Square Appointments Reviews

Square Appointments Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Square Appointments is an all-in-one solution for booking and scheduling
appointments, sending reminders and accepting payments. It has everything you
need to run your business from anywhere: online booking that’s easy for you
and your customers, a point of sale that tracks customer det...

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Love it!

I operate a very small business that is just me helping clients with different technology needs. I looked at Square Appointments before, but the monthly fee was too big for me to justify it for the size of and amount of business I was doing. When I found out that Square was offering appointments for free for individuals, I jumped on the opportunity. Changed my invoicing from something else to Square and have been using the appointments. I absolutely love how I can sync my Google Calendar with appointments and can set my hours. This makes it so easy for clients to pick a time to schedule with me. I also really like how Square sends my clients reminders and allows me to easily send the receipts after they pay for services. This makes my job so much easier. Additionally, when I provide remote support, having the ability for them to pay an invoice directly through Square is really great. Yes, there are some processing fees with that, but they are well worth it considering how much easier it makes things for me! Also, I am really happy that square allows me to select multiple payment methods including options that are not credit. I can easily select cash or check if that is how my clients want to pay. Keep up the good work, Square! SquareAppointments has made operating my business so much easier and it makes my operations look even more professional!


Dates and Time is not working properly

SquareAppointments changes the time. I entered 11 am and it changed it to 12 am and my client just sent me a text stating it says 12 am. I also have attempted to do 30 minute appointments and it’s been changing it to whatever minutes it wants. So if I want 11:30 it changes it to 11:21 and it’s a challenge to bring it to 11:30 am. And that’s if after several tries changing it to 11:30 am and not pm as well. Because it does that too. Keeps it on pm or am even though you want the opposite. If you are not super careful it changes it to whatever day, time it wants even after I have clicked on the calendar to that specific day. I like all the other features and I did have an issue from the get go on it switching the date on me when I specifically clicked on the calendar for that date however it is pretty easy beyond all the above mentioned issues. The customer Service and marketing people are super nice and very helpful. I just wanted to report this issue because when a client texts me and states her appointment is incorrect it makes me look bad. When I know I try to fix issues on the time all the time. It never just works even once. I have to constantly fix it.


Good but not great...yet!

I’m a massage therapist and I just started my own business. One the biggest challenges that I’ve run into is client booking and then not showing up and me losing out on sales. SquareAppointments helps with that. It can be made so clients have to put a card on file in order to book and hold a session for a reserved day and time, keeping the not so serious clients from wasting your time and charging a free for no shows with a cancellation policy. But, clients also have the option to remove their cars right after they book making the process unhelpful. I manually cancel sessions when clients remove their card from a reservation. I wish SquareAppointments did that automatically. Also, SquareAppointments doesn’t allow you to effective space out time between each session. Instead he had to add additional time on the back end of each session to create a time buffer between each session. That then makes the last time slot for your day unbookable but open for booking on your day bc the once 60min session that was intended to fit into your 60min slot that the client seeing the match in time but not the hidden additional time you added to the back end. So now your 90min won’t fit in the 60min slot you created for it.


Love it but it could use a little help

I have been using Square for about 10 years. I love it. I love the ease of processing payments and scheduling appointments. Love the appointment confirmations and reminders. What I don’t love is how convoluted the contacts are. Every time a client uses a different card for payment, a new customer profile is created for them. Many of my clients have several profiles but only one is needed or necessary. As I try to delete these extra profiles, let’s say I’m deleting customers (speaking of customers, let’s call them clients, more professional) and I’m deleting in the “K” section of the alphabet. As I delete each customer, I am each time taken back to the beginning of the alphabet so that I am forced to scroll back to the “K”’s in order to delete the next customer profile that square created ad nauseum. Square, this should be an easy fix! Please help make your app amazing.


