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Published by on 2023-12-15

About: Tango is a social live community app with over 400 million people around the
world! Every minute, thousands of people are making new connections and building
real friendships. Join the new wave of social communication.

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 50 Comments

4.5 out of 5

By Arslan

4 months ago


By Fiona Power

5 months ago

Tango is refusing to allow me to withdraw the $1000 I have made streaming on the app. They claim one of my biggest gifters has failed to confirm his account. I have been trying for 6 weeks now and they deny me every time with redeem code 101. They tell me I need to stream more and receive more gifts in order for them to take a look at my account. They NEVER contact me to actually help me with this issue, and I refuse to continue to stream and earn money I when they have yet to pay me. Please help me!

By muhammed faiz

1 year ago

I did coins recharge 96 dhs cash deducted from bank account.still not yet reach in tango.kindbear-1394, this is my tango app id

By Sachin

1 year ago

Tango is fake my reddem rejected and my tango rating 1 Ohk

By 💋Night queen💋

1 year ago

tango team Someone gave me a gift of 80 thousand, since then my diamond is not being redemption anybtime rejact please help🙏🙏🙏

By Hardcopy

1 year ago

hardcopy@kotak un block my id sir please

By Gunja kumari

1 year ago

Redeem demand got rejected even after a week in please help

By حمودي الكردي

1 year ago

تم تعليق حسابي دون سبب دون ان اخالف قواعد تانكو هناك شخص يستخدم اكثر من ملف ويقوم يبلاغ عن ملفي والان تم ايقاف حسابي ممكن فك تعليق وايعاده تنشيط حسابي

By Shzadi

2 years ago

My id nem shzadi please unlock my account


2 years ago

Please need you to help me unlink the payoneer account and link new tango account does not allow me to help please 😭😭

By mohammad riyaz

2 years ago

Dear sir or Madam I have an issue with tango live streaming. I have a 175rupees Indian money I put in a tango account but in my bank debited to my account but in the tango account still not showing my money. still showing that 0 balance. Please update my balance as soon as possible. I attached what was debited from my bank account. my mobile number is +97455026497 and my tango account name mohammad riyaz.

By Thakudu vava

2 years ago

Devu lachu kerala women pls warning... But iam complient police

By 💋two girl show in 39💋

2 years ago

Sir, my account has been suspended, while I saw the photo in tango chat, there was no negative action in it, please me. tell me what was the reason pliz unsuspended my account

By Ahsan ali

2 years ago

My phone is iphone 6 tango live my phone not dawnload

By michael slane

2 years ago

people person pleaser

By Tony

2 years ago

فيديوهات البث المباشر لا تفتح

By Tómas Jónsson

2 years ago

I was looking for a price of a gift that one girl ask me to send she. As I was looking for this gift, accidently sent a gift. It was a big gift. I was NEVER going to send this kind of gift. So I started to try to get my gift back. Customers support in Tango is not good. Can someone help. Thank you.

By Mary Rose

2 years ago

I have complain about this Broadcaster Cali Love from the Philippines, she is a hooter and keep showing my husband her bare skin with sexual intent always asking my husband money to send her thru Remitly and Western union.This is not ok and inaapproriate business dealings. I want her account blocked because she doesnt follow the rules of Tango Live show app.She is ruining many marital relationship.I know this is not the goal and purpose of Tango Live show app.

By 2 girl show 39 me

2 years ago

Dear mem & sir I sent a redeemption request after 7 days but still got rejected 5 time castmar support request but not any help

By Puja bhabhi

2 years ago

Dear sir my real id has been suspend my redeem dimand 29000 redeem vest pliz help me unsuspended my I'd thanku 😭😭😭😭😭

By Bangali bhabhi

2 years ago

Dear sir my real idb redeem dimand rejact 2 time pliz help soon

By Bangali bhabhi

2 years ago

Dear sir My redeem dimand 3 time rejact sir pliz help me

By Melek

2 years ago

Ben tangoda yayinciyim paramı çıkamıyorum reddedildi 4 defa neden Müşteri destek bu soruya cevap vermiyor 100bin koinsim kaldı çıkamıyorum bedavaya mi çalıştım lütfen bu sorunu çözün benim gibi çok kişi var mağduruz 😡

By Shathi

2 years ago

I have been doing this job for a long time and why is it so important to be silent? Please disconnect the account for my mistake. I work from bangladesh and i need everything i move on top of this job please give me back this account like last time i apologize to them give me one last chance i will never get last chance to get me back in account Give it to me

By prasad

2 years ago

i sent a date night gift and a bouguet gift both cost around 16000 rupees that is almost 300 canadian dollars. the user didnt recieved the gift yet please get back to me.

By Deepak Singh

2 years ago

I want to say that... Is there any guidelines are having.... To Broadcaster....actually I have seen that.... Broadcaster uses... Sexual Words to earn money... And the impact of this thing on society getting wrong. I have one question.... Is there any voice filter also having in the tango guidelines system.... Or how you manage this things. And How we will report them

By Kapil bisht

2 years ago

Tango bolcked my device please help my account not login

By Mddelowarem@gmailcom

2 years ago

Tango mabbar

By Barsa khanal

2 years ago

My redeem request rejected..3times..reply me what can I do😡😡

By Rajesh

3 years ago

In my mobile tango app not installing it shows your mobile blocked so please solve the problem

By Shzadi

3 years ago

Why our diamond is rajcet

By Елена

3 years ago

Количество подписок не соответствует действительности! Ошибочка на около петиста человек!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Sweet kitty 🐈

3 years ago

Sir/ mam my problem is about my redemption.i redem march 21 until now is pending what happen? Can you sitle my coin redemtion🙏thank you

By Naughty girl

3 years ago

Why can't I access the tango app from my mobile phone?

