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Rating 4.5/5 | 84 Votes | 2019-12-18

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About: TangoMe is a mobile communications platform.
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States.

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Product Details and Description of Tango - Live Video Broadcasts

Tango is an interactive live-streaming platform for instant communication and new friends. Become a full-time broadcaster, engage with fans, and earn money from your hobby with Tango Live! Meet people from around the world and showcase your talents in a new way. Promote your dancing, play a live game, share a cooking recipe, showcase new music, or show off your singing skills - and exchange gifts from fans for real cash! As a viewer, follow your favorite broadcasters and chat directly. Give gifts to show your support and become a VIP to get special status. Download the app to be in touch with old friends and meet new ones, and earn money sharing your life stories. Simply go live, get fans, and get cash! 5 reasons to join Tango: #Broadcast your life - Show off your talents and hobbies: singing, dancing, cooking, traveling, gaming. - Get fans, receive gifts, earn money. - More viewers = more Popular. Top the leaderboard to become #1! #Watch Live Streams - New and popular broadcasts streaming 24 hours a day. - Watch talented people around the world and chat with them directly! #Follow Broadcasters & Become VIP - Follow your favorite broadcasters and be the first to know when they go live! - Become VIP to get special status #Chat & Message on Live Video - Invite friends to your public or private live video chat. - Create a group video or message chat for group conversations. - Choose masks and other cool filters to have fun. - Send gifts to support your favorite streamers and friends. Cute kitties, nice dogs, hearts, cars, pearls, emojis and other special items! #Personalize your Profile - Share your special stories and promote events on your profile page for all to see! FOLLOW US TO STAY IN TOUCH Facebook: @TangoMe Instagram: @Tango_app Your feedback helps us improve TANGO LIVE. If you have any questions or offers please contact us via [email protected]

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    Thank you

    My dad left me 11 years ago and never came back. I never got to see my other 3 siblings. Because of this app, I can talk to my dad, my brother, and my 2 sisters. Without this app I never would have been able to. Thank you crew members. Without you and you app, I wouldn’t be meeting my dad in a couple of weeks. Or my sisters and brothers in a while. Thank you so much this means the world to me and without this wonderful app I never would have known about them. Again thank you so much I thank you with all my heart. This is a true story please read this. When your feeling bad about yourselves and not sure, come look at this comment for self confidence. Look at the miracle you have made happen.

  • By The guy that loves everything

    I’m scared to use

    A friend requested this to me to use for him to call me and stuff. I don’t know if this is an app to call random people or just your contacts or friends. Either way I’m still afraid to use this. I mean I used this before and it was great. Great great app. Now come to think of it, I’m kinda scared to use this app. And I heard one review of people getting naked. And you know me I don’t wanna see people get naked. So that’s why I’m scared to use this app.

  • By Mesanatic

    Apple restricted iOS version It’s 17+ Apple. Wake up

    First, if you complain about your children then you are a poor parent. This is an app for young adults Not for little kids Tango and the Yango community does a great job removing underage users Second, If you are underage do not complain about the content. You do not belong here THIRD: Apple do not restrict my ability to choose. I want to go to private room It is my choice. Not your choice Apple. Apple has blocked access to Private Rooms on iOS devices (iPhones , IPads ) Stupid move Apple. Think about it Private rooms mean broadcast is not visible on preview of public streams. You have to pay to enter. You have to be invited! Access is already restricted!