Love it but want a little more

I love SquareAppointments for my appointments. I am a hair stylist and I was looking for something that would help me keep track of clients appointments. I like that my personal calendar blocks out time in my appointments app so I don’t have to go back and forth to make sure people don’t book that time. I also like the the option for variations so I can off the same service but with tweaked prices for slight differences. I do have an issue with no-shows. I don’t want to take complete prepayment because I believe payment comes after satisfaction, I also have people who do not want to keep their card “on file.” Many carry cash or utilize cashapp as their method of payment. What I would recommend is a deposit option that can be placed on specific services of my choosing and that I can change the amount of the deposit for each service. Then it could give me a “deposit paid” button and I can input that amount and it be subtracted from the total service amount upon their arrival. Eg. braids are $100, I ask $25 deposit. On Monday, she cashapps me $25 and I mark her deposit as paid. After I service her on Friday, appointments app will show her remaining amount due to be $75.



I REALLY want to like SquareAppointments. Up until a couple days ago I was using Gloss Genius, but I would like a few more options for the price. I thought Square was my answer. Everything was all good until I added “modifiers.” At first, I LOVED them! Until they weren’t there to love anymore! About 24 hours after I added them, they were either not visible to the customer, not visible to me, or (my favorite part 😩) gone completely! If I view Square Appointments from my laptop, I can see all the modifiers, but still can’t use them. They seem to only disappear from my cell phone app. Customer service isn’t as available as I would like it to be. Call me old fashioned but if I click contact support and a text box comes up, I like to speak/text with a human, not an automated system that can’t answer my questions but is pretty efficient in giving me the runaround.🤷‍♀️ If I could get this problem fixed (which by the way didn’t start happening until after they did an update today 🤔) I wouldn’t be reconsidering going back to Gloss Genius. Only other super small downside, it doesn’t allow you to upload your own contracts. But you can upload a file to your clients existing profile which I think is pretty awesome.


All services don’t post on the online sight making it hard to charge customers correctly

SquareAppointments was great in the beginning it was easy to input my information as a new business owner but when it came time to link my Facebook with Instagram that’s when the trouble started. I wanted to add the “book” button on my Instagram and when I tried to link the square support to the button it gave a message saying that a new Facebook manager had to be created in order for the “book” button to work. I did that, linked my accounts, put the square appointment URL in my bio on Instagram and still nothing happened. Also, going back to all services not being listed on square appointments website, I’m not understanding. On my app it lets me put services into categories and make it really easy to navigate, but when it comes to the customers reviewing my services online, they’re not able to see everything I offer and modify their services to attach to the original style. This makes it difficult for me to run a successful business. Can you please offer some help and please fix the issue!


Worst Customer Service Ever

I’m not sure if this is the only way I’ll get an email back or a call back. Yes I know it’s a pandemic and I’ve been really patient for a month but I haven’t received help in OVER a month. All I want to do is get into my account but I can because it’s connected to an old number. I can’t even get in touch with anyone. I’ve put in 4 requests that said they’ll be in contact within 24 hours. Well that was weeks ago. The only company that’s been answering me is Squarespace! I’ll definitely delete my account and every single time someone asks me about using this company or app I will demand that they try another company because obviously they do NOT care about their customers or their business. The fact I have to use a whole different system now is beyond me. SquareAppointments even changed my days off permanently. I use to be off on sundays but it switched it to Monday’s now that’s what everyone sees when they book. Only person that helped me was a Twitter help center agent. But even then they told me to go somewhere else for help. I’m truly livid and never been so disappointed with customer service my entire life because it’s something I take SERIOUSLY ! Never again. And don’t waste your money.


So so

Having difficulty making the appointments app work with different locations. My customer reminders don’t give the appropriate location and some have gone to the wrong place. I have tried to contact square about this and the issue was still not corrected. My intention for getting this service was having some of the communication taken off my hands. But since I still have to verify location with a lot of folks I am disappointed. I don’t like that I cannot use APPOINTMENTS & POINT OF SALE for my other locations. Everything is listed under Om Shanti which isn’t accurate and also effects square capital. Ive tried logging out of SquareAppointments and logging back in under those locations but SquareAppointments tells me I’m not authorized. Frustrating that this is an issue. If I discover that it’s an addl fee to include my other location features I will be even more disappointed. Otherwise SquareAppointments is fine. Checkout, discounts & ease of use is good. I wish I could add a picture I customer profile tho. For massage and spa services some people only come once a year. It would be nice to have a way to remember them.