By Parminder

3 years ago

Have a problem with Tango app


3 years ago

Reject diamond to redeem

By Filiz

3 years ago

dear tango team I have been having problems with my account for a long time. I am a tango publisher. my request to withdraw cash in the account is denied. I contacted you because the manager of the agency I am affiliated with in the tango application is not interested in the issue. Help me. My tango profile

By Jay free

3 years ago

How do i get a hold of a customer service representative so i can recieve my coins

By Otis Gold

3 years ago

Some how I have two accounts and it shouldnot be no one has reached out to me to resolve this issue. Ive email and email nobody is responding.

By Saiyed

3 years ago

Dear sir Maine 75 ka recharge kiya but mujhe coain nhi mila 😡😤😡😡😡 why plz solve my problem

By Sahil

3 years ago

The broadcaster 3 somes full mastiii was rudely behaved and looting. She conceived my coins for the show and makes makes me waited for a long time since. Later they didnt send me the link and came back for the live broadcasting and bargaining coins from clients again. When i asked about this immediately they blocked my broadcast. They never even replied or listen to my words in inbox. I want my coins back and I plead justice to take proper action against these money looters for grabbing coins and spoiled my valuable hours of time

By Geovany rubio

3 years ago

Mi cuenta de tango está suspendida Talvez por algo que yo no hise Poruq ni cuenta me doy Poruq fue que me la suspendieron será que me la pueden restaurar por favor gracias

By Kiran

3 years ago

The broadcaster Sangeetha was rudely behaved and looting. She conceived my coins for the show and makes makes me waited for a long time since. Later they didnt send me the link and came back for the live broadcasting and bargaining coins from clients again. When i asked about this immediately they blocked my broadcast. They never even replied or listen to my words in inbox. I want my coins back and I plead justice to take proper action against these money looters for grabbing coins and spoiled my valuable hours of time

By chut ka raja

3 years ago

I have paid 75 rupees for coins.. But coins are not came.. It's not showing in my app Please I want coins or my 75 rupees Thank you

By Dominic

3 years ago

Already make payment, but not received the coins, thank you Oder number: GPA. 3334-5481-4956-20351 Oder date: 9 Dec 2020 17:09:09 GMT+8 1050 Coins Tango Total payment : RM 45.99

By Night king

3 years ago

I have paid 1599 rupees for coins.. But coins are not came.. It's not showing in my app Please I want coins or my 1599 rupees Thank you

By Munavath Harikrishna

3 years ago

I have paid 19 rupees for coins.. But coins are not came.. It's not showing in my app Please I want coins or my 19 rupees Thank you

By D. J. Djay Touch M. D.

Bug’s, Bug‘s, Bug’s!

I have always liked this app because of the fact you can play games with friends, family and love ones! It is so sad to see that this app has so many bugs in it now… When I receive calls I cannot answer because the talk button does not appear, I had issues with the microphones, Sometimes the video is lagging and it is not because of a Wi-Fi issue it’s just leggy and choppy, sometimes the app crashes and drops calls, etc., etc., etc.! And for anyone who is curious I am on an iPad Pro 12.9/ first generation. The experience on this device is horrible now! I don’t know if it’s because of a bad update or because of iOS 12 but this issue needs to be addressed and fixed immediately!!! One of my main reasons for being dedicated to Apple is because of the smoothness and fluidity of its apps and this one right here as well as countless others makes me feeling bad about being such a loyal customer for the quality of such Apps! Let’s get it right ladies… SMH!

By ello m8te

Did not like it

I signed up with Facebook and have a picture of my mom and I as my profile photo. I used to have this app so that I could face time my parents ( they are divorced) whole I was away or at the others house. We could play games while talking and do other stuff like that, but I got into the app for not even a minute when some old guy started to send me weird messages hat were directed towards my mom! The man thought it was my moms account and I was insanely creeped out! And he was hitting on me thinking it was my mom. I couldn’t block him and I had to Change my profile just so he would leave me alone. He worst part was he is 45 and my profile says that my age is 22! (It’s not) which is even more gross. I couldn’t do anything to make I’m go away and now the app is much worse than it was a few years ago. I don’t recommend it and I hate how it’s changed over the years. I miss the old app where you could only face time your contacts and talk to your friends

By andrewstran

I dont like the new version

Tango cannot automatic update new version without my acceptance. Last night they updated new version while I was sleeping without notices. And for the new version I cannot post my articles or read my friends’s article posts. I cannot go into my homepage or my friends homepages. New version only allow people have private chat, calls, mostly they focus on people like livestream videos, broadcasting, following people, singing or trying to making money on tango, waiting for people give them gifts. How about the others people like us, we just want to trade more knowledgeable and news or communicating with friends that we trusted? Why they took all our choice to choose. When I tried to contact them, there is no phone number for customer service or supportive, no email to write. If you’re aware to loose all your timelines memories, don’t update the new one

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