your TEM is asleep. In order to rectify this situation you will need to take your vehicle to an authorized Volvo dealer to do a hard reset.” I have no idea what TEM is. I paid over $200 for this service and when I asked if I could start over again once the situation was rectified or get reimbursed for the 3 months that the app wasn’t working, this was the response that I received - “Unfortunately, the Volvo On Call subscription is non-transferable or refundable once purchased, as stated in your Volvo On Call Subscriber Agreement. Please see the Volvo On Call Terms and Conditions below for the full description. VOC Terms & Conditions We appreciate your taking the time to contact us. Thank you for being a part of the Volvo Family.” If I knew what TEM was and if I knew it was asleep, then maybe I would have woken TEM up when I spent $1000 at my last Volvo service. I definitely don’t feel like a part of the volvo family . This app is not worth the money and not worth the aggravation.

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    Works well with my 2016 XC90

    I happened upon this page while updating the app and was surprised to see middling reviews. I use the app to check fuel levels from home or my desk, lock the doors, get service reminders, and check the location of my car when it’s been parked by valet or I’m out of town. I’ve had occasional carrier (Verizon) issues due to living in a home not designed for cellular service but never a single blip or malfunction with the app or the in car information system and display. I had misgivings about the app and in-car computer at first but I have to say that I’m impressed with the integration and updates so far.

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    Does the job

    Three major drawbacks! I have a 2017 V60cc and I love the app for the most part! I flip people out being able to start my car from my watch! It’s nice to get all the info you get but... 1. EXPENSIVE!!! Cost way too much! I’m still on the free road side on call thing and the app alone cost $150 not to mention the $120 oil changes! That’s $400 a year folks! 2. You get a ton of info, but that slows it down! I wish the developers would offer a “lite” app. Lock&unlock doors, Start&stop, windows are open, gas and maintenance is good! That’s it!!! I gotta wake up and start the car to have it warm/cool by the time I get out there cause the app takes so long to do anything. Going through the watch is even longer! 3. Connect the windows to this thing! If you can tell the sun roof is open, close it no??? For the love of god connect the sunroof power to the windows. I stop, the car auto turns off so I turn off the ignition, the side window still work, the radio is still on, the sunroof is open, but I gotta turn the ignition back on to close it??? Other than those three things I love it!

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    Not useful- I’d rather use a key fob

    I literally only use this all to pre-start my car and make sure it’s locked. All things that come standard with other make key fobs. The app at times logs me out or will not work. For example, today I was out with my 11 month old son and dog. I wanted to run a quick errand since I was near the store but the app would not allow my car to run without the key in it (there have been enough break ins in that shopping area that I would not leave my doors unlocked, especially with my dog left inside. Fortunately I live close enough that I was able to drive my dog back home and then had to drive back to the store (albeit with an increasingly cranky child), but had that happened during a longer trip we would have been out of luck in this heat.

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    No true safety-vehicle can be stolen

    This app seems great at first but fails in the wild. The ability to see where you park, blink lights and honk the horn, lock/unlock and start the engine or internal fans can be handy. However, when it comes to safety like having your car towed or stolen, this app fails horribly and doesn’t update until the vehicle is on. As told by an on call service rep-the location feature ONLY works if the vehicle is on. Recommend to get a separate gps finder for security. Physical Remote also seems to be vulnerable to replay attacks. Additionally. The app NEVER notified that the vehicle was moved or tampered with despite notifications being turned on for both my phone and my wife’s iPhone.

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    Much more stable but very little being done to make it better.

    This app was the pits in 2017. It is gotten much more stable; however, very little functionality has been added in the over two years I’ve been using this app. It seems the app is a very low priority. I wish Volvo would at least update the app to work with the latest Apple Watch. It was very convenient to start car from watch face. Complications on the latest watch faces do not work. I also do not understand why remote start does not work with the latest smart home devices like Alexa. The app also asks me to sign in way too much.

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    Constant error alerts when there are no errors

    If you use remote start when you open your car the car turns off. This is a safety feature. I think it’s silly, but I’ve been told there’s no way to fix that. The troubling part is that this app interprets the engine shutting off as an error and it begins to bombard your iPhone and your Apple Watch with error messages saying that your Volvo could not be started. Well, of course that’s incorrect. The Volvo was started and deliberately stopped by the app. What’s worse, the driver has now been distracted by a series of three text messages that Volvo feels like it has to send. Sometimes they don’t come in for several minutes. I’m driving down the road and my phone starts going crazy with error messages. This is awful. The fact that this application is as old as it is and this has not yet been fixed is really troubling! I see that Volvo updates this app frequently with bug fixes it… Why not this one? If you’re only gonna fix one bug, this is it! And stop sending me text messages while I drive. If this gets fixed I will change the review to five stars.

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    Needs some work

    App works well on my iPhone, unless for some reason my car is in “standby” on the app. Unsure what that is, but it will not remote start when it does this. The remote start should run for up to 30 minutes- 15 isn’t enough is very cold weather. Maybe this is a safety feature if someone does it in their garage with the door closed? Silly to do, but who knows. This app DOES NOT WORK with my series 5 Apple Watch. Being a doctor, I can’t dig around for my cell phone all the time to start my car. My watch is always on. I wish the car would start/work at all with my Apple Watch that has cellular. Please fix this.

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Is Volvo On Call Safe?

Yes. Volvo On Call is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 553 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Volvo On Call Is 50.5/100.

Is Volvo On Call Legit?

Yes. Volvo On Call is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 553 Volvo On Call User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Volvo On Call Is 50.5/100.

Is Volvo On Call not working?

Volvo On Call works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Noel Harris
Feb 22 2021

Tried to set this up more than five times and on each occasion it just says connecting and then a couple of minutes later says that it can’t connect. From my experience it simply does not work in any capacity. As a gimmick it sounds great but in the real world so far it’s a waste of space.I’ve done everything the main Volvo dealer suggested which includes logging out of the app logging back into the app deleting the app re-loading the app and still it doesn’t work. The car however, an XC 40 is great but just forget the gimmicks

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