They broke what didn’t need to be fixed.

I use Square Appointments for periodic visits. As a small, single person business I have to watch cash flow very carefully. Missed appointments and cancellations really hurt. And I don’t charge for visits to our Alpaca ranch so there is no way I will ask someone to enter card information for a free visit with cancellation penalties. Recently Square took away the automatic confirmation from the free level. With Square’s recent change that now wants to charge me $29 a month for the one feature I really needed my rating has gone from 5⭐️to 4⭐️. I now have to take time to send personal texts/emails to my appointments the day before to get a confirmation. This means many cancel with little notice —two yesterday. And some ignore texts from unknown numbers and No-Show—one the day before. I run ALL my sales through Square do they get paid but they have gotten greedy by wanting at least a ridiculous $348 a year for something that was free! Poor choice Square!!!!!!😡😡😡


It’s OK

I was so excited after I began building my website through Square for my business, but it looks like I’m going to have to use an entirely different app for what I need! Square appointments is NOT made for a group class system. I can’t figure out how to double book any of my students and it’s really frustrating for them, and myself, to not have a simple solution for this. I may be switching over to PocketSuite or even Zenplanner because I can’t seem to understand why this is so difficult, along with the fact that Square has about three different apps you have to download in order to get all the basic features of what most other apps have in one for small businesses. Ridiculous. You’re losing me, Square. If I didn’t need the group class/double booking feature, you might have kept me around, but this is madness! Maybe I’m just overlooking something, but every other app is making this a seamless process whereas yours seems more convoluted the deeper in dive in- oh, and there are features you can’t get when in your mobile apps versus your desktop. We are in ancient times.


Need to switch between locations more easily

Just set this up yesterday. I’m a massage therapist and work in 2 locations. I hate that I have to sign out and then back in to change locations. Very inefficient. On the computer I just use the drop down to easily switch but not on my phone. Might be a deal breaker for me. And once people start scheduling themselves maybe it would not be as big of deal but I have a good amount of elderly clients that won’t book themselves but appreciate the text reminders. Or a lot of people just schedule again at their appointment so I want to just put it in quickly. The client part where they book gives them an option to change locations. Why shouldn’t I be able to as well? Also-why can’t I see all of my appointments regardless of the location? Maybe with a different color or something but I want those calendars to be able to merge. Otherwise it seems simple and I like it. But if I can’t toggle back and forth or quickly glance at my week with ALL appointments then it is just another unnecessary step that makes use unlikely. Please change this! I really like it otherwise!


New business and loving this application/service!

I’m a new business owner in charge of my own scheduling completely and wasn’t sure what to use to book appointments. I wanted something that offered a text service to remind clients and offer a way for clients to book online if they choose (I’m a late-night shopper so I’ve always appreciated the 24/7 aspect of doing anything online) and SquareAppointments has not disappointed! My clients love the ability to click a link to add the appointment to their digital calendar, a link to set them up to GPS to my studio, AND the ability for clients to respond back to the auto-texts and me being able to respond back. LOVE IT! I’ve used SpaBiz and Setmore when I worked for a couple other salons and the online booking with Square Appointments is so much easier, straightforward, and pleasing to the eye. I’m impressed and happy I went with Square.


Perfect All-In-One Appointment App

I finally found an all-in-one appointment app for my salon. East to use, sends reminders to clients, sets up recurring appointments for regular clients, not just for every week, bi-weekly or monthly, but can choose every 3 weeks or 5 weeks, etc. and keeps track of clients previous appointments, so I can look back real quick in their file within SquareAppointments of the last time they got a chemical service for when they ask me how long ago they got this or that done. Can take credit card payments. The list goes on and on. Absolutely love it. The only thing I WISH was included is quarterly minutes displayed in between the hour and not just hour to hour. It would really help for scheduling at a quick glance for quarter or half hour appointments. If that was changed, I would have nothing negative to say at all. Thank you for having such an efficient app that was well thought out!



It’s not showing my full schedule of times that I am available for my clients to book their appointments only partial and I have tried going through every option to get it fixed for the longest and i still yet to have it fixed he keep saying I’m booked after a certain time when I’m really not but that’s what it shows on their end and I have went through settings and all to see how it can be corrected and still no luck however it’s a good app I just been having difficulty with this issue for the longest and square assistant team is no help also I have updated my policy with more info but it’s not populating all of the info on my social media so that my clients are aware of the full information about my policy . Other than that everything is good I just been having those 2 issues that I can’t seem to get resolved


Missing a few things. Please fix.

First, for a partially free app, it does the job yet is missing a few things. 1- CANCELLED... the cancellation does not work properly. The space remains occupied or it totally denies my customers from canceling or rescheduling. 2- BOOKING PAGE... the booking page does not allow any changes. Such as, for COVID 19, the business was closed but there was no way to write, “We’re currently closed for quarantine and will reopen as it lifts by order of gov’t”. I had to call each person that booked and repeat the same line to them. 3- BULK TEXTS... if we can send a group message to all listed clients for sudden updates, that would be amazing. 4- CO-WORKERS... my coworkers have SquareAppointments too. But , how can I add my link to their booking page and vice versa in case of vacations or sickness strikes? 5- MULTIPLE FAMILY MEMBERS... I have clients that come 3+ at a time. Please make a way for them to select multiple time slots or services in one booking. 6- 15 MINUTE INTERVALS... all services do not require 30 minutes or 1 full hour. But if some one books a 15 minute service. The other 15 minutes are unavailable to the public. Please fix all of the above. You have taken 100s of my dollars monthly for the last 6 years, it’s time to see my money working harder!!! Please contact me in regard to these tasks.


The card on file/ no show protection is a joke.

This no show cancellation policy Square has is absolutely useless due to the customers are given the option by square, to take off the card that was put on file at any given time after they have made the appointment. This in no way protects us from no show clients. Placing the card on file, when the seller/ business owner request for it, shouldn’t be optional. There are two boxes that you can OPTIONALLY check off when trying to book. The client can still book the appointment without saving their card on file within this feature. Does that make sense? I pay hundreds to thousands paying your fee so that I could have this one feature. I’m researching more options now, because why should I keep paying your fees when you offer me no protection. This needs to be changed! Once you put your card on file, you should not be allowed to take it off unless you cancel that appointment under the cancellation policy provided by that business, they agreed to.


This Handyman is Very Happy!

I love SquareAppointments. I’ve never said that and actually meant it. SquareAppointments takes care of all my appointment needs and has cool features to help notify customers and take payments and all sorts of stuff. I have the Square app, this Square Appointments app, the Square Invoices app and the Square Payroll app. I haven’t use the payroll app yet cuz I don’t have employees to manage but it looks good. I can’t say enough about the other 3 apps. I am overly pleased. They only make money on my card transactions but for a handyman, I usually take cash as payment. But to have this as an option is very helpful. I still use the card reader quite often and just let the customer know that there’s a fee for the transaction. The fees aren’t very bad. I pay the extra percent to get my money immediately. It’s pretty nice. The apps have lots of cool features. I’m very happy.


Great app but I need more

This is great that square has a free booking app for single stylist!! My problem is that I used Vagaro for 3 years prior and got used to the convenience of certain things that I wish square had like... -Jumping forward or backward by weeks. That allowed me to quickly book the next appointment for my client, and look back in a quick manner to see who has not been back. -customizing colors for SquareAppointments and for different appointments. This made glancing at SquareAppointments so much easier to see what was happening that day. -moving appointments by sliding from place to place as a option rather than having to go in and edit the appointments. -very IMPORTANT for me personally, is on vagaro when a appointment reminder is sent, the client CONFIRMS it by pressing a button and the color changes in my app so I know they received there reminder and they have confirmed. That way I am able to check if somebody has not confirmed they might not have seen their text and I can shoot them a text myself. -also on square I had appointment request that I did not see until later because I did not receive a notification. I’m guessing there isn’t one and you have to look for the request. I’ve been using square processing for a long time and was super excited when appointments came out! I gave SquareAppointments a three month try before going back to my other system. I really hope it gets better so I can give it another try!!


Needs Work

I want to switch to square Appointments but SquareAppointments needs work.....why can’t I view in month mode? Only day, week and list available. Why do I have to go to the actual website in order to fix or change different things? And it gives a very long url for me to give to clients so they can access my scheduling site!! Why can’t I change the link to what I want? Please update these things: 1. Ability to make link what I want 2. How I am able to view(month, day, list, ect) 3. Add more functions to SquareAppointments 4. Make it easy to change my schedule day by day if I want. 5. Make it more client friendly, allow me to post pics to client accounts 6. In calendar mode i should be able to tap the time and day and relate an appointment 7. There needs to be a notification tab in SquareAppointments 8. Color coding for different services 9. The sellers community IS NOT HELPFUL please make more buyer and seller friendly 10. Collect Deposits for services


Great tool!

I have really enjoyed using square appointment calendar. It has saved me a lot of time trying to return my clients’ calls. Plus they can schedule at their convenience. And the automatic reminders are wonderful. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars because of two features it is missing. I have several clients who want their appointments to be the first Monday of every month or the 3rd Wednesday of every month and I have to go in and schedule each one separately. It does not have a recurring feature for that option. Also if a client puts a note in the comment section for the appointment, I am not notified so I don’t know their is a comment there unless I go in and bring up each appointment individually (which I rarely do). I usually just look at my calendar as a whole. It should have an asterisk or something on the appointment indicating the client left a note. Other than that, again I really like this program. I have used others and there servers would go down and then I wouldn’t have access to my calendar. I have been using square for around 5 years and that may of happened once, but it is very rare. Square is very reliable. I sometimes have to remember to refresh SquareAppointments on my different devices or it can cause some scheduling conflicts of having two people booked at the same time. That has only happened to me a few times though and it fortunately has worked itself out in most of these situations. I don’t know if that is the apps problem or my user error problem.


Great App!

Love! Love SquareAppointments!!! It has helped my business sooooo much!!! Love the checkout under a customer speeds up time instead having to make a ticket!!! THANK YOU!!! Is it possible to put an option for customers who book online to have that option as well? For example, when I book an appointment for the customer, I can check them out at the end of their service. However, when a customer books online, I have to create a ticket to check them out. Understandable cart cannot be edited after their pre-Payment, I like that feature because it protects my business and the client. I’ve found I can add a service after that, which that cannot be edited either after I have added, but is there a way to add a service and still check them out just like if I booked the appointment for them instead of creating a ticket for their balance when checking them out? Creating tickets I’ve found to be quite time consuming for my business being I am a one band man.


Great Scheduling App for Appt Reminders

SquareAppointments works great at sending automated reminders to patients/clients. It sends the reminder 1 hour before the appt time. I wish it sent it 24 ahead and 1 hour ahead because 1 hour isn’t enough notice if someone has actually forgotten about the appt. It would also be nice to be able to change the provider name instead of it having to match the existing square account name. Sometimes, the name on the square account doesn’t match what you want to send to patients/clients because it’s missing the “Dr” or other prefix. Take note, it addresses the recipient in whatever name you have them saved in your phone as when it texts them. Thank goodness I sent a practice text to my mom and learned this before using it with patients. It would be nice to be able to make that customized name change. Hopefully these are changes that square will make to SquareAppointments in the future.


Near perfect, with one glaring omission

I’ve been using Square for payments for several years now, but have always hesitated to integrate their appointment management with the payments. A couple months ago I changed that, and started using Appointments full-time. I have to say as an all in one app for payments and appointments, it is near perfect. The one fatal flaw to it is their complete lack of support for package management. You can certainly sell a package of massage sessions, for instance, but there is no easy way to track their redemption. No way to easily tell your customer how many they’ve used or how many they have remaining. Every other scheduling service out there has this feature and it’s lack with Square Appointments is keeping it from being a major contender. Fix this omission, Square, and you have yourself a 5-Star app!


Almost there

Square appointments has the potential to completely save SO much time for me and my business but there are a few obvious features I am shocked it does not have. 1. A notifications center on the backend. I would like to have a place where I can see new activity (New requested appointments waiting my approval, New messages, etc.) 2. Making the "appointment notes" section in the form clients fill out to have the ability to change from "optional" to "required". We are limited in the types of appointments we can hold and we have to have our clients tell us what their rental entails. 3. Being able to add tax onto services and not just items. 4. Allowing clients to add on items to their selected service so that they can be charged all at once when they book. (We are a photography studio and have hourly rentals as our "services", we need to be able to have clients add on additional equipment rental "items" such as paper rolls upon booking and have it pre paid because sending a separate invoice for a paper roll after they have already paid is frustrating. 5. If there was a "recently declined" page or something. If we decline an appointment by accident, It doesn't archive that appointment/customers info so that we can bring it back up and fix it. The design and so many of the features are so amazing and would be close to perfect if these super simple changes were made!


Awesome scheduling app! So helpful!

I love SquareAppointments, it has help me with my music studio. I no longer have to worry about reminding students, SquareAppointments will automatically text or email reminders depending on the settings you choose. The text settings are very limited, but the email settings have a lot of variation. It has a very clean and concise layout, and it’s so easy to see my schedule. You can Even write notes about your clients and about the appointments so that way you are always on track. If you use Square you can also charge clients with it, I honestly used it very little for charging my students, but I can still use it perfectly without charging, you don’t have to charge clients at the end. I love it, and I am so happy and grateful that it’s free!!! That’s the best part!


Pros are obvious with a few cons

I think this has many great, well-thought-out features and it’s great in its current form. I’m surprised by all the consideration given to SquareAppointments/software. A few things I wish would be available are specific to my business as a hairstylist. (1) I wish I could see client notes on each appointment in calendar view. I know how to find it, but I have to dig and I think it could be more easily stream-lined. (2) I also wish there was a way to easily jump forward in the calendar by a specific number of weeks to easily pre-book client for their next appointments. (3) I wish I could easily click and drag appointments to a new time slot without editing the appointment itself: click & drag. (4) I wish the software would integrate with Cash App so I could accept payments via mobile transfer and still have it reflect in my reports.


Easy to use but would be even better if...

I’m only giving this a 4/5 star because I wish SquareAppointments would allow calendar syncing directly to my iPhone’s calendar the way they have it available for Google calendar. I don’t use Google calendar because I’m able to sync my full-time work schedule onto my iPhone’s calendar (enabled through a payroll/work schedule app). Two more suggestions that I believe would totally improve SquareAppointments would be a confirmation button for the client in their reminder emails so we can know to still expect them and then a “thank you, please rate your experience, etc” follow-up email to the client like other appointment apps. Other than these suggestions, I appreciate how seamless SquareAppointments works with adding new appointments, importing contacts, sales reports, etc.! I hope Square can incorporate these suggestions soon!

Is Square Appointments Safe?

Yes. Square Appointments is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 130,067 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Square Appointments Is 23.4/100.

Is Square Appointments Legit?

Yes. Square Appointments is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 130,067 Square Appointments User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Square Appointments Is 23.4/100.

Is Square Appointments not working?

Square Appointments works